Gateway 2 : Homeworld 



1. How can I get out of my condo before the bad guys get me?

        Forget the elevator.  That's how the bad guys are coming.

2. Why do I keep dying in the Conference Room, and what can I do about it?

        You're dying for the same reason as the rats.

3. How do I get the tuning fork?

        You'll need to disable that arm somehow.

4. What do I do in Mission Control?

        Well, let's see.  The Ambassador is dead, so you're the logical
        guy to take his place. And of course, you're under attack from
        a bunch of terrorists.  What you need to do is to start the
        launch countdown and then hustle your butt onto the ship.

5. How do I launch the Aquila?

        You're going to need a spec code to get into the system, and
        then an authentication code to launch the ship.

6. How do I stop the terrorists from killing me before the ship takes off?

        Listen to their radio transmissions on Frequency One.

7. How do I disable the tram system?

        You need something that will make a really big explosion.

8. The Aquila countdown has stopped.  How can I get it started again?

        The countdown was stopped because of a shortage of liquid oxygen
        in the fuel tanks.


 The Aft Section of the Artifact

9. What is wrong with Diana?

        Diana seems to be suffering from multiple wounds and what look
        like small bites.

10. How do I cure Diana?

        Put the autodoc on Diana and look at it.  Then give her the
        medicine that will address her symptoms.

11. How do I get by the spider robot in the central corridor?

        Attacking it doesn't seem to do any good.

12. How do I work the equipment in the Terminal room?

        Open the access panel and take a look at what's inside.

13. How do I get past the bulkhead with the keypad in the northeast corridor?

        Perhaps someone who has been on the ship longer than you
        can help you out.

14. How can I get past the portal in the obelisk room?

        You'll need an object that you found somewhere else on the ship.

 The First Zoo

15. How can I get past the blob in the first zoo?

        The blob doesn't want to hurt you.

16. How can I get past the spiny thicket?

        You'll never be able to hack your way through there unaided.

17. How do I escape the ravenous dinosaurs?

        First you need to buy a little time by climbing up that tree.

18. How do I get the crystal rod back from the lizard?

        He seems to like red crystalline things.

19. How do I get one of the red crystal eggs?

        The problem here seems to be that the tentacles are faster than
        you are.  Find a way to slow them down.

 The Second Zoo

20. How do I get past Oogah & Boogah, the two ape men?

        You are a stranger to them, you have to make yourself more like them.

21. How do I get past the ape man chief?

        The cavern is a sacred place to him, because just beyond it
        is a place of mystery.

22. What do I do after the chief has thrown his dust in the fire?

        He is showing you the magic whereby he is empowered to be chief.

23. How do I win the spear-throwing contest?

        You'll never win unless you cheat.

24. How do I go further into the cavern now that it is no longer
    guarded by the ape men and their chief?

        It sure is dark in there.

 The Third Zoo

25. How do I get past the nasty stinging creatures?

        There are too many of them to kill.

26. If I can't get by the stinging creatures, how do I get through this zoo?

        You need the help of a device that you have passed along the way.

27. How can I collect some insect creatures?

        There is a specimen box in the lab.

28. I've got the nasty creatures and I'm in the lab.  What's with the machine?

        The machine is a Genetic Inducer.  Manipulating the controls will
        change the physical characteristics of one of the animals in the cage.

29. I don't understand how to operate the Genetic Inducer.  How about giving
    me a guide to the interface?

        The button in the upper left hand corner turns the machine on/off.

30. I've got a cage full of lovable harmless creatures.  Now what?

        You only changed the genetic structure of one creature, yet
        they all seemed to change very quickly.

 The Forward Section of the Artifact
31. How do I kill the robot in the equipment bay?

        Spit at it?

32. I can't get at the gun.  It's protected by some kind of force field.

        The gun is being held down by a clamp.  Release it.

33. I've got the gun, but I'm only doing partial damage to the robot.
    I wanna WASTE this sucka!

        The robot keeps heading for the door every time you start to
        shoot him.

34. The Oldest One is sucking the air out of the ship. What do I do?

        You need to disable the matrix in which the Oldest One lives.

35. The Oldest One has started a countdown to an explosion that will
    destroy the ship.  How can I stop it?

        Miki says that the Oldest One is now occupying the backup matrices
        of the Engineering systems.

36. The Oldest One has killed Miki and resumed the countdown.  Is this the end?

        The Oldest One is now occupying the last available matrix on the
        ship - the one that Miki was in.

37. The Oldest One is finally dead and the Artifact is secured.  How can I
    turn this baby around and head for home?

        You need to find the steering mechanism for the ship.

38. How can I figure out the course code for Earth?

        You have seen the course code for Earth written down somewhere
        in the ship, though you may not have recognized it for what it was.


 The Kord Village

39. I'm wandering around this frozen planet and can't find anything
    interesting.  What do I do?

        The ice planet is a big place. You may need to map it to properly
        explore it.

40. What do I do with the old kord?

        Go square dancing?

41. What do I do with the artist kord?

        He is adept at making copies of things he sees.

42. What are the kords doing down in that fissure?

        The fissure is the communal gathering place of the kords.

43. What is the meaning of the movie in the fissure?

        The white dust is the only food that the kords can eat.

44. What is the meaning of the movie the old Kord shows?

        It's his personal interpretation of the Birth of a Nation.

45. What is the meaning of the movie about the kords in the red crystal cave?

        It is the Kord's version of "Gone With the Wind"

 The Glacier
46. How can I find my way through the glacier maze?

        The slope in the floor always leads towards the center,
        which is where the ship lies.

47. How can I get some water from the sprnig to the glacier?

        You'll need to find something to carry it in.

48. How do I open the hatch of the ship in the ice pit?

        The hatch code is written on the side of the ship.
        Except that it's no longer visible.

49. How do I get out of the pit?

        First you need to open the access panel.

 The Monster in the Spring and Beyond

50. Do I need to go into all the ice caves?

        No. There is only one cave of interest.

51. How can I separate the dead kord from the red crystal wall?

        You're going to need a tool.

52. How can I get past the monster in the pool?

        The monster is genetically very similar to the kords.

53. How can I break through the ice on the cliff wall?

        You can't do it with your hands.

54. How do I get inside the dome in the Mountain Hollow?

        Take a look at that depression in the wall.

 The Rescue Station
55. I found a control module in the machine room.  What does it do?

        Press a few buttons and see what happens.

56. How can I turn on the rescue station's power?

        There is a hidden door in the machine room.

57. How do I turn on the machine in the secret room?

        There is a handprint on the machine.

58. How can I get into the access tunnel that leads north from the hangar?

        The tunnel is too small for you to fit into.

59. How can I clear the lampreys out of the hangar?

        There is someplace in the facility that the lampreys are
        staying away from.

60. I've got the lampreys out of the hangar, but I still can't make the ship
    take off.  What gives?

        Look at the control panel.  Have you seen that symbol elsewhere?

61. How do I figure out what color is being displayed in the machine room,
    when I'm in the cockpit of the spaceship?



 The Lectures

62. What are the first things I should do when I get to the Heechee Homeworld?

        Read the message on the communicator in your quarters.

63. I've given my first lecture. Now what?

        Why don't you just explore for a while?

64. How can I get away from my Heechee "escort" to go off to secret meetings?

        He's pretty alert - it'll be hard to sneak out on him.

65. How do I get under the Temple of Sterigma?

        Macropterous told you that entry was based on the second verse
        of Sterigma's prophecies.  The second verse is available from
        the prophet on the street corner.

 Fixing My Ship

66. How do I get the black box off the column at the dig site?

        If you press the red button, the column is going to want to

67. Where can I find a gravity lens?

        Looked at any good stars lately?

68. How can I get across the river of sludge?

        You will not be able to cross the River until after you have seen
        some very ancient ruins.

69. How do I get the gravity lens?

        The lens is under the metal disk at the bottom of the shaft
        under the Place of Seeing.

70. Where can I find a nav data chip?

        Those kinds of things are generally found on ships.

71. How can I get into the command center in the hangar at the Administration

        You won't be able to get in until after you've seen some very
        ancient ruins.

72. How do I get the nav data chip?

        The only available Nav Data Chips are in the probe ships on the
        Administrative Planet.

 Getting the Transwarp Drive

73. So Exegesis is really Convergence.  What do I do now?

        Well, first of all don't forget to go give a lecture so
        you can get back in touch with Raphide.

74. How can I get through the metal door into the secret building to the west
    of the quad?

        You shouldn't try to solve this puzzle until after you have met
        a Heechee named Exegesis.

75. How can I get Astatine's datastore off the wall?

        First, you'll need to talk to Astatine.

76. How can I get the prototype?

        Go ahead, try to take it.

77. So Raphide's a jerk and Astatine is dead.  Now what?

        You still need to escape from the black hole.

78. How do I get down the southeast corridor in the Adm. Center?

        The lenses seem to be shooting out deadly rays of invisible light.

79. I'm at the vault entrance, but I can't get at the index.

        The index is covered by a shield.

80. Help! I've typed in Solifluction, and the index says it doesn't
    have that name.

        Fogram didn't identify Solifluction under his proper
        name in the index.

81. I've got Solifluction's datafan, but now I can't get it past the
    vault entrance.

        Datafans can't get past the entrance.

82. I've got Solifluction in my datastore. Now what?

        He's the only one who knows about this Transwarp drive.


83. Oh joy, I'm back on the Artifact.  Now what?

        Try exploring a little bit, but be careful...

84. How can I get past the guards?

        They're alert - they'll see most anything that comes their way.

85. How can I get a look inside that safe?

        You're not going to have much luck while that terrorist is around.

86. Now that the terrorist is gone, I still can't open the safe.

        Pay attention to how the terrorist locked the safe.

87. OK, so it's a voice-activated safe. How do I get it open?

        You'll have to get the terrorist to issue the right command.

88. I've finally opened the safe.  Now what?

        Your goal is to stop the Artifact from reaching the Kugelblitz.
        The best way to do that is to destroy the Artifact.



These are numbered according to the questions above.  Refer
to the above numbers to see what the question is.

1. The stairs look like they could be good in an emergency.

2. You're being poisoned by gas.

3. Perhaps you could cut off its source of power.

4. Look at the console.

5. There's a dead specialist right in front of you.

6. The only way they can get to the Aquila before it takes off is to use
   the tram system.

7. You also need to time the explosion correctly.

8. The problem is a faulty sensor on the blue pipe in the Mechanical
   Room below the launch pad.

9. There is a diagnostic tool in the medicine kit in your cabin that will
   help you here.

10. A high white blood cell count is usually an indication of a bacterial
    infection.  A high level of toxins suggests that there is poison present.

11. You don't have a weapon powerful enough to kill it.

12. Diana gave you something that will be of use here.

13. To solve this puzzle, you need to have activated the equipment in the
    terminal room.

14. If you talk to Diana, she will tell you how to get through the portal.

15. All the blob really wants is something to eat.

16. Perhaps the blob can help you.

17. Now that you're settled in the tree, you need some weapons.

18. Perhaps if you gave him a substitute, he would give you back the rod.

19. You've encountered something in this zoo environment already
    that should help you here.

20. They are wearing animal pelts.  Do the same.

21. Go north.

22. To get past him, you will have to show that your magic is more powerful
    than his.

23. You'll have to use some modern technology.

24. Perhaps if you found something to light your way.

25. You'll never get by them while they're biting and stinging you like that.

26. The machine in the lab down the hall is just the thing.

27. Open the box and take it into the zoo.  The creatures will crawl inside.

28. What you need to do is change one of the nasty creatures into something
    less threatening.

29. The button in the lower left hand corner will be lit if any of the
    changes you have explored will affect the genetic structure
    of the creatures.  Pressing that button will put those changes into

30. Perhaps the same changes could take place on a larger scale.

31. Make faces at it?

32. Find the key to the clamp.

33. Ok, so you knew that.  What you have to do is slow him down long
    enough for you to really nail him.

34. Miki told you that the Oldest One's matrix is similar to the one that she
    is in.

35. You need to identify which of the cores controls the Engineering matrices.

36. You need to deactivate the matrix that the Oldest One is in.

37. The steering mechanism is on the console on the bridge.

38. Each of the zoos is a replica of real-life environments on planets that
    the Artifact found while exploring the universe.

39. Someone saw your ship land. Perhaps you can enlist a native as your guide
    for a while.

40. Use his crystal structure to tune in Radio Free Luxemborg?

41. He will make copies of some of the things that you show him, and
    show you movies about things that he is interested in.

42. They have come together to do that which they cannot do separately.

43. They can only gather the white dust in small quantities.

44. He is showing you something that happened a long time ago.

45. It's the story of a mishap long time ago.

46. You need to find something that'll tell the way the floor is sloping.

47. There's a nice bowl in the sculpture garden.

48. The hatch code was visible at one time.

49. Push the button on the clamp, and then remove it from the drive
    mechanism.  It is one of the two items you need to get out of the pit.

50. The cave that the two kords went into in the movie had a distinguishing

51. You need a cutter like the one that the artist in the sculpture garden is

52. By now, you've probably seen something, other than the monster and
    the lampreys, that can kill kords.

53. You need to use a tool.

54. You need something that will fit inside that depression.

55. Press the button that looks like the bulkhead door on the Artifact.

56. You can't open the hidden door.

57. You have a hand.

58. You need to get something else to go into the tunnel for you.

59. The lampreys don't like the whining noise from the broken machine in the
    machine room.  Break the machine in the hangar so it makes the same noise.

60. The symbol on the control panel is the same as the one under the screen
    in the machine room.

61. Remote TV camera?

62. look around for other things of interest in your quarters.

63. When you're done looking aroudn, go back to your quarters.

64. Perhaps you can make him less alert.  Something you find in your
    quarters might help you here.

65. Match the symbols in the disks on the floor with the elements they are
    paired with in Sterigma's prophecies.

66. You need to find something to hold up the column so you can take the
    Cohesion Field Generator.

67. The guidething at the Place of Seeing mentioned that they used a Gravity
    Lens as a safety device.

68. The river of sludge isn't solid enough to support your weight, but perhaps
    something lighter wouldn't sink right away.

69. You don't have a tool to open the disk.

70. Every ship that navigates in and out of a Black Hole needs one.

71. The sensor on the door is looking for something.

72. You can't get into the probes while they're in the hangar.

73. Once you've talked with Raphide, why don't you see if you can locate

74. The name of the secret project that is being carried out behind this door
    is Aesthemis.  You should have seen this name somewhere else on the

75. Don't take Astatine until you've got the prototype.

76. You can't get it until after you've talked with Raphide on the communicator
    in your quarters.

77. Things look bleak; You probably should go talk to someone about it.

78. You can't solve this puzzle until you've taken something from the
    secret lab on the campus.

79. The cable housing is covered by a shield too, but only sometimes.

80. Fogram used another name.

81. Datastores can get by with no problem.

82. You need to take him somewhere where his knowledge can do you some good.

83. Try to find Diana.

84. Of course, they can't see what they can't see.

85. You're going to have to get the terrorist to leave.

86. The terrorist locked the safe with a voice command.

87. You'll also have to arrange from some way for the safe to hear
    the terrorist's command.

88. The last time you were on this ship, you narrowly averted its
    destruction by a crazed computer.

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