Schurick the Greatest is proud to present

 			Walkthrough for Teenagent

For starters, let's get a few things straight... When I say/write 
to it means You rightclick on on object and when I say/write look it means 
leftclick on an object... Got that? Good... Let's begin...

Test one

... so, after the intro you find yourself in the training yard. Look into 
pockets by moving the cursor to the top of the screen. Use the pass on the 
Guard in the game. This way you can enter the camp. Look in the trashcan. You
now own a rope. Enter the door with the sign 001... So you are in jail... Big
deal. Pick up the spring from the bed. Then pick up the bulb from the 
Talk to the crates until you get some food... Now use Live Cable from the
floor. Use the switch... Talk to the crates again... That must have hurt. Use
the body. Use the key you got on the door... Test one completed... 

Test two

Exit and walk to the path on your left. Pick up a branch from the plant next 
the brick wall... Use the spring in your pockets with the solid ground in 
of the wall... Use the spring... Go back to the captain and use the branch on
him. Now pick up the army knife... Exit and use the path on the right. Use 
Army Knife on the fence. Now use the shovel with the mysterious object. Go to
the guard whom you showed your pass in the beginning... Use the caleidoscope 
him. Now steal his grenade. Go back to your captain. Use the magazine on him.
Talk to the barman... Test two completed.

Test three

Pick up the crumbs from the table on your right. Go back to the captains
office. Use the rope with the grenade. Now use your bombastic jojo on the
drawer. OUCH! Use the drawer. Use the medicine with crumbs. Now exit and walk
down the path around the house twice. No matter wich one... Use the drugged
food with the post. Pick up the bird and use the post again. Now use your mug
with the mud pool. Now it's time to visit the barman again. Use the bird on 
radio, then use your mug filled with mud on barman's mug. Talk to the 
That'll teach him... The next time he will give some hints I hope... Now 
the door on the left. Use the  blinking  hole of the top-right barrel. Well
thats test no. three completed. Time to go on with the game...

Getting inside the mansion

Well..., here we are in a peaceful quiet village... Use the boat. First let's
go right. Talk to the guard until he gives you a candy. Pick up also the
wrapper in front of the guard. Now use the upper path around the mansion. 
up the bush. Walk left twice. Wait in the corner until the guard starts
drinking, then talk to him. Pick up the whiskey. Go west. Talk to the 
until it gets pissed. Now enter the cottage... Pick up the chainsaw and the
rotten cheese from the shelf. Use the candy with the heart shaped hole. Use 
wrapper with the candy. Go back to the place where you got the potatoe from.
Use whiskey with the chainsaw and use the chainsaw on the branch. Pick up the
branch and use it on the broken paddle. Go back to the boat, use your paddle 
the boat. Pick up both of the flowers. Get back to shore. Exit to the south.
Open the car door and pick up the comb. Then use the lever at the bottom part
of the doorway. Use the trunk. Open the toolbox, look at it also. Use the
spanner with the basket. Enter the house. Pick up the gun and the fan. Use 
drawers as well. Go to the field. It is behind the house. Use the 
on the mousehole. Use the cheese on the mouse. Use the mouse hole. Now use 
gun on the crows. Pick up the diving mask and the fins. Pick up the sickle 
rake too. Look at the middle hay stack. Use it. Now pick up the hen ;). Well,
at least pick up the feather. Now exit the field and walk east, then south. 
your car-jack on the rock in front of the cave. Pick up the bone underneath 
Go back to the house no 2. Use the bone on the dog. Open the valve, close it
and reopen it. Use the hole. Use the switch. Pick up the shovel and exit. Use
your fan on the laundry. Enter the house. Give one flower to grandma, then 
to her. Pick up the feather duster. Now... Give the other flower to the girl 
front of the mirror, after the chat give the candy to her. Talk to her too. 
the ribbon you got on the rake. Exit and pick up the rope. Go back to the 
Use the sickle on the well. Use diving mask on the flippers. Now use your
diving equipment. Pick up the anchor next to the boat. Use rope and anchor.
Now go left again. Use your rake on the grass and pick up the nut. If I were
you I'd also look at the windows of the cottage ;). Now enter the cottage and
use your feather duster on the fireplace. Use your dirty feather duster on 
potatoe. Go back to grandma and Anne. Use your nut on the imitation fruits. 
to the mansion. Use the lower path. Use your apple on the hedgehog. Use the
shovel as well (not on the hedgehog !!!). Pick up the rock. Go right. Use 
painted potatoe on the hollow. Use the tree. Alright, let's use the grappling
hook on the wall instead... Walk around the mansion and into the meadow. Use
the needle on the cone. Put the feather on top and use your dart on the bees
nest. Use the valve. Go back to the cave... Use your sickle on the bush...
Enter the cave and use your mouse on the hole. Now use the rock on the hole 
then glue it there tight. Pick up the piece of gold. Go back to the mansion 
use the nugget on the guard. Talk to the fatso. Pick up the banknote. Look at
it. Go back to Anne's place. Use the banknote on her.

Was it really so hard to get inside? ;)

In the mansion
Now u're in. Use the stairs. Open the middle drawer on the right. Look at it,
then close it. Open the lowest drawer on the right, look at it too and then
close it. Now use the trashcan. Look at the book in the middle shelf on the 
fourth row (on the left). The color that is mentioned in the title is the 
of the drawer that you have to leave open on the desk. i.e. The book is 
Brown and the company - so the drawer has to be brown. After you have opened
the right drawer use the book. Pick up the cassette. Now go downstairs and
enter the door on the right. Pick up the newspaper, pick up the remote 
unit. Use couch. Pick up bottle and the pincers. Then use cassette on the VCR
and use TV. Use remote control on the VCR. Use the polaroid on TV. Exit and
enter the door on the left. Pick up chilli and pastry roller. Exit and go to
the other side of the corridor. Enter the right door. Use paper with cork and
use the cork on sink. Now use the tap. Use the chilly with the sink and 
the cognac with the chilli label. Enter the other door. Talk to the piece of
metal. Use picture on it. Go back to the kitchen and use the fake chilli on 
place where the chilli bottle stood. Use the pastry roller on the radio and
then use the radio. Use the batteries on the dictaphone. Open the fridge...
twice. Go once more upstairs... Pick pu another piece of paper and return to
the kitchen. Use the paper on the hot plate next to the stew. Use the burning
paper with the meat in the fridge. And use the meat on the stew. Exit and go
back to the bathroom. use the pincers on the sock. Go back to the room with 
TV. Use dictaphone on the VCR. Go to Mike. Use teh dictaphone on him and then
use the socks on him. Well now it is time to pick up the jar and the book.
After the short movie you'll have to hide. Try the left lower edge of the
screen. When Noty goes away pick up the handle he left behind. Use it with 
hole on the bathroom door. Use the handle. Now eat a pill, then use the 
Enter the door. After you gain control of our hero go to the room with the 
Enter the wardrobe and use chilli on Noty. 

You've done it. You have completed Teenagent (with the help of my solution :) 

If you have problems understanding my lousy english or I have missed 
then contact me by e-mail [email protected] or netmail 2:490/94.13

Unfortunately I can't take all the credits to myself 'cause I got two hints
from Costello (the first one wasn't very helpful though). So some credits go 
him too... 


P.S. Can anyone tell me what to do with the comb?

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