Grim Fandango (PC) Walkthrough Final Version
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The main character of the game is Manuel ‘Manny’ Calavera, and when the game
opens up, you’ll find yourself in Manny’s office. Go over to the message tube
by the window and take the message that you see inside. Read it and then go out
of the office. Head down the hallway and past the receptionist, Eva, in order
to take the elevator on the left wall down to the parking garage. 

After Manny’s rival, Domino, takes off in his car, go to the far corner of the
garage and knock on the door to the small office. A huge being named Glottis
will come out, so when you start talking to him, make these choices:

“Hey, are you a driver?”
“I’m Calavera, Manny Calavera.”
“Looks like I need a new driver.”
“You want to be my replacement driver?”
“Come on, Glottis. I need you to be my driver.”
“You’re not too big. The cars are just too small.”

He’ll give you a work order, which you need to get by signed by the boss, Don
Copal. Head back up to the lobby and give the work order to Eva, and she’ll try
to get it signed without any success. Go down to the main lobby by taking the
elevator with the fancy door and head outside. Go around the building to the
right and you’ll notice a tie rope dangling. Climb up the rope and go through
the open window nearby to enter the boss’s office.

Check out the computer near his desk to learn that Don wired the intercom to
answer whenever he’s paged. Change his response to “Aw cripes Eva! Just sign it
yourself, will ya? I’m busy!” Head back down to ground level and re-enter the
building. Give Eva the work order this time and she’ll sign it. Watch the
sequences and you’ll wind up in the Land of the Living. All you need to do here
is use the scythe on the body bag and you’ll end up back in the office after
the cut scene.

Go into Manny’s office and on the table to the left, you’ll see a deck of
playing cards. Pick them up and walk over to Eva’s desk. If you look carefully,
you’ll see a hole punch sitting on it. Use the deck of cards on it and Manny
will mark one of the cards. Go down to the lobby and as you attempt to head
outside, a purple demon will come out of the server room and start complaining
to Manny about people sending beer bottles through the message tubes.

After he’s finished, go outside and check out the carnival. Talk to the clown
and use these choices:

“Practicing what?”
“Twist me up one of them, eh fella?”
“Bet ya can’t do a cat.”
“A dead worm.”

You’ll get a deflated balloon, so put it away for now and ask the clown for
another dead worm by first telling him that your kid wants another balloon
animal. Put the second balloon away and go back into the office. Enter the
packing room to Manny’s right and use a balloon on the red hose and the other
on the blue hose. Go up to Manny’s office and send them down the message tubes
and watch what happens. Head down to the server room and before talking to the
demon, flip the deadbolt on the door to prevent it from fully closing. Talk to
the demon and ask him:

“Who would do a terrible thing like this?”
“Well, I gotta split.”

After the demon has a bit of an accident, Manny will grab an extinguisher from
the wall. The demon will tell Manny not to use it because otherwise the mixture
of the foam and the magnesium compounds will cause an explosion.  Leave the
room and the demon will follow you out, but not before closing the door behind
him. If you turned the deadbolt like you were supposed to, then the door will
stay cracked open and Manny can enter.

Use the marked card on the red tube and Manny will end up getting a new client
in Mercedes Colomar. Her biography is spotless, having endured hardships and
done a lot of volunteer work. As Manny checks out her record, he’ll see that
she’ll be getting a first class ticket to…nowhere? Tell Meche that you’ll have
to go straighten this mess out and go to Don Copal’s office.

Don will barge out of his office and drag Manny back in with him. You’ll find
out that due to Meche’s spotless record, she was supposed to get a ticket on
the Number Nine and thanks to Manny’s bumbling; she’s now out walking into the
Petrified Forest unprotected. Don will lock Manny in Glottis’s shack, leaving
him all alone. Knock on the door and someone will answer you. Use the following

“I’m thinking about getting out and getting even. That’s it.”
“The DOD runs a crooked game, and I intend to prove it.”
“I’m gonna blow the lid off this place.”

The voice will open the door and you’ll be introduced to Salvador Limones, the
leader of the LSA, or Lost Souls’ Alliance. He’ll take you to the LSA HQ and
you’ll find out that Eva is a member as well. Go over to Sal and say:

“Okay, I’m in. What do I have to do?”
“You want me to be the messenger?”
“If I grab some pigeons from the roof, will you let me go?”
“I’m off.”

Go to the clown at the festival and have him make you a balloon in the shape of
a cat. Grab some bread from the stand next to him and then go back up onto the
roof. Go around the corner and Manny will notice that Domino’s office is empty.
Enter his office through the window at the end and punch the punching bag near
the front of the office until a blue mouthpiece falls off. Pick it up and then
go over to his desk. Open the drawer and take the coral you find inside. Leave
the office through the window.

Go back to the tie rope and grab the other end of it. Set it down on the ledge
and tie the coral to it. Take the rope and have Manny throw it so that it hooks
onto the ladder, providing a way across the gap. Shimmy across and climb up to
the very top of the building.  Go across the roof until you find a bowl-shaped
vent. You can scare the pigeons away by placing the cat balloon and then the
bread into the bowl. The birds will fly over and eat up the bread, but will
also pop the balloon. The birds will fly away, providing you easy access to
their eggs.

Take some eggs and head back down to street level. Enter the garage and go into
Glottis’s office. You’ll see what appears to be a coffee maker, but is actually
auto body filler. Use the mouthpiece on the filler and then turn so that Manny
isn’t looking at anything and have him bite down on the mouthpiece to get a
perfect impression of his teeth.

Go back to HQ by using the blue eye on the wall near the garage. Once there,
give Sal the eggs and give Eva the mouthpiece. Manny will be free to leave, so
Sal will lead him through a tunnel that will take Manny to the very edge of the
Petrified Forest.

Walk down to the next screen to find Glottis bawling like a baby. You’ll learn
that he was fired, and Glottis has nothing else to do since he was created to
be a mechanic. As he continues on, he’ll rip out his own heart and toss it into
the woods behind him. Unfortunately, Glottis ends up falling asleep shortly
afterwards. Go to where he threw his heart to see that it’s stuck in a spider
web. Take a bone out of the pile near the web and stick it to the web.

Use Manny’s scythe on the web now and he’ll manage to free Glottis’s heart by
flinging it to where Glottis is sleeping. Go back to Glottis, pick up his
heart, and put it back inside his body. He’ll awake up and eventually you’ll
find yourself riding around in the Bone Wagon. Drive off to the right to find
an odd machine. This is the first puzzle of the game. What you need to do is
synchronize the pistons on the pump so that the right side moves shortly after
the left side. You can use the wheelbarrow to pinch off the lines, causing the
pistons to stop. The best way to solve this puzzle is to start on the first
line and just before the piston below it moves, move the wheelbarrow to
un-pinch the line and continue on. It’s hard to describe accurately as it’s
just a matter of timing when to move.

You’ll know when you’re done when the machine starts shaking. Flip the switch
on the panel and watch as Glottis climbs up the machine to unbalance it even
further. As he’s working on it, flip the switch back on and watch the humorous
sequence. When you arrive back on the main screen, get out of the Bone Wagon
and take the sign that’s in the ground. Carry it off to the northwest and
here’s another puzzle for you to solve.

All you need to do is periodically stick the sign in the ground and head in the
direction that the arrow is pointing. Once you feel you’ve moved far enough,
stick the sign in the ground again and repeat the process. When you get to the
point where the sign doesn’t move, then you’re done with the puzzle and a cave
should open up.

Head down into the cave and look at the sign near the corner of the screen.
Manny will read it and then shake it to get the key to fall. He’ll pick it up
and then you can leave the cave. Hop into the Bone Wagon and drive up the hill
to the northeast.

Walk through the door and watch as Manny is chased back out by a demon beaver.
Re-enter the area and walk up to the green bone near the beginning of the
bridge. Take three bones out of the beaver dam and then walk down the path in
the lower left corner. Walk up to the river of tar and toss a bone in. Pull
your extinguisher out so that as the beaver jumps into the river after the
bone, you can extinguish his flaming body. Repeat this two more times until the
beavers are gone, and if you happen to run out of bones before getting rid of
the beavers, head back up to the bridge and grab some more.

Now that the beavers are gone, go back to the Wagon and if you look to the left
of the door, you’ll see a lock. Use the key to unlock it and you’ll be on your
way to Rubacava. When you arrive, go up the stairs and go into the diner. Talk
to the guy working there, Celso, and say:

“What are you doing here?”
“You must love her very much, Celso.”
“How do you know your wife hasn’t gone ahead of you?”
“I’ll help you find your wife. What did she look like?”
“Well, I’d better go see how my other clients are doing…”

Celso will give you a photo of his wife, so go down stairs and at the bottom of
the first flight of stairs, turn left and walk into the fog. Manny will get
lost and fall off into a cliff only to be rescued by a sea captain named
Velasco. Talk to Velasco and then say “Don’t let me interrupt your car talk.”
Show the photo to him and then ask, “How do you know she sailed out of here? I
don’t believe it.” He’ll give you the port log, which you should take to Celso.
Watch the sequences and the game will advance one year later.


A lot has changed in Rubacava in a year. Manny now has his own café and it’s no
longer foggy. Go into Manny’s office by going through the door nearby. Pick up
the letter from Salvador off of the table and then head downstairs. As you try
to head out the door, Lupe will stop you to have you check out her new
organizational system for the coats. Tell her to get back to work and head
outside. Walk down the stairs and you’ll get to see Meche, or so you think.
It’s actually a scary bird-like thing. It’ll fly away, and Manny will go over
to the telescope to see Domino dragging the real Meche onto a ship.

Manny will run and grab a hold of the gangplank, but for whatever reason Meche
throws a bottle at him, hitting him in the head and sending him into the waters
below. Velasco will drag his sorry carcass out of the water again, and
afterwards talk to him to say:

“Alright, I’m ready to sail!”
“I’ll work.”
“Okay, if I get Glottis some tools, can we board?”
“Who’s the one guy who hasn’t boarded yet?”
“What if Naranja doesn’t show up? I can fill his spot, right?”
“So let me get this straight…”
“I’d better go finish packing.”

Go back to the café by going to the junction and heading north to the Blue
Casket Restaurant and using the elevator next to it. Walk up the stairs and
follow the signs back to the café. Go into the bar by heading down the stairs
near the door and going behind Glottis, who is now a piano player.

Take the bottle of liqueur with the gold flakes inside off of the shelf and
then go through the door near the bar to enter the casino. Take a seat at the
table with the green boned guy to meet Chowchilla Charlie, who happens to be
something of a con artist.

“Right. So what are you doing in it?”
“How did you print fake betting stubs?”
“What else can you counterfeit?”
“Can you make reasonable union cards?”

After the conversation, you’ll end up getting a VIP pass to the High Roller
lounge and a betting ticket printer. Go back into the bar and give Glottis the
pass and he’ll take off with it. Head over to the cat racetrack by going to the
junction and heading south. Pull the lever to the right of the Bone Wagon’s
garage to extend the bridge across the gap. Go up the stairs and into the
hallway across from where you enter.

Go through the door near the large cat to enter the litter box room. Take the
can opener off of the large can of cat food near you and then leave. Walk up
the stairs and through the door to the right to enter the VIP lounge.

NOTE: If you have a fast computer, make sure you’ve upgraded Grim Fandango to
v1.01 before attempting the upcoming puzzle.

Go into the kitchen and grab the baster near the lower left corner of the
screen. Wait until the waiter comes in and disappears into the pantry and when
he does, close the doors behind him and lock him in using the scythe. After
Glottis has finished off the wine in the cask, climb up the ladder and use the
can opener on it to cut it open and Manny will hop in.

You’ll eventually find yourself in the basement and once you’re inside, operate
the forklift and drive it into the elevator. Position the forklift so that it’s
near the right side of the elevator door. Push the red button and then get back
onto the forklift. Move it forward so that the prongs are in one of the slots.
When the forklift has caused the elevator to stop moving, get off and pull the
lever on the other side to raise the prongs and open the door.

Go through the hallway and into the door on the other end. Take the suitcase
and watch the sequences. Head to the Blue Casket and go to the back of the bar,
where you’ll meet Lola and Olivia. Tell Olivia bye and go into the kitchen next
to her. Watch as the man put some dirty hookah water into the drinks and then
leaves. Use the baster on the dishwater and then go to Toto’s shack by going to
where the Bone Wagon is being stored and heading south from there.

Once inside his shack, go over to the refrigerator to the left of Toto. Open it
and then open the crisper drawer. While Naranja is distracted, use the baster
on his drink and he’ll be knocked out cold. Search his body to find his dog tags.

Go to the cat track and head upstairs to the blimp security checkpoint. Drink
some of the liqueur and walk through the metal detector before Manny burps.
Tell Carla:

“Hey Carla, that’s an awfully nice metal detector you have.”

Carla will become upset that Manny’s still chasing after Meche and will toss
the metal detector out the window. Go to the litter room and go out onto the
metal ledge until you’re a couple steps from the end. Turn to Manny’s right and
use the scythe in the area and Manny should be able to pick out the metal detector.

Go to the morgue by heading past the checkpoint, cross the long bridge, and
enter the metal double doors. Go up to Membrillo, the mortician and use the dog
tags on whichever body he isn’t looking at. Give him the metal detector and
watch as he finds the dog tags and calls Velasco to break him the bad news.

Head over to the Blue Casket and go to where the three beatniks are sitting.
Show them Salvador’s letter and they’ll let you take the red book. Leave and go
to where the Seabees are milling around by going left to the next screen. Talk
to them and then give them the red book. The lead bee will attempt to incite a
strike when Chief Bogen drops in and catches him in the act. He’ll haul the bee
off to jail and as the bee is led away, he’ll tell Manny to get him a lawyer.
It’s time to go pay a visit to Nick Virago, who’s hanging out in the High
Roller lounge.

“Nick, I need a lawyer.”
“Friend of mine is in the slammer.”
“An excellent lawyer.”
“The very best is good enough for me.”
“You are, Nick.”

Nick will essentially tell Manny to shove off since he works exclusively for
Max. Talk to him again and say:

“Virago, I REALLY need a lawyer.”
“I could tell Max about you and Olivia.”

Nick thinks Manny’s bluffing, so you’re going to need some evidence if you want
to show Nick you mean business. After Nick leaves to go talk to Max, he’ll
leave his cigarette case behind. Take it and go see Carla at the security
checkpoint. Give her the case and tell her that you found it under her desk and
that yes, it was left there unattended.

Carla will confuse it for a bomb and toss it into the detonator, which blows it
up and ends up leaving the key behind. Manny will fish the key out of the
basket and you’re free to leave. Go to the Seabees and head past them to get to
the lighthouse. Unlock the door with the key and you’ll see that Lola has been
sprouted. After she disappears, a card will be left behind and Manny will take
it before leaving the lighthouse.

Go back to the Calavera Café and give the card to Lupe to receive Lola’s
jacket. Examine the jacket to find a piece of paper and before you leave, Lupe
will tell Manny that he has a message, but she can’t seem to find it right now.
While she does that, leave the café and go to Toto’s.

Show Toto the piece of paper and then go to the cat track. Use the ticket
printer to print a ticket for Week 2, Tuesday, Race 6. Take the ticket over to
the photo finish counter, which is on the left side of the stairway. Show the
photo to the clerk hiding behind the counter and Manny will swap the pictures out.

Take the new picture to Nick and show it to him. The lead bee will be set free
and Manny will punch Nick for being Nick (he’ll let someone else get him for
sprouting Lola). Go to Manny’s office at the café and use the roulette system
underneath the green thing on his desk. When the red light is on the right-hand
wheel, push the magnet button and watch as Bogen ends up shutting the whole
place down. As a result, Glottis will be kicked out of the VIP lounge and the
game will take us to one year later, where Manny has become the new captain of
the Limbo.


Go down into the ship to see that the crew has been sprouted. Climb down the
ladder and try to go down the hall, only to have the “customs guards” discover
where you are. When you think the end is near, Glottis appears and saves Manny
before it’s too late.

Push the red button on the right wall to raise the starboard anchor and then go
over to the levers and push the right arrow to have the port anchor dragged
over to the starboard side. Lower the starboard anchor and then raise it again
to see that the port anchor is hooked onto it. Walk over to the porthole and
use the scythe to have Manny pull them over and hook them onto the porthole.

Raise the port anchor and the anchors will tear the ship from porthole to
porthole. Pull back on the levers using the down arrow to see the ship torn in
half and Manny and Glottis are sent skyrocketing to the middle of nowhere. The
half of the ship they’re on will sink and they’ll wind up at the bottom of the sea.

Walk to the edge of the light and Glottis will warn Manny not to go any further
unless he wants to be eaten by a sea monster. Wait a bit and Glottis will tell
Manny that a sea monster is coming, but what it turns out to be is a little man
named Chepito. Talk to him and tell him “well, I don’t wanna break your stride
there.” When Chepito gets close enough, grab his light and drag him over to
Glottis. At the next screen, go to the rock sticking out from the ridge and
walk around it counterclockwise to watch as Chepito is caught and taken into
the sub by the octopus while Manny and Glottis hop onto the back.

Once you arrive at your next destination, ride the elevator to the next floor
and go off the screen to the right. Go through the doorways and you’ll
eventually find Meche, but Manny will have fallen into one of Domino’s traps.
When you wake up, you’ll find yourself in a room with a cage and two bird-kids
inside.  For whatever reason, Manny’s mouth will continue to move as if he’s
saying something, but no words are coming out.

Talk to the kids and say:

“Why do you want to bite me?”
“What are you doing in the cage?”
“Listen children, I’m here to help.”
“I’m here to help you get out of this cage.”
“My hands are not too big to make light bulbs.”
“I just don’t have any of those little, tiny tools, that’s all.”

The boy will hit Manny in the head when he throws the little hammer at him and
the bird-kids will share a laugh. Pick it up off the floor and go back to
Meche’s office. Walk over to her and as she smokes, she’ll flick her ashes into
an ashtray. You’ll have to time it so that when you move the ashtray, the ashes
she flicks will land on her hosiery and she’ll take them off and toss them into
the garbage. It’ll take a few tries, but it can be done.

Once you’ve managed to do that, take the ruined hosiery out of the garbage and
then go down the elevator. Go to the bottom of the screen and exit off to the
left. Go to where Chepito is working and give him the little hammer. He’ll give
you the Bust-All he was using in return, and then you should give him the
hosiery next in order to get a semi-automatic sproutella gun. Go back towards
the elevator and take the lighted path off to the right.

Use the lever to change the direction of the conveyor belt and then climb onto
it. Run up the belt to the next screen and head up the stairs nearby to get on
the crane. Move the crane to the opposite side of the island and lower the
crane before getting off. Go to the crane’s claw and use the Bust-All on it to
have the boom collapse. Get back on the crane and lower the chain. Raise it to
destroy the grinders and take the crane back to the other side of the island.

Go down the conveyor and hop off near the lever. Flip the lever to change the
conveyor’s direction again to have the chain bunch up and then flip the lever
again and the chain will snag itself on an anchor. Get back on the crane and
raise the chain to save Glottis. Go back to Meche’s office and use the gun on
her. Manny will hand her the gun, and she’ll pull out a bullet from her hat and
use the gun to threaten Manny.

Meche will force Manny into Domino’s office and when he doesn’t care about what
happens to Manny, Meche will turn the gun on Domino, but he’ll take it away and
lock her up in the next room, leaving Manny to free her. Run out into the
hallway to where you see a door with a wheel on it. Use the Bust-All on the
jamb to expose the tumblers and you’ll have your next puzzle.

The object of this puzzle is to line up the flat ends of the gold tumblers with
the right edge of the door. In order to move the tumblers, you’ll have to turn
the wheel. What got me through it was that I started by turning the wheel left
until the flat end of the top tumbler was lined up with the door jamb and then
turned the wheel right until the next tumbler was lined up and alternated
between turning the wheel left and right until the last two tumblers were lined up.

If at any time you mess up, have Manny pull on the door latch to get the
tumblers spinning and they’ll stop at random positions. Once you feel you have
the tumblers properly lined up, stick the scythe in the crack between the jamb
and the tumblers and Manny should tell it to stay. If that’s the case, pull on
the latch and open the door.

Once inside, close the door and use the scythe on the gold plate above it to
free Meche. Go into the hidden room and use the scythe on the sprinkler system
above you in an attempt to flood the room. It doesn’t work out as Manny would
have liked, so drain the water using the wheel on the wall and notice which
tile the water drains into. Head back to the previous room and at the far end
you’ll find a large axe lying on the floor. Drag it into the other room and set
it on the drain tile. Have Manny pick it up and he’ll drop it, shattering the tile.

Watch the sequences and when you regain control, you’ll be facing off against
Domino on his sub. Rather than actually fighting him with your scythe, use it
to poke the octopus in the eye. Another cutscene ensues in which Domino is
killed by Glottis’s reef grinders. This will conclude Year Three and now the
game will advance to year four, where it seems like you’ve reached the end of
the road.


Go all the way downstairs and you’ll see a couple of DOD cars along with a
coffin lying on the ground. Open the coffin to find Bruno, the guy Manny packed
up near the beginning of the game. He’ll toss his mug at you, which you should
put away for now. Go back upstairs and watch the sequence. As you get ready to
leave, the Gatekeeper will drop down a note from Hector. Go down the first set
of stairs and head off to the right to find Glottis:

“What can I get you? Will anything help?”
“Can’t we make a new hot rod?”

Go down into the kitchen and hang the mug on the rack. Open the drawer to get a
rag and then go out and use it on the oilcan. Go back into the kitchen and use
the rag on the toaster to discover a new means of fuel. When you arrive back in
Rubacava, go down to the docks and talk to Velasco. After he leaves, grab the
bottle and go to the Blue Casket.

Head inside the kitchen and fill the bottle with the contents of the keg and
then leave. As you’re on your way out, you’ll be stopped by Olivia. She wants
to go with Manny, but she’ll need to get changed first. Leave the café and go
back to Glottis and Meche. Give Glottis the bottle and he’ll be reintroduced to
an old addiction. After he comes back sick as a dog, talk to him to make him
throw up into the garage.

Go to Toto’s and swipe the bottle of liquid nitrogen out of his medicine
cabinet on the wall behind the chair. Use the nitrogen to freeze the puke
inside the garage and then skate on over to the bomb. Use it and you’ll be
heading back to El Marrow.

When you regain control, take the arm from the soldier’s sprouted body and then
talk to Meche. Go outside the hideout and head past the Bone Wagon. Climb up
the ladders to find yourself in the backstage area of the casino. Take the
coffee pot and climb up the ladder near the performers. Dump the coffee on them
and climb back down. Put the coffee pot back and go into the doorway nearby to
get made up like the performers.

Climb back up the ladder and stick the arm inside the small handheld grinder.
Take the grinder with you and then climb back down the ladders until you’re
back in the area with the casino doorway and the ladder that takes you
backstage. Go through the doorway and go down the ramp. Talk to the soldier in
the trench coat twice and then talk to Meche twice. Cover Charlie with the
sheet and then quickly speak with the soldier again. Enter the bathroom and
Manny will now have a complete disguise.

Go back to LSA HQ and get the photo out of the trash can. Use the note you got
from Hector on the pigeon sitting in its cubby and then give it the photo.
Watch the sequence and leave the HQ. Manny will swipe the remote from Glottis,
and then you should head past the Bone Wagon and enter the sewers.

Head all the way over to the tunnel and use the grinder on it. You’ll enter the
tunnel with the Bone Wagon in tow and soon an alligator will come in to block
your path. Use the remote to raise the car and then put the remote away. Move
the Bone Wagon forward until you stop and then climb off to get up onto the
ledge above you.

Run down to the other side and start to climb down the ladder until the gator
turns around. Climb back up and use the remote to lower the Bone Wagon onto the
gator’s tail. Climb all the way down the ladder and leave the tunnel to enter
the florist shop.

Use the scythe on the tape ball above the door and Manny will leave. Re-enter
and Bowlsley will greet you. He’ll give you a 9 mm sproutella gun along with
some ammo and you’ll find yourself back outside the LSA HQ.

Enter the casino and go talk to the pink demon. When he asks you a question,
the answer is whichever number is the last to appear on the board. If you get
it wrong, just pay more attention to the board and watch the numbers as they
appear. Once you get it right, you’ll be allowed access to the elevator and
ride up to Hector’s floor.

Here you’ll find Celso and his lady friend waiting to talk to Hector:

“Actually, I work for Hector. He sent me to answer your questions.”
“The real question is, don’t you feel that you’re worth it?”
“What exactly are you saving your money for? A rainy day?”
“Well, enough about you guys, let me tell you about my problems.”
“I just got back from the worst vacation I’ve ever had!”

Watch the sequences and when you regain control, you’ll be on the ledge of the
Lady Luck. Follow the path around and climb up the ladder. Go over to the
sign’s arm and notice that there’s a crack in one of the supports. Use the
grinder on the crack and then use the can of Sproutella on it to have the
support break, causing the sign to fall over. Climb up the ladder and Manny
will slide down the leg to the other roof. Watch the sequences and you’ll wind
up at a greenhouse after you find out that Olivia is actually working for
Hector and has severed Sal’s head from the rest of his body.

Go up to the greenhouse and enter. Hector will be here waiting and he’ll end up
shooting Manny with a slow-acting sproutella gun. When you find Manny lying in
the field, you can counteract the growth by using the liquid nitrogen on it. Go
back to the car and take a look in the backseat. Talk to Sal until Olivia
interrupts and watch as Sal not only kills himself but he takes out Olivia as well.

Open up the suitcase to find Manny’s scythe and Sal’s Number 9 ticket. Pick up
the ticket after it has rolled over to Sal’s head and take it to the rear of
the greenhouse. Listen to the ticket waving and follow the direction it’s
waving in. If the sound stops, back up until you hear it again. Once you’ve
found the rest of Sal’s body, the ticket will fall out of Manny’s hand and
he’ll uncover it with his scythe.

Search Sal’s body to find the trunk key and use it to unlock his car trunk.
Take the gun with you and head over to the water tower at the bottom of the
hill. Shoot with the gun and enter the greenhouse to watch the ending sequences.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed Grim Fandango!

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