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Written by Bert Jamin

With special thanks to Yvonne Smit

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Bert Jamin and Yvonne Smit
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Chapter 1  

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Amerzone is a very nice adventure. Not to hard and not to easy. It all looks very nice! Compliments to Casterman en Microids. If you are not sure if you should buy this game... go and run for it!

However you can't die in the game, I advise you to save the game now and then to prevent that you have to play bigger parts of the game over and over again.


Chapter 1

You are standing on a country-road and after a while, a postman talks to you. He has the important message for you that there has come another letter from the museum. He also tells you that doesn't spells little good...

Walk towards the lighthouse, but a little further on, you should go to the left and look through the telescope and take a look at the lighthouse.

When you arrive at the lighthouse, take the letter and read it. As the postman told you, it's a letter from the museum. Read it. At his moment you have no idea what they are talking about. But that will change soon enough!

Open the gate and go inside. In the entrance-hall you discover an old bicycle, and right next to it a sledge-hammer, take it.

Go to the hatch in the corner, open it and go down stairs. Turn the switch and there will be light in the darkness!

Go up again and climb the stairs up to the first floor. Here you can see an old man sitting at the table. Walk to him and speak with him. He is telling you about Amerzone and that "it's" still alive. He is also telling you that he doesn't have the strength anymore to go himself. That's why he begs you to go in his place and to take the white egg with you.

After that, inspect everything in the room. Take the papers out of the drawer. Attention, you can find papers all over the place, and you MUST have them and you must have read them!

Take a look at the picture of the Indian girl at the table at the right. It's the young love of the professor. At the top of the letter from the museum you can find a telephone number. Walk to the telephone which is hanging on the wall left of the spiral stairs up. Dial the number of the museum (0346528179).

Go to the next floor and examine everything again. The book at the desk is very important until the end of the game. So take it and read it.

Walk to the slide projector and turn it on with the switch at the back. Slide the two slides through the projector and you will see two other nice pictures of the professor's girl friend. Turn around and walk to the steel ladder right of the desk and climb up. Pick up the papers you'll find at the end of the balustrade and read them.

Climb down and examine the lighthouse until you are at the top. At one floor before the top you can find another telescope. Look through it go up further until you reach the top of the lighthouse and examine everything again.

After that, climb all the way down until you reach the hatch again, the one near the bike. Read the book to find out the birthday of the professor. In the passage downstairs walk straight ahead till the end of it. Go further downstairs until you can go to the right.

Her you'll find a small room with a computer. Turn the switch at the wall, after that turn the switch of the aggregate right from the table and at last the switch of the computer.

Take the diskette, zoom in on the computer en put the diskette in it. Now you will be asked for a password. Now what could that be? Use the birthday of the professor (28-06-04) and push the little star. Then choose Authentication and after that Load. On your monitor you can see what's happening further on in the passage. A big door is opening and behind that door is an elevator.

Walk to the elevator and go down. Notice that the elevator is getting stuck a little bit half-way, before it's going down further. When you reach the bottom, get out of the elevator.

Now you are in the room with the Hydroflot, the special vehicle the professor has designed for your very special trip to Amerzone. The thing really can do anything. It can fly, sail, glide, grapnel and even go sub marine!

Walk downstairs and go to the office at the left of the room. Examine everything carefully. At the desk you can find the drawing of the elevator. When you study it, you will see that the elevator has a intermediate indeed.

Walk towards the Hydroflot and pass it at the right side. There you'll find another passage. Walk straight on to the end of the tunnel, then turn right. Another elevator! Push the red button and then zoom in at the button. Push the arrow up to go... up! When the elevator stops, do the same again to go up further to the first floor, the observation room.

There you'll find another telescope with lots of cigarette stumps beneath it. Look through the telescope and watch the birds flying away. At the top of your looking glass you see in red the number 140. That must mean that the birds are heading in the direction 140!?

Go back into the elevator and go up one floor. Surprise! Climb further up until you reach the top of the lighthouse again. Enter the room with the big steering wheel. You just saw the direction the birds where flying to (140). In the big book you've read from the professor is written that you should add 5 to it. So the display should read the number 145!

The left handle turns the ciphers, the right handle changes the position of the cylinder that moves. So first pull the left handle once to turn it to number 1. Than pull the right handle once and the left handle four time to turn the second cylinder to 4. Then pull the right handle once again and pull the left handle 5 times. If everything went right, the display should now show the number 145. If not, do it again until the display reads 145!

Leave the handles and turn the big steering wheel. The steering wheel is turning now. Leaf this room and go back to your personal elevator and go all the way down (push the down arrow 2 times). Get out and walk the wooden planks into the tunnel until you reach the other elevator again.

Go up. Get out of the elevator and look at the floor. Here you'll find a kind of pin with a bend handle. Pick it up and enter the elevator again. Look down and at the foot of the elevator you'll see a round hole in the wall. Put the handle in it.

Now go down with the elevator again. This time it stops half-way. But your way out is blocked! Good thing that you've brought that big sledge hammer... Hit the wall with it and voila! Your exit has been made. Walk through the wall and you'll arrive in the room with that big white egg! Now how to get that thing into your Hydroflot!?

In the room you'll see a control and if you push the handle, the egg goes off to the room where your Hydroflot is waiting...

Go back to the elevator, go up with it and remove the pin from it’s hole in the wall. Go down with the elevator until you reach the room with the Hydroflot. Walk down the ladder. Downstairs, turn to the right. Walk between the rails and the ladder straight on. Turn right and you'll see a kind of platform with an iron border with grooves in it. Step on the platform and pull the handle. The egg will now be loaded safely into the Hydroflot.

Now you can enter the front compartment of the Hydroflot by walking the gangway near it. Look at the controls and put the diskette into the computer. Choose Load and mode Airplane. The computer now reports that you are still missing the details which are required to leave. Now what could that be!?

Just like in the lighthouse you should enter the coordinates for your flight... Without it, it won't go anywhere! Choose 145, followed by the little star to confirm your destiny. If everything goes right, you should take off now. If it stops half way, you must have done something wrong. If nothing at all is happening, you also must have done something wrong and have to do it all over again...


Chapter 2

When you almost reach the first island, you are out of gas. Now you have to come up with something else. Unless you prefer to keep on bopping up and down in front of the island. But believe me, the game is going to last for ever that way!

If you want to go on with the game, choose mode Sailing. When the Hydroflot stops again, choose mode Submarine (good thing that subs are sailing on electricity and not on gas...).

On your way to the island, you hit a vessel below the water. Your submarine comes above the water and docks at a pier. Get out and walk to the fisherman. Talk to him and find out that you locked up a whale by hitting the vessel below the water. As long as that whale is down there, the fisherman won't catch anything at all. So he is quiet pissed off! He won't talk to you anymore until you've solved that problem with the whale!

So, first of all you'll have to deal with that problem. In other words: Free Willie!!!

Walk down the pier, and enter the bar which has the shape of an old boat. Inside the bar you'll find a diving-helmet. In the dartboard you can find a knife. Go passed the windmill into the next building (a hangar) and take the jerrycan and the big spanner.

Fill the jerrycan at the pump. Go back to he windmill and pull the handle at the back of it (you'll see the magnifying-glass at the rope). By doing so, the wings will start to turn. Walk to the end of the pier and attach the diving-helmet to the hose. Turn around and look at conduct at the end of the pier. Attach the big spanner to it.

Look at the left side of the windmill. Turn the cog-wheel. When this is all done, you scuba adventure can start. Walk towards the diving-helmet and use it... You will hear a big splash and off you go!

Search the captured whale. It is stuck under a big net. With your knife, cut the rope that keeps the net and the whale in his place, it's near the little pole.

Go back ashore and pay another visit to the fisherman at the pier. Talk to him again. He is in a much better mood now. In return of setting free Willie, he gives you a key. Besides that he also tells you that there have been some people in 1932, who had the same kind of vessel. They never got away with, so he is convinced that it should be here somewhere...

Go back to the beach, go along all the buildings until you reach the very far end of the beach, where you'll find a kind of stairs in the rock-face. Via these stairs you reach an old hut. Look at the photo at the wall. Examine the hut and find a box. Open the box with the key you've got from the fisherman. In the box you find another diskette which will help you on your further voyage.

Because you haven't seen the old vessel yet the fisherman was speaking of, you are convinced that it must be below the water!

Go back to your Hydroflot and fill it up with gas (if you are standing in front of the computer, turn around and find the fuel tank left from the egg). Turn around again and choose at the computer Grapnel. Pull the handle at the right of the computer. You'll see that the grapnel will be fired.

Walk back to the pier with the windmill. Be sure that the helmet gets oxygen and put it on again. When you are under water, walk straight ahead until you reach a wrecked airplane. Then turn to your right. In the distance you'll see a big pole sticking of out the bottom and... the rope of your grapnel hanging down in the water. Walk towards it and you will discover the old Hydroflot (model 1932) down at the bottom of the ocean.

Walk to the wrecked Hydroflot and attach the grapnel at the door. Walk back to the pier, go ashore and go to your own Hydroflot. Get on board and pull the handle of the grapnel. If you did things right, the grapnel fetches in. By doing this, the door of the wrecked Hydroflot will be removed.

Walk to the pier with the windmill once again. Wear the diving-helmet and walk under water to the wrecked Hydroflot. Enter the vessel and study the computer. You will now discover the coordinates 227. Go back to your own Hydroflot.

Place the diskette into the computer, choose Load, mode Helicopter, enter details 227, followed by the little star and confirm destination. Pull the handle at the right side of the grapnel. If everything went right, you'll be off once more...

When you're running out of gas again, choose Sailing until you reach the first landing-stage. The Puebla.


Chapter 3

Get out and turn off the first passage to the right. You are at the churchyard now. Here you'll see an old monk. He is one of the former mates of the professor. Talk to him. He tells you that you can find some gas for your Hydroflot inside the building. He also gives you a key to get inside the building. Take a look at the grave. It turns out to be the eternal resting place for Yekaumani, the Indian love of the professor.

Walk back the passage and then go to the fence. Open the fence with your key. You arrive in a apparently abandoned village. Walk to the end of the street, where you'll find a hay fork into a pile of hay. Once you are there, you will be kicked down. Regaining conscious, you'll be in prison...

Pick up the cup. Examine the walls of your prison and discover the bug. Catch it with the cup. Look at the moldered door of your prison. You can find a gap at the bottom. You can peer through it...

Outside of your prison you'll see a bottle of tequila. It seems to be the soft drink of the guard. Put the bug into the bottle and look what becomes of the guard. When he has blown over, get his key and open your prison.

Go to the right and walk to the parked jeep. Pick up the rope and the jerrycan. Walk to the well in the middle of the square. Attach the rope to the well. Climb down into the well. Walk all the way until the end of the passage (along the statue and the gate).

Look around and pick up the sword. Climb up the ladder and...  you entered the church via the confessional. Walk forward and meet the old monk again. Just like back home in the lighthouse, this man also drops dead after doing his story. It's a kin of nasty habit!

Walk forward again and then to the right, to the holy bible. Page through the bible until you find a key. Turn around and look at the altar. In the altar you find a little cabinet. Open it with your key and find a letter and... another diskette. Read the letter.

Go back to the confessional, climb down the ladder and enter the passage beneath the church again. Walk until you reach the statue. Get your sword and use it on her left hand twice. You can here something move! Turn around and click on the gate. It will open now.

Enter the tunnel and walk till the end and climb up the ladder. Now you are standing in the building at the graveyard. Leave the graveyard and head back for your Hydroflot. Enter your Hydroflot and refuel it once more. Put the diskette into the computer, choose mode Glyder and be off again! Don't hit the crocodiles!

When you arrive at the pier, get out of your vessel at the left side and climb up the ladder.


Chapter 4

In the cottage at your left you find.... nothing. So go straight ahead into the jungle. When you've made one step forward, you can see something special. Look at the big grey boulder at the right side of the path. DO TAKE A LOOK! Now ain't that a extraordinary exotic reptile or what!?!

Walk till the end of the path, until you see another cottage. Here you'll find a map and the almost inevitable jerrycan. If anyone knows what to do with this map, please let me know! Go back to Hydroflot. Refuel and off again... A nice trip gets you to a bunch of swinish animals in the river. Your Hydroflot stops fully automatically. Just use your klaxon! I know that sounds stupid, but apparently those pigs are as stupid, for they simply leave...

Keep on sailing till you reach the buffalo's in the water. Again your Hydroflot stops! So, hit the klaxon again. Ain't that something? It's broken, after one time use!

So keep on sailing towards the buffalo's... You'll never know, maybe they disappear of themselves... Alas one of those nasty beasts attacks you and smashes the Hydroflot in such a bad manner that your engine stops. Now what???

Go to the left and choose mode "Grapnel". The rest of the trip can only be made by grapnel! Aim the hook of your grapnel at the top of the rock and pull the handle. You will be pulled forward. The next you'll see two rocks. Aim at the second one. So you go further and further until you see a flat dark shape in the water which have to aim at.

When you've hit it, it seems to be one of those damned buffalo's! He (or she) pulls you towards a pier and walks far beyond that. How long is that stupid rope really?

When the whole bunch stops, leave your Hydroflot and follow the rope until you reach the buffalo. Look at it and you can see at the cursor that you have to take some action. So click at the buffalo for some action!

Don't panic, you might stay alive! Go into the jungle at your left and search for the bow and arrows. I know it might last quiet a bit of time, but you see, this happens to be an adventure... Do you need a hint? Okay, here it is: you can find it close to a boulder with a pink panther, sorry butterfly on it.

Once you have found it, head back to your buffalo. Another hint: follow the rope that's still in the water. Approach the buffalo a little bit more careful now. When you are standing in front of it, shoot it with your bow and arrows.

Of course it won't kill the animal, but just stuns it for a few minutes. Take the hook from its horns. Go back to the Hydroflot and turn a little to the left. Use the grapnel again and aim at the rock in front of you.

After that, aim at the very far rock. After that aim at the cliffs at the right side and in front of you. After that, aim at the rocks near the dinosaur-like-animals. Those beasts are making fun out of you and they also detach your grapnel from the cliffs!

Get out of your Hydroflot in search of... the unknown!

Enter the passage and after four steps, turn to the left. You can here lots of bees buzzing around. Look for the little wooden stick. Pick it up and click with it at the bigger wooden stump. The wood catches fire and the smoke drives the bees out of their hives. The bees are moving into the direction of the river, where they attack the dinosaurs. They will take a hike.

Now you can go back to your Hydroflot and go on with the grapnel. Most of all you have to aim at the rocks right in front of you, but sometimes you have to aim at the mountains at the right.

Keep on going until you stop near a black rock at the left of your Hydroflot.

In the distance you'll see another pier and next to it a mountain. Aiming is a little bit difficult over here, but just give it your best shot! You should aim at the middle of the pier and into the trees above it... When you did a good shooting, you'll arrive at the village.


Chapter 5

This time, take the egg with you when you're getting out of the Hydroflot. Turn to the right and look at the sluice in front of you with the snake on it. You can't do anything yet, but it's fun!

Turn to the left and walk down the pier until you arrive at the native village. Examine everything and every cottage and try to remember where some equipment is placed. In the cottage with the bird above the entrance, you can find a table with a drawing. Study it. Look down and open the drawer. Diskette number 4!

At the back of this cottage there is a door that leads to the jungle. Go through that door, make one step forward, then three steps to the right, and look down at the soil. At the left you can find a purple herb, take it with you.

Walk down the path and enter the cave. Two steps further you'll find a red bug at the soil. Take it with you! Walk toward the ladder and climb up.

When you arrive upstairs, turn to the right and walk down the wooden bridge till the big turning wheel. Guess what: turn it! Then go all the way back to the native village. Enter the cottage with the thatched roof.

Look around and you will discover a beautiful Indian girl who is sitting on the ground. Go to her. Give her the egg. Ah, Ovoe, she says. So now you know that ovoe is Indian for egg!

She tells you a whole list of requisites she needs. Listen carefully to her and then look in the big book to see what she means. If you listened carefully enough and look through the big book, you will see that she needs: the pink herb (which you accidental already have), a coconut and a red bug (which you also are carrying around already). And if that's not enough, the herb must be ground and the coconut should be squeezed!!!

So... you're missing just one ingredient! Go through the door back into the jungle. As a reminder: you'll find that door in the cottage with the bird above the entrance. Make one step forward, then to the left. Make another two steps and you will see some palms standing in the jungle. Turn a little to the right and examine the palms. You will see one with a coconut in it. Shake the tree and the coconut comes down. Don't forget to pick it up! It doesn't come to you by itself!

Back to the village. Grind the herb with the machine that is standing and waiting for you in the cottage at the left of the lying skeleton. Take the cup with the ground herb, and go to the cottage with the slope thatched entrance.

Here you'll find a machine that squeezes coconuts into coconut milk. Throw the coconut into the hopper at the left side of the machine. Wait until you can pick up the cup with coconut milk. Now you have everything the Indian girl desires.

Go to her and give her the ground herb, the coconut milk and the red bug. She starts a ritual ceremony with the egg. Then, suddenly she disappears. Thank God, the egg is still in your possession!

Go back to your Hydroflot and place the egg at its safe place. Go to the sluice with that nasty snake on it. Try to take the snake. Now it will disappear at the sound of the music the Indian girl makes. Click at the handle of the sluice and it will open.

Enter your Hydroflot and put diskette number four into the computer. Choose Boat, and use the most right handle. You now are sailing to the rock with the hoisting-device. Your Hydroflot stops again. Turn around. At the left side behind you'll see a black handle, pull it. Now you'll bee hoisted up. You'll stop again. Pull the black handle again, and you'll travel on and on... until the whole lot will crash into a... swamp.


Chapter 6

Look around and walk past your Hydroflot forward until you see the cottage which is build on poles. Walk up there and climb up the ladder. look over the water until you discover your lost egg. Go via the tree-trunk right of the cottage into the swamp and get your egg out of the swamp. Walk back to the cottage, climb up the ladder and go inside.

At the wall you'll find a little bag which you'll need later on. So get it. Go outside and look around. You'll see some poles sticking out of the swamp with little trumpets attached to it. Walk to that pole and use the little back at the lowest trumpet. You'll hear a funny noise. In the distance at the left you'll see a watergiraffe.

Click at the right side of the pole and walk straight ahead until you reach the frog at the water-lily. From here you have to go until you here the buzzing mosquitos. Walk around until you'll find a tree with an orange butterfly sitting on it. I must admit, that's easier said then done... Just don't give up!!!

When finally found that damned tree, click at the left side of it and you'll see some scaffoldings. There's also standing a pole with those little trumpets. Use your bag again at the lowest trumpet and now 3 watergiraffes will appear. Climb on one of these giraffes.

The giraffe will take you to a scaffolding up in a tree, Climb the ladder, go up and you'll see a very narrow rope-walk. Walk till the end of it without dropping dead...


Chapter 7

Now you arrive at the volcano island.

In front of you, you’ll see a temple. Climb up the stairs, enter the door and talk to the dictator. This happens to be the second mate of the professor back in 1932. He also dies spontaneously after his story and lucky for you... just in time before he can use his gun! When he passed away, take off his medals. He has no further use for them anymore, but you do!

Turn to the left and turn the wheel. It seems that nothing happens, but according to the sound deep down somewhere, something must have happened. Go outside.

Walk down the stairs and see what has happened, a secret passage in the stairway has opened. Enter the secret passage. Walk down the ladder and walk towards the melting-furnace. Click at the handle of the furnace and put the medals into the bowl.

Now the medals are turned into a key! Get the key and turn around until you see a kind of niche. Put the key into the lock. Turn the key a few times. Every time you turn the key, you'll see the "treads" turn a little bit. Turn the key until the "treads" turn back into their original position.

Walk to the ladder that leads to the bird. Climb the bird and you'll fly off to the crater of the vulcano, where you'll do some forced soil exploration. That hurts!!!

Search the vulcano until you'll find the cave. You can recognize it at the orange entrance. Inside of it you see a throne with a lilac gem attached to it. Place the egg on top of the throne and see what's happening...

Take the egg once more and go outside. Search for the dead bird near the volcano. You have to look very hard because it's a very tiny little bird. One tip: it's lying near the glowing lava...

When you've found the bird, go and search for a little bulge in the vulcano above the glowing lava. At the end of it, you'll see two little statues. Walk to the statues and place the egg on it. After that place the dead bird in top of the egg.

Now see what's happening! The birds are coming out of the egg. You saved Amerzone from the end and YOU are the one who did it!

The End...

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