Dracula Resurrection Walkthrough v1.0
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Watch the prologue scenes and when you have control of Jonathan Harker, youíll find 
yourself standing in front of the Golden Crown Inn. Go inside and watch the sequence 
where two men get up and push Harker out of the way as they leave. Youíll also be 
introduced to a woman who apparently runs the place. After that, talk to the old man you 
saw as you entered about getting to Draculaís castle and then talk to the old woman about 
it too. When youíre finished, leave the inn.

Outside, walk straight until you see two signs. Follow the one that is labeled ĎPonsí and 
take it until you see a sign that says ĎCuemeteriumí. Follow that and youíll see yet another 
set of signs that point you in the direction of a cross and a cemetery. Take the path that 
will eventually end at the cemetery.

When you get to the cemetery, head on inside and go towards the back and turn right to 
find a tool shed. Pick up the pickaxe that you find there and go back the way you came. If 
you noticed, youíll have seen some blue lights hovering above a tomb of some sort. Go 
there and go into your inventory by right-clicking and click on the pickaxe. Click on the 
spot just below where the lights are hovering and youíll see an icon where youíll see the 
axe inside a green circle. Use that icon on the spot and Harker will dig up a bracelet of 
some sort. Pick it up and if you want to, take a look at the picture just behind the tomb and 
then look at the grave nearby. When youíre finished here, leave the cemetery and go back 
to the Cross and Cemetery intersection and this time go to the Cross.

When you arrive, walk up to the cross and inspect the ground on the right side of the 
cross. You may (or may not) be able to see a slingshot lying there, and if you donít, just 
turn up your computerís brightness. Once you do find it, pick it up. Leave here and go 
back to the intersection. On your way there, you should see a well and a bridge with a man 
standing there. Go to the bridge and the man wonít allow you to pass. Oh well, maybe 
some other time. Anyway, go past the well and head towards the inn. Go inside and talk to 
old man and woman about the new dialogue choices (the bracelet and the slingshot w/ the 
man and only the bracelet with the woman). Leave the inn and go back to the intersection.

Take the Lacus path and follow it to a cabin. Youíll see a man standing on the deck named 
Goran, and when you try approaching him, he prevents you from going any further. I 
suppose weíll just have to find another way to get through. Go back a little ways and you 
should notice another path leading to an old oak tree. Follow this path and climb on up. 
Go into your inventory and use the sling on the tree with the birds flying around it. Harker 
will send a rock flying towards it, scaring the birds and distracting Goran.

Climb back down and go back to the cabin. Pick up the club lying against the wall and 
then go around and use it on Goran. Harker will knock him out, and afterwards, pick up the 
flute inside the barrel that sits in one corner of the deck. Go out onto the dock and get the 
knife thatís sticking in another barrel. Leave this area and head back inside the inn.

Go down to the basement (the door is near the bar area) and once youíre down there, open 
up the cupboard and take the telescope you find inside. Go back upstairs and talk to the 
old man about the flute. Heíll tell you the code that the bandits use. Go up the stairs and 
go to the end of the hall and enter the room that you find. This is the old womanís 
bedroom. Go over and push the small dresser to the other side of the room and then climb 
on top of it. Youíll find a small door handle, so pick it up and then use it on the hatch door. 
Enter the loft, and walk over to the crown sign and the tripod. Put the telescope on the 
tripod and then look through it. Youíll see Iorga warming his hands. While still looking 
through the telescope, use the flute on Iorga and Harker will play the tune he learned. 
Iorga will run towards the inn and stop underneath the sign. Look to your right and youíll 
see some rope to cut. Use the knife on it, and Harker will cut the rope, which results in 
Iorga being knocked out.

Leave the loft and head back down into the bedroom. As soon as Harker climbs down, the 
old woman comes in through the other door saying that sheís going to lock the doors 
because Viorel will be furious because Harker knocked Iorga out. You wonít be able to 
leave through the front door anymore, so leave the room through the door in which the old 
woman entered and drop down through the hole in the balcony and youíll be on solid 
ground once more.

Go to where Iorga was knocked out and examine his body. Youíll find a set of keys that 
you can pick up. If you feel like checking things out, go to the cabin, but Viorel is there 
right now and he wonít let you get through. Since Iorga is no longer guarding the bridge, 
go there and attempt to cross. As Harker tries crossing the bridge, some unknown force 
causes it to collapse (look at the way the boards fall off, it doesnít seem right). Now that 
we can no longer cross the bridge, weíll have to find another way. Go to the well and in the 
close-up view, use the well key (the one between the other key and the door handle) on it 
to unlock it. Climb down and go to the end of the corridor and up the stairs. Take the lamp 
you find at the end and go back down the stairs. Go over to the dark area and look near 
the left side of it. When the icon changes into a magnifying glass, click and youíll see a 
hook. Use the lamp on it to light up the darkened area and take the grappling hook you 
find on the ground. Leave the well and go back to the innís balcony.

Use the grappling hook on the hole and Harker will climb back up. Go through the 
bedroom and exit out the other door. Head downstairs and talk to the old woman about the 
bridge. Sheíll give you a key, so take it and open the red cupboard next to you. Use the key 
on the drawer and take the lighter and another key that you find inside. Read the journal 
and then head into the cellar. Before you head downstairs, however, there is a small 
candle in the opening on the ground. Use the lighter on it to light it and then head 
downstairs into the cellar.  Go around to the front of the large barrel in the room and use 
the key you got out of the cupboard on the locked panel. When itís opened up, use the 
dragon ring on the circle to open up the barrel. Take the ring back and then advance into 
the barrel to reach the other side.

Follow the tunnel to the end and go to the door to your left. Look at the stone ball on your 
right and click on it. Itíll move, revealing a mechanism similar to the one that was on the 
barrel. Use the dragon ring on the mechanism and youíll open up the mine entrance. Take 
the ring and exit through the door to find yourself outside. Follow the path and if you look 
to your left, youíll see Viorel blocking the path to the inn. Go to your right and youíll 
eventually end up at the cabin. Go to the cabin door and use the cabin key on it to unlock 
it. Go inside and go over to the stack of barrels. Take the crowbar out from underneath the 
barrels to have them fall out. Go onto the lift and close the gate. Watch the sequence as 
Viorel cuts the cable, sending the lift plummeting to the bottom. Luckily for Harker, he 
walks away unhurt.

Go to the left of the lift to see a couple of chains. Use the crowbar on them and watch as 
the rest of the mine comes crashing down. Take a piece of wood from near the cliff and go 
out to the end of the rock outcropping. Use the plank on the chasm and cross it. Once 
youíve arrived on the other side, go over to the pile of stones. Use the crowbar on one of 
the stones and youíll end up uncovering a skeleton. Take the right arm off (when looking 
from its point of view) and get closer to the gate thatís behind it. Use the lighter to light the 
lamp and use the skeleton arm to pick up a bar of some sort. Turn around and go down 
the stairs off to the left (Youíll see a video of Jonathan Harker descending further down 
into the mine when you find it).

Youíll be in a room with a broken bridge when you enter, and to get across, go up to the 
edge of the bridge and use the bar on the chains. Harker will slide down the chains and 
arrive on the other side. Go the left of the table and youíll see a darkened passage, follow 
it and youíll come to a rail station. There is a wagon car to your right that is already sitting 
on the rails, go to it and walk behind it. Turn the lever mechanism to the left of the wagon 
and watch the little sequence. Look up and to your right to find a pulley with a hook on it. 
Take the hook and go back to the rails. To the left of one of the rails, thereís a rail switch. 
Use the hook on it and then operate it to change the direction of the rail. Go back up the 
stairs and head back to where you left the wagon. Get behind it and turn the mechanism. 
Watch the sequence as Harker goes on a long trip down the railway.

After the sequence, follow the tracks to where theyíre broken and notice that the rail car 
has spilled its contents at the bottom. Turn around and go back to where you see a door 
lying up against the wall. Move the door to uncover a passage. Go into the passage and 
down the stairs to find another mechanism. Click on the tube and itíll open. Use the 
dragon ring on it to have the tube close and rotate. Take the dragon ring back and watch 
as the mechanism Ďfixesí the broken tracks. Go back up the stairs and attempt to cross the 
well. Watch as a swarm of bats come down and prevent Harker from continuing on. Turn 
around and on the right side of the rail, there is a lamp. Use the lighter on it to light it and 
then pick it up. Go back towards the well, but donít try crossing it just yet. Look down and 
to your left and youíll see a puddle of the barrelís contents that it had spilled when the rail 
car crashed. Use the lantern on it and watch the sequence. Go to the other side of the well 
and go to your right. On a small platform, there is a lever you can pull. Pull it and youíll be 
asked to insert Disc 2. Do so and when you come back to the game, Iíll continue on with 
the walkthrough.


As Disc 2 opens, youíll see a sequence where Draculaís henchmen are watching Harker 
ride to the castle, and then Dracula shows up. He explains to his henchmen that Harker is 
going straight to his death and he doesnít even know about it. After that, Harker arrives at 
a cemetery. Go straight until you see a set of stairs off to your left, then turn right and go 
down the spiral staircase. Look at the lock on the wall to the left of the door, use the 
dragon ring on it to unlock it and then take it back. Go inside to realize youíre in a cell. Go 
to the back of it and thereís a lamp on the pillar closest to the door that is unlit. Light it and 
youíll be introduced to Dorko, Draculaís previous wife. Ask her about Mina and then leave. 
Go up to the very top of the spiral staircase, and if you turn around, youíll see that Dorko 
has followed you. Click on her and she will open up the door to the Great Hall. As you go 
inside, the door will close behind you.

Go towards the stairs on the other end of the room, but rather than going up the stairs, go 
to the door in the hallway just to the left of the stairs. Examine the lock to find a set of keys 
in it, take it. The key that was in the lock will break off the ring, but youíll still have the key 
in your inventory. Go up the stairs and enter the first door you come to and youíll find 
yourself in a chamber. Go down the stairs and through the door to enter Draculaís room. 
Look at the ball on the pedestal in the room and click on it. Itíll rise up and unlock the 
chest near Draculaís bed. Take the ball and then go over to the chest. Open it up and take 
the picture and then examine the other object. If you open it up, youíll find an enamel 
plate, so take that as well. Go through the door next to the one you came entered through 
to find yourself on a balcony overlooking the library. Turn right and go through the door.

Click on the mechanism that you see inside and turn the handle, a chandelier will come 
and join the two parts of the hall so that you can cross. Leave the room, and then go to the 
other side of the balcony. Go through the door and walk down the stairs and youíll be on 
the lower floor of the library.  Go to the other side of the room, and in the corner to your 
right, look for the bookshelf that has an empty recess on it. Youíll know that itís the one 
when a magnifying glass icon appears. Anyway, open up the panel and use the enamel 
plate on the thing you see inside. Click on the eyepiece and a ray of light will hit the 
writing desk.

Go over to the desk (the thing with the chair, not the one with the map) and run your 
mouse over it, the magnifying glass will tell you where the hatch is. Click on it and the 
desk will open up. Near the bottom, thereís a drawer that you can open, so open it up and 
take the four objects you find inside. Exit the library through the door closest to the map 
table. Go down the stairs and look where the chandelier used to be. Search through the 
rubble and youíll find a shield. Move the shield out of the way and pick up the gauntlet 
thatís underneath. Go back upstairs and go to the doorway near the hole where the 
chandelier is now and go down the spiral staircase. Follow the path to the end and use the 
key you got from the vestibule on the door to unlock it. Go through the door and youíll find 
yourself back outside.

Go to Dorkoís cell and talk to her about the new topics. Afterwards, leave the cell and go 
back to Draculaís room. On the left wall, youíll see some markings where some pictures 
used to be. Use the picture that you have in your inventory on the wall and then go over 
and put the crystal ball on the pedestal. Make a note of the symbols on the cards, and then 
open up the pedestal drawer. Match the symbols with the cards in the drawer and then go 
over to the opposite wall and examine the broken mirror. The pictures you saw on the 
cards will the ones you push on the mirror. Push the three buttons in order and youíll 
uncover Draculaís secret passage. Go into the room and walk to the end. Look at the lock 
on the left side of the cylindrical structure and use the dragon ring on it. Take it back and 
watch as a statue moves out of the way to uncover a dagger. Go over and take the dagger 
and examine the lock again. Use the dagger on the lock and then turn it. The figureís 
mouth will open up, so then use the gauntlet on it and pull the ring inside the figureís 
mouth. The structure will turn, revealing a recess in which the St. George picture that you 
got from the library should be used. A golden Faberge egg will pop up, so use the key that 
you got from the library on it to unlock it and take the new key and diamond that you find 
inside. Take the dagger out of the crack and leave.

Go back into the library and use the key from the egg on the clock. The clock hands will 
move to 11:40 and a picture of young Dracula will turn. Go over to it and use the dragon 
medal on it to have the clock hands move to 11:45. Go to the map table and move the 
small globe out of the way to find a star map. Put the dragon ring in the bottom left hand 
corner and notice where the claws are. Go over to the large globe and set the blue cursor 
to 40 and the red cursor to 25. Click on the map and itíll open up, and the clock hands will 
move to 11:50.

Use the dagger on the dragonís back and watch as the clock hands move to 11:55. Click 
on the top of the dagger and use the diamond on it.  The clock hands will move to 
midnight and watch the sequence to uncover the secret passage. Head inside and go up 
the stairs to a secret room. Go over to the lectern and examine the letter on the left table 
and click on the book on the right table to have it move and tip over a bottle of acid. Take 
the bottle and then look at the lectern. Put the cross in its spot and the lectern will turn. 
Take the Da Vinci picture and then click on the top of the lectern. Arrange the sets of balls 
so that the word SATOR is at the top and the word ROTAS is at the bottom. When youíve 
done it correctly, the cross will be free for you to take.

Go back down the stairs and look at the recess in the wall. Use the cross on it and the 
stairs will move and reveal the crypt. Go down into the crypt and go over to the small altar 
on the left side of the room. Use the acid bottle on the chain and then take the amulet 
thatís inside. Three female vampires will show up and prevent Harker from going 
anywhere. Pull the handle on the wall on the left side of the altar to open up a window and 
send those vamps running away. Go to the other side of the room and examine the recess. 
Use the cross on it and watch as the stairs rise up, revealing another room. Go into that 
room and watch the sequence between Harker and Dorko. Dorko will lock you in the attic 
and youíll have to find a way out. Go to the opposite side of the room and look at the right 
wall. Youíll see a mechanism of sorts, so use the flying man icon and click on it. Use the 
dragon ring on the new mechanism to open up a gateway and itíll also lower the stairs. Go 
over to where Mina lays and click on her. Watch the ending sequence, and youíll have 
finished the game.

If you would like to continue on with the adventure, please get the sequel to Dracula 
Resurrection, which is called Dracula: The Last Sanctuary.


DreamCatcher Games Ė For coming out with a visually attractive game. I did although find 
it to be a bit of a bore because it was in first-person view (Iím not much for first-person 
adventures, anyway) and you had to continuously click to get where you wanted to go. It 
would have been more fun if it was on a track, like Schizm: Mysterious Journey was.

Samy Ė I had originally planned to use his guide to help with mine, but DreamCatcher had 
a solution of their own, so I used that instead. However, his guide did help me out when 
DreamCatcherís solution started running a little vague.

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