.ccc.         .cccccccc     .cccccccc     .ccc.     .ccc.
             ,$$$$|        ,$$$$$$$$$$,  ,$$$$$$$$$$,  ,$$$$$|   |$$$$$,
             |$$$$|        |$$$$$$$$$$|  |$$$$$$$$$$|  |$$$$$|   |$$$$$|
             |$$$$|        |$$$|  |$$$|  |$$$|  |$$$|  |$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$|
             |$$$$|        |$$$|  |$$$|  |$$$|  |$$$|  |$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$|
             |$$$$|        |$$$|  |$$$|  |$$$|  |$$$|  |$$$| '$$$' |$$$|
             |$$$$|        |$$$|  |$$$|  |$$$|  |$$$|  |$$$|       |$$$|
             |$$$$$$$$$$,  |$$$$$$$$$$|  |$$$$$$$$$$|  |$$$|       |$$$|
             '$$$$$$$$$$$,  '$$$$$$$$'    '$$$$$$$$'   '$$$'       '$$$'

                                  S O L U T I O N


                                     Game Cat
                              ([email protected])
                                      v. 1.0

     First, there are a couple of things which we have to get out of the way:
the first is that this isn't an ordinary LucasArts adventure; the interface
is greatly simplified. To "aim" at something, move the cursor over it so that
a close-up image appears at the bottom of the  screen. Clicking once will
select that object. Double-clicking will cause Bobbin to (lord I hate this
word) "interact" with the object; he may just look at it and give a
description, or he may operate the object (knock over flasks, turn spinning
wheels etc).
     If you wish to work a spell on the selected object, click once on the
object and then  click on the distaff at the bottom of the screen to play
notes. If the spell is successful, you'll see a series of blue sparkles, if
not, you'll see red sparkles.
     Each spell is composed of four notes. Easier difficulty levels will
partition the distaff into sections, allowing you to cast spells more easily.
Also, when hearing a spell on the easier levels, the correct notes will be
written at the bottom of the screen. These are the only differences between
difficulty modes.
     Also, it can be tough to see exactly where on the distaff to click on
some of the harder difficulties. It is therefore far better to type out the
notes on your keyboard - this will stop you from accidentally typing out the
wrong notes.
     Before starting the game, have a paper and pen handy as there is no
in-game way of noting different spells, which gets very annoying.
     Remember that some spells can be played backwards to create the opposite
effect; the straw-to-gold spell played backwards will change gold into straw.
Try undoing some of the spells that you've cast, or trying out spells in
likely places.
     Lastly, some of the spells appear to be random, which is why I won't
write down what combinations I had.

Right then, let's go.

---------=========Part 1: Bob-bob-Bobbin Along=========--------

First of all, double-click on the red leaf to make it fall away and look at
the stars in the sky. Now click on the road in the distance to make Bobbin
walk down there. Keep walking to the left until you reach a fork in the road.
     Click on the village to enter it, then enter the first hut on your left;
this is the Elder Weavers' tent. Walk all the way to the right. Now, as you
walk from right to left, look at the various tapestries which give some
history on the plot. Keep going right until the cutscene kicks in (note that
you cannot go into that door in the background).

Bobbin will spy on a dicussion between the Elders (boo! hiss!) and Hetchel
(yay!). It turns out that Hetchel has been teaching Bobbin how to use his
innate powers - something they don't like the idea of. They had banned
Hetchel from teaching Bobbin but she broke the rules and as a punishment,
they are going to turn her into a swan. Instead, however, she becomes a swan
egg. As they look on in surprise, a mysterious glowing swan enters through a
large window and transforms the Elders into swans themselves.

When the cutscene is over, pick up Elder Atropos' distaff from the floor and
double-click on the Loom. A spell will be played - the HUMAN-TO-SWAN Spell.
Note it down. Now double-click on the egg and the OPEN spell will be played.
Again, note this down. Remember that if you missed the spell the first time
around, you can double-click again. Also note that as of yet, you cannot
play the HUMAN-TO-SWAN spell; as the game progresses, you will learn the
higher notes. Click on the egg and then use the OPEN spell.

Hetchel enters exposition mode and explains what's happening; ever since
Bobbin was born, chaos has been entering the Loom. Fearing that Bobbin was the
cause and will eventually destroy everything, they declined him the chance to
learn weaving. Hetchel, however, knew that Bobbin was not the reason for the
chaos and so decidedto help him secretly. She knows that nothing can stop the
Chaos and they can only accept it or flee. The swan had come to save the
village, but has left behind Bobbin and Hetchel and they must now find the
flock before it is too late. She tells you to travel beyond the sea, opens up
a hole in the fabric of reality and is gone.

Return to the village and then to the fork-road. Walk into the forest near the
top of the screen, then to the left to enter it properly. Walk to the far left
of this screen to reach a graveyard. Examine the thorns and a rabbit will
shoot out. The owl on the gravestone will awake and snatch up the rabbit. Now
look at the gravestone. It's your mother's and reads:

Lady Cygna Threadbare

"Destiny shall draw the lightning
 Down from heaven; roll its thunder
 Far across the sea to where I
 Wait upon the Shore of Wonder
 On the day the sky is opened
 And the tree is split asunder"

Yeah, sure, it doesn't exactly scan, but it does provide a vital clue on how
to progress; note how the tree on the gravestone looks just like the one on
the hill.Return to the right-hand screen (the one with the trees). Look at
each of the four holes in turn to get the NIGHT-VISION spell. Return to the
     Now you're back in the village, enter the first house on your right.
It's pitch black in here, but click once out in the darkness (so that a
picture of your eyes appears at the bottom of the screen) and use the
NIGHT-VISION spell. You can now see that there's a wheel for spinning straw
into gold. Double-click on it to learn the STRAW-TO-GOLD spell. Try it out
on the straw and backward on the gold. Fun, eh? Now leave the tent.
     Enter the tent furthest to the right (the one with a chimney coming out
of the top). This is Hetchel's tent, and also one used for dying clothes.
Take Hetchel's Book Of Patterns and tip over the large flask of green liquid
to learn the EMPTY spell. Remember that if you don't get it the first time,
you can double-click to listen again. Now examine the bubbling dye-filled
cauldron to get the DYE spell. Practice using the DYE spell on the white
cloths in this room, and the BLEACH spell (DYE backwards) on the green
cloths. Remember that you ought to do this, as this kind of practice
increases your range of notes quicker. You can try using these spells on
many of the green cloths in the game, including the tapestry in the Elders'
     Leave the village and this time head for the docks. Look at the birds
to get the open spell again (just in case you forgot, or something) and then
use it on the clam. You rotten sod. Still, the clam's loss is your gain, as
this should give you another note on your distaff - f. Now return to the
tree that you started off the game by.
     Remember the poem on your mother's grave? "On the day the sky is
opened..." You got it! Click on the stars and use the OPEN spell. A
lightning bolt will hit the tree, sending it falling into the water,
where it will rest by the docks.
     Go there and hop aboard the tree by double clicking on the log once
(to jump in the water) and again (to climb aboard). You will sail up to a
huge waterspout (or "twister" - see?) double-click on it to hear the TWIST
spell. Note, by the way, the swans in the background. They are teasing you!
Oh well, use the UNTWIST spell(TWIST played backwards, but you guessed that
already) to get rid of the waterspout and allow you to cross. head to the
left of the screen to continue.

--------========Part 2: Sun, Sea, Sand and Supervillains========--------

You are now on a very pleasent beach, but there'll be no chance of getting a
tan! Instead head for the green city in the background. It's all very Wizard
of Oz, isn't it? Examine the workers up in the tower, then enter the green
dome near the bottom of the screen. This place is actually some sort of
graveyard for the people of the city.
     Examine one of the plaques and a man will come to greet you. (Also: you
can now cast spells requiring the "g" note)

The city you are in is Crystalgard (fans of classic gameshow The Crystal Maze
might like to note that the chap you are talking to - Master Goodmold - looks
a little like presenter Richard O'Brien. If you squint. And look at your
screen through a pair of tights) and the people who live there are dedicated
to making crystal objects; sculptures, glasses, even orbs which allow one to
look into the future. Goodmold mentions a rumour surrounding the Weavers; that
anyone peering under the hood of a weaver will die. Bobbin will enquire about
the swans, but Goodmold says that he has seen none ad leaves you to look

Exmaine the plaques to read some twee metaphors for death ("final clarity"
indeed). Now walk off screen to the right. Examine the crystal chalice.

There will be another short cutscene with Goodmold, as he tells of how a
dragon plundered their treasure trove many years ago, leaving only the chalice,
known as the "Chromax Conundrum". Why is it made of crystal instead of glass,
asks Bobbin. "We don't know, that's the conundrum" Goodmold replies.

Now walk to the left hand side of the screen and examine the bell. You'll ring
it and be teleported to the back of the room. Now head through the door to the
left. You'll come out in this room again, but this time at the top of some
stairs. Walk down them and out the right hand side of the screen. You'll come
out in a little gully, with two men talking nearby. Double-click to listen to

It appears that the man in green and black - Bishop Mandible - has ordered the
construction of an orb which will allow him to see into the future. They leave,
with the orb still on a pedestal.

Now double-click on the teleport box just behind the orb. You will appear up
in the tower, where you saw the workers before. They will see you and send you
back to where you came from. Oh, well. Walk back down the gully again. Now
you're back on this screen, walk DOWN the steps in front of you and through
the ground-floor door. You will come out just behind the city. Walk up the
path which takes you around the cliff to reach a nice forest. Keep moving to
the left until a bunch of shepherds appear around you. The noise they make is
the APPEAR spell. There will be a short cutscene in which they ask you whether
you are the wizard they have been expecting and to prve your powers. There's
nothing you can do now so walk back the way you came. As the shepherds
disappear again, they will play the APPEAR spell backwards - this is the
      Now return to the glass city. Don't enter it just yet - walk around the
outside until you can see the workers on the tower again. Click on them and
cast the CAMOUFLAGE spell. Now return to the orb/gully room and use the bell
again. The workers can no longer see yo, and you are free to pass through.
First, however, listen to the whiny conversation between the workers which
fleshes out the plot a little. Also, use the scythe blade to get the SHARPEN
spell. Now use the bell at the other end of the room to end up next to the
scrying orb. Look into it to get the FEAR spell. Look into it again to see a
cave on fire and a passage behind the blaze. Look a final time to get the
HUMAN-TO-SWAN spell again. Return to the shepherds.
      Once they have appeared again, use your new FEAR spell on them. You will
create the illusion of a big scary dragon which will terrify the shepherds and
send them fleeing. Continue to the next screen.
      You'll see a shepherd asleep by the flock he's supposed to be tending.
Examine them to see them bouncing over the fence. They will make the AWAKEN
spell, so note it down. The shepherd will wake up and send the sheep back over
the fence. They will play the SLEEP spell (it's the AWAKEN spell backwards, in
case you hadn't guessed). Try using the DYE spell on the sheep by the shepherd
to get a hint on how to complete the next puzzle. Continue on until you reach
a village.
      Enter the large hut examine the lamb inside. There will be a short

Bobbin meets a young shepherdess who claims to have called for him. It seems
that a local dragon has been eating all of the sheep and a wizard has been
called in to remedy the situation. She has mistaken Bobbin for the mage and
asks for his help.

Look at the lamb again to learn the HEAL spell and then leave. Now use the DYE
spell on the flock of sheep outside to camouflage them amongst the grass.
Unfortunately, the only white thing in the field now is you. This slight
planning error will result in you being picked up and carried off by the

--------========Part 3: Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of... oh, you

The dragon will drop you off inside the inactive volcano she has for a lair.
Luckily, she's not into eating Weavers, so she'll let you be. Unfortunately,
you are now stuck in a big cave with no obvious means of exit. But wait!
Remember the scrying orb and the image of a burning cave? Chat with the dragon
if you want, then use the GOLD-TO-STRAW spell on the huge pile of treasure to
learn a new note ("a"). Now use the SLEEP spell on the dragon. She will snore
flames onto the straw, setting fire to the cave and forcing her to fly off (you
cruel sod). Once the flames have petered out, an exit from the cave will be
visible in the background, so walk through it.
     You are now stood in a huge dark cave. Click on the darkness and use the
NIGHT-VISION spell. Unfortunately, this time you won't be able to see
in the room, only what is just around you. From the entrance, walk right, and
down the steps. Enter the first passage you come to and now walk right all the
way until you end up on a new screen. Walk down the steps in the centre of the
room and then left up the bridge. Enter the leftmost passage then keep wlaking
left until you fall down a cliff. You will now be stood in front of a pool.
Examine it to get the REFLECT spell. Now use the EMPTY spell on the pool to
the original orb of scrying which was stolen by the dragon. Examine it once to
see a burning volcano, a second time to get the HUMAN TO SWAN spell again and a
third and final time to see Bishop Mandible grinning evilly. FILL the pool
if you want, then walk around the back of the stalagtite to enter the caves
again. Enter the frst passage you find and then finally leave through the cave
     Once outside the cave, use the UNTWIST spell on the spiral road to
continue on your way. You'll wind up in a worrying red and black landscape at
(yet) another graveyard. Examine the middle block-headstone, if you want, then
use the AWAKEN spell on the sleeping boy. There will be another short cutscene.

The boy is called Rusty Nailbender and works for the Guild of Blacksmiths, for
whom he has been gathering firewood. You'll see his (pretty impressive) guild
house and he will tell you that he hasn't seen any swans.

Now, there's no way you'll get into the Blacksmiths' Guild dressed up like a
cut-price druid, so use the REFLECT spell on Rusty and you'll swap images. Now
walk down to the Blacksmiths' Guild and wait for the doorman to let you in.
inside, walk around the back of the pillar to reach the walkway in the
background, then keep moving to the right. enter the room to start another

You'll meet Rusty's master, the appropriately named Mr. Stoke, whose job is to
keep the furnace burning. Unfortunately, Rusty was supposed to be collecting
firewood and the only piece you have on you is your Distaff! Stoke takes the
piece of wood from you and puts it in the firewood box, before locking you up
in a cell as punishment for bringing back such a pathetic amount of fuel.

Well, there's nothing much you can do without a distaff, so use the straw bed
to go to sleep and another cutscene will begin.

As Bobbin sleeps on, Rusty (still wearing Bobbin's disguise) lies in the
graveyard, oblivious to the singed and downright unfriendly dragon that hovers
above him. Back in the cell Bobbin's REFLECT spell suddenly wears off, waking
him up. It seems that because Rusty is now dragon-food the spell can no longer
     Back in the furnace room, Mr. Stoke is down to one stick of wood -
distaff. Bobbin can only look on in horror as it is thrown into the furnace. In
the fire however, the staff begins to emit some kind of blue energy, a distress
beacon of sorts.
     Over at the graveyard, Rusty is nothing more than a bloodied skeleton and
a rather pissed off spirit. The fabric of reality (literally) tears open as
Rusty's spirit prepares to pass over onto the Other Side. Just after he passes
through, Hetchel (still in swan form) flies through the hole, hearing the
distress beacon emanating from the distaff. She flies down the great chimney
into the furnace. Snatching up the distaff she races into the firewood room and
quickly slides the distaff under the door.

Pick up the distaff and use the OPEN spell to unlock the door and leave the
cell. Out here, you can use the FILL spell on the empty woodbox if you want.
Now go down the steps in the furnace room to find Bishop Mandible in discussion
with a Blacksmith and a second fellow hammering away at the last sword in the
Bishop's armoury. (Incidentally, how DID that fella get up on that pedestal?)
     Anyway, listen to the Bishop's conversation and wait until the chap lifts
up the sword, then quickly use the BLUNT spell on the sword. There will be a
short cutscene in which Bobbin is captured by the Bishop.

--------========Part 4: Chaos Theory========--------

The Bishop is annoyed by the potential threat to his plans, but has seen
Bobbin high above and has him captured and taken back to the Cathedral.
Bobbin finds himself a prisoner of the Bishop and his idiot manservant Cob.
He is trapped in a little metal cage in a spooky dungeon. The Bishop mocks
Bobbin and asks him to prove his skills.

Now use an OPEN spell to unlock the cage you are stood in and yet another of
those cutscenes will start up.

Bishop Mandible snatches the distaff out of Bobbin' hands but Cob stops him
from taking it back. Mandible takes Bobbin out to a balcony overlooking the
Cathedral's churchyard where he begins his Bond-villain-style exposition: he
plans to tear apart the Pattern which separates the living from the dead,
releasing spirits back into the living world where he will take command of
this "Army Of The Dead". He plans to use the shepherd's meat to feed them, the
Blacksmith's weapons to arm them and the Glassmaker's orb of scrying to lead
them. all he needs is for a Weaver's distaff to open the fabric of the Pattern
to allow his army to enter the world. He leaves Cob in charge of Bobbin and
returns to the balcony, where he plans to use the distaff.

Well, here you are in another fine mess. Examine the big scary green demon and
then the orb of scrying.

Bobbin is stopped from looking at the orb by Cob, who offers Bobbin a look at
the orb if he can look under Bobbin's hood. Bobbin tells him that this isn't a
good idea, but Cob reaches out anyway...
     Out on the balcony, Mandible is irritated by screams coming from the
dungeons but turns back to his attempts to bring back the dead.

Look into the orb again to see the HUMAN TO SWAN spell again, a second time
reveals a cooked bird of some sort and a third and final time shows a single
black swan's feather falling to the ground. Now leave through the doorway and
speak to Mandible.

Mandible tells Bobbin that he has arrived just in time to see the dawn of the
Age of Clerics. He casts an open spell which tears open not only the Pattern,
which leaves a tear hundereds of feet high, but also "anything within fifty
miles" of the Cathedral. Something begins to rise from the depths of the rift;
a spirit, but one utterly different to Rusty - it is skeletal and hideous, and
bears an uncanny resemblance to LeChuck from The Curse of Monkey Island. It is
Chaos, a being of phenominal power. Bobbin, recognising the danger he is in,
flees as a spell woven by Chaos tears Mandible to shreads. Muttering that he
been away for too long, Chaos flies off.

Take your distaff from the floor of the balcony and return to the dungeon. Note
that the cage holding the green demon has opened as a result of Mandible's
Uh-oh. Return to the balcony and you'll be chased off it by the creature,
causing you to fall into the rift.
     Now that you are Outside, you can see several openings into the world, all
of which you have visited before. Don't enter any yet, but keep going left
you reach a pond floating in space. click on it to enter.
     This place looks like a bad acid trip draped in tinsel, but look! Who's
that swan talking to you?

It seems that the swans are actually those who have Transcended and accessed
Outside without dying. Bobbin is the first to actually see it with mortal eyes.
The lucky pup.

Talk to the swan again.

It turns out that the swan is Bobbin's mother! She was turned into a swan and
banished from the island by the Elders for "Drawing an unseen child from the
Loom" hey, it happens to everyone). Naturally, Bobbin takes this information
badly, saying that he visits his mother's grave everyday. The swan explains
this was Hetchel's work so that Bobbin wouldn't ask too many questions. Hetchel
herself has returned to Loom island to try and stop the Chaos from reaching the
Loom, intending to destroy it rather than allow its' powers to fall under the
control of Chaos.
     Cygna tells Bobbin that the best way to foil the Dead Ones' plans is to
close the rifts in the Pattern, making it harder to travel between them.

Leave the pond and travel back across the Outside. Keep going right until you
reach a green rift. Enter this and you will end up back in the Crystal City.
tears are certianly taking their toll on reality, with the city grossly
distorted. Goodmold, the friendly glassblower you met before lies on the floor
in a pool of blood, having been attacked by a Dead Thing. You can either talk
him by double-clicking or try to HEAL him, but either way he will activate a
cutscene before dying.

Bobbin asks why the glassblowers did not use the great scythe to defend
themselves. In flashback, however, we learn that the guards surrounding it
were killed by Chaos who took the scythe for himself. There was no attempt to
fight back; by doing so they would only become as cowardly as their enemies.
Instead they decided to stand their ground and accept their fate with honour,
bravery and astounding stupidity.

Leave through the rift again and cast a CLOSE spell on the split to seal it.
Now travel to the next rift, showing trees and a blue sky. Enter and you'll
find yourself at the shepherd's village.
     Things aren't much better here. Huts are on fire and men and sheep lie
dead in the fields. Examine them to start a cutscene.

Fleece the high shepherd says that you are too late; the men were slain and
added to the dead's ranks with ease. Her songs of healing were useless.

Use a HEAL spell on the bodies and hurrah! They are back to life! Of course,
this technically makes them zombies, but still, eh? Return to the Outside and
CLOSE the rift. Fly through the red hole.
     You'll be spat out into the Blacksmith's graveyard, just by Rusty's body.
Examine it.

Rusty is pissed off. He's dead, and he's not taking it lying down. He explains
to Bobbin how he died, and shows the Weaver what used to be his Guild. Now it
has become the HQ of the Dead Ones and resembles a huge living mass of black
cloud, with electricity crackling all around it.

Well you got the poor lad into this fix, you'd better HEAL him quickly. A
brief chat and you can leave and CLOSE the tear. Now head over to the right
again and close the huge tear leading to Bishop Mandible's Cathedral. For your
efforts, you'll recieve the "b" note. Now head all the way back to the pond.
Keep going left until you see an opening leading to Loom island. Enter it.
You'll be back at the Loom island graveyard, so head to the right. There will
be a short cutscene showing that the Dead Ones' HQ has travelled to the island.
     You'll automatically enter the Elders' tent. Walk to the Loom and examine
it. Again, you will hear the HUMAN TO SWAN spell, which heralds a cutscene:

Hetchel will fly past, chased by Chaos waving his scythe. She loses him
somehow and tells Bobbin that he must unmake the Loom. unfortunately, he
doesn't know what spell to play and Chaos is catching up. Hetchel tries to
tell Bobbin the spell to unmake the Loom, but Chaos uses a SILENCE spell on

If you didn't catch the SILENCE spell the first time round, look at the Loom.
Use it backwards on Hetchel to undo Chaos' spell.

Hetchel tries to distract Chaos so that Bobbin can unwork the Loom, but he
still doesn't know the threads. Before she can tell him, Chaos uses a COOK
spell to turn Hetchel into roast... swan?

Again, if you didn't get the spell the first time around, examine the Loom.
Cast it backwards to restore Hetchel.

Hetchel will again try to distract Chaos but this time he isn't so playful;
he casts a spell which almost completely destroys the tiny swan; all that's
left is a single black swan's feather that falls to the ground...

Look at the Loom to get the RIFT spell. Now, of you see Hetchel's feather on
floor? Remember the HEAL spell? Good! Click on it...

"Hetchel's feather! It's still there!" cries Bobbin, who is clearly some kind
idiot. Chaos notes this and takes the feather for himself. Oh, well.

Use the RIFT spell on the Loom.

A phenominal rift opens in the Loom, one so large that it splits the entire
island in half. Cygna Threadbare comes flying through, congratulating Bobbin.
The Loom is now unmade, Chaos can no longer use it for its' foul and nefarious
works! Unfortunately, the Pattern has been torn in two; one of which belongs to
Chaos and the other lies beyond his grasp. Those on Chaos' side are doomed, but
those on the other stand the chance of leading lives without darkness.

You will now be able to cast the final note, "C'", and with it the final spell,
HUMAN TO SWAN. Enter the Rift and click on yourself. Cast the final spell and
sit back and watch the ending.

"Fly away while you can, Weaver boy!" Chaos cries, as Bobbin transforms into
a swan. "One day we will meet again!" he screams as the scythe blade flies from
its'handle and into the rift, missing all the swans and flying off into
     Bobbin and the other swans fly up and out of the island, carrying behind
them a great quilt of Stars, a section of the Outside, marking their territory.
Fleece watches as they carry it over the glass city, then over the Blacksmiths'
country with Rusty looking on. Finally, they travel over the wide sea. The
scythe blade swings up, impossibly huge, becoming a crescent moon as the swans
fly off into the night, fading from sight as the credits kick in.

Spell list (in order of appearance):

|  Spell   |       Where Found           |           Use                |
| HUMAN TO | Double-click on Loom/Swan's | At end of game, the last     |
|   SWAN   | eye in future crystal/      | spell you will cast.         |
|  OPEN    | Played by the egg-Hetchel   | Open Hetchel's egg/clam at   |
|          | in the Elder weavers' tent  | dock/cause lightning at old  |
|          |                             | tree/unlock cell door in     |
|          |                             | Blacksmith's Guild/unlock    |
|          |                             | cage in Mandible's dungeon.  |
|  CLOSE   | As above, played backwards. | Seal the tears in the Pattern|
|          |                             | (can also use HEAL).         |
|  NIGHT   | Played by all four owls in  | Whenever you're in the dark, |
|  VISION  | tree holes on the first     | natch.                       |
|          | island; to get the fourth   |                              |
|          | owl, use the thorns on the  |                              |
|          | adjacent screen.            |                              |
| STRAW TO | Spin the spinning wheel in  | None.                        |
| GOLD     | one of the village tents.   |                              |
| GOLD TO  | As above, played backwards. | Turn the dragon's gold into  |
| STRAW    |                             | straw.                       |
| EMPTY    | Hetchel's tent; tip over the| Empty underground pool to get|
|          | flask of green dye.         | to the original orb of       |
|          |                             | scrying.                     |
| FILL     | As above, played backwards. | None.                        |
| DYE      | Examine green dye in        | Turn sheep green so that they|
|          | Hetchel's tent.             | are not eaten by the dragon. |
| BLEACH   | As above, played backwards. | None.                        |
| TWIST    | Listen to the waterspout out| None.                        |
|          | to sea.                     |                              |
| UNTWIST  | As above, played backwards. | Destroy waterspout/unravel   |
|          |                             | twisted road.                |
| APPEAR   | Walk through the forest; it | None.                        |
|          | is played by the shepherds  |                              |
|          | when you first see them.    |                              |
|CAMOUFLAGE| As above, played backwards. | Cast it on the workers in the|
|          |                             | tower to allow yourself to   |
|          |                             | pass through the top floor.  |
| SHARPEN  | Examine the scythe at the   | None.                        |
|          | Top of the tower in the     |                              |
|          | glass city.                 |                              |
| BLUNT    | As above, played backwards. | Cast it on Bishop Mandible's |
|          |                             | final sword.                 |
| FEAR     | Look into the orb of scrying| Cast it onto the shepherds to|
|          | inside the glass city.      | pass.                        |
| AWAKEN   | Make the sheep by the       | Wake up Rusty when you first |
|          | sleeping shepherd jump over | meet him.                    |
|          | the gate.                   |                              |
| SLEEP    | As above, played backwards. | Send the dragon to sleep.    |
| HEAL     | Examine the lamb in the     | Heal the tears in the        |
|          | shepherd village whilst     | Pattern (can also use the    |
|          | Fleece is with you.         | CLOSE spell)/Restore the     |
|          |                             | shepherds/Bring Rusty back to|
|          |                             | life.                        |
| REFLECT  | Examine the pool in the     | Use it on the sleeping Rusty |
|          | caves beneath the dragon.   | to swap images with him.     |
| SILENCE  | Chaos at the end of the     | None.                        |
|          | game, or the Loom.          |                              |
| UNSILENCE| As above, played backwards. | Cast it on Hetchel after     |
|          |                             | Chaos has silenced her.      |
| COOK     | Chaos at the end of the     | None.                        |
|          | game, or the Loom.          |                              |
| UNCOOK   | As above, played backwards. | Restore Hetchel after Chaos  |
|          |                             | has cooked her goose. Or swan|
| RIFT     | From the Loom after Hetchel | Cast it onto the loom to undo|
|          | has been shredded.          | it.                          |

Hope this Solution's been of some assistance, kids.

Game Cat ([email protected]) Feel free to drop in and tell me what you
thought of the solution.

And now some places to go, people to see:

http://www.bubblegun.com                       The ultimate cult comedy site
https://theweekly.co.uk                     The penultimate cult comedy site
http://zzt.org                                 Make your own computer games and
http://dialspace.dial.pipex.com/town/avenue/db38/ Except it's all in-jokes,
these days. Spangles, eh?

Legal stuff: Loom and all the characters contained within are property of
LucasArts. This Solution is written by and is copyright of Game Cat, Year
2000, and is completely unafilliated with LucasArts in any way, shape or
form, although if they want to offer him a job as playtester then he'll be
only too happy to accept.

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