Full Throttle Walkthrough (ver. 1.1) by Gerard J. Pinzone

 Click on top of dumpster. Exit to the right. Kick in door. Grab the 
guy behind the bar. He will give you your keys back. Go outside and 
start your bike. 

 Punch the guy off his bike. Your bike will eventually fall apart. 
When you come to, you will be in a house. Look at the photo on the wall. 
Get gas tank and hose. Go outside. Talk to Miranda about the ambush. 
Tell her where it is. Ask for a ride. She will say she can't. Exit to 
the left. She will sneak off in her car. Exit to the left again. 

 Go to Todd's trailer. Knock on door and wait for him to answer. Kick 
in the door. He is knocked unconscious. Open the refrigerator. Get the 
meat. Open the cabinet. Get the lock pick. Walk to floor panel on the 
right. Get the torch. 

 Go to the fuel tower and pick the lock. Pick the lock up. Go inside 
the door. Touch the ladder then run quickly behind the object in the far 
left rear. Go to the hovercraft and remove the gas cap. Use the hose 
with cap. Use gas can with hose. Use mouth with hose. 

 Go to the junkyard, use lock on door latch. Grab the chain. Go to the 
parts pile and grab. The dog will chase you. Jump back down. Go to the 
right past the wreck. Keep going until you see the dog again. Quickly 
throw the meat into the purple car. Exit left. Go up to the crane. Use 
the controls to lift the purple car up. Exit left, get the fork from the 
parts pile. 

 Go back to the fuel tower and touch the ladder. 

 Look at the debris. You will automatically pick up the picture. Exit 
left. Get on bike and leave on road going up. Go around to the back of 
the bar. Talk to Miranda in dumpster. Exit right. Go in door. Show guy 
with knife your false ID. 

 Go in door. Move pillow. Get tire iron. Use it on lock. 

 Use the tire iron on wheels. Kick trailer. It will fall over. Pick up 
some fertilizer. Get on bike and go back to the mink farm. They will 
chase you and crash by the trailer. 

 Get off the bike and look at the sign to the right. Read all pictures 
and plaques. Get back on bike and ride to the left. Go back to trailer 
(wait for STOP sign to appear). Use the tire iron on fender. You will 
get the fan automatically. Go on bike exit south. 

 Go to the Mill Road. You will meet Father Torque. Ask him every 
question possible, or he will constantly come back to bother you. You 
won't be able to beat the cavefish guy without the board. You can't beat 
the vulture guy without the chain. You can get this stuff by beating up 
the people who have it. 

Use Weapon Biker
 ---------- -----
Chain         Vulture
Chainsaw      Guy with board
Fertilizer    Girl with chainsaw
Board         Cavefish

 Keep going until you beat up the vulture guy AND the cavefish guy. 
You will get the special glasses and the rocket booster. When you have 
done both, hit the right mouse button to put on the visor. Press the 
left mouse button when the display reads CAVE (not EXIT!!!). 

 Once in the cave, drive right, then south west. Grab ramp twice to 
attach to bike. Get on bike and ride east. Get off bike and disconnect 

 Get on bike and jump the ramp. 

 Go to stadium. Go to gift stand. Look at T-shirts. Grab the bunny 
when the guy's back is turned. Grab joystick and play with the car until 
it stops. Go back to bike and ride north. Use bunny on minefield. After 
it blows up, pick up the battery. Exit south. Go back to gift stand. Use 
battery with the car. Drive car north east into turnstile. Grab box of 
bunnies. Go back to minefield. Use box on minefield. Quickly pick up all 
the bunnies except one. Wait for him to blow up. Walk on path the bunny 
made and release another. Keep doing this until you make it to the other 

 Tell Maureen, "Let me go or else", "I'll call you names", "Diapered 

 Jump off of the leftmost ramp. You must time it to land on the brown 
car. The brown car will stall. Push it over to the bottom right corner. 
Push the car off the ramp ahead of you. You will bounce off the brown 
car and land on top of the baddies, stalling their car. If this is too 
much for you, just press the `V' key on your keyboard to win the derby. 
Run by box seats to set them on fire. The two guys in the blue car will 
chase you on top of the brown car. When the blue car rams you, jump on 
their car. When they drive near the fire, jump off and stand in the 

 Look at parts and examine all of them. Go back to factory. Maureen 
will give you the pictures automatically. Go behind the factory. Kick 
the wall stone to the right of the stone underneath the far left post 
when the meters stop clicking. Enter the hatch. Grab the floor safe by 
the desk. Enter 154492 as the code. Exit right. Use the card on the card 
reader. Move light lever twice and the motor lever once. The film will 
burn. Go in second door. Put pictures on easel. 

 Open panel. Quickly grab Rip's cane. Open grill and use tire iron on 
third fuel valve. 

 Go up ladder. Press computer screen. Pick "Take off", "Post take 
off", "Gear", "Raise Gear". 

 Go inside truck. Use computer. Pick "Main Menu", Defense", "Machine 
Guns", "Control", "System off". Exit into plane. Move left. Grab Bike. 

 That is it!!!! 

 Gerard J. Pinzone
King of all Tech Support 
[email protected]

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