The DEMO
	A Walkthru by
	Jonah Piston

FIRST of all, I'd like to say that I don't want to write a cheesy
introduction because I'm just not that creative. But, this IS a fun game,
and it DOES have great graphics so here it is. Of course, I'm wondering how
you could really be stuck in this demo, it's pretty easy, and the only
problem I had was finding the rope of ties since you had to run way down the
alley to find it... Well, that could just be me. Anyway.

Also, if you're wondering why I'm writing a walkthru for the DEMO, it's 
because I wouldn't want anyone who was actually stuck in the demo winding 
his little way through a full game walkthru and finding out all the secrets 
to it when all he needs to know is how to get back down to Sal's lair...

Well, so we begin the journey through the vague yet enticing Grim Fandango 

Once in Sal's little HQ, walk around the room and examine all the objects.
Try opening the vault door, and shutting off the slide projector. Once
you're comfortable, spark up conversation with Sal. Once you've exhausted
all your talk options, chat with Eva and head out via the elevator.

In the alley there is a particularly obvious etching in the wall with a blue
eye. Whenever you want to go back down into the LSA HQ, press ENTER while the
eye is in your interest area (Manny will turn his head to it) and the
elevator will come back up. All you need to do now is walk out into the open

Look up at the ruckus going on behind the row of tents. Walk toward the
tents until the camera view switches to a close up of three of the tents.

Speak with the clown and provoke him into making balloon animals for you.
Your options are: a cat, a dingo, and Robert Frost. Right now you only need
one of them. After that's done, talk to the clown and select the BANG! option 
and watch what happens to the pigeons perched on the leftmost tent. Examine 
and take some Bread of the Dead from the center tent, and head back out to the 

You can walk further down the street and look at all the other buildings and
go further into the highway, but it isn't necessary in this demo. All you
need to do now is go back into the alley.

Go all the way down into the alley, past the large garage door until you
find a mysterious rope of ties... Climb up the rope to get to the summit of
the building.

Look into and try to open the green draped window, then continue along the
catwalk. At the end you'll find the window to Domino's office, with drapes
drawn, windows unlocked, and the office empty. Like the honest, decent
person you are, open the window and climb in.

Have a drink, check out the fancy red tube, and try to guess Dom's password.
Sooner or later you should inspect the drawer in Dom's desk to find a plaque 
from Hector congratulating Domino... You can explore the rest of the room, but 
there's not much else of interest. Head back out through the window.

Once back on the catwalk, head down to the rope of ties again. Stand near
the broken gap (not the ledge) and press ENTER to gather up the rope while
it's in your interest area, then ENTER again to pitch it. Unsuccessful? Use
the plaque on the ties and try again. That puzzle was kind of obvious.
Examine the new rope then clamber up it. Climbing further up should bring
you to the roof.

Now, all you need to do is grab those eggs right? Well, after trying the
frontal assault strategy, you'll find you'll need an ingenious plan to nab
the potential aerial army. Think back to the clown and the BANG! Stuff a
balloon into the pigeons' 'favorite dish' and use the Bread of the Dead on
it. The birds will come flocking, and once they've finished with munching,
BANG! Off they'll fly. Another great use for 'special ceremonial bread'.
Head to the air tube and steal the eggs, then hurry down the makeshift rope
and back to the alley.

Present the eggs to the blue eyed etch, and once in LSA HQ, show them
off to Salvador. Congratulations, you've won the demo! No, wait, you used
this to finish it... Never mind, go suck a metal pole and hug a Dome
Lightning with wet hands!! =)

     Have fun,

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