Wrath Of The Gods


This walkthrough gives explicit instructions on playing WRATH OF THE GODS to a successful conclusion. It does, however, assume you have read the Game Manual and are familiar with the various methods of controlling your actions.

The game uses compass directions (north, south, east, west) to help you find your way around. I have avoided this in this walkthrough, as it often not easy to orient yourself between the scene and the map. Instead, I direct you relative to the screen: right, left, up or down.

Although, the walkthrough usually makes use of the map unnecessary, I assume you will make use of the map when the directions are not detailed.

General Hints


Money is in the form of gems. Most everything costs two gems. You will find single gems in many different places but there are two re- newing predictable sources of gems:

Taking Risks

Don't be afraid! Do so. In fact you will probably have more fun, dying and seeing what the gods have in store for you, rather than getting everything right the first time. I recommend deliberately failing the first, or even second, attempt at solving a puzzle when your life is in danger!

Chariot Stops

Use the Chariots by all means. They cost two gems a flight and it seems to take just as long to get from A to B. But take the chariot at least once, just for the experience.

Opening Scenes

The High King of Mycenae and his daughter, Princess Dione, are in Dione's chamber with her baby son. Dione will not reveal to her father who fathered her baby.

A visit to the Oracle fills the King with such dread that he forces Dione to abandon her baby. Dione's son is found and raised by a centaur. The young man is sent out by the centaur on the hero's path. At this point you take control of the hero.

Finding a Sword

Leave the centaur by walking to the left and then down to the riverside. Talk to the two women. Carry the older woman across the river. You will meet Hera for the first time. Return to the other side of the river and carry the young woman across the river. She will offer you her necklace. Take it.

Walk to the left along the path, until you see the soldier and the civilian. Pick up the branch. Talk to the soldier and you now find yourself in jail. Take a look at the bucket...sorry! Pick up the wooden stool and use it on the small hole in the wall to the right until you have made a hole big enough to escape through. Walk outside.

From the bloated rams, go left to the Avalanche. Note the glistening at the top of the pile of stones. Pick up the gray rock on the path. Pick up the gem and pick up the rock again.

Head right past the bloated rams and talk to the peddler woman at the altar. Give her a gem and you will receive a honey cake. Put the cake on the altar. Pick up the snake.

Go right to the four way intersection and head up to the Boulder. Pick up the branch. The idea here is to see if there is anything interesting under the boulder. Use the rock as a fulcrum and place it next to the boulder. Use one of the branches as a lever and try to lift the boulder. If the branch breaks use the other branch. Underneath the boulder, you find some smelly old sandals and a rather fine looking sword.

Killing The Hydra (+50 = 150 points)

Continue along the path until you meet the torchbearer. Pay him a gem and he will guide you to the Hydra. Cross the water to the Hydra. Get out your sword and take on the Hydra. Looks like you need some help! Return to the left and talk to the torchbearer again. Return to the Hydra. Attack the Hydra with your sword again. Each time you cut off a head, the torchbearer will cauterize the neck wound so that the Hydra can not re-grow. Once the Hydra is well and truly dead, leave on the right. You will meet Hera again. Remember the password "IO". Leave to the right.

Creating and Defeating the Seedmen (+25 = 175 points)

Head up the path and talk to the peddler woman. Pay the peddler a gem and she will give you some elixir. Go down the path to the field. Pick up the bag of seeds and sow the seeds on the field. Several seedmen will grow and line up ready to take you on in single combat! Attack the seedmen with your sword. Pathetic! Drink the elixir. Try attacking again. Better, but you are not strong enough to defeat all these guys. Perhaps you need more elixir?

Head right, then left to Hades . Go into Hades, then left into the cave. Pick up a sledgehammer and try to leave the cave. If you can not leave, replace the sledgehammer with the one that is second from the left. Leave the cave. Leave Hades and go left to the Chasm. Push the dead tree over and walk over the chasm. Head up the path to the Warehouse. Break down the door of the Warehouse with the sledgehammer. Go inside. Pick up the vat of elixir, the oars and the gem. Leave the Warehouse.

Return to the seedmen. Attack the seedmen with your sword again. Drink the contents of the vat of elixir. Try attacking again. You now have the strength to knock these guys off one after another...but they just keep coming, endlessly. There must be another way!...Throw the rock at the seedmen and watch them fight each other to their ultimate deaths.

Dealing With Sciron (+25 = 200 points)

Leave to the right and head up the path to the cliffs to meet Sciron. Talk to the bandit. He will demand that you wash his feet. When you get bored doing this, touch Sciron. Woops...now you are in Hades. You have to get across the River Styx to leave. Talk to the shade on the right. Now go down and right until you meet another shade. Talk to her. Note where the coin falls from. Pick up the coin. (There is a short cut cave here but it only saves you walking through one screen.) Return left to Charon and his boat. Click the coin on your head and Charon will take you across the Styx. On the other side, talk to Sciron and he will tell you how to deal with Sciron. Leave Hades and return to the cliffs.

Talk to Sciron again and wash his feet again. This time touch your foot and you will send Sciron to Hades!

Visiting the Castle

Return to the four way intersection and go right and up to the castle. Walk round to the servant's entrance. Knock on the door and go in. Talk to the high king. And take a seat at the banquet and talk to your hosts. When asked, pick out the insignia on the left. On your sword is the same symbol. When the king recognizes you as the long awaited hero, show him the sword. Then show the ring to the king. He will give you a video scroll from your mother. Go into the other room via the door on the right. Step on the panels in this order: Light Green (Spring), Bright Green (Summer), Yellow (Autumn) and White (Winter). Open the jewel box and take the tiara.

Making Friends With the Water Nymph

Leave the castle. Take the path to the right to the pool. Jump into the pool with the nymph! Talk to the nymph. Get out and jump in again. Repeat this until the nymph repeats herself and gives you the helmet of invisibility.

Risking and Avoiding Bee Stings

Get out of the pool and go left to the bees. Take some beeswax out of the beehive in the tree. Go back to the pool and jump in to escape the bees. Get out of the pool.

Easy Money!

Go left past the bee tree and past the temple. Continue left until you reach the alphabet blocks. The blocks are moved by clicking the hand cursor on the block you wish to move to an empty position. Click the hand cursor _above_ the empty position to place the block here. Rearrange the blocks in the correct order: alpha, beta, gamma and delta and a gem will be revealed. Take it. Each time you return here rearrange the blocks to reveal another gem.

A Plethora of Heroes

Return right and take the path up to the peddler woman. Talk to her then take her carrot (she will not offer the carrot to you...just grab it!).

Go right to another cave entrance to Hades. Go in and walk on until you meet Hercules. Talk to Hercules, then take the path up and you will find yourself in the dark. Eat the carrot. Walk through the caverns until you reach the bottom right. To the right you will encounter Orpheus. Take his lyre. Go up to the cavern entrance above and meet Theseus. Try to pull him free. You haven't the strength. You need to get help.

Go to the left where you will find your way blocked by Cerberus. Play the lyre and Cerberus will fall asleep. Walk past him to the Treasury of Hades. Click on the red button, then select Pluto. Take the gem. Leave to the left, pull open the rock slab and go through to the entrance. Return up to Hercules. Talk to him and he will return with you to Theseus and pull him free. Talk to Theseus, but he will only give you a hint on how to get past Cerberus, which you have already done. Leave the cave as before. Re-enter the cave and travel right across the Elysian Fields until you reach Jason and Perseus jousting. Talk with them, then take a staff. Return to the outside, talking with Perseus on the way.

The Graeae and the Corynetes Arena

Once outside, go left to the horse. Head left to another cave entrance. Go in and talk to the Graeae. Take the eyeball when it is the hand of the hag on the left. Take the bow rather than the club for now. Leave the cave.

Go left to the Corynetes Arena. Enter the arena and talk to the barker. Accept the challenge with Periphetes by taking the barker's club. Strike a blow by clicking the hand cursor on Periphetes. Another pathetic challenge!

Leave the arena and return left to the Graeae. Take the eyeball as before then take the club.

Return to the arena. Accept the challenge this time by clicking the club on Periphetes. Strike blows using the club. You win the prize...a lump of lead!

The Argo and the Clashing Rocks (+25 = 225 points)

Leave the arena, go left, past the Graeae cave, the horse and the entrance to Hades. Walk by the Cyclops. At the Mycenae Chariot go right to the beach. Continue right to the ship, the Argo. Take the hardtack out of the barrel. Climb on the boat. (Miss the next step out, if you wish to die and meet Zeus! You will get another chance to get it right.) Throw the hard tack at the clashing rocks. Click the walk cursor on the clashing rocks to take the ship through.

When you encounter the siren, put beeswax in your ears and take the tiller. Look at the siren as the ship goes by her. Note the order she plays the notes in: 2, 1, 3, 4. Take the beeswax out of your ears.

The Golden Fleece (+50 = 275 points)

When you land on the beach, go right to the beach front taverna. Talk to the bartender and take the wine. Wow! Take the bottle of wine. Go right and talk to King Aeetes. Take the path up to the Golden Fleece. Try to take the fleece and a fire-breathing dragon will prevent you. Only try the following if you want to have new experience in Hades! (Actually it will be worth your while.) Otherwise skip the next paragraph.

Attack the fire-breathing dragon with your sword. Crisped! You are transported to Tantalus and Tartarus. Pick up the gem. Talk to Tantalus and reach for the grapes. Go right. Use the sledgehammer on the stalagmite. Leave the cave and return to the Golden Fleece.

Play the lyre, plucking the strings as follows, from the left: 2,1, 3, 4, and the dragon will fall asleep. Take the fleece.

The Cyclops

Leave the sleeping dragon and return to the beach. Head left past a cave mouth and your way back will be blocked by the Cyclops. Give the wine to the Cyclops and he will fall asleep. You can now walk past him when you need to.

Learning About Medusa

Return to the sleeping dragon, via the beach and then take the path up and then to the right. From the Mt. Pelion Chariot stop, go right and then straight on to Medusa. Walk to the right ignoring the spoken cautions and you will be turned to stone when you look at Medusa.

Hermes will bring you back to life and give you a fat covered bone. Return to the temple east of the nymph's pool (via Mt. Pelion Chariot stop, left to Corynetes Arena, down from horse and then right). Offer the fat covered bone to the temple. Try to enter the temple. You will be told to purify yourself before you can enter. Go right, past the bee tree, to the pool and jump in. You are now purified, so return left, past the bee tree, to the temple and enter. Walk toward the frieze. Pick the left most God(dess) Athena. Talk to Athena and she will give you a mirror. Leave the temple.

The Midas Touch

Return to the Mt. Pelion Chariot stop. Go right, then right again. Pick up the gem. Continue right along the path, through the market place. (If you have 2 gems, buy the eye chart at the market place.) From the Hesperides Chariot stop, continue left past the mountains, then turn right.

When you reach the tree, pick the red apple. Dionysus bestows the Midas Touch on you and your apple is turned to gold... the explosion blasts a path through the hillside. Ignore this short cut for now.

Mount Olympus

Walk on to the right past the tree to Mount Olympus. Climb Mount Olympus. From the terrace enter the doorway to Hermes' bedroom. Walk very carefully round both corners of the bed and take the flying sandals from the pillar to the right of his bed. Leave, again walking carefully around the bed. You may wake Hermes but you will keep his flying sandals. From the terrace, climb over the balcony and down the mountain. Leave on the right.

Dealing With Medusa (+25 + 25 = 325 points)

Take the short cut made by Dionysus. Go left then up to Medusa. Arm yourself with your sword. Take the mirror then look at it with the eye cursor. Attack Medusa. When she is injured, put on the helmet of invisibility and the flying sandals. Try to walk away and you will lop of her head, keep it and then fly away.

Taming Pegasus and Defeating the Chimaera (+50 = 375 points)

Return to the short cut path at the ruined buildings. Go right then down the path where a glow can be seen on the skyline. Use the flying sandals to fly to the source of the glow. Pick up the golden bridle. Fly back to the path.

Return to the right, go up the short cut path from the ruined buildings to the tree. Go left to Pegasus. Put the bridle on Pegasus. Take the staff. Sharpen the staff with your sword. Use the lump of lead to put a tip on the lance. Ride Pegasus to the Chimaera. Only try the following if you want to have a new experience in Hades! Otherwise skip the next paragraph.

Use the sword on the Chimaera and you will die...and be transported to Hades to meet Sisyphus. Push the boulder up the slope and keep pushing. Leave to the left. Push the rock slab aside. Go through and exit down to the outside. From here you will have to go back to Pegasus' field and ride him to the Chimaera again.

Use the lead tipped lance on the Chimaera. You return successful to Pegasus' field.

Pan and His Pipes

Go left until you meet Pan. Talk to Pan, then continue left, then up the path to the beach. Use the oars to row the boat to the island. Pick up the reeds and string. Return in the boat to the beach. Leave on the right. Go left to the peddler woman. You need to clear the fallen pillar away and you don't have the strength. Go right and return to Pan. Put the reeds on the path in front of Pan. Use your sword to cut the reeds to size. Use the string on the reeds to make some pipes. Give the pipes to Pan. Pan will clear away the fallen pillar. Take the pipes from Pan. Walk to the left.


Talk to Argus. If you have the eye chart, show it to him. Play the pipes to Argus and he will fall asleep. Walk past Argus.


Talk to Caenus. He says he is invincible. Try Medusa's Head on him. Not so invincible after all! Walk by Caenus.


Talk to Hera. She will transport you to the beach. Swim out to the ship. Talk to King Minos.

Exploring Knossos (Arrival, Daedalus)

Talk to King Minos. Leave the arrival hall on the left. Take the wooden shafts of the ceremonial axes. Go through the doorway to the left. Try to take the bottle. Try to pet the bird. Pick up the feathers. Go through the doorway on the right to the workshop. Talk to Daedalus. Take the candle on the shelf at the back of the workshop. Leave on the left and walk down the corridor to the left. Go to the doorway on the right. When you are prompted to enter a password, type "IO". Go through the doorway.

Bull-Leaping (+25 = 400 points)

Watch the bull-leaping, then try it for yourself. You will need to practice. First click the hand cursor on the bull then click again on the bull as it is moving. When you succeed in leaping successfully over the bull, you will win the bonus points. Practice some more, then leave on the left.

Exploring Knossos (Throne Room, Garden, Dione)

Go left to the throne room. Pick up both vases. Leave on the right. Talk to Princess Ariadne. Flirt with her, plead for a kiss, then say INEEDHELP ("I need help" with no spaces.) When she asks for the magic word, say PLEASE. Take the ball of thread. Open the door on the right. Fire!...Hurry now! Go back into the garden and fetch water using one of the vases. If the vase leaks, use the other vase. If the vase breaks, use the other vase. When the fire is out, pick up the ember. Go through the door on the left. Go left to Dione. Give her the tiara. You are probably getting the hint by now about your final task!

Escaping Knossos

Leave Dione and go out to the terrace. Remember what Daedalus was doing? You are going to make wings. Put the sticks, feathers, candle and ember on the ground. Make the wings. Use the wings to escape from Knossos.

Bowmanship (+50 = 450 points)

You will land on the beach near the clashing rocks. Make your way to the Mt. Pelion Chariot stop. Go up the path to meet the centaur. Talk to him and hand over your golden apple. Use your bow to shoot at the targets. This is very difficult, but practice.

Go to the field where you found Pegasus and go down. Walk up to meet Atlas. Use your bow and shoot at the obnoxious dragon. This is even more difficult as there is a time limit. Keep trying. You will only get maximum points if you defeat this guy.


Go left and continue left until you reach Argus' arch. Take the path through the arch and up the steps to the entrance where Caenus stood guard. Go through to meet Hera. To return to Knossos, walk straight ahead toward the view. Talk to King Minos.

At Sea

Talk to the sea gull...Sorry! Talk to King Minos. You dive in to recover the ring. You will be eaten by sharks unless you follow these directions: North, North, East, North, East, East, South, South, East. Go right up to the mermaid.

Labyrinth and the Minotaur (+50 = 500 points)

Talk to Minos outside the labyrinth. Go right until you reach the large stylized bull horn statue. Go up then left, then left again. You should find the Minotaur here. Did you practice bull-leaping? I hope so! That's what you have to do now. Click on the minotaur to get him charging, then click on him again so you can leap over him. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again! When you have succeeded, punch the Minotaur several times on his nose, a few times on his body and again on his nose until you knock him out.

Leave on the left. Walk up, then right to the bull horn statue. Then continue left to the exit. (Alternatively, you can use the ball of thread (clew) that Ariadne gave you.)


You will now meet you father. You may have met him before... Zeus. Enjoy the closing sequences.

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