Solution to Death Gate by Legend Entertainment
by Andrew David Watts
Version 1.0 (11-30-94)

The game is not hard except perhaps in a few spots...after that its
mostly linear.  I will separate the solutions into sections by world, and
general information.

Misc Notes -

Speaking to people is up to YOU.  What you say DOES make a small
difference and CAN get you killed if you say the wrong thing.  I will only
tell you when talking to a person will get you something (an item or spell).
Other than that, it shouldn't be too hard to use your discretion on this 

After you complete each world, except Chelestra, give the seal to Xar.

Talk to EVERYONE you can.

The hints in the book seem unimportant, but KEEP THEM IN MIND if you get



Prologue:  Listen to Xar, do everything he tells you to do to get to Arianus.

Arianus:  The World of Air.
The difficult parts of this world are getting out of Drevlin and out of the 
Tower of the Brotherhood.

Drevlin: Get the shirt, marmalade and bread slice.  Overflow the bread with
marmalade.  Give the bread to Limbeck and snatch the sticky parchment he 
discards.  In the room with the sleeping dwarf, cast a heat spell on the
sensor.  After that you must act FAST - the alarm will last for a little
while only.

Elven Ship:  In the Wizard's Quarters, grab the wine.  In the galley, talk
to Andrews, then LEAVE QUICKLY!  Go through the dwarven tunnels.  Don't worry
about the unfinished activities in the caves - they will be resolved in time.

Stephen's Castle:  Talk to the guards, speak with King Stephen.  After you
exit the castle, go west and lift the bar on the window with the shear there.
Watch and learn the new spell, Create Reality Pocket.  Take the Candle Holder 
for Limbeck, and Create a Reality Pocket on the portrait of the jailed elf.  
Give him the wine, and talk to him to learn the spells Create Shroud of
Darkness and Swap.  Return to Drevlin. 

Drevlin:  Give the Candle Holder to Limbeck.  Take the cork, and put the white
shirt in the ink.  Get to the ship.  Cast Shroud of Darkness on the Black Shirt
and put it on the glowing figures.  Get Below and west to the storeroom.
Open the box and activate the zinger.  From here, you will talk to King Stephen
again, and be transported to Skuvash.

Skuvash:  Get the doll for the street rat, then cast swap on him, when you are
trapped in his net.  Free him, then go northwest into his hideout.  Get the
prybar.  From there go back to the ship and open the strongbox with the prybar.
Get everything in there.  Go to the bar and give the jewels to the Bartender.
He will give you some money and you will then be asked by Hugh the Hand to do
a mission for him - assasinate the Merchant and bring back his pendant.  Go
back to the street rat and give him the money.  He will return in one turn to
give you a clue on the Tower's treasure and a lockpick.  Look at the doll
to get the "Motion" spell.  Get to the Merchant's house.

Merchant's House:  Use the lockpick to enter the house.  The sounds in order
are 'CLACK', 'TICK', and 'THUNK'.  Once inside, get the poetry book.  Read
it to figure out the clock puzzle.  Read the journal in the compartment.  
Create a Reality Pocket on the Picture - if you're not kicked out, and answer
the questions correctly, you will get his amulet.  Return it to Hugh, and you
will proceed to the Tower of the Brotherhood.

Tower of the Brotherhood:  Push the table and get on it.  Note which continent
is in the window.  Use the lockpick on the northeastern door.  Cast motion on
the statue then get the necklace.  Read the paper - depending on which 
continent is in the window, there is a different code - use the top 
corresponding word as the combination (t = topaz, o = opal, d = diamond, etc).
Put the necklace on the pedestal, Get all three items that aren't labeled 
"Treasure".  Take the necklace after Hugh and the guard enter.  The Book of
Pryan has the naming rune for that realm on it.  From there exit - you will be
taken to Drevlin.

Drevlin:  Fix the Kicksey-Winsey with the pipes.  Fill the hole with the cork,
and turn the master valve.  Talk to the dwarf, and show him the map to get the
directions to the Seal Piece and a piece of iron ore.  Put the iron ore in the
compartment of the Kicksey-Winsey.  Enter the room of glass coffins and put
the crystal ball from the tower in the statue's hands.  Take the seal piece.
Return the ship and place the naming rune of Pryan on the Steering Stone.
Return to the Nexus.

While in the Nexus - NOTE THE NAMES OF THE SIX DEVILS and what they are the 
devil of and keep them handy - this will be EXTREMELY important for the end of
the game.

Pryan: The Lush World of Fire.
Defeating the spider and getting past the Tytans are the ONLY challenges Pryan
has to offer.  This is the easiest of the five realms to conquer.
Citadel:  Get the pink flowers, the nut, and the nut shell from this area.
Do NOT try to attack the Tytans - you can't possibly defeat them.  

Tree City:  Take the clothesline as a rope.  Work for the elven cook.  Give 
the doll to the elven girl, and follow her to the ledge.  Give the rope to the
elven prince, then follow everyone to the secret spot.  Gather the ember in the
shell.  Watch the Zifnab show and marvel (or not) - Zifnab IS a Sartan.  
Follow Zifnab using the Transportation spell on the White Disk.  Take the 
black disk.  Tie the rope to the tree and gather the yellow and blue flowers 
in this area.  Crush the yellow flowers.  Use the rope to cross the chasm.  
Go to the edge of The Maw and throw the black disk into it.  Transport on the 
White Disk into the Maw.

The Maw:  Put the ember on the hive.  Throw the marmalade at the spider.  
Cut the pod with the golden staff in it and take it.  Also in the pod is a
magic arrow - you don't use it anytime soon.  Push the corpse to find
toadstools - take one - Transport out of there.  

Secret Spot:  Give the love poetry, blue flowers and staff to the prince.  Talk
to the human princess, and the elven prince and ask them to join you.  Go back
to the citadel and forest.

Citadel:  Go to the forest with the tytan in it.  Give the princess the Book
of Pryan, and tell her to play the music in it on her flute.  Free the dwarf
girl quickly, for the princess has a cough and can only keep up the music for
one turn.  The dwarf girl will give you an herb.  Go to the place you received
your nut - there will be a Zuzu - a monsterlike squirrel.  Put the crushed 
yellow flower in your nut and give it to the Zuzu.  Take the discarded Nut 
Meat and feed it as well as the toadstool, pink flower, and the herb that you 
got from the dwarf girl to the human princess - this will cure her cough.
Proceed to the Forest of the Tytans.

Tytan Forest:  Have the princess play the music from the Book of Pryan.  When
you get to the center of the forest, have the elven prince get the crystal.
The crystal is important to you since it bears the naming rune to Aberrach -
World of Stone.  Once you get to the stump, pull on the branch, and throw the
crystal in.  From there, enter the citadel, and get the Seal Piece of Pryan
from the statue, and a magic stone from Zifnab.  Proceed to the Nexus, and 
then on to Aberrach - the hardest of the elemental worlds to conquer.

Aberrach - The Dying World of Stone
Almost everything in Aberrach is a challenge - be on your guard.
Dead fields:  Talk to Jethro - the undead worker.  Get the pail from him and
the rocks from the garden.

City of Telestia:  Take the tea set and ignore the dead nanny, for now.  Give
it to the dead butler and pay attention to what time he says Balthazar drinks
tea.  Go to the clock tower, put the pail with rocks on the hook and go up.
Turn the dial to just before what time the Butler told you.  After that turn
the crank and wait one turn.  Pull the release lever, and leave the tower.
Enter the now open room, and grab the book off of the bookstand.  Read it to 
learn the spells of Ward and Possession. Go from there to King Kleitus's 
Palace in the Core.

The Core:  Enter the palace and talk to Kleitus. You will be poisoned, learn 
a new spell - Hunger - and taken to the Dungeon where you meet a Sartan - 
Prince Edward.  Listen to him about the bottles in the bar.  Cast Hunger on
the Dog, give him the steak and cast Posession on the dog.  Get the key from 
the wall and give it to your comatose body.  From there go upstairs and get
the bottle with the antidote (2nd on from the left).  Go back and give it to
your comatose body - touch yourself (as the dog - don't get any dirty ideas).
Take the bottle and drink it, Then give it to Edmund.  Take the key and free
both yourself and Edmund.  Take the vise from the table.  Ask Edmund to join 
you - he will lead you out of the palace and to the secret cave of the Sartan 

Secret Cave:  Talk to the gamblers and get rune-bones from them.  Talk to
Balthazar about EVERYTHING (you get nothing but you need to do this).  
Possess the dog, release the spell, and talk to Balthazar about the east wall
to get the unravel illusion spell, and to enter the hidden cave.  Take the
book (to learn Resurrection), and the robe (where you see a vision and learn
Self-Immolation).  Wear the robe, then talk to Balthazar again.  Go back to

Telestia:  Go to the clock tower and use the vise on the scepter to get the
head piece.  Go back to Balthazar's home - in the city.  Talk to the nanny 
and grab her book.  Get her to join you.  Go to the fields and get Jethro to 
join you.  Flip the rhyme book to "Grab that Snake".  Go north, and give the 
rhyme book back to the nanny.  From there go north to the puzzle.

The Arrow Puzzle: This is the most EVIL puzzle of the entire game.  To go 
through it easily (and be a wimp), make one move and push the reset button,
five times each.  Then hit the hint button until it is solved.  It is much
more gratifying to try to solve the puzzle yourself though (go ahead, I did it,
why can't you?)

Dwarf Cave:  Take the dwarf with you to the palace and enter the catacombs.
Grab the rag and go north.  Show the rag to the dog and follow his nose.  Cast
Unravel Illusion on the Rune.  Put the headpiece on the hole in the Colossus 
Rune.  Receive the pendant from Edmund and take the seal piece and return to 
the Nexus.  After you report, go to Chelestra - all five naming runes  
(including the one for the Nexus) is on the pendant.

Chelestra:  The Realms of the Water World.
Two moderately difficult puzzles can stump most players who get here.  After 
this, the game gets fairly easy.
Chelestra (not much is needed to be done here):  Get the water, and go to
the city.  Cast Rune Transfer on the Rune Bone that will change the Ward Spell
on the Gate to a Posession Spell.  Your true enemy is revealed here to be the
dark dragon, Sang-Drax.  Cast Possession on the dog - nothing can be done to
save you right now, and retreat to the open city.  

The Sartan Council:  You will be revived and administered null water - you
will be invulnerable to spells and unable to cast them for a short time.  This
also negates the fear Sang-Drax puts upon you.  You will learn Null Water, 
which when cast upon your bottle, will have the effect listed above.  Cast
Rune Transfer on the Pendant to the Globe.  Push the Globe and create a reality
pocket on the rug.  Take the rug to Samah's ship, where yours used to be.  Put
the rug on the beam, and create a reality pocket there, push the globe & exit.
Go outside of the cave, and drink the null water.  Go in the cave, take the
scales, and go outside the city.  Take Zifnab's rock and forget about the 
scales.  Return to the Nexus.  Grab Xar's Book.  Proceed inside the labyrinth.

The Labyrinth and Vortex:  The Exodus of the Game
The Labyrinth:
When you enter, throw the zinger at the vines.  Then cast cold on the vines.
When you reach the tiger men - backtrack to the vines until you can see the
tiger men clearly.  Cast heat on the vines.  Cast cold on them again.  At the
cave, take the skull, go in, take the bone.  Put the skull on the zinger and
then put that in the robe.

At your home village, activate the zinger and take the cord.  Heal the
tracker and convince him to track Xar and Sang-Drax.  Put the cord on the
bone, and shoot the giant insect outside the cave.  When you meet Sang-Drax,
Crush the Stone.  Read the story from there.

The Vortex:
At the first part of the path - cast the mirror image (horizontally) of 
self-immolation.  You will be fine, your double will destroy himself.  Take 
whatever he had.  Combine the shears.  From there go north and north again into
the tentacles.  Cut each one with the shears as it approaches you.  Go north
to the center of the Vortex.

The Runed Island - Exodus:
Put the water seal piece in the water spire.  Cast Resurrection on Xar.
Talk to him - he tells you which devil's rune to put the focus over.  Put
the stone seal in the earth spire.  Read the history book for the appropriate
devil's rune.  Put the focus over that rune.  Put the air seal in the air
spire.  Put the nexus seal in the focus...

...and watch the fireworks.

You should be able to receive all 1500 points from this solution.
I hope this is useful - the game itself is not all that hard, I beat it in
three days - with some help from the net.

Thanks to "The Whistler" for helping me out with the puzzle on Chelestra.

Andrew David Watts				The Absent-Minded Professor
[email protected]					[email protected]

" The Journey of Now, The Journey Beyond,
	Seeing reason without hate or wrath,
  To travel the roads, to see and feel,		 
	This is to live the Order of the Path."	    

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