Blackstone Chronicles

Adventure by LEGEND

Solution by Lu Richardson

But first:

In order not to repeat myself too much, I will take it for granted 
that you will look at everything carefully, turning in all 
directions available, before you move on to the next spot.  Grab 
anything that can be grabbed.  Examine every item you get, in case 
it contains something else.  At every restored room, start by 
examining the items in the case and then touch the screen and read 
all the information.  When talking to people, use up all the 
options.  OK?  OK!

From the start:

Turn left, click on the interrogation marks, touch the screen and 
read all the info (as I said, this should be done in every room).

Face the stairs and advance.  To your left, the Chapel is closed.  
Therefore, turn right and enter the Dayroom.  Turn left and after 
getting the info, open the case and get the knife and awl.  Turn 
right and advance.  At the door, turn left.  Examine the cabinet's 
hinges and use the awl on them.  Get the hacksaw.  Turn right and 
enter the Kitchen.  Open the box in front of you and look inside - 
you need a fuse to stop all the ice melting.  Turn right and advance 
to the sink.  Turn right and get the tongs.  Turn left to face the 
sink and use the knife on the strop to sharpen it.  Use the knife on 
the cupboard to open it.  Get the wrench.  Turn left and get the 
skewers.  Turn left again and go back to the stairs.

Climb the stairs and click on the picture to talk to Malcolm.  Turn 
left and enter the Office.  Turn right and get the handle and keys.  
Turn left and advance to the picture.  Turn left and get the coffee 
pot.  Turn left and open drawer, take the nutcracker (from here on, 
you can use the nutcracker to talk to Malcolm whenever you feel you 
need a clue).  Turn left and look at the photo on the desk.  Note 
the date:  Malcolm tells you that the date of your birth was the 
most important in his life.  That is, 4/24/52.

Advance to the computer and turn left.  Examine all the blue books - 
you can "read" them, if you like.  Leave the office.  Advance and 
swing left to enter the lift.  Use the handle on the controls, then 
push it to 2.  Go left when you leave the lift.  Go through the only 
door which is open.  Marylin Wilson talks to you.  If you turn left, 
you will notice that an item is missing in the case.  When you've 
had all the info, turn right twice.  Open the drawer and get the 
diary.  Click on the photo to talk to Marylin.  Read the diary - two 
pages are stuck.  Click on the photo again.  She describes the key 
to the Hydrotherapy room, which means you can find it and open the 

Go to the lift and push the handle to B.  Go left and take the first 
door to the right.  There you talk to Jane.  Turn left and take a 
rubber sheet.  Turn right around, advance and open the steam box.  
Place Marylin's diary in, then close the steam box.  Turn right and 
click on controls - Jane tells you you need a code.  At this point 
you should go to Marylin to get it, but to save on shoe leather, 
click on the second and third controls from the top.  Turn to the 
steam box and throw the switch.  Open the box and get the diary; 
read it to learn how to open the Furnace room.  Now click on various 
things to get all the info, particularly the heat chamber.

Leave and turn right, then open the Furnace room.  Here you meet 
Shamus O'Rourke.  Turn left and get a fuse.  Turn right and advance 
to the end of the room - turn left and note the water, the padlock 
and the locket.  Go to the door and turn left.  Use the wrench to 
remove the bolts.  Open the door and use the tongs to get the 
lighter.  You get frog-marched to the heat chamber.  As soon as you 
can, flick the lighter in your inventory and take it, turn left and 
use the lighter on the thermostat.  You got out of that one.

Go to the lift and travel to Marylin.  Click the lighter on her 
photo and talk to her.  Place the lighter in the case and talk some 
more.  Then follow her instructions - out, go right and open the 
door.  Enter and go into the only open room on the left.

This is were a nut called Lavinia Willoughby hangs out.  Look all 
around.  Talk to Lavinia by clicking on her photo.  She needs some 
knitting needles.  Show her the skewers by clicking them on the 
photo.  Go and place them in the box by the yarns.  Talk to her 
again and you find out what else she needs.  Leave going left.  Open 
the door and enter the only open door.  

Here you will meet Lorena, who is obviously quite sane.  Go and 
click on the portrait to talk.  Turn right, open case, take 
compact.  Turn right around and take magnifying glass and the 
feather from the hat.  Use the magnifying glass on the coffee pot.  
Show it to Lorena and do as she asks.  When she asks you a question 
choose the "engraving" option.  She turns out to be Merril Martin, 
and you find out all sorts of things, particularly about the safe. 

Leave and go to Lavinia.  Move in front of her desk - open the 
compact, take the make up tube, shake it and open it.  Examine the 
case.  Use it on the inkpot to fill it.  Now use the feather on the 
holder.  Talk to Lavinia.  Right, back to the basement.

Visit the new rooms.  At the ECT establishment, turn right, get the 
stethoscope.  Look very carefully around, specially at the "numbers" 
and listen to what the nameless ghost is saying.  Leave and enter 
the Fever Therapy room.  Talk to Nick Brennan.  Look about and turn 
to the hutch.  Try to open a drawer and listen to Nick's memory of a 
Mandy Lee.  Leave the basement and go to the first floor.

First, go to the kitchen and replace the fuse - this means the 
freezer works and the melt water is no longer leaking into the 
Furnace Room.  Then go to the office.  Head for the computer, 
operate it, enter the password "Scooter" and start typing the names 
of all the people you've come across.  At Nick Brennan's page, you 
learn that Mandy Lee lives at flat number 3C.  Go back to the Fever 
Therapy room and look at the hutch.  If you take the first row of 
boxes as A, the second as B and the third as C, open the third box 
from the left of the third row from the top.  You get a key.  Go 
back to the office.

Stand in front of the portrait and use the stethoscope on the 
frame.  This reveals the safe.  Open it by pointing with the end of 
the arrow to 4, 24 and 52.  Get the Faberge egg.  Use the nutcracker 
on it to get a bit of glass and a message.  Take the box and open 
it.  Retrieve the handkie and get inyected with a mortal serum.  Not 
to worry, hey.  Take the handkerchief to Lavinia and place it in the 
case.  You get a file in reward, so go to the bed and press on the 
crown.  Use the file on the hacksaw.

Go to the Furnace room.  Walk to the end, turn left, use the hacksaw 
on the padlock, enter, drop the rubber sheet and pick up the 
locket.  Now you goose-step to the ECT room.  When you are 
comfortably seated, open the compact and look in the mirror.  You 
see a number back to front.  Turn right and twiddle the knobs to 
change the 000 to 128.  You are saved.  Leave and go to Lorena.  
When you place the locket in the case, you get a lot of info on a 
secret room.  Go to the first floor.

Before you go into the office, walk down the stairs to the Hall and 
look at the medallions over the main door.  Now go to the office and 
to the bookcase.  Push in the books of the following authors:  
Hippocrates, Freud, Paracelsus and Metcalf.  You are into a secret 
room.  Turn right and open the box.  Examine the vials and use the 
streptomycin.  Now turn around to read a gruesome journal.  Go 
downstairs.  Turn to the left and click on any bottle to talk to 
Abe.  You find out about his doll.  Play I-Spy.  For "T", click on 
the table.  For "L", click on the light.  You get information about 
the Chapel.  Try to open the drawer of the cupboard.  Have a good 
look around.  At the X-ray machine, turn it on by pressing the green 
button over the screen.  Empty the machine and you will get a bone - 
not that you need it.

Go to the Chapel and turn right; get the hammer and the ice pick.  
Turn left and walk to the end, facing the organ.  Look to your right 
and you will spot a suit of armour.  Turn left, click on the organ 
and talk to the organist.  Leave and go back to the boy.  Play 
again.  For "White", click on the Diploma by the door.  For "Tiger" 
you consult with Josh; click on the grate of the respirator.  You 
get to talk to Abe again.  At the end, go to the drawer and pick the 
lock with the ice pick.  Get the box and open it.  Listen to what 
Abe has to say.  Go to the Chapel.

Advancing to the suit of armour, start by opening the music box.  
The organist tells you it's a composition in F minor.  Now use the 
hacksaw on the neck of the suit of armour, and then use the knife on 
the straps.  Take the doll...  oops!

Turn left and use the lance you are carrying to snag the key.  Turn 
right and use the key on the padlock; open the cage and get out.  To 
your right, the stairs.  But do look about, by all means.  Then go 
up the stairs and turn to your right to go to Abe.  Place the doll 
in the cupboard.  You get thanks and another invitation to play.  
For "Red", click on the books on the cupboard.  Now you are told 
that the code for ABE is 125, which correspond to the notes of a 
musical instrument, as in A, B, C, D, E, F and G.  Look at the green 
door and at the lock with the numerical pad.  This nearly drove me 
nuts - having tried everything, I had a go at B, A, C, H (since he 
was mentioned several times), and there was the answer.  Type 2, 1, 
3 and 8 on the pad and the door will open.

Go through and turn left.  Examine everything.  Clicking on the skin 
on the wall will get you talking to a very nasty character.  Refuse 
to put your finger in the box, but take it.  Continue examining 
everything here and take the wooden club and the rope over the Iron 
Maiden.  When you've seen everything, leave and go to the X-ray 
machine upstairs.  Place the box inside and press the button to see 
what the box contains.  Go back downstairs and tell the ghost that 
the box contains an ankh.

Now go to the iron maiden and, remembering the cryptic message 
written on a bit of paper, examine the buttons and click on the 
"eye", on the "man running" and on the profile of the "girl".  Get 
it?  I-run Maiden.  The thing will open, but if you try to grab the 
stereoscope, it will shut again.  Prop the doors open with the 
wooden club and then grab the stereoscope.  Another nasty moment 

Under the pendulum, turn left and use the rope you are carrying on 
the lever.  You get free and the stereoscope gets destroyed, and the 
ghost with it.  Turn to the skin on the wall and Marylin will come 
to your aid.  The important clue is the "rhino" bit.  Grab the 
crowbar and leave.  Outside, you find Rebecca is now also in 
trouble.  Go out and down the stairs to the hall.  Turn left and hit 
the rhino with the lance.  You get the key.

Go back to the secret door behind the books in the office and this 
time you will be able to open the metal door.  You get down to the 
crypt.  Turn to your right and, following the advice you get given, 
use the crowbar to open Dad's sarcophagus.  First look at it and 
then look inside.  Get in it and you will go down to a secret room.

Save before you do anything else.  There will be lots of clips with 
Joshua in them.  Have a look around and examine everything 
carefully.  You will get clues from your friends the ghosts.  You 
have to destroy Malcolm and the object most closely connected with 
him is the nutcracker - use the knife on it.  Still following 
advice, rip the MM journal.  Next, turn to the skeleton and smash 
its skull with the crowbar.  Malcolm's portrait will appear.  Now 
break the glass case with the crowbar and get the lighter.  In the 
inventory, flick the lighter then burn the portrait.

That's it.  A brief ending to the game which will take you back to 

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