Sam & Max Hit the Road Complete Walkthrough/Solution.
By CHOOK... 
This solution is one part of three walkthroughs from my Lucasarts Game 
Solutions. Apart from this solution, i have also made Full Throtle, and The Dig 
Mail me at [email protected] with anything you think is important. And 
lastly enjoy the game...


Watch the introduction and, once in the office, have a look around for fun - but 
what you need is the money in the mouse hole at the top (use the "hand" icon) 
and a bulb in a room to the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Use the 
answering machine next to the phone to get a message. 

Go outside and use Max on the cat to get your orders. Again, you can look around 
for fun, but there is nothing else to do here save use the car. This puts you on 
the map screen. 


Go to the nearest Snuckey's. Get a papercup laying around outside, go in, buy 
the box of candies (i.e., hand it to the assistant). Max will want to go to the 
bathroom, so talk to the assistant about that. As soon as Max leaves and you 
stop talking, go outside - when Max returns talk to him and suggest you retain 
the file which is attached to the key. 


You can now use the car to get to the Kushman Brother's Carnival. Watch what 
happens when you arrive; then, attempt to enter the main tent. Hand your orders 
from the Chief to the fire-breather and he'll let you in. Here, talk to the 
Kushman Brothers to find out what gives. They will give you a day pass to go on 
all the rides. Before you leave this tent, pick up the Bigfoot hairs near the 
melting ice block and then the jar with the hand. Exit up. 

Walk into the small tent and have a look around. Take the magnifying lens and 
play Wak-A-Rat (now, THAT was fun!); you should have no to trouble winning a 
price. Use this with the bulb to get a flashlight. Go to the left of this tent 
and talk to the guy in charge of the Cone of Tragedy. Have a ride in that and 
you will lose all your belongings - talk to the guy again and he will give you a 
Lost Property ticket. Go to the right of the Wak-a-Rat tent and you will find 
the Lost & Found, which is to the right of the main tent. Here you will get all 
your stuff plus a magnet - look into your inventory box. 

Now you have to go to the Tunnel of Love, which is on the other side of the main 
tent and which you can reach by walking left from the Cone of Tragedy. Use the 
swan to travel inside and use the flashlight immediately, on the spaces between 
the tableaux, until you spot a fusebox. Use Max on it and you will alight on a 
"Henry VIII" tableau. Pull the king's beard to get the door open. 

Go inside and talk to the Mole man to get a lot of information and also the key 
(?!) to Trixie's caravan... if you hand him the candy. When you've finished with 
him, flip the switch on your way out so that you can ride the swan back to the 

Go to the caravan and get it open; look around and you will find a scorecard 
from Gator Golf inside the wardrobe and a suit inside a box. Get them both, go 
out and leave the Carnival by using the car. 

First go to the World of Fish, which should have appeared on the map. Just grab 
a bucket full of fish near the stand. Use the car go get at the map and this 
time travel to... 


Walk to the left and get a broken ball retriever from the rubbish bin. Talk to 
the guy behind the counter. Now head for the golf area. Watch what happens here. 
When you are left to your own devices, you have to rescue Max. 

Use the fish instead of the golf balls to play the game. It starts when you pick 
up a club. You could instead have a bit of fun dunking Max (you aim a ball at 
the target on his cage), but what you are aiming to do is to group the 
alligators in a straight line between you and Max. You do this by getting them 
to swim to the fish you are going to hit to them - so place the flag where you 
wish each alligator's head to be and swing. One by one you should get them into 
position - it can be a little annoying but persevere. Once they are all aligned, 
Sam will automatically run across to Max. 

Here, open the cage to let Max out, who should have collected some hair. Open 
the door at the base of the cage to get a Sno Globe from the Mystery Vortex. Now 
you can leave and go to the nearest Snuckey's. Ask the assistant to open the jar 
with the hand inside - he will do so and then you can make your way to... 


Go straight to the Museum and do a spot of investigating and talking (note the 
fish/fishbones raining outside the window). Use the hand from the jar on the 
broken ball retriever and the magnet on that combination. Now use the whole 
thing on the base of the ball which you will see inside the Museum. Plunging 
this instrument in, you will retrieve a Mood ring. 

Now you can leave the Museum and go to the cable car - use it to get up to the 
Restaurant. Note the loose bit of string and the fact that you can't get at it. 
Enter the Restaurant and chat to the mechanic. You should get a bent spanner. 
Have a look around and leave. Go to... 


Walk to the left of the fisherman and use the spanner on the tube below the 
large fish standing in the water. Take Max and just watch what happens. At the 
end of the sequence you'll be up at the right side of the restaurant - use Max 
on the ball to get a length of twine. Now you can leave and go to... 


Have a good look around and enter the cave. Inside, make for the steps and use 
the mirror to enter it. You will see two enormous magnets and, if you walk 
right, another one. What happens is that, by throwing the switches of the 
different magnets in divers combinations, the characters change colour. This 
enables them to enter different sized doors - in this case, I needed them red to 
get them through the red door, so I kept trying all the switches till they 
changed to that colour. 

Through this you will find Shuv-Oohl. Talk to him and give him the Mood ring. He 
will give you some information and also some magic powder. You can leave and go 
to the right of the mirror and exit top. You will enter an upside-down room. 
Right now, all you need to do here is to talk to the lady and grab the hair by 
the molten ice. You can leave and return to the Restaurant. 

Here, grab the two cables near the lift and use them on the binoculars to the 
right. Use the magnifying glass on the binoculars. Now use them and look until 
you see a rock. At this point, stop the binoculars (the indicator under the 
glasses should be upright - use either of the mouse buttons to get it to that 
position). Again, a bit tricky but it can be done. Leave and make directly 


As per instructions, place the three bunches of hair you've collected on the 
rock and then the magic powder on them. Watch what happens. Go now to... 


Enter the building and head to the right. Following this direction, enter the 
room up to see what it contains, then go out and into the room to the right, 
note the wig, climb up the car stairs and get a pillow. Use the ball retriever 
to get a book from the shelves over the door. This book enables you to fix a 
cleaning robot you will have spotted around. Find the robot by the entrance of 
the house and use it. You will see a diagram of wires and rooms. Basically, you 
want to get the guy guarding the virtual machine out of there. So, pull all the 
wires out then plug in the wire for the room to the left of the diagram. 

Once you have done, the robot buzzes off there and triggers an alarm - you 
should see Lee Harvey running left, so you can now safely enter the room with 
the virtual machine and use it. Pull the sword out of the stone and use it on 
the dragon when it appears. You should get a key. 

The Virtual dream over, go to the room to the left of the entrance - watch and 
listen and, at the end, use the key on the contraption to the right of the door. 
This will free Bruno and Trixie. Watch some more. Now leave through the door and 
be sure to pick up the John Muir portrait outside this room. Make for the car 
and, on the map, choose... 


Go inside and talk to Evelyn Morrison at the counter. At the end, she will give 
you a heap of leaflets. Look at them and new locations will appear on the map. 
Leave for now and go to... 


Advance to the right, talk to the lady, give her the John Muir picture. Pick up 
a gourd from the box to the right. Go back to Bumpusville. 

Here, go to the room with the wig and use the gourd with it, so that you can 
take the wig. Now we can go to... 


Have a look around and go to the place where you can do some bungee jumping. 
After talking to the girl in charge, you'll change behind the screens and you 
can then use the elastic to the right to jump. Use the ball retriever with the 
papercup to collect some tar. Now go to the animals. 

Use Max on the hairy mammoth and he will get some hair. Turn to the mechanical 
T-Rex and press the button on the speaker to get him to talk. Do so several 
times till his mouth is briefly stuck open - use the length of twine on it and 
then Max on the twine. This will cause you to obtain a tooth. Back at the... 


Give the file to the Bigfoot standing by the door. Use the suit, hair, tar and 
wig to get a Bigfoot costume. Use it to get to the party (actually, Sam and Max 
enter the phone box to change and emerge dressed as a Bigfoot. Just go through 
the door). 

Here, the main thing is to get the wine bottle; but you can talk, listen and 
watch as much as you like. When you've done, exit top left, i.e., the other side 
of the stage. It is extremely difficult to get the two characters through this 
door, but you must do it. 

Once through, get the icepick to the left of the freezer. Watch what happens - 
the disguise comes off revealing your identity. When the two guys are in the 
freezer, talk to Max, who will lock them in. 


Leave and go to the Vegetable World to collect the John Muir-shaped gourd. Go to 
the Restaurant and give the icepick to the mechanic, who will turn it into a 
corkscrew. Use this on the bottle of wine to retrieve the cork. You can now go 
to the upside-down room in the Mystery Vortex and use the Mini Vortex machine. 
Once inside, use the Sno Globe on the machine and it will suck up the vortex. 
Outside the machine, use the cork on the Sno Globe to trap the vortex in it. 


Once more, back to the Jungle Inn. Go into the party, up left and up. You should 
see four totem poles. Talk to the Bigfoot. Go up and meet the chief. Talk to him 
and give him the Sno Globe, the tooth, the John Muir gourd and the pillow. This 
will cause the totem poles to disappear one by one and make all matters right. 
The End. Honestly. 

Watch the credits and play the final minigame. 


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