By Knut Mueller

Walkthrough by MaGtRo      September, 2002

Game play:        Rhem is a first person point and click game. It is non linear and depends on observations of the environment for clues. Look around, note the different paths based on map, places not yet explored, look up and down on ramps, where pipes or cords go and characteristics of the environment. Only 2 items can be picked up and kept. I would recommend that if you have space in the computer to download the whole game in your hard drive to skip the CD changes in game play. Follow the procedure on how to in the read me file. To access the Options menu on top, press the space bar.

You are in a rail car that passes through a desert landscape, a water landscape, a grassy landscape; all separated by tunnels and finally reach Rhem, a walled area surrounded by water. Gate opens, the rail car continues inside the complex and stops. Turn left and exit the rail car. What is this place and what are you doing here? Let us explore and find out. The appearance of the letter at the bottom bar of the screen (hidden inventory) is an error in the game. The letter should appear only after obtaining all 4 parts of the master copy of the letter and printing it in the secret 4 way tower.

Arrival Valley

Round walkway building:        Go forward until a round building (red lines in map). Press the red button to enter. Go to the other end of the corridor.     Top level North Exit - There is a door with another red button. Go forward until the path ends. There is a revolving walkway across the gap. This will be worked on in another area of the game.        Turn around, go back to the round building and go down the metal ladder. Turn around, go forward, note other doors on both sides (before the door on the right side, a metal pipe protrudes from the wall) and then go out the door.

Areas that can not be accessed yet:        Go forward (blue lines in map), see stairs and go under the steps (clear line under blue line) through a tunnel. Forward, climb stairs, forward turn around and go under the stairs. Enter the tunnel, left, forward, up and go to the balcony on the right. See a lowered platform and another building across - another place to check. Remember this place!! Turn around, right down the stairs and see a purple buttons stand by the cliff side.

Go back and climb the stairs we went under in. Forward until you reach an open doorway. Go forward through open doorway and see a red buttons square stand. Go to end, see a depiction of a floating bridge when water is low and when water is raised and a round tower beyond the lowered bridge. The bridge is down because there is not enough water to bring it up. We should raise the water level then to get to another area.

Stranded:        Go back to the open doorway, turn left and go forward. When you make the next turn, a man standing by the walkway above close to the rail car you came in talks to you. He is stranded here for a long time and can not wait to leave. He departs and takes the rail car leaving you stranded. Uh Oh!!

Round walkway building:        Continue forward until another lower level door of the round walkway building is reached. Go forward by the fence and turn left. Look through the lens and see inside the building. Go back to the door and see a red button on the side panel with a cross underneath. This is used to call the lower ramp to the door in case it is facing another exit. The man must have moved it since it was facing the other exit to the right you came out of. Press the button on the door, enter and note that the metal pipe seen before is the lens to look inside. Climb up the ladder, turn around, forward once and turn around again. Go forward on the corridor and enter the door.

Getting Around Rhem:

Tower by walkway building:        Close the door and see the map of the immediate area.

The brown panel is the control for moving the walkway to the 4 doors on the upper level and the 4 doors at the lower level. The path with a line at the center shows the direction of the top and bottom level walkways and the path with no line at the center shows the other end of the top level walkway. Note that you are at the South, bottom of panel. Press the black button and change the position of the walkway to connect south (where you are now) and left (west based on map). This will enable you to go around to other areas of Arrival Valley. Close panel door and turn right.

The 7 buttons square panel will give the codes to similar colored buttons panels seen while walking outside. Get the codes for the different colors by pressing the buttons and getting a set of numbers with only one color. A sound is heard when correctly done. From left to right numbered 1-7: Green buttons code - 1745, Purple buttons code - 7534, Blue buttons code - 2361, Red buttons code - 5216. Turn around and look at the opposite panel.

The rotating bridge panel shows how to turn a rotating bridge. Press the red button to see a bridge. Press the blue button and the bridge turns.  Exit and enter the walkway building. The walkway has been moved and the exits are now different.

Red line goes up to well

pump field.


Blue line goes left to Water

pipes building.


The star is where the manhole

that connects the top and

bottom level is located.

West top level walkway:         Go forward on the corridor until the other end. Open door, go forward and left at the intersection. 

        3 control panels' site - There are 3 panels here: The left panel shows an I below the screen. When the vertical red button is pulled down, different pairs of wedges are seen. The middle panel shows water distribution by pressing the top button and either of the 2 below it (4:0, 3:1). The third button shows nothing. The right panel is a blue buttons panel. Press L-R buttons 2361. A green elongated oval and a 3 pointed pyramid are seen.

Manhole building:        Turn right, go forward until the first intersection to a building and turn left. Press L-R buttons 5216 on red buttons panel and see a purple elongated oval and a zigzag pattern. Move back and turn right, forward and enter the door with mosaic pattern. Place the cursor on the hand pattern and rotate to the right to unlock the manhole cover. This goes down to the lower level and to the path to the water pipes building. Do not go down yet - turn back, go back to the main path outside and turn left at intersection.

Raising the water level to tower area:

Well pump field:         This goes out to the right side of a field of pipes ending in 4 well pumps.

        Reading the gauges-vertical pumps first time - Go forward, turn left, forward, right, forward, right and see a gauge with the well vertical pipe on the right. Note the double spiral at the center of the gauge. Press and hold the button until the line stops - note the number. Also note the position of the well pump and the horizontal pipe that goes out of it with respect to the other well pumps. Do the same to the other well pumps. From central walkway: Bottom right well D - 7, bottom left well C - 2, top left well B - 3 and top right well A - 4.

        Reading the vertical pumps second time - Go back to the entrance of the well pump field and then forward instead of exiting to the right. See a telescope stand. Look down at the base of the stand and see a spiral that ends on the left. Look through the telescope and note down the number where the line passes the vertical well pump (not the gauge). Do this for all 4 well pumps. L-R: well D - 1, well C - 5, well B - 6 and well A - 9.  Exit the field.

Go back to the manhole cover building. Go down the ladder and go forward. On the way to the round water pipes building is a red buttons square panel. Press (L-R) buttons 5216 and see a blue elongated oval and a connected db. Enter the round water pipes control building.

Water pipes control building:        This is where the water flow received from the well pumps field is controlled. Climb up the ramp and see 4 closed panels. When open, note 3 different spirals and number squares beside it. Go down, left, forward and see a control panel with 0 and 1 close to the door. The square panel below it has 2 lines and when pressed produces a discordant sound. Turn around, climb the platform by the wall and then climb the ladder.

Water pipes control building annex:        Turn right and enter the door. Turn left, forward, right and pull down lever on wall to open the door on the left.  Enter door. Look at picture of pipe distribution. Turn right, forward and press red square at right wall. This will open the door with a 5 pointed, 4 pointed and 6 pointed stars.

Go out on left starred doorway, turn left, forward and read the green buttons square stand. Press button from L-R 1745 and light orange elongated oval and an elaborate M are seen.

        Reading the vertical pumps third time -Turn around and enter the well pump field from the left side. Go forward until the end, right and forward. Use the telescope like before. Look through the telescope and note down the number where the line passes the vertical well pump. Do this for all 4 well pumps. Well A - 0, well D - 3, well C - 5 and well B - 8. Look down on the base of the stand and see a spiral that ends on the right.

Exit the field and back to the Water pipes control annex. On the way, see 2 directional arrows with 3 marked circles on them. Note the pattern of the circles. Go back to the annex and enter the doorway. Press the red panel to close the door with 3 stars.

Open the hidden door:

1. Turn left, right, forward, left, right and go to the panel to the left of the closed door. Follow the top pattern-arrow right (NW, SE, W) shown by the directional arrows outside to open left door. Press the red button to turn the line into position and then press the green button to enter the first circle - see a red button lit up to show that it has been entered. Repeat the procedure until the 3 circles of the pattern has been entered.

2. Enter, left, forward, right, forward pass the entrance, right and pull down the lever. This closes the door on the left.

3. Go back to the other side where the arrow panel pattern is. Now open the door to the right by copying the bottom pattern from the directional arrow outside (SW, S, E). Use red button to position line and green button to enter the pattern.

4. Enter right door. Go to the other room with the pipe distribution picture. See that the door went up and an opening on floor is seen.

5. Go down. Turn left 2x and look at picture of the arrangement of the pipes - last pipe (right side) going in goes out as the second pipe (left side). Remember that the water from the well pumps go in the building into the reservoir on the left.

6. Turn right and turn the wheel valve to get the sound of flowing water.

Go back up, go to the next room, open the left door using the directional arrow pattern - NW, SE, W and back to the main water pipes control building.

        Entering the water pump numbers - Open the panels and enter the numbers in by pressing the spirals. The arrangement has to be adjusted based on the picture seen under the annex - the last pipe coming from the right becoming the second after the control box.

Left - Right

Panel 1, well C

Panel 2, well B

Panel 3, well D

Panel 4, well A

left ended spiral





double spiral





right ended spiral





Go down the platform and go to the control panel by the door. Press the white panel with 2 lines drawn on it and it changes to a water flowing picture.

Outside Water pump control building:        Exit the door on your left. Go forward and check the purple buttons stand on the right. Press (L-R) code 7534. A graph with the shaded square x=3, y=3 and #1 are seen. Turn left and go to the end. See a destroyed bridge at the end and a panel with 2 yellow buttons that shows different icons and a light green panel at side path. Press the button on the right to turn the radar antenna on. Remember the path going here because you will come back later.

South Lower level exit:         Go back to water pipes control building. Exit the building through the other door and go back to the walkway building using the lower level. We will check the manhole- mosaic door later. On the way, by the cliff side and across the railing is a blue buttons square panel. Press the blue buttons code 2361 and see a graph with the shaded square x=3, y=3 and # 4. Enter the walkway building and turn back to the west top level exit.

Mosaic door-manhole building:        Go back to the mosaic-manhole building. Close the mosaic door and go back to walkway building. Go down the ladder and out through the south bottom level exit. Go forward to the manhole ladder. From the bottom level climb the steps, open manhole cover and it opens to a short hallway. At the end is a similar mosaic pattern. Move cursor around it and see that 3 areas turn brown. Remember the brown pieces' location - they are clues to enter another area. Climb back down and continue to the lower level walkway to the right.

East lower level exit:        Go back to the walkway building and the tower control building at the top level. Using the brown panel, turn the walkway to the right (east) and down (south). Exit, forward and go down the ladder. Exit the building, forward until the open doorway and go left before open doorway -we will come back here later.

Lowered platform balcony:        Go forward, under the stairs, forward and go down the stairs. Check the purple buttons stand and press buttons (L-R) 7534. See a graph with the shaded square x=1, y=1 and #3. Go way back to the open doorway by the intersection close to the lower level east exit as mentioned above.

Go through open doorway, note the destroyed building islet on the left across the water, forward and see a red buttons stand on the right before second bridge. Enter red button code (L-R) 5216 and see a graph with the shaded square x=1, y=1 and #6. Go forward, through the open doorway and see the floating bridge is now raised.  

Summary of places not accessed yet:

1. Floating bridge in front of round tower at South area. (where you are now).

2. Turned rotating bridge on North side of walkway building.

3. West bottom level exit.

4. Lowered platform at balcony accessed via under the stairs at east side.

 4 Way Tower, Hydroelectric Plant and Water Reservoir Area

4 way Tower:        Go forward through the tower tunnel. CD3. The tunnel has a crossroad to all 4 directions.

Red brick building:        Turn right, forward, enter other doorway and see a gap in the path filled with water. Look down and press top button on panel at right - walkway slides in. Forward and climb stairs. At the First room, see pipes sticking out of wall. At the Second room, see water gushing out. Go back and on the right side of stairs going down see two large pipes coming out of the two rooms above and meeting into one pipe that enters the building to the left. Moving the flow from one of those pipes to the other will make the first room upstairs have water and stop the flow on the second room. Turn around after the walkway and press the button again to hide the walkway - this will slide out this walkway on a water gap in adjacent room at other side of the wall (see bars on map). Go back to 4 way tower.

Elevator:        Turn right in tower - enter elevator, turn around, close door press green button and find out that it does not work. Go back to tower and turn right.

To hydroelectric plants:     Outside just after the tower, look right and see electrical wires run to elevator building. We need electricity to go to the elevator then. Go forward, turn right, see ladder going down to water and stairs and path to the cliff - must find a way to get there. Turn around and continue forward pass through open doorway. Go forward and then left over the bridge.

Hydroelectric plant I:       Enter, turn around and close door. Go left and see map of this area on wall.

Wedge shape patterns:        Turn left and press the square button to open window to the turbine room.

1. Press any one button on top of window and see a light turns on in the chamber below.

2. Go to the closed door and press the green button on round screen on right of door. See 2 wedges at 10 - 2 o'clock position.

3. Do this procedure with 2, 3...to all 9 buttons depressed and see different pair of wedges shown at the round screen by the door. 

4. Note the patterns of the wedges and the numbers associated with it. (See pictures below).

5. Go back to close the window by pressing the square button again - you cannot exit the room without doing so. Exit the room, turn left and enter the door.

Small room by Plant I:        Turn to right and turn the revolving silver cylinder. Note the markings on both sides. On one side it shows narrow shaded bars on the first, second and third positions. The other picture shows two towers that have floating bridge with or without a passage through midway the tower. These are clues for the water reservoir puzzle.

Destroyed building islet:        Go out the door on the left and see that you are by the destroyed building islet seen when you first entered from the Arrival area. Go forward and turn right. Press L-R 7534 on purple buttons stand to see red elongated oval and a lower case l. Turn around, cross the bridge, turn right and pick the plan on the ground. It is the plan for water flow in Hydroelectric plant II. Note that the water enters from bottom, flows through various controlled flow pipes, through the generators and out.

Go out of the islet, pass the small room, out to the bridge and see a blue stand at end of path. Press L-R buttons 2361 and see yellow oval and U that looks like a jug.

Hydroelectric plant II:        Enter door marked II. Go to left end, look down and see colored pipes coming out of circular structures. Study the layout of the colored pipes. Go to the right end and go down ladder.

Get 100% electricity:   

1. Turn right, go outside using the metal door and see a control panel that brings water in. When lever is pulled down, the bottom blue bar shows a blocked flow and the right bar goes to the left on the circle above.

2. Go back inside, go down and open circular lid at center of all 3 sets of pipes. The lines are the connections for continued and controlled flow of water. Arrange the connections to get 100% continuous flow from control panel, through all colored pipes, through the 2 power boxes and out.

3. From the large light brown pipe bottom left from the control panel outside - to blue pipe (yellow pipe goes to pink pipe looks like no water flow connection) - purple pipe to generator by wall - out of generator via purple pipe - to green pipe (which goes to other generator at middle connection) - out from dark brown pipe from generator by walkway - to light brown pipe - and out.

4. Go back to the outside control panel and pull down the lever to get 100 % electrical flow.

Connection by metal door

Middle Connection

Connection by buttons panel

Go back in and check the green buttons stand by Connection at far end of room. Press buttons (L-R) 1745 and see a graph with the shaded square x=3, y=3 and#2. Exit building, go forward and turn left before the open doorway.

 Enter the code 1745 on green stand at end of path and see a graph with the shaded square x=3, y=1 and #5. Go back to the tower elevator now that we have electricity.

Elevator and tower's secret room:        Enter, close door and press green button. Open door and enter tower.

5 alcoves with clues shown:

Left bottom alcove shows a filled main reservoir connected to 3 small empty reservoirs. In the middle is a circular connector with 4x written on it. At the bottom of the picture are the labels of the reservoirs - broad blue bar is the main reservoir, first narrow blue bar is reservoir 1, second - reservoir 2 and third bar is reservoir 3. This picture is a clue for reservoir puzzle.

Right bottom alcove shows a picture of 2 young boys. Note the colors and numbers of the flowers, shirts and ball. This is a clue to 2 puzzles in 2 different areas.

Right top alcove shows 2 sets of numbers on the wall. Press the red button on the fax machine to turn it on, enter a set of numbers and then press green button to get paper. 275371 gives a chart of icons with some icons numbered. This is clue for icon door puzzle. 446188 shows the silhouette of the boys' picture with another diagram. This is a clue for one of the last puzzles to get the last piece of the letter.

        Grid clues shown by buttons stand -

    1. Note that the setup of the numbers panel resemble the grid seen on some of the 7 buttons stands around the areas.

    2. The numbers that were shown in order on those stands and the shaded square locations (x, y) are: 1 - 3,3; 2 - 3,3; 3 - 1,1; 4 - 3,3; 5 - 3,1 and 6 - 1,1. Transposing those shaded square on the numbered panel it will give 991931.

    3. Press red button, enter 991931, press green button and get a chart of icons. This is the clue for the radar valley puzzle.

Left top alcove shows a simulation panel. Press button to show geometric shapes. Press right squares to change the shapes. These are clues to geometric shapes puzzle.

Go to the alcove at the end of the corridor. Press the top red button and read the message of Kales. He wants you to find the 4 parts of the main copy of the letter hidden in different areas of Rhem and enter it on the right side panel. He wants you to give it to his brother Zetais in the outside world. He will then tell you how to get out of Rhem. This is the aim of the game - Search for the 4 parts of the main copy of the letter in order to leave Rhem. The door on the right is where the 4 parts of the letter are placed to be printed out. There is a key icon on the left.

Lower the water around the Tower again:

Exit the tower and go back to the path going to plants I and II. Go right after the open doorway on the wall, forward, pass the green buttons stand and take right path. Just before entering the open doorway, look right and see a water pipe releasing water behind the elevator building. This water flow must be stopped to go down the ladder to the water seen earlier by the 4-way tower.

Other side of Red brick building:        Enter the open doorway and go forward to the other side. There is a sliding walkway seen. If there is a gap in the path, go back to the red building by the 4 way tower and press the button on the control box to slide the walkway to come out at this side of the building. The 2 water gaps are separated by the wall - see map. Go forward until the big square building. The right path goes to a tower which is not accessible yet. Go back and enter the square large building.

Square water flow control plant:        Go up the metal ladder on the left and see a map. Note that there are 5 entry points to this building. Look up and around to see 2 large pipes ending at the control panel below. Go to control panel on right side of other door. Look up and see that the screen showing the right pipe is connected to main flow. Look down, pull down the lever and look up at the screen again - the left pipe is now connected. This will turn off the flow on the second room and turn on the water flow on the first room in the red brick building by the 4-way tower adjacent to the one outside.

Stop water flow:        Go out the door and forward to a post with a wheel valve. Press the red button and see water flowing through the pipes, turn the wheel valve, press button again and see the water flow blocked - this will stop the water flow seen behind the elevator building.

Water Reservoir Area:

Go back to the ladder going down the water close to the 4 way tower. See that the water has receded and that the bridges to the tower are down. Go down using the metal ladder (previously under water), go forward, up the stairs and see the elevator building across. Turn left, pass the cliff, (we are outside the map now) and enter the water reservoir valley.

Water Reservoir:        Walk above the main reservoir and pass through a floating bridge shown by the metal arch above it. There are 3 side reservoir towers at each corner connected to the main reservoir. Go forward, down to the lower level and see a familiar blue square and bars box. Press the bar and see that the main reservoir contains 6400 units. Turn left, through open doorway and see reservoir tower 2 with 1200 written on it. Look at control panel on right. Press bar and see it is empty. Go back and turn right and see a red button connected to a big pump with an arrow pointing up. Go forward and see a circular connector to all 4 reservoirs, a panel on the left and lever below it.

Water reservoir puzzle - Based on the drawing on the small room by plant I, there is a floating bridge on each of the tower. The water must be raised to the appropriate level to pass through. There are only 4 chances to pull the lever to add water from the main reservoir to the other 3 (clue from 4 way tower secret room).

1. Turn the connector to join main reservoir and #1 at top left and bottom left. Look at white cylinder on control panel and see that #1 is empty. Slide lever once to position 1.  Read main reservoir panel outside and get a reading of 4800. The main reservoir released 1600 units to #1 (this is 1/4 of the main reservoir units which is originally 6400 less 4800 = 1600).  Look at white cylinder to see water in reservoir 1.

2. Turn the connector to join reservoir 1 to 3, top left and top right. Slide lever to position 2. Look at white cylinder and see that one half of reservoir 1 went to reservoir 3, each with 800 units.

3. Turn the connector to join main reservoir to reservoir 2, bottom right and bottom left. Slide lever to position 3. Main reservoir having 4800 units now releases 1/4 or 1200 units to reservoir 2.

4. Turn connector to join main reservoir and reservoir 1 again. Look at white cylinder and see that it will only take 1/3 of the 1/4 usually released by the main reservoir. Slide lever for the last time. Giving reservoir 1, 1/12 of main reservoir contents (3600) an additional 300 units - for a total of 1100 units at reservoir 1.

5. Go back out and up to the arched floating bridge above the main reservoir and see that water has receded revealing a panel of yellow (9), pink (1) and blue (5).

5. Go to main reservoir panel and see that it has 3300 units. Go to reservoir 2 tower and check the panel to see that it has 1200 units. Climb up tower and enter the round entrance to go through the other side. Do this to the other towers (see reservoir 3 has written 800 and reservoir 1 has written 1100). Proceed to the control panel at main reservoir tower.

6. The main reservoir control panel has the broad blue bar on top and pink, blue and yellow buttons below. Press the bar on top to turn the panel on. Enter - pink - 1, blue - 5 and yellow - 9. Press top bar.  Climb the metal ladder and go through passage. Open the box and get one part of Kales' main copy of the letter.

7. Go back to the big pump by the circular connections setup. Push the red button to return all water to the main reservoir and raise the floating bridge.

Go back to the square building and go out to the other door. Turn the wheel valve to allow water to the 4 way tower area again.


Way to new area via the Square water flow plant:

Red brick building:        Go back to the red brick building by the 4-way tower. Go forward and look down to press top button on control box to move the floating walkway to this side of the building. Turn around, down and press the button to hide the walkway again (you can bring it back if you want to later, if needed). Go forward and up the stairs to the other building. See that the first room has water flowing now and that there is a door revealed when the water flow is stopped in the second room. If the water still flows, go back to the water control flow building (big square in map) and pull the lever to move the pipe to the left.

Secret passages in square building:        Enter the metal door, forward through pipes ramp, down the ladder, go left, forward, right and forward until the revolving door. Press red button. Be sure to turn around and close the door to turn the passageway 180 degrees. Go forward out through door and outside to the tower that we can not open by the square building. Look around and realize that you came out of the other door of the square building (third entry to square building).

Elevator Tower:        Press the cross icon button to lower the elevator and then the top button to open the door. Enter, close the door by pressing the lowest button and press the top button to go up. Exit and be sure to turn around and close the elevator door and press the curved arrow button to turn the elevator to the other side.

Go forward, pass the open doorway, forward and look around. Realize that this is the overhead path behind the back of the water control building and there is a path that goes to the side of the square building not yet explored. Go forward and left to a telescope. Look through lens. Move it around to see an open doorway by the cliff and the door with the stars with numbers written on them. This is the door by the water pipes control annex - if the door was left open when you where last there, the stars on the door will not be seen. The 6 pointed star -7, 5 pointed star - 6 and the 4 pointed star -1.

Go back to main path, turn left, forward, pass through the wall and realize that you are on the other side of the manhole building and the path to the well pump field. Go down the steps, turn left, forward, left, down the steps and right.

Door with Icons and Revolving Bridge Area:

Door with icons:         Go forward until another building. Turn right, look up and see the second floor of this building and then enter the open doorway. See a camera on the left wall pointed to the door. The closed door has 2 icons on it.

Control panels shed:        Go back out and enter the shed with metal door. Close the door and see the map of the area. Inside the building, see a simulation panel that can be turned on by the button by the door, a circular screen with a red and green button at the center and on the left is another circular screen. Turn on the left screen by pressing the red button. See and draw the icons next door. By entering the correct numbers, the door will open.

Simulation Panel - Press the button by the door to turn on the panel.

1. Simulate the icons seen on the door. The clear part on the simulation is the dark lines of the door icons.

2. Then compare the parts of the icons to the clue chart seen in the secret room in the 4-way tower.

3. The left icon is similar to 8 and 5 of the clue chart while the right icon is 2 and 7 of the clue chart.

4. Go to the opposite panel that shows the door with icons. Press red button to show door, enter from L - R: 8527. Press green button and the door opens.

Revolving bridge by North Exit:        Go to the now opened door with icons at adjacent building. Go forward, enter the building, turn left on the other side by open doorway and enter the other opened doorway. Go down, around and up to the other side.

1. Cross the revolving bridge and go to the panel. Remember that this is where the top level north exit (based on map) leads to when we first entered the walkway building.

2. Open the panel and turn the bridge to connect where you are (north exit) to the east exit - the walkway should be at 9 and at 6 o'clock positions (based on map).

3. Turn around and go back to the room. See 2 panels on the wall: a bridge control on top and a power control at the bottom. Press the circle on top panel and the bottom panel will change from 0 to 1.

4. Go back to the control panels shed. On the panel across the door, press the red button to see the revolving bridge we just left. Press the green button to rotate the bridge and connect the building to the landing on the cliff.

5. Go back to bridge building and this time go forward instead of going to the left and down the stairs.

6. Cross the bridge. CD2. Go up the ladder and forward until the door to the walkway building.

Link (Icons on Buttons) Stands Area

North lower level exit:        Enter, down the ladder and exit the North lower level. Now the long trek, go back to the big square water flow control building (CD3), right before square building and up the tower elevator - go forward to the 4 way tower, turn left, forward, turn right after open doorway, forward and turn right to the path just before the big square building.

Tower elevator:        Climb up to the tower elevator and press button - it should open now since you turned the elevator to this side by pressing the curved arrow earlier at the opposite side of the tower. Press the down button. Exit and follow the path to the side entry of the big square building (fourth exit). CD1

Passage at square building:        If the revolving door was turned around earlier this entry is accessible. Enter, forward, up the ladder, forward through the pipes walkway, down the ladder, and out through the doorway. See a small round building on left side, a stand by the water on the right and 2 doors on either side that are not accessible right now. Go up the ladder.

Grilled door enclosure:        Enter the open doorway, turn right, turn left and enter the enclosure on the left. See that there is a floating bridge that is down on the right side. Go down the ladder, turn left and turn the wheel to release the bridge from the restraining bar. Go back to the ladder and see at right aisle, a closed grilled door blocking passage to the other side. Go up ladder, turn left and enter gondola on the right. Press button to turn it on and then press up arrow. Exit and look around.

Pentagonal building:       Check the panel in front of building. It shows 4 circles on 4 sides and square for the door. Press the square buttons and see the circles lights up.

Ramp enclosure:        Turn right, up the raised walkway and enter the enclosure.

1. The path forward is not accessible, turn left, look down at the water on both sides of the walkway, turn left and see a metal ladder going down the water.

2. Enter the open doorway on right, press blue button to lower ramp, go forward until the next raised ramp on the other side.

3. Climb up, forward and down the ladder. Turn right and pull gold knobbed lever to turn the pump on. Turn left and see a square with geometric figures. This is the top right circle on the panel in front of the door. Go back up the ladder and down the ramp.

4. Turn around and lower the ramp you just passed through by pressing the blue button on the right wall. Go forward, turn right, immediately turn left and go down the metal ladder now that the water has been drained. Look at diagram of a ladder under the gondola. 

5. Go out of this enclosure, forward, right, forward to the end, left, up the stairs, forward, left and go to the grilled door enclosure.

Grilled door enclosure:     

1. After releasing the bar on the floating bridge earlier and raising the water level by turning the water pump by the ramp enclosure, see that the water is raised here while the water was drained in the ramp enclosure.

2. Go forward on the now raised bridge and see a well with a blue with yellow bars bottle below. Need to get that bottle then.

3. Turn left, open the lid of the box and pull the lever to unlock the grilled door seen earlier which is now underwater.

3. Go back to the ramp enclosure, right, forward to end, turn around, raise the ramp using the blue button, forward, down and pull gold knobbed lever to lower the water at grilled door enclosure to gain access to the grilled door.

4. Go back to grilled door enclosure, go down the ladder, open the grilled door and turn the pink tap at bottom of well.

5. Add water again to float the bottle to the top now that the well can get filled up with water by going back to ramp enclosure and pulling the lever of the pump again.

6. Go back to grilled door enclosure, forward over the floating bridge and pick up bottle from well. Whew!! Pull cork and see the code to the 4 geometric shapes on the outside wall of the hexagonal building.

To read Codes:         Compare the code in bottle to the simulation seen in the 4 way tower secret room. Form a shape by combining the shapes beside the white or black squares on the right of the simulation and placing them in the same order as shown in the code in the bottle.

To enter the Codes:

Bottom left   Bottom right   Top right   Top left

Bottom left geometric shapes - Go back to the main area, down the ladder, turn left to the end and enter the shapes on the screen. Click on screen to cycle the shapes to the correct one. Top black - line, middle white - square and bottom white - tilted square.  Turn left and see a beach ball on the water close to a well by the passage to the top left geometric shape screen.

Bottom right geometric shapes - Turn around, forward, left, forward and right to go up to building with gondola. Based on the drawing seen from the ramp enclosure there is a ladder under the gondola. Enter building, turn green lever on panel in front of gondola to lock the car in place. Enter gondola, if the power is not on - press the red button, then press the down arrow, exit the car and pull up the green lever to unhook the car. The gondola should leave without any passengers. Go to where the gondola was and look down. Open the manhole cover, go down, left and left outside (right goes to the inaccessible right door at the start of this area). Enter the shapes beside the: top white - inverted triangle, middle black - circle and bottom black - upright triangle. Go back to gondola building - we will come back here later.

Top right geometric shapes - Exit gondola building and turn right to go to the ramp enclosure. Turn right inside enclosure, turn around and raise the ramp. Go down the ladder and left. Enter the shapes beside the top black square - line, middle white square - square and bottom black square - upright triangle.

Top left geometric shapes - Go back to the ramp enclosure and lower the ramp. Go forward, right to the other ramp, press button to raise this ramp. Go back to the other passageway-lowered ramp and left to go to the other side of the now raised ramp. Go down to the exposed ladder. Go forward, up the ladder, see the beach ball (seen earlier) and left to the screen. Enter the shape formed by top white square - inverted triangle, middle black - circle and bottom white - tilted square.

Go back to the panel in front of the hexagonal building. Press the square and if all the geometric shapes are correctly entered on all 4 panels, the 4 yellow lights will turn green and the door will be unlocked. Enter the hexagonal building.

Hexagonal building:        See 2 circles: right is a small replica of the power circle on the back wall and when the right button is pressed gets power from the link stands. Press the left button to show a picture of the beach ball. There are 3 power link stand on the left wall and 2 on the right wall. 

Link stand puzzles:

1. Study the big power link circle at the back wall. The top left wire is connected to the middle link stand on the left, the bottom left wire is attached to right link stand on the left side, the bottom wire is attached to the leftmost link stand, the bottom right wire is connected to the left stand by the right side and the top right wire is attached to the rightmost link stand.

2. The link-colored buttons stands seen throughout roaming Rhem that show colored ovals and the symbols with them are: purple oval with zigzag pattern, blue oval with db pattern, green oval with 3 pointed pyramid pattern, orange oval with M pattern, yellow oval with U-jug shaped pattern and red oval with l pattern.

3. By the clue of the picture on the left screen of a beach ball, enter the patterns on the stands based on the color of the beach ball carried by the younger boy in the picture shown at the 4 way tower secret room.

4. The partitions on the big power circle on the wall are the segments of the beach ball with orange on top. The ovals seen on the outside link stands are the segments of the beach ball. Taking into consideration the position of the link stands and their connection to the big power circle, (Left - Right) enter the symbols on the link stands: purple - zigzag, green - three pointed pyramid, blue - db, (on the other side) yellow - U or jug shaped and red - small l.

5. Then press the right button by the small power circle at the panel close to the door and see the arrow rotate on the big power circle. If correctly done, the blue button on the panel will flash.

6. Press blue button, see a letter piece and the small building by the entry to this area. This puzzle opens that building.

Exit the building, go to the gondola building, down the manhole and out to the path. Turn right, forward and through the door.

Lever to open door to round building:        Turn around and close the door you entered in. Enter the revealed passage. Go forward until the stand by the water. Pull down the lever under the icon similar to the one by the locked door seen on the left of screen. Go back to the opened doorway and go through the door directed by the arrow.

Go forward to the building with the same icon as the lever and push the button on the right. Enter and see the small round building pictured after completion of the links stand puzzle. The building has the picture of the large power circle. Open the small door and take a piece of the Kales' master letter.

Radar Valley Area

Exit the area, pass the pipes walkway, down the ladder, forward and out. CD3. Forward, take the elevator up, out and forward up to red brick by the 4 way tower. Forward, turn around to send walkway to the other side, up, pass through metal door, pipes walkway, down, revolving door and back to the elevator tower. Bring elevator down, go up, out, forward until the control panel shed.

Enter the Control Panel shed. Use the panel across the door to rotate the bridge to have access to the walkway rotation panel. Go back out to the walkway rotation panel in the far building and rotate the bridge to connect 6 and 3 o'clock positions (North and west exits). Go back to the control panel shed and rotate the bridge again to connect the building and the cliff. Go back and cross the bridge. CD2.

West top level exit:        Climb the ladder, forward, enter the walkway building and go out the other door to the top west exit (based on map). Go forward and left to the 3 control panels area.

                I Control Panel:        Look at panel on the left with I at the bottom. Pull lever to the bottom and draw the 3 pair of wedges see. Compare them to the wedges noted at building I with 9 lights window and the numbers (of lights) associated with them. Then remember that the first wedge pattern-number shown is the 3rd or bottom number, and the last is the first pattern-number. Every time you pull the lever, a different set is shown. Remember the set of numbers just done. Do not pull that lever anymore because that last number is now programmed to another panel somewhere else.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

If you have not turned on the panel of the radar antenna outside the water pipes building, do so now. (Go to the manhole building, go down, forward to water pipes building, exit through the other door and walk to the end of the path and see a destroyed bridge and the radar antenna panel. To turn it on, press the right button.)

Lower West Exit:        Go back inside the walkway building and take the ladder down to the bottom West exit. Exit (CD1) and go forward until the bridge. Note the cord coming from above (control panel at Top West exit) going to the open doorway. Follow that cord.

Radar Antennae Valley:        Enter an area that has radar antennae attached to panels scattered throughout the water filled crater. There are 12 of them here. The bridge to the right goes to the broken bridge seen at the end of the path from the water pumps control building and the 13th radar antenna panel (which should be turned on, if not go back there and turn it on). Go around to all 12 panels and press the blue button on the right to show power to the panel. There are 6 to the left of the main building, 5 on the right side of the building and one inside the building accessed through an open doorway at back right wall of the building. The cord that we were following goes inside the central building.

Building:        Go to the left side of building, right and turn right to building. Enter the building and see a locked door on the left. There is a I on the left panel and on the right is a 3 buttoned panel. Enter the numbers taken from the set of 3 pairs of wedges on the west side of the walkway building. This set of number changes every time the lever of the puzzle is pulled. Press the left panel, enter and see a depiction of another piece of the letter on a stand outside the window.

Go out of the room and press the red button by the door on the left wall. Enter and see that the cord we followed from out of the area is attached to the door of the room with the window showing the letter piece. Turn right, go forward, left and see a lever. Turn right, see a blue wall panel with square screen at the end of the hall and a drawing on the right wall. Go forward, turn right, enter the next room and see a circular screen with a central button and 4 squares below it. Note that all the 13 radar antennae show as lights all over the screen.

Radar Valley puzzle:

1. All 13 radar panels should be turned on and seen in the circular panel in the building.

2. Pull the lever in the other room to move the grid in front of the lit circular panel.

3. Find the pair of icons for each of the radar panels using the clue chart taken from the secret 4-way tower,

4. Go around the different panels outside and enter the derived pair of icons on each one. Note the green lines on the chart are the pathway from outside towards the building. The lower left light is the first one seen at left of the area. You also have to program the 13th radar panel by the broken bridge outside the water pump area - exit the area, walkway building, top level west exit, manhole cover to lower level, water pump building and path to the end.

5. Go back to the radar building, pull the lever to remove the grid and then press the button of the circular panel. The radar sites are read and if done correctly, 4 numbers are seen on the 4 squares - 8829. If not go around and check if the icons entered are correct.

6. Go to the blue panel and enter 8829*. Press the blue button and get the third piece of Kales' letter. 

* If the screen freezes here:  1. Save game after entering the correct numbers.   2. Quit Game.   3. Open the saved games at the RhemE folder.   4. Open the saved game at frozen point. It is a text file. 5. Look for "Ma2": 0   6. Change the 0 to 1 to make "Ma2":1    7. Close the folder and start the game again. 8. Open the corrected saved game and a piece of Kales' letter is now in inventory.

Exit the area and go to the revolving bridge area and the door with 2 icons.

Raised Platform Building

To get to raised platform building:       

1. Go to the Door with icons. From Radar valley, to West bottom exit at walkway building, up to North top exit, (CD3) pass revolving bridge, down to door with 2 icons and to the control panel shed.

2. In the control panel shed, use the left panel and close the door with 2 icons.

3. Go back around (very long trek) to get to the other side of the closed door with icons. From here, to tower elevator, down to square building, pipes hallway, red brick building, 4 way tower,  (CD2) left and forward to the North bottom level of the walkway building. Go up and outside the North top level of the walkway. CD3. Go to the closed door with 2 icons and now see a ladder.

4. Go up the ladder and see the mosaic pattern at the end of the open arched pathway. Press the brown areas seen in the other mosaic door by the manhole cover. Turn right and press green button.

5. Note that this is the area seen at the balcony by the lowered platform and the purple button stand accessed under the stairs close to the North bottom exit at the walkway building. Go to the end and see the building across the lowered platform. Pull down the lever and raise the lowered platform.

6. Go down and go back to the walkway building. (CD2) Go down and exit the North bottom exit.

7. Go forward, under the stairs, round the path and up to the balcony.

Raised Platform building:        Cross the now raised platform to the other side. Turn left, forward, go to the right opening, look down on the right side and see a rail car. Forward and enter the room with pictures.

Room with pictures and numbers:        See pictures of: red buttons stand - 4576, purple stand - 5637, green stand - 9438 and blue stand - 7984. At the center is the 2 brothers picture that Kales talked about in his letter at the secret tower room. They are carrying a yellow and red flower.

Front room bottom level:        Exit the room, left, left, enter the other passage and down the stairs. The first room below shows the last piece of letter behind a grilled door. At right wall is a picture of a grilled door and a panel with 4 circle surrounding a square button. Hmm. Go out and see that the Back room bottom level is blocked by a grilled door.      

Rail car track:        Go back out to the walkway building, enter North lower level exit, go up and out of East top level exit. Go out where the rail car you came in was. Follow the tracks to go to the end and see that the tracks end here. Turn around, forward and take a close study of the panel on the left. Use this to calculate the numbers to enter on each of the color stands.

Button correlations to numbers on pictures of colored buttons stands:       

1. Note that the white squares are positioned similar to the squares of the buttons stand.

2. Adjust the numbers taken from below the pictures of the stands by adding a vertical number and intersecting a white square to a horizontal number to get one of the 4 numbers in a set. The intersected white square is the square to be entered for that number. Do this for all the numbers to get the buttons numbers to be pressed.

Picture number

Vertical number

Horizontal number

Square-Button number (L-R)





























Entering the Numbers on the Buttons Stands:

Go around the area and enter the button number adjustments on each of the stands  (underlined in walkthrough) shown in the picture room. When correctly done - See a diagram with an icon and note the position of the circle to the square:

        Red buttons stand - Before the walled entrance to the 4-way tower, by the cliffs and across the destroyed building islet. Enter the adjusted 4576 as buttons (L-R) 3421.

        Green buttons stand - By pathway to the square building pass the 4 way tower. Enter the adjusted 9438 as buttons (L-R) 6357.

        Blue buttons stand - Go out South bottom level exit of walkway building to cliff side. Enter the adjusted 7984 as buttons (L-R) 2673.

        Purple buttons stand - Down the stairs by the balcony to the raised platform going to the building with the pictures. Enter the adjusted 5637 as buttons (L-R) 4152.

Go back to the raised platform building and down to the lower level.

Lower level:        Go back to the front room lower level of the raised platform building and enter the icons on the diagram as shown on the pictures above. Click on the red button to turn it on and then cycle the icons to select the correct ones. Then press the button again.

Turn right and see that the grilled door is now open. Enter, see a key panel and grilled door panel on the right and a lever and grilled door panel on the left. Pull lever. Go back to the front room and see that the grilled door is now open.

Last letter piece puzzles:

1. To the left is the panel with stars and numbers squares - Remember the door with stars and numbers seen on the telescope. Enter 5 pointed star - 6, 4 pointed star - 1 and 6 pointed star - 7. Turn around to the other panel.

2. The right panel shows 4 colored squares and number squares beside them - Recall the picture of the 2 boys in the secret room above the 4 way tower (see picture at Links puzzle above) and the one taken from the fax machine. Enter yellow - 5 (yellow flowers), pink - 3 (pink flowers), blue/purple - 8 (younger boy's shirt) and green - 2 (older boy's shirt).

3. Turn to the middle box under the letter piece diagram and open it. Get the last piece of Kales' letter. You now have 4 pieces of the letter in inventory.

End Sequence

Secret room on 4 way tower:        Go back to the secret room above the 4 way tower. CD3. Go to the alcove at the end of the hall. Open the cabinet on the right, place the 4 pieces of the letter, close panel door and see a completed letter come out. Take the letter and the letter will be seen in inventory. Press the bottom button and the key panel should open. Take the key. It will then be in inventory.

Lower level back room at raised platform building:       CD2. Go back to the lower level back room at the raised platform building. Use key on the key slot and turn the key. The grilled door to the rail car opens. Enter the rail car and press button to leave RHEM.


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