Solve for Sam and Max Hit the Road                                     by Patch
                                                              11-22-93 10pm PST

I skipped a lot of extraneous stuff in the game in this solve.  You can
explore and find these things on your own to get a few extra chuckles.
Included is a save game for the very end of the game.  You just have to toss
the pillow into the pool.  Enjoy.

Greets to: Guildmaster - ook ook!
	   Barfman - ooooh yes ... JD, wood, and red ink!

Use rathole.  Sam will grab your stash of money.  Take black light bulb from
closet.  Walk out of room.  Use Max.  He will push the guy off of the railing.
West.  Use Max on cat.  You get your orders.  Use car.  Go to the Carnival.

Show orders to Flamb, the fire-breathing dude.  He burns 'em up on accident. Go
in.  Once done talking to the Kushman brothers, get the mange of hair by the
block of ice and the jar with Jesse James' severed hand to the left.  Exit west,
then NE (you'll walk by the Lost and Found tent).  Take the lens by the
Wak-a-Rat game.  Use the mallet to play Wak-a-Rat.  Hit 20 rats to win a prize,
and bang on Max for a fun time too.  You win a flashlight.  Get it.  Use the
black light bulb on the flashlight.  Walk west and talk to the Cone of Tragedy
operator.  Ask about the Cone.  Once the ride is over, look in your inventory.
Your items are missing.  Talk to the operator and ask about your inventory (the
box icon) to get a claim ticket.  Walk west, west, then east to get to the Lost
and Found tent.  Enter it.  You get your inventory back, plus a fish magnet.
What a bonus!  West.  Use the Tunnel of Love boat.  Once inside the Tunnel, use
your flashlight.  Left click to turn it on, and then move around.  The wall
after the second display has a fuse box on it.  Right click to leave the
flashlight on.  Use Max on the fuse box.  It will get shorted out and the boat
will stop.  Use the beard of the king and the little dude will get his head cut
off and cause the door to open.  Enter it. Talk to Doug the Mole Man.  Ask about
Bruno.  He tells you about his uncle Shuv-Oohl and how he was last seen at the
Ball of Twine place.  Give him the pecan candy.  Once he finishes his story, he
will give you a crow bar.  Use the lever on the wall to start the boat again.
Exit.  Go east twice to get to Trixie's trailer.  Use the crowbar on the lock.
Once inside, use the hope chest to open it and get the stilt walker costume.
Open the closet and get the Gator Golf score card.  Exit.  Go south then west
twice to get back to the map.  Go to the NE Snuckey's.

NE Snuckey's
Get cup on the curb.  Enter building.  Get pecan candy from top of left shelf.
Wait until Max whines about having to piss.  Give the jar with Jesse James' hand
to the dork at the counter so he will open it for you.  Talk to the dork.  Ask
about car bomb game and pecan candy (you will buy them both).  Ask about
bathroom.  Once Max leaves to take his 8-ball whiz, tell the dork goodbye.
Leave building.  When Max comes back out, talk to him.  Ask about the rasp.  You
will keep it.  Enter car.  Go to Ball of Twine.

Ball of Twine
Go to the museum (the small building below the Ball).  Talk to the old man.  Ask
about the bucket of fish.  You find out that the fish dropping in the background
come from the World of Fish Bait.  Leave.  Walk towards the tram.  Use it.  Once
at the top, you get a view of a long piece of loose twine.  Enter the elevator.
Once inside the restaurant, get the loose wires and connect them to the standing
binocular.  Use the lens on the binocular.  We'll get back to this later in the
game.  Talk to the swami on the right.  Ask about the bent tool.  He gives you
one.  Use the elevator to leave.  Use the tram to get back to the ground.  Use
car.  Go to World of Fish Bait.

World of Fish Bait
Get bucket of fish.  Use bent tool on the large fish to the left that is on a
metal stand.  Use Sam and Max on it to climb in.  They will scare the fisherman
and get tossed into the net, which is then picked up by the helicopter and taken
to the other side of the restaurant at the Ball of Twine.

Ball of Twine
Use Max on the twine.  He bites a piece off with his teeth.  The cook comes out
and tries to act all hard.  You both jump overboard in fright but get a 91 foot
piece of twine. Go to Gator Golf.

Gator Golf
West.  Get the broken golf ball retriever from the garbage can.  South.  Once
the fight sequence with Conroy Bumpus and Lee-Harvey is over, you have to rescue
Max.  Swap the bucket of fish with the golf balls.  Grab a club.  You have to
form an alligator bridge.  Just aim the flag and click on swing.  Once it is
correct, Max will tell you and Sam will hop across.  At the dunk tank, use the
door to free Max.  When you get bumped off a second door will slightly open.
Max found a tuft of hair in the dunk tank and gives it to you.  Use the door to
open it.  Inside you find a sno-globe from the Mystery Vortex.  South.  East.
Use your car.  Go to the Mystery Vortex.

Mystery Vortex
East.  Enter the building.  East.  Go through the curtains.  Get the mange of
hair by the ice block.  Exit.  Use the mirror to enter it.  Flip the lever on
the left.  In order to enter a door, the room has to be lit up to the same
color.  You can't go in the orange doors, and there is nothing in the blue door.
Exit.  Enter the red door.  Talk to Shuv-Oohl.  Ask about Bruno.  He tells you
some stuff and asks you to find his mood ring.  East.  North to go back outside.
Use car.  Go to the Ball of Twine.

Ball of Twine
Enter the museum.  Go into your inventory.  Use Jesse James hand on broken golf
ball retriever.  Same for the fish magnet.  Use the new gadget on the ball of
twine.  Sam will shove it into the ball and the mood ring will be sucked out.
Go to the Mystery Vortex.

Mystery Vortex
Enter the red door.  Ask Shuv-Oohl about the mood ring.  He tells you about Frog
Rock and how you need 3 hair samples (which you have if you followed my
instructions) that need to be places on Frog Rock and gives you some mole dust
to sprinkle on it.  East.  North.  Enter car.  Go to Ball of Twine.

Ball of Twine
Enter tram.  Enter elevator.  Use binoculars.  Move around until Frog Rock is
pinpointed.  Right click speeds the right movement up, and left click speeds the
left movement up.  Once you find it, exit the restaurant, get on the tram, and
get back in your car.  Go to Frog Rock.

Frog Rock
East.  Put 3 hair samples on the rock.  Use mole dust on hair.  Some junk
happens, and you are told to go to Bumpusville.  Do it.

Enter the main door.  West.  Get the painting of John Muir on the wall.  East.
East.  Get the pillow with the hair tonic on it.  Use the golf ball retriever to
get the book on the bookshelf that is above the door frame.  You read it and
learn how to work the cleaning droid.  Find the droid and use it.  Sam will open
it up and you will see 5 wires.  Only plug in the blue wire.  The rest should be
unplugged.  This will send the droid into the room that is green.  Hit Esc to
send the droid on its way.  An alarm will be tripped and Lee-Harvey will go
check it out.  West.  North.  Use the virtual reality helmet.  Get the sword.
Use the sword on the dragon to kill it.  Get the heart.  You'll grab a key from
the center of it.  Lee-Harvey comes back and nags at you to leave.  West.  West.
Enter the room on the far left.  You see Bruno and Trixie in a trance and there
is a laser alarm.  Use the key on the keyhole to turn it off.  They both snap
out of their trance, and tell you they are going to a bigfoot party that is for
bigfoot people and their dates ONLY.  East.  East.  South.  East.  Enter car.
Go to the Jungle Inn (which just popped up on your map).

Jungle Inn
Enter the inn.  Give file to the bigfoot guard so he can grind on his corns.
Talk to the bitch.  It's Evelyn Morrison, famed B movie star.  Ask about Bruno
and Conroy.  Say goodbye.  She'll give you 2 brochures.  Go to your inventory
and look at the brochures.  2 new places pop up on your map.  East.  Get in your
car and go to the Celebrity Vegetable Museum.

Celebrity Vegetable Museum
Get the Conroy Bumpus eggplant from the bin on the right.  Give the painting of
John Muir to the lady.  Come back later to get your John Muir vegetable.  West.
Enter car and go to the Dinosaur Tar Pit.

Dinosaur Tar Pit
North.  When you see the Slide Pit, go East.  Enter the Bungee elevator.  Use
the cup in your inventory on the golf ball retriever.  Use the changing room to
get the bungee gear on.  Jump off.  Use the golf ball retriever on the tar to
get a cup full of it.  Once back at the top, use the changing room again and
then hop in the elevator.  At the bottom, go west.  Go west again to get to the
dinosaurs.  Use Max on the wooly mammoth to get some hair.  Use the intercom on
the T-Rex.  Use the rope on the mouth when it is open.  Use Max on the rope.
He'll get tossed, Max will go to the car and slam the door, and the dinosaur
tooth will be yanked out.  Enter car and go to the Celebrity Vegetable Museum.

Celebrity Vegetable Museum
Talk to the old lady and ask about the John Muir vegetable.  She'll give it to
you.  West.  Get in the car and go to Bumpusville.

West.  Enter door.  East.  Use Conroy Bumpus eggplant with toupee.  Sam will
pull a Raiders of the Lost Ark.  You get thrown out by Lee-Harvey.  Get in the
car and go to the Jungle Inn.

Jungle Inn
Enter the inn.  Use tar, hair, and toupee on the stiltwalker costume to create a
makeshift bigfoot outfit.  Use the outfit on Max.  You two will put it on in the
changing room and the guard will let you go in.  Get the bottle of wine from the
table.  Enter the room that is on the right side of the stage.  Get the ice
pick.  Open the back door.  Conroy will bust in and think you are a bigfoot, and
will want to take you hostage.  Go into your inventory and use the costume to
take it off.  Conroy and Lee-Harvey will think they can use the costume to
infiltrate the bigfoot population.  They enter the freezer.  Use Max to close
the door on them.  The chieftain then comes in and makes you an honorary bigfoot
chief.  He needs your help, though, to solve the mystery of the 4 totem poles.
Go to the Ball of Twine.

Ball of Twine
Use the tram.  Enter the elevator.  Give the ice pick to the swami so he can
make a corkscrew out of it.  Use the corkscrew on the bottle of wine.  Put the
cork in the bottom of the sno-globe.  Enter the elevator.  Use the tram.  Get in
your car and go to the Mystery Vortex.

Mystery Vortex
East.  East.  North.  Use the mini vortex machine.  Once it turns on, use the
sno-globe on it.  You will fill up the globe with vortex stuff.  East.  West.  
North.  West.  Enter your car and go to the Jungle Inn.

Jungle Inn
Enter the inn.  North.  West.  Go north from the totem poles (click slightly 
above Bruno's head).  You end up at the hot tub where the chieftain is.  Toss 
the sno-globe, dinosaur tooth, John Muir vegetable, and pillow with hair tonic 
on it.  These are the 4 things that represent the totem poles.

                   Sit back and watch the end of the game!!!

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