LOOM by LucasFilm  				DATE 15/01/91
						TIME 19:36
 Short Hints
 Quester: Denis Bykov (Golden Bull)
 Writer:  Vadim Philippov  (Isaac)

 You begin  on the  rock with  a tree. There is a lonely leaf
 on the tree. Touch it. (This action may be omitted.) Go down
 to the  village. Go  to the  hut of  the Council. You should
 remember all  the tunes  played. Wait,  listen, and remember
 everything that is said here. It is VERY important. Take the
 distaff. Point  it to  the egg.  Remember the  notes played.
 Point the  draft to  the egg  once more,  and play the  tune
 yourself. Hear  Mother Hetchel, she will tell you what to do
 next. Touch  the Loom  and remember  the tune. You will need
 it. Go  to the forest, and, further, to the graveyard. Point
 at thorns.  There is  a rabbit  there. It  will frighten the
 bird  that was sitting on the tombstone, and it will go to a
 tree hole.  Look at  the grave. Read carefully. Point at all
 the four  tree holes  and remember  the resulting  tunes. Go
 back to  the village. Enter the hut to the right. There must
 be some  gold there.  Point to  darkness. Play the tune from
 the tree  holes to  the darkness.  Point the  distaff to the
 wheel. Remember  the tune.  Play this  tune to the straw. It
 will turn  into gold.  It is  needed  just  to  practice  in
 wizardry. Go  to the farthest hut in the right. Point to the
 book and  you will  take it.  Point to the pot. Remember the
 tune. Play  the tune  to the  heap. It will change the color
 (Practice again!   Everything you  will do  on the island is
 for the sake of practicing your wizardry.) Go to the pierce.
 Point to the clam and play the "egg" melody. (This melody is
 for opening  things.) The  clam will  open and  the seagulls
 will eat  from it. You will be given extra notes. Go back to
 the rock  with the  tree (the  very beginning). Point to the
 sky and  play the  "egg" melody  (You remember  this is  the
 opening melody?).The sky will open (Remember the line on the
 tombstone about  "opening Sky"?)  The lightning from the sky
 will hit the tree, it will split, and a part of it will swim
 to  the pierce.  Go there. Mount  the log and you will leave 
 the island.

 Point  at   the  waterspout.  Remember  the  tune.  Play  it 
 backwards to  the waterspout. You will be able to go further
 and reach  the land.  You will be given one more note. There
 you will meet strange men. Remember the tune they play. They
 will ask  you to prove you  are a wizard. Go north. You will
 enter Crystalgard.  The tune  is "The Dance of Little Swans"
 by P.I.Tschaikovsky.  Go to  the tower  at the  very end  of
 Crystalgard and you will see masters working up there. Point
 at the  masters and  play the  shepherd melody. It will make
 you invisible  for them.  Enter the tower and come up to the
 bell. It  will teleport  you to  the masters who sharpen the
 scythe. Go  to the  bell on  the other side. It will telepot
 you to  the Sphere.  Look into  the Sphere  and you will see
 into the  future. The  Sphere  will  tell  you  the  way  to
 frighten the  shepherds. Exit  the  tower.  ("Little  Swans"
 again. These  tunes get  a little  boring  sometimes,  don't
 they?) Go  back to  the shepherds  and show  them! Play  the
 Sphere melody  to them.  They will  surely  run  away.  (Who
 wouldn't?) Go  west. Enter  the hut.  You will  see  a  lamb
 there. Point  at the  lamb. A young woman will come and tell
 you about  a terrible  local dragon.  The lamb  is sick. The
 woman will sing a song. Remember the tune. Leave the hut and
 come up  to the  sheep. Make  them green. (Remember the tune
 that made  the heap  green?)  Unfortunately,  you  will  not
 change YOUR  color. That  is why  the dragon will snatch you
 easily and  carry you to its cave. There it will sit on some
 gold. Play  the tune  that converted the straw into the gold
 backwards. You  will be given an extra note. Play the terror
 melody to  the dragon.  Go to  the cave.  Play the  darkness 
 melody. In  the long run you will slid down and find a pool.
 Point to  the pool.  Remember the  tune.  Play  the  opening
 melody. You  will find  a sphere. Look into it. It will be a
 little hint, but you'll have to look into it thrice. Now you
 may go.  On top  of the  stairs play  the waterspout  melody
 backwards  and   go  down.  You  will  find  yourself  at  a
 graveyard. Walk to the tower. Your access will be denied. Go
 back to  the sleeping boy at the graveyard and play ANY tune
 to him.  He will  wake up  and talk  to you.  When he  falls
 asleep again, play the pool melody to him. Your clothes will
 be changed.  Go to the city. Find Mr.Stoke. He will lock you
 up. Have a rest. Watch the movie.

 Take the  distaff. You're  back to  business. Open door with
 the approriate  tune. Here  goes a difficult part. Listen to
 the men  and wait  until they  end. At  the moment the Smith
 rises the sword, play the waterspout tune. It will twist the
 blade. You  will be  caught and taken to the Temple. After a
 talk with  the Cleric, open the cage. Watch  the movie.  Try
 to look  into the  Sphere. After  the guard vanishes, do it.
 Thrice. Leave  the room.  AFter the Cleric is dead, take the
 distaff. Go  back to  the room  and leave it again. You will
 enter the  Chaos Space.  You have to enter every hole of the
 four and  revive persons  with the  help of the lamb melody.
 After you  revive them,  close the  hole  with  the  opening
 melody played backwards. After you have closed all the holes
 and have  had a talk with your mother, you will be given the
 last note  but one.  Go through the pool to the Loom Island.
 Point to  the Loom.  Remember the tune. Play it backwards to
 Mother Hetchel.  After Chaos  turns Mother  Hetchel into the
 fried duck,  point to  the Loom  again, and  play  the  tune
 backwards to  Mother Hetchel.  And once  more. And then play
 the last Loom tune to the Loom.

 And then  at last  you will be given the last note. Play the
 initial Loom  melody to  yourself. You will be turned into a
 swan. Your Quest is over.
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