One: The Office and Environs

Get the light bulb from the cupboard, and the cash from the mousehole.Exit the 
office, and talk to the cat on the pavement outside. Use Max on himto obtain the 
Go to Snuckeys - one of them has a paper cup outside. Collect this. Inside,walk 
around until Max wants to go to the bathroom. Pick up the pecan candy(left hand 
row, top shelf) and talk to the attendant. Ask him to sell youthe pecan candy. 
Then ask about the bathroom - Max will take the key andleave. Finish the 
conversation quickly, and go outside. Talk to Max beforehe re-enters the diner. 
Take the key from him.

Two: The Carnival

Use the orders on the fire-eater. After talking to the Kushmans, pickup the fur 
and the bottled severed hand in the hall of oddities. Exit bythe rear door. In 
the Wak-a-Rat stall, get the fishbowl lens. Play Wak-a-Rat,take the prize (a 
torch) and combine it with the light-bulb. Ask the Cone ofTragedy operator if 
you can ride the Cone. After doing so, check yourinventory. Ask the operator 
about your lost items - he will issue you with aclaim ticket. Go to the Lost and 
Found tent. On leaving, examine the new itemyou have been given (the World of 
Fish magnet). 
Next, ride the Tunnel of Love. Use the torch on the walls, and once ithas been 
activated, you can use other items. When you approach the fuseboxin the wall, 
use Max on it. In the tableau, examine the king's beard, andwalk through the 
secret door. Talk to Doug, give him the pecan candy, andhe will give you a 
crowbar to use on Trixie's trailer. Operate the Tunnelreset switch in the left 
hand wall. Exit Doug's den.
Use the crowbar on the trailer door. Inside, take the costume from thehope chest 
and examine the score card on the inside of the wardrobe door.It will point the 
way to the Gator Golf. 
Head for Snuckey's, and ask the attendant to open the jar containingthe severed 

Three: String, Fish and Alligators

Use the cablecar to reach the top of the Ball. Use the pillar in thecentre of 
the area to operate the elevator. Once in the diner, talk to thetool-bender and 
ask him about the spanners ; he'll give you one. Get thewires and use them on 
the binoculars. Use the fishbowl lens on the binoculars.
Go to the World of Fish. Pick up the bucket of fish in front of the Baitstall. 
Use the spanner on the bolt holding up the plastic fish in the river.Get into 
the fish (use the mouth) and then use Max on it. The fish will comeaway from its 
moorings, and the fisherman will pull it up onto the net,where the helicopter 
will take you to the Ball of Twine. Once there, useMax on the dangling end of 
the twine. 
Drive over to Gator Golf. Pick up the golf-ball retriever in the bin bythe 
souvenir stall. Walk down to the course. After tangling with Bumpus,rescue Max 
by replacing the golf balls with the bucket of fish, and hittingthe fish so that 
the alligators form a straight line across the middle of therange. Sam will go 
over to Max automatically. Use the glass door, then usethe loose plank. Get the 
Sno Globe from the cavity within. Max will give youa second piece of Sasquatch 
Use the severed hand on the golf-ball retriever. Use the fish magnet on thisnew 
item. Go to the Ball of Twine museum, and use this 'reacher with magnet'on the 
exposed part of the Ball. Take the Mood Ring you find.

Four: The Vortex and Other Animals

Drive to the Mystery Vortex. Inside, use the mirror - you'll emerge in 
anunderground cavern. Switch the red (left-hand) magnet on, then walk across 
tothe right, past the blue magnet, and don't worry about  the yellow magnet 
also. Returnto the surface. You will be able to walk through the large orange 
door to theright of the room. 
The above paragraph may need to be replaced by:{br}{i}Switch the red magnet on 
(the extremities will be shining red light) and then switch the blue magnet on 
too (it will shine blue light). You are now surrounded by violet light. Exit 
through the mirror again, and now you will be able to open and walk through the 
violet door standing in the right part of the room.{/i} - Andrea Cecchetti.
Talk to Shuv-Oohl and give him the Mood Ring. He'll give you some adviceabout 
Frog Rock and a bottle of Mole Man Powder. Exit this room, go throughthe 
curtained entrance and get the fur from the floor of the Yeti attraction.Return 
to the Ball of Twine (diner) and use the binoculars. Use thewires on the 
binoculars.  Control the speed of the binoculars by clickingthe "switch"... When 
the rockbetween the two attractions mentioned by Shuv-Oohl appears, stop the 
visorspinning. The rock should be Frog Rock - if not, keep tracking around 
untilanother rock appears. When you locate Frog Rock, drive over to it.
Use the three pieces of Bigfoot hair and the bottle of Mole Man Powder onthe 
rock. You will be shown the way to Bumpusville.

Five: Bumpusville

In the garden, use some money on the wishing well to the left of the 
screen.(Actually, this isn't an essential part of the solution, but it's so 
funny Ijust had to include it ! :-)) Enter the building, and go to the far left-
handroom (the stage). After the performance, walk to the far right-hand room 
(the bedroom). Take the pillow from the truck-bed, and use the elongated hand on 
the large blue book on the shelf to remove it. Once the book has been read, 
locate the cleaning droid and operate it. Insert all the wires into theirholes 
such that the map is totally green. The robot will trip the securityfield, and 
Lee-Harvey will go to find it. Go to the room he has just left(adjacent to the 
bedroom entrance) and use the VR machine. Get the sword,and use it on the centre 
of the dragon (This is quite tricky to get right,so you may have to repeat the 
trick with the robot several times.) If youkill it, grab the heart and it will 
turn into a key. 
Go to the security field, use the key on the machine beside the door,and Bruno 
and Trixie will be released. They'll head off to the Jungle Feverparty. 
Meanwhile, go to the room immediately to the right, and take theportrait of John 
Muir. Leave Bumpusville for the time being and trek overto Jungle Fever.
Six: Venues, Vegetables and Velociraptors
Talk to Evelyn Morrison (behind the counter) and read the brochures shegives 
you. These reveal the locations of the Mt.Rushmore Dinosaur Park andthe 
Celebrity Vegetable attraction. Talk to the bigfoot bouncer and give himthe rasp 
from the Snuckey's bathroom key.
Drive to the Celebrity Vegetable thing. Take a Conroy Bumpus eggplant fromthe 
box on the right, talk to the attendant and give her the picture ofJohn Muir. Go 
over to the Dinosaur Park. Examine the two talking donosaurs.Use Max on the 
mammoth to obtain some sasquatch-like hair. Operate thetyrannosaurus voice and 
wait until the jaw is open...then do something elseto halt its motion. (Use the 
eye icon, for example.) Use the twine on the jaw,then use Max on the twine. 
You'll end up with a dinosaur tooth.
Walk down to the Tar Pit, and beyond, to the Bungee entrance. Go up in 
theelevator, and use the Snuckey's cup on the elongated hand. Use the 
Bungeeequipment (you'll have to do it twice; Sam's a craven coward!) and 
bouncedown toward the Tar Pit. Pick up some tar with the elongated cup.
Exit the attraction. Return to the Celebrity Vegetable garden, and pick upthe 
John Muir vegetable from the attendant. Back at Bumpusville, go to thebedroom 
and use the Bumpus eggplant on the toupee (This is a brilliant scene!)Use the 
tar and then the mammoth hair and the toupee on the stiltwalker'scostume. Go 
back to Jungle Fever.
Seven: The Party, and what happened Next
In the lobby, use the fake Sasquatch costume you have just created. The bouncer 
will now let you through. Inside, take the wine bottle. Go to thekitchens 
(behind the stage, left of the screen in the background) andtake the ice pick 
from the freezer window. Use the rear door and Bumpus willappear. To escape his 
clutches, remove the Bigfoot costume - Bumpus andLee-Harvey will change in the 
freezer. Get Max to slam the door on them.You will be granted free run of the 
party by the Bigfoot Chief. When he'stold you the story of the totems, go back 
to the Ball of Twine diner.
Get the tool-bender to twist the ice-pick for you, and use it on the winebottle. 
This allows you to use the cork as a Sno Globe stopper. Return tothe Mystery 
Vortex and use the Mini-Vortex. Within, use the Sno Globe andit will suck in 
some vortex energy. Return to the Totems. Walk to the rightpast Bruno, and then 
towards the rear of the scene. You should arrive inthe Hot Tub area.
Use the Sno Globe, the dinosaur tooth, the John Muir gourd and the pillowwith 
hair tonic on the tub in succession. I don't think it matters whichorder you do 
it in.

Sit back and watch the end sequence...!

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