GRIM FANDANGO - Walkthru (version 1.0)

Written by Tim Wuyts (January 7th-21st, 1999)           E-mail: [email protected]

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* Introduction
* Year One
   - The Poisoning
   - So you need a saint?
   - Viva la revolution
   - R.I.P.
   - Need some springs?
   - Rubacava? Where?
   - Hot, hot, hot
   - Rubacava
* Year Two
   - Meche? Is that you?
   - Let's join the union
   - Seabees to the rescue ... or is it the other way around?
   - Naranja ... dead?
   - Glottis' gambling addiction
* Year Three
   - Rippin'
   - Blup Blup
   - The Pearl
   - The Edge of the World
   - How do we get out of here?
   - Manny to the rescue
   - Crunchy
* Year Four
   - The Bonewagon is dominoed
   - Getting a disguise
   - Getting my own sprouter
   - The confrontation
   - Let's go to the playground
   - Perfecting your gardening skills
* Version Information
* Legal Information



This is a no-nonsense walkthrough, which means that, if you follow it strictly you won't encounter any troubles, playing it from the beginning to the end without any interruption.  However, I suggest you try it on your own first, it's much more fun (trust me on this one).  

Whenever I got really stuck myself, I used the walkthrough of Jeff "CJayC" Veasey (Grim Fandango, FAQ/Walkthrough Version 1.7) Copyright 1998. I usually replayed these sections and adapted my walkthrough in a way that Manny has to walk the least distance possible.  Therefore, I tend to do certain things before they are needed, hence saving time.  The best to way to use it, is by looking at it one year at a time.  

Year One

The Poisoning
1. Get the message in Manny's Office
2. Go to the other side of the room (with the books on the table) and take the playing cards
3. Head down to the garage (elevator on the left)

{Cutscene} You see the last car leave for the poisoning.

4. Head to the back of the garage, knock on the door and meet Glottis.  Say:
	"Hey, you a driver?"
	"I'm Calavera."
	"Looks like I need a new driver."
	"You want to be my replacement driver?"
	"Come on, Glottis."
	"You're not too big.  The cars are just to small."
5. Glottis will give you a work order which has to be signed. Go to Eva (the secretary) and use the workorder on her. 
(Your boss won't sign it)
6. Go outside (elevator in front) and go to the clown at the festival. Talk to him and say:
	"Practing What?"
	"Twist me up one of them, eh fella?"
	"Bet ya can't do a cat."
	"A dead worm"
7. Talk to him again and say:
	"My kid wants another balloon animal"
	"Do you have any more dead worms back there?"
8. Talk to him again and say:
	"My kid wants another balloon animal"
	"A cat."
9. Now take a piece of bread from the stand in the middle.
10. On your way back, you can see an alley to the left, go in it
11. Go to the back of the alley and you'll see a bunch of ties tied together. Climb up them.
12. Go into Don's Office and use his computer. Change the computer intercom reply to:
	"Ah, cripes Eva! Just sign it yourself, will ya? I'm busy!"
13. Go back to Eva and use the workorder on her.

{Cutscene} To the land of the living

14. Use your scythe on the package

{Cutscene} I bet you didn't want to have this low life as a customer, huh?

So you need a saint?
1. Use the red hose with one of the deflated balloons
2. Use the blue hose with the other deflated balloon
3. Go to the room opposite of the packaging room, a demon will come out complaining about the tube delivery system
4. Go up to Eva and use the playing cards with the stapler
5. Go to your office and use the 2 balloons which are filled with chemicals with your tube system

{Cutscene} The tube system will break down

6. Go back to the communications room and take the fire extinguisher next to the door
7. Turn the deadbolt so the lock will block the door when they try to close it
8. Talk to the demon and say:
	"Who would do a terrible thing like this?"
	"Well, I gotta split"
9. Leave the communications room and head back in
10. Use the perforated playing card on the red tube (Domino's tube)

{Cutscene} You have your saint now and you'll pick her up with Glottis' new matchbox improved car.

11. There is something wrong with the record of this little angel, say:
	"Excuse me, but I have to go straighten this mess out"
12. Go to the Don Corpal's office (your boss)

{Cutscene} Oops

Viva la revolution
1. In Glottis' office say:
	"I'm thinking about getting out and getting even.  That's it."
	"The DOD runs a crooked game, and I intend to prove it."
	"I'm gonna blow the lid off this place."
2. In LSA headquarters say:
	"Okay, I'm in.  What do I have to do?"
	"You want me to be your messenger?"
	"If I grab some pigeons from the roof, will you let me go?"
	"I'm off"
3. Climb up the ties in the alley
4. Go around the corner, open the window to Domino's office and get inside
5. Open his desk drawer and take the green coral
6. Go to the punching bag and hit it a few times until the mouthpiece falls off
7. Go back to the ledge look at the OTHER end of the tie rope and pull it up
8. Use the coral with this end of the rope
9. Swing the rope to the other side and use it to head up the roof
10. To scare away the killer pigeons, use the balloon of the cat in the dish
11. Now use the bread on the dish too
12. Take the eggs and go back down
13. Go into the garage (open gate in the alley)
14. Go to Glottis' office and use the mouthpiece with the Fill-A-Dent machine
15. Use the mouthpiece on yourself
16. Use the blue eye in the alley to get back in LSA headquarters
14. Give the eggs to Salvador
15. Give the mouthpiece with your dental impression to Eva

{Cutscene} You're on your way out of this hellhole

1. Walk to the other screen and talk to Glottis (he will rip his heart out and toss it away, oops)
2. Go to the place where Glottis threw his heart
3. Pick up one of the bones in the pile on the right hand side of the web
4. Throw the bone in the web and use your scythe on it
5. Go back to Glottis, pick up the heart and put it back in

{Cutscene, sort off} Hmmm, Glottis is happy ... I'm happy.

Need some springs?
1. Drive to the right to the strange machine
2. Use the wheelbarrow and use it to synchronize the pumps on each side of the tree marrow extractor.
(You have to synchronize the pumps on the right side and the pumps on the left side in a different rythm so the tree
starts rocking back and forth)
3. Now shut down the machine by pulling the lever, Glottis will climb up the machine
4. Turn the machine back on when Glottis is on top

{Cutscene} Let's flyyyyyyyyyy (don't want to be Glottis though)

Rubacava? Where?
1. Get out of the bonewagon pick up the road sign and go to the screen in the NW
2. Go to the middle of the screen and put the road sign into the ground.  Watch to where it's pointing, pick it up, go in
that direction and put in back into the ground.  Repeat this until the secret cave opens.
3. Get the key
4. Head back to the Bonewagon and drive to the N

Hot, hot, hot
1. Open the door and go to the dam (if you get chased out, just go back)
2. Pick up at least 3 bones near the green thing at the beginning of the dam
3. Go to the left and down the path
4. You are now under an overhead rock on which the beavers will sit
5. Throw the bone into the tar pit
6. Get your fire extinguisher and use it just before the beaver jumps
7. Repeat these 2 steps until all 3 beavers are extinguished (if you miss, go get some more bones)
8. Go back to the Bonecar and open the padlock with the key

{Cutscene} I wish Glottis would increase his speed (would be cool)

1. Go up the stairs and enter the cafeteria
2. Talk to Celso and say:
	"What are you doing here?"
	"You must love her very much, Celso"
	"How do you know your wife hasn't gone ahead of you?"
	"I'll help you find your wife.  What did she look like?"
	"Well, I'd better go see how my other clients are doing..."
3. After you get the photo, go down the stairs (once, do not take the stairs to Glottis) and walk into the fog

{Cutscene} Let's go swimming in the water, let's go swimming in the ... eeuh sea.

4. Head down to Glottis and talk to Captain Velasco:
	"Well, don't let me interrupt your car talk"
5. Use the photograph you got from Celso on the captain and say:
	"How do you know she sailed out of here?  I don't believe it!"
	"Well, don't let me interrupt your car talk"
6. Head back to Celso and show him the port log

{Cutscene} Aaah, a succesfull businessman, what more could you wish for?

Year Two

Meche? Is that you?
1. Walk into the room and to the right of the green screen.
2. Pick up the letter of Salvador
3. Head downstairs and walk outside 
	(if you are interrupted by Lupe just say "Okay, back to work")

{Cutscene} Meche isn't quite what she used to be huh!

4. Talk to captain Valesco:
	"Alright, I'm ready to sail!"
	"I'll work!"
	"Okay, if I get Glottis some tools, can we board?"
	"Who's the one guy who hasn't boarded yet?"
	"What if Naranja doesn't show up?  I can fill his spot, right?"
	"So let me get this straight..."
	"I'd better go finish packing"

Let's join the union
1. Walk to the right and at the crossroads head N
2. Enter the blue casket
3. Walk to the back and meet Lola and Olivia

{Cutscene} Who says that lawyers weren't dirty little scumbags (hehe)

4. End the conversation with Olivia by saying:
	"Well, catch ya later, hep chick"
5. Go one screen back and use Salvador's letters on the 3 guys sitting in the right bottom corner
6. Look at the book on the table and take it
7. Head outside and go to the right, use the book on the bees

{Cutscene} Communism prevails, mmm the afterlife is strange

8. Head outside and take the elevator to the right
9. Head up the stairs and enter the Calavera Cafe
10. Go down and pick up the gold flake liqueur behind the bar
11. Enter the roulette room and sit down with Charlie, say:
	"Right. So what are you doing in it?"
	"How did you print fake betting stubs?"
	"What else can you counterfeit?"
	"Can you make reasonable union cards?"
12. You now have the ticket printer and VIP pass
13. Go to Glottis and use the VIP card on him
14. Go to the cat track (to the room with the large cat) and enter the litter box room (to the left)
15. Pick up the can opener
16. Head up the stairs and then take the stairs to the right of the main stairs
17. Take the elevator to the VIP lounge
19. First head to the right and head for Nick sitting at the table, say:
	"Nick, I need a lawyer."
	"Friend of mine is in the slammer."
	"An excellent lawyer."
	"The very best is good enough for me."
	"You are, Nick."
20. Talk to Nick again:
	"Virago, I REALLY need a lawyer."
	"I could tell Max about you and Olivia."
21. He'll leave, now take his cigarette holder
22. Go to the kitchen of the VIP room and take the Turkey baster (bottom left)
23. Wait until the waiter comes in and enters the pantry.
24. Close the pantry doors and use your scythe on them

Glottis will empty the barrel of wine

25. Walk up the ladder and open the barrel with the can opener
26. Get in the barrel

27. Use the forklift and drive into the elevator
28. Turn the forklift around and place it in front of one the holes at the bottom of the gate
29. Get off the forklift and push the elevator button. Get back on the forklift
30. You'll pass a dark spot in the wall, once you see it drive forward with the forklift, blocking the elevator
31. Get off the forklift, walk to the other side and use the lever, thus opening the gate
32. Walk through the hallway and get the briefcase

Charlie will give you your Union Card but not as you thought he would

Seabees to the rescue ... or is it the other way around?
1. Go down and head up the main stairs, take the green stairs up to Carla
2. Use the cigarette box on her, say:
	"I don't know.  I found it under your desk."
3. You now have a key to the lighthouse. Head back up to Carla
4. Drink the gold falke liqueur and pass through the metal detector
5. After a thorough search you find yourself alone with Carla, say:
	"Hey, Carla, that's an awfully nice metal detector you have."
6. Head back down to the litter box room (where you got the can opener)
7. Walk near the end of the "spring-board" and use your scythe on the litter box, you now have a metal detector
8. Head back to the blue casket
9. Use the turkey baster on the dirty dishwater
10. Head for the lighthouse (go outside the blue casket to the left and go past the bees)
11. Use the key on the lighthouse door

{Cutscene} Lola is sprouted, isn't it a shame?

12. Head to Calavera cafe (up in the elevator ...) and give the card that Lola left behind to Lupe (coats)
13. She'll give you a jacket, search it and you'll find a piece of paper
10. Head to Toto's Tattoo shop (follow the rail in front of the cat race track)
11. Go to the back open the fridge and then open a compartment of the fridge
12. Now go to Naranja's bottle and use the Turkey baster filled with dirty dishwater on it (you'll have to be quick)
13. After Naranja passes out, search him, you get his dog tags.
14. Give Toto the piece of paper you found in Lola's jacket
15. Go to the photo finish boot of the cat track and use the ticket printer
16. Make a ticket with the following digits: Week 02, Tuesday, Race 06
17. Use the ticket on the photo finish boot, you now have the photograph of Nick kissing Olivia
18. Go to the VIP room and show the photograph to Nick

{Cutscene} mmm, Manny has more guts than I thought

Naranja ... dead?
(This part is merely a formality if you exactly followed my walkthrough, you've done most parts already)
1. You'll be standing in front of the morgue, enter it
2. Use Naranja's dog tags on one of the corpses
3. Give the metal detector to Membrillo
4. Naranja is now officially dead

Glottis' gambling addiction
(You can do this earlier on in the game also, but if you see the cutscene, playing it in this order makes more sense)
1. Go to Calavera Cafe, to your office
2. Use your desk, you'll open up the roulette control panel
3. Make sure the red light is burning on the right side (=Bogan's table)
4. Make sure that you select an other number than 2 (=Bogan's lucky number)

{Cutscene} Bogan will now close the cafe and Glottis will be kicked out of the cat track (BTW Nice boat huh!)

Year Three

(You have to rip the ship in half by using the anchors)
1. Raise the anchor to the right (press right red button)
2. Use the controls and push to the right (you'll go to the left)
3. Lower the anchor to the right and raise it again (the other anchor will be pulled up too)
4. Use your scythe on the anchor, lifting it onto the porthole
5. Raise the anchor on the left (the ship will be shredded in half)
6. Use the controls and push back

{Cutscene} I still wonder how Titanic could sink so fast

Blup Blup
1. Walk to the edge of the light and press the use button if Chepito walks by, say:
	"Well, I don't wanna break your stride there"
2. Now press the use button again and you'll grab his light
3. Turn towards Glottis, he is able to control this "flashlight"

{Cutscene} Did you ever eat squid? I promise you won't eat this one!

The Pearl
4. Now walk to the other side of the ridge (to the right/up)
5. Walk counterclockwise around the rock with the red sticky things on it

{Cutscene} I know it's cruel but at least we have some free transportation

The Edge of the World
1. Walk to the elevator, once up go to the right and keep on walking until you meet Meche

{Cutscene} Haaaa, finally ... Meche ... and Domino (D'oh) (snif snif, Glottis gets wacked too)

2. Talk to the kids in the cage and say:
	"Why do you want to bite me?"
	"What are you two doing in this cage?"
	"Listen, children, I'm here to help."
	"I'm here to help you get out of this cage."
	"My hand are not to big to make light bulbs."
	"I just don't have any of those little, tiny tools, that's all."
	"Okay, back to work."
3. Pick up the tiny hammer one of the kids threw at you
4. Go back to Meche's office and use the ashtray right before she ashes her cigarette

{Cutscene} Wow, it's getting spicy

5. Pick up the silk stockings out of the trash can
6. Go back to the elevator
7. Walk to the left (at the bottom) and walk up to Chepito
8. Give the hammer to Chepito and you'll get the Bust-All
9. Use the stockings on him and he'll give you your own sprout gun

How do we get out of here?
1. Walk back to the elevator (don't use it) and walk to the right
2. Pull the handle to make the conveyor belt go down
3. Climb onto the conveyor belt and walk up (I wonder how he does that)
4. Get into the crane and move it to the other side of the island
5. Drop the chain (push down) and get out of the crane
6. Walk down to the beach and use the Bust All on the claw (you're even more destructive than Rambo)
7. Get back into the crane and lower the chain again
8. Now that it is stuck, raise the chain
9. Move the crane back to the other side of the island and lower the chain
10. Get out of the crane and go down on the conveyor belt ... hop off when you reach the lever
11. Pull the lever to change the direction of the conveyor belt and do it again
12. Go back up to the crane and raise the chain

{Cutscene} I like this scene (guess why)

13. Go back to Meche's office (you know the way)
14. Use the gun on her

{Cutscene} Mmm, what's the lesson we learned here: "Never give a gun to a woman!"

Manny to the rescue
1. Go to the vault door (between Meche's office and the elevator)
2. Use the Bust All on the door, now you can see the tumblers of the door
3. Use the weel to rotate the tumblers (the flat side of the tumblers have to point to the right side)
4. Use your scythe on the tumblers
5. Pull the door handle
6. Close the door
7. Use your scythe on the electric wiring above the door
8. Pick up the axe in this room and drag it to the secret room
9. Drop it somewhere and use your scythe with the sprinklers
10. Turn the weel of the pipe on the right (look at the tile where the last water disappears)
11. Pick up the axe and drop it on that tile

{Cutscene} Romance at last ... Why does Domino always have to ruin everything

1. Use your scythe on the octopus' eye

{Cutscene} Don't watch this, it's ugly

Year Four

What's wrong with Glottis?
1. Go down and open the coffin (damn it's that pesky little Bruno), you will get the mug you gave him before ...
2. Head back up

{Cutscene} Aaah, sweet justice ...

3. Leave (you'll first get a note from the Gate dude)
4. Enter the room under the track (where the cable is coming out of)
5. Talk to Glottis (snif), say:
	"What can I get you?  Will anything help?"
	"Can't we make a new hot rod?"
6. Go down to the kitchen
7. Use your mug on the golden cup rack
8. Open the drawer under the rack and pick up a rag
9. Head out of the kitchen and use the rag on the oil barrels next to it
10. Go back into the kitchen and use the rag on the toaster ... let the magic begin

{Cutscene} Glottis ... is ALIVE!

The Bonewagon is dominoed
(This must have been Domino's idea)
1. Follow the track to Toto's tattoo shop
2. Once inside use the medicine cabinet (behind the tattoo books on the right)
3. Head to the docks (back to the bonewagon, bottom left and then to the right) and Valesco will talk to you
4. Pick up his ship-in-a-bottle
5. Go to the blue casket (left and up) and enter the kitchen
6. Use the bottle on the keg
7. Go back to the bonewagon and use the bottle on Glottis (he still likes to drink)
8. Talk to him, he'll puke warm gelatine on the dominos
9. Use the liquid nitrogen you got from Toto on the gelatine to freeze it
10. Head to the back of the bonawagon and use the dynamite

{Cutscene} Back to where we started four years ago

Getting a disguise
1. Use the sprouted body of the soldier to get his arm
2. Use the trash can to pick up the photo
3. Use the note you got from Hector on the pigeon, then show it the photo

{Cutscene} Bowlsley gets the message and heads out of Hector's tower

4. Talk to Meche and head out of the headquarters yourself
5. Once you arrive at the bonewagon you'll take the remote from Glottis
6. Head up the ladder to the right and then use the ladder in the back
7. Pick up the pot of coffee
8. Use the ladder behind the Thunderboys
9. Use the coffee pot on the Thunderboys
10. Go down, put the coffee pot back and enter the door to the right
11. Head back up the ladder and use the arm on the grinder
12. Get the grinder

(You can't do 11 and 12 earlier, if you do it after step 9 the games starts acting up, crashing, 
the inventory acts strange, ...  So don't do it!)

13. Go down (2x) and enter the casino (staircase to the right)
14. Go down to the casino area and talk to the guy in the trench coat (2x)
15. Talk to Meche (2x)
16. Put the sheet over Charlie's head and talk to the guy in the trench coat
17. Enter the bathroom

Getting my own sprouter
1. Go back to the bonewagon and enter the tunnel to the right
2. Use the grinder with the arm in it (use it a few times) in this room, leaving a trail right up to the tunnel to the right
3. Use the remote so that the bonewagon raises itself
4. Drive forward and let Manny get out of the bonewagon onto the ledge
5. Run down the ledge and climb down the stairs (make sure you got the remote in your hand)
6. Use the remote (the alligator is now stuck)
7. Enter the florist
8. Use your scythe on the ball of tape above the door
9. Enter the florist again (you'll get a gun and a bottle of Sproutella)

The confrontation
1. Go back to the casino and talk to the Pink demon (watch the keno board above your head and keep the last number that 
appears in mind)
2. The answer to the question is the last number that appeared on the keno board
3. Talk to Celso and his lady, say:
	"Actually, I work for Hector.  He sent me to answer your questions."
	"The real question is, don't you feel that you are worth it."
	"What exactly are you saving your money for?  A rainy day?"
	"Well, enough about you guys, let me tell you about my problems."
	"I just got back from the worst vacation I've ever had!"

{Cutscene} Manny is a though boy, isn't he?

Let's go to the playground
1. Head to the other end of the ledge, you'll end up on the roof
2. Walk over to the bottom of the screen (where the hand of the neon lady is) and hop onto the border
3. Use the grinder on the cracked gothic statue and then use the Sproutella on it
4. Climb up the ladder

{Cutscene} Let's slllllllllllide (BTW isn't Olivia a bitch)

Perfecting your gardening skills
1. Go to the Greenhouse and enter it

{Cutscene}Is our hero going to die?

2. Use the liquide nitrogen
3. Head down to the car and talk to Salvador's head in the backseat
4. Open the suitcase and a ticket will fly over to Salvador
5. Pick up the ticket and go behind greenhouse
6. Walk around a bit, the ticket will fall on the ground and you'll find Salvador's body

{Cutscene} Manny would make a great gardener

7. Search the body, you'll get a key
8. Go back to the car and open the trunk with the key, you now have the gun
9. Go to the water tower (at the bottom of the greenhouse hill)
10. Shoot the gun at the water tower
11. Head up to the greenhouse and open the door

{Cutscene} I guess all adventures need to have a good ending, too bad Glottis can't come to the other world

                                  ~~~~~~ THE END ~~~~~~

Version Information

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   - First works

Version 1.01:
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   - Changed Legal Information

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