Maniac Mansion : The full solution

When you choose your party, choose Bernard, and Razor.
At the start of the game, move Dave west to the front door. Pick up the mat,
then pick up the key. Switch to Bernard and move him to the front door. Do
the same for Razor. Switch back to Dave, unlock the front door with the key
and give the key to Razor.  Enter house, and head Dave and Bernard into the
foyer.  Note that there is no handle on one of the doors. To open it, go over
to the gargoyle on the right, and push it.  Then switch to Bernard and have
him enter the now open door. Use 'what is' to find the light switch, and turn
it on. Go west, avoiding the radioactive slime to the fuse box. Pick up the 
key, and remember where the fuse box is, and the door on the left. Go back to
the foyer. Switch to Dave and head out the front door. Once he is outside 
switch to Bernard and go east and open the door.  Walk to door to the living 
room, here, open old fashioned radio and pick up the radio tube, open cabinet
doors and note the contents. Continune east through the twin doors, and turn
the lights on in the library, go over to the phone, and open the loose panel
just above it. Pick up the blank cassette tape. Save the game and head back
to the foyer.  Get Bernard to open the door next to the Grandfather clock.
You are now in the kitchen. Should you come across Edna here, you will end up
in the dungeon. If this happens, get another person like Dave caught, and Dave
can the push the loose brick under the barred window while Bernard escapes.
Assuming all is well, have Bernard get the flashlight on the counter, then go
east, open refriderator, pick up Pepsi, then east twice, into the pantry.
Pick up bottle of devoloper fluid, and get the fruit drinks, plus glass jar.
Unlock door with silver key, then head east to the pool, use glass jar with
swimming pool, open gate, and go east to the garage.  Then go to the foyer, 
and go up the stairs. Then go west to the studio and get the paint remover,
paint brush and bowl of wax fruit. Now go east to the music room, note the
cassette recorder and Victrola. Now go back out, and go in the central door.
(Some versions may need a code entered). Once through, open the first door 
to the east. Use 'what is' to find the light switch ands turn it on.  Open 
the desk and get the manuscript.  Leave here and go to the next door to the 
east.  Switch to Razor and go to the music room. Now watch the TV.  Write 
down the adress from the ad.  Play piano, then go to Bernard.  Switch to 
Bernard and give Razor the following things : Cassette tape, fruit drinks 
and wax fruit.  Switch to Razor and go up the stairs to the east. Give the 
Green Tentacle the wax fruit, the the fruit drink.  Go past the next door up 
onto the next floor. Open the first door, this is the radio room.  Look on 
the floor and pick up the dime.  Go up the ladder to Green's room.  Listen to 
his tale.  Pick up record, look in corner for key hanging on wall, take it.  
Exit to the radio room and examine the wanted poster.  Save game.

Shortly the bell will ring, Ed will go to down to get his mail.  Make sure 
that there is no one in the corridor, or else it's a trip to the dungeon.
However, you will have to beat Ed to the mail, so switch to Dave, and have
him go and get the package from the mailbox.  When Ed comes out, he will 
ignore you.  Now open package and switch to Razor.  Go to Bernard.  Give 
Bernard the following things : yellow key.  Now go to the music room.  Use 
record with Victrola.  Turn it on, then off.  Next use cassette in recorder.
Turn it on, turn on Victrola, turn it off (after a few seconds).  Turn off
cassette player.  Now get the tape and go down to the living room.  Use tape
in player.  Play tape, and when the chalinder shatters, get the rusty key 
(opens dungeon door).  Turn off player, pick up cassette tape, then go back 
to the music room.  Use cassette tape in recorder, turn it on, play piano, 
turn it off, pick up cassette tape.  Now go to Green's room and use tape in 
player.  Get demo tape from him and leave.  Switch to Bernard and move him to 
the radio room.  Switch to Razor and give Bernard the dime and key.  Now 
leave the radio room and go to the third door on the right (first radio room. 
second next, then third).  Use the Hunk-O-Matic machine twice.  Then go to 
the bathroom.  Get the sponge and exit bathroom.  Back in the hallway, at the 
far end, you will see a paint splotch.  Use the paint remover on this, then 
open the newly discovered door, but don't go in.  Now go all the way to 
outside the front door.  Open the bushes, then open the grate and go in.  
Follow the pipes east until you come to what is lrft of the spilt devoloper 
fluid.  Use the sponge on it.  Keep going east until you come across the 
water valve.  Switch to Dave and go to the pool.  Stand by the ladder going 
into the pool.
Save game.

Switch to Bernard and turn on the valve, the switch to Dave.  When the pool
is empty go down the ladder and get the glowing key and radio.  Then get out,
switch to Bernard and turn off valve, then go to the pool.  Switch to Dave and
give Bernard : the stamps, the yellow key and the radio.  Switch to Bernard
and open the raidio.  Take the batteries and use them in the flashlight.  Go
over to garage doors and open them.  Examine Ed's car, especially the left
fin.  Go over to the shelf and pick up the water faucet handle, open trunk (of
car), with the yellow key.  Get the tools and go back to the library and fix
the phone with the tools.  Switch to Dave and send him to the library as well.
Save game.
Switch to Bernard and send him up to the radio room.  Then switch to Dave and
have him ring the front doorbell.  This will distract Ed, thus allowing you to 
send Bernard up to Ed's bedroom.  When in there, pick up the hamster, then the
card key underneath, then open the piggy bank and get the dime.  Now leave 
quickly and enter the weight room before Ed catches you.  Now get Dave or
Razor to open the fusebox (in basement, through door with no handle from main
hallway.  Remember the Gargoyle!). Save game.  Switch to Bernard, turn on the 
flashlight and enter the room through the door in the paint blotch on the 
wall.  Examine the left hand side of the wall at the back to find some broken 
wires.  Switch to whoever you left at the fuse box and have them throw the 
curcuit breaker.  Quickly switch back to Bernard, and fix the wires with the 
tools.  Leave the room, then switch to the person at the fuse box, have them 
switch the curcuit breaker back on and leave the room.  Next, switch back to
Bernard and enter the bathroom (via weight-room), and fix the water faucet
with handle.  Turn the shower on, and read the message.  Note the phone number
5235.  Save game.
To get Edna out of her room, wait outside her room (Bernard), and switch to
Dave.  Use the newly repaired phone in the library and dial the above number.
As soon as it rings, switch to Bernard and enter the room.  Head over to the
nightstand and get the small key, then go up the ladder.  Turn on the light
and and examine room, open the painting and you will discover the safe. 
Switch to Dave and phone Edna again, quickly get Bernard out of the room.
Close Edna's door on the way out, go into the Radio room and wait.  Then go
to the plant room and use jar of water with maneating plant, then use can of 
Pepsi with plant.  As it is full, it is now safe, go over and climb through 
the hatch which leads to the telescope.  Save game.  Use dime in coin slot,
push right button (twice), you can now see Edna's safe combinationof 1230.  
Leave here, and position Bernard just outside Edna's room as before.  Have 
Dave phone Edna, then sneak Bernard into her room and go up the ladder.  Use
the wall safe and pick up the sealed envelope.  Switch to Dave and phone Edna
again, then sneak Bernard out, shut the door and wait in the radio room.  Then 
go downstairs to the pool and refill your jar.  Shortly Dr Fred will indicate 
that the power will be shut off for five minutes, this is just another chance 
to repair the broken wires if you failed to do so earlier.  Get all your 
charactures in the foyer and switch to Bernard.  Give the stamps to Razor,
and the small key and key card to Dave, save game and then head Bernard to 
the kitchen.  Save game if Edna does not catch you.  Open the microwave oven,
and put the envelope and jar of water in it.  Close the oven and turn it on.
Wait.  Turn it off.  Now go to the radio room, enter and read wanted poster,
note the phone number.  Next use the radio tube in the radio socket and switch
to Razor.  Save game.  Enter kitchen, open microwave oven, get envelope, use
stamps on envelope.  Give quarter to Dave.  Now (still as Razor), head 
upstairs and use envelope with typewriter (in the family room).  You must
enter the adress of the three dudes who publish anything (from the ad on TV).
Now use demo tape with envelope.  Once done, go back downstairs and outside.
Use envelope in mailbox, pull flag.  Leave Razor by the front steps for later.
Switch to Dave, and go to the arcade room.  Go to 'Meteors Mess' and use
quarter in slot.  Note Dr Freds high score of 5858 which is also the combinat-
ion to the secret lab.  However, if he has not played the machine yet, you
will have to wait and watch.  Also, to get your quarter back, you must use the
small key with coin box.

The doorbell should ring shortly as this is a conmtract for Green tentacle
from the three dudes.  Get Razor to pick it up.  If the doorbell hasn't rung 
yet, switch to Bernard, who should still be in the radio room, and get him to
turn on the radio.  Use the radio and call the police on 3412.  Switch to 
Razor and go into the front room and give the rusty key to Dave.  Now get
Razor to push the gargoyle, switch to Dave and send him down to the basement.
Next unlock the door with the rusty key and enter the dungeon.  Unlock the 
upper padlock with the glowing key, then unlock the lower padlock with the 
glowing key.  Dave will take care of the Meteor.  Use the combination from the
arcade machine to open the inner door.  If the meteor police have been,
examine dungeon floor and you should find some ID.  Once you have the ID,
enter the Zombiematic room and give the badge to Purple Tentacle.  If you 
don't have the ID, then have Razor give the contract to Dave, then as Dave, 
give it to the Green Tentacle.  Green would then guard Dave under any 
circumstances and thus he would had been able to enter safely.  From here you
can now enter to where Sandy is.  Move Dave past here over to the locker, 
open it, use radiation suit, use card key in slot of automatic door, enter in
to meteor room, then pull switch to save Sandy, Dr Fred, and finsh the game,
of course.

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