Syberia (Xbox) Walkthrough v1.0
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As Kate arrives in Valadilene, there will be a funeral procession going on.
You'll eventually arrive at the inn. Try to pick up your suitcase to learn that
Kate doesn't have the strength to do so after her exhausting trip, and then
take the brochure off of the bulletin board near the steps. You can use the L
and R buttons to zoom in and out in case you have a hard time reading any type
of document you find in the game.

Go to the other side of the room to see a little boy drawing at a table. Talk
to him to learn his name is Momo, but he won't let you see what he's drawing
right now. Leave him alone and then walk over to the front desk. Look at the
bell to get a close-up view of it. You'll notice that the bell has a little man
holding a hammer. You'll need to wind it up in order for it to ring the bell,
so pick up the key nearby and then go into your inventory. Take the key and use
it on the back of the man to wind him up and then press the red button to have
the man ring the bell.

The innkeeper will show up, so introduce yourself and then ask him to carry the
suitcase to Kate's room. At some point during the conversation, the innkeeper
will tell Momo to stop bothering Kate so much and then Momo will run off.

Once you've checked out your room, take the fax from the end table to the left
of the bed. Kate will feel that it'd be a good idea to let her boss, Edward
Marson, know about Anna Voralberg's death. Go into your inventory and use your
cellphone. You'll have to push the Memory button once to get the office's phone
#, and when it shows up on the screen, click on the Send button.

Marson will tell Kate that he's sent her a fax, so after you're done on the
phone, go back downstairs. Talk to the innkeeper and ask him about Kate's
mission to get him to check for any faxes that may have come in. He should give
you one, and it's one you'll have to show to a notary that you'll meet later.

Go over to where Momo was sitting earlier and take a look at what he was
drawing to realize he was actually carving something into the table. You'll
also see a couple of gears on the table that Momo left behind, so take them
both. There are also two more on the floor near Kate, so take them as well.

Leave the inn and follow the road to the left until you reach a screen that
consists of nothing except for a large house with two benches in front of it.
Take the newspaper off the left bench and then go up to the house's door.
You'll get a close-up view of another automaton. What you need to do is put Fax
#2 into the automaton's hand, pull the lever in his chest, and then pull the
lever to the right of that.

The notary will see the fax and let Kate come inside. Cross the room to the
other side and go through the door to enter the office. Talk to Maitre Alfoter
about the mission and you'll learn that Hans Voralberg isn't dead, his dad only
made it appear that he did. The only problem is that he is in Syberia, so it's
sounding like you're gonna have to go there to find him and get him to sign the

Afterwards, Alfoter will go to his bed because his health isn't 100% right now
and he says his doctor doesn't want him working too much. His part in this
affair is over with now that he's read the letter from Anna.

Leave the office and look at the coat rack near the door to find a telescopic
key and then leave the building altogether. Head back down the street until
Kate's cellphone rings. You'll get a call from Dan, who is either Kate's
boyfriend or husband. He's anxious for Kate to return home so that they can go
out with the Goldbergs, but Kate lets him know that she has to extend her stay
in Valadilene due to the fact that Hans may still be alive.

After Kate is finished talking, continue on down the road and cross the bridge
and make your way up to the church. Once you're there, Kate will get another
phone call, but this time it'll be from her boss. Kate will tell him what she's
learned so far, but her boss won't sound too thrilled. Follow the path around
to the right and head towards the back of the building. Go through the door to
enter the priests' living quarters.

Examine the cross on the wall behind the altar and move it out of the way to
uncover a key. Take the key and use it to unlock the dresser nearby. Open the
first drawer to find a punch card, which should be a purple one, and take it.
Just as a note, you may find other punch cards in the drawers below, but only
the purple one is needed to continue with the game. Open the third drawer and
then turn the handle on the right side of the dresser to make the drawer pop
out even further. Take the goodies you've uncovered and then you can leave here.

When you're outside, go back near the front of the church until you see an
elevator on the left. Go up to it and examine the panel on the right to learn
that there are some gears missing. Luckily for you, you already grabbed the
gears you needed back when you were in the inn. Put the gears in their
respective places (which shouldn't be hard to figure out) and then pull the
lever on the right to activate the elevator.
The elevator will carry you up to the attic. On the other side of the room you
will find an automaton. Use the punch card on its back and watch the sequence.
After you're finished, ride the elevator back down to the ground level.

Go back around the front of the church and follow the other path until you
arrive at the Voralberg crypt. Get a close-up view of the automaton sitting on
top of the crypt and notice that in its hat is a plus sign-shaped slot. Use the
Voralberg key on it and the crypt will be unlocked. Head inside and walk down
the stairs to find several tombs. Pull out Hans Voralberg's drawer to find that
his body isn't in there, instead there are a couple of items which you can
take. Do so and then leave the crypt.

Follow the road back down into the town and go to where you received a phone
call from Dan. There is a door on the right side of the road that is a bit hard
to see, but the view will change once you get into the right area. Use the
telescopic key on the top automaton and then wind up the bottom one. Pull the
lever on the right and the door should open up, allowing Kate to go through.

You'll have arrived in a fountain plaza, with several paths branching off in
every direction. Take the path to the right first to find a large house. You
can't go in through the front door, so instead follow the path around to the
right. You'll come across a ladder, but you'll need a key to extend it.

Go to the hedge maze and take the left path. When you get to the locked gate,
you'll notice an alcove nearby, so let's check it out. Look inside the basin to
find another Voralberg key and take it. Go back to the ladder and use the key
and watch as it extends all the way up to the top. Climb the ladder and Kate
will find herself in the attic of the house.

Walk to your left to find a desk. Open the desk and take the inkwell and diary
you find inside. You can read the diary if you wish, as it details much of
Anna's childhood. Go over to the opposite end of the room to find a darkened
area. Turn on the overhead light and examine the wall to find a drawing of a

If you turn around and head towards the window, you'll see that Momo has snuck
his way in and he'll end up startling Kate. He won't talk to you until you draw
him a mammoth similar to Hans', so take the pencil and paper he gives you and
use it on the mammoth drawing you saw a moment ago and Kate will get a rubbing
of it.

Give the rubbing to Momo and he'll agree to share his secret with you. Momo
will climb back down the ladder and run off, so now you have to follow him.
You'll end up having to go past the notary's house to a small gate, where Momo
will be waiting for you.

Momo will open up the gate, so be sure to follow him inside. Run down the path
until you catch up with Momo at a fork in the road. Take the right fork to find
a dam. Attempt to open it to find that Kate isn't strong enough to do so. Head
back and ask Momo for help and watch as he breaks the lever trying to open the dam.

Pick up the broken lever and did you notice that boat as you were running to
catch up with Momo? Head back to it and try to take the oar from it only to
have Kate say it's too far. Use the broken lever to bring the oar closer to
shore, but Kate is still afraid to go into the water and take it. Ask Momo for
some more help and he'll grab the oar for Kate. You'll have to ask him for help
a third time before he'll use the oar to open the dam.

You can now access the cave on the other side of where the river used to be, so
go there now. Go all of the way back into the cave until you spot a mammoth
doll. Take it and then head back to the city, but as you get back to the fork,
you'll get a phone call from Kate's friend Olivia. After Kate decides she
doesn't have time to talk, continue on back to the city.

Back in the city, your next stop is back to the fountain. Once you're there,
take the upper left path and look for a small lever on one of the columns
holding up the structure. Once you find it, pull it to watch a claw come over
and haul some cargo into the factory. Go back to the main area and take the
left path to find the factory itself and head inside.

Run left for a couple screens and you'll get a phone call from Kate's mom. Walk
towards the forklift automaton until the screen changes and then activate it to
have it move the cargo that you had brought over to the factory.

Leave the screen and go through the somewhat hard to see door north of you.
You'll see an automaton hanging from a rack, and if you want to bring him down
you'll need to go behind him and activate the panel.

Once you've set him down he'll come to life and introduce himself.Talk to him
about production and you'll learn that he doesn't have his feet, so he'll need
Kate to make them for him. He'll give you his punch card so that the job can be

Leave the room and head to the other side of the factory, past the entrance, to
find the assembly lines. Go along the left side the lines until you find a door
and then enter the room. Here you will see the controls for the water wheel you
can see outside the window. Pull the lever on the right to release an automaton
hamster and then pull the left lever. You're done here for now, so feel free to

Go back to the entrance and this time go upstairs. Enter the office and examine
the cabinet you find on the other side of the room. Pull the 10th book and a
toy will turn on. Use the voice cylinder on it and watch the sequence.
Afterwards, the top of the toy will pop up, so feel free to take it with you.

Go over to the desk and read the letter in front of you to realize that it is
unfinished. Look at the blueprints as well as the stack of papers to learn how
bad of a shape the factory is in financially. Leave the office and continue up
the stairs. It's here that you'll be able to make Oscar's feet, and in order to
do that, pull the switch on the left side of the machine three times to change
the color wheel and then put Oscar's card in the slot. Lastly, pull the bottom
right switch on the right side and you should see the “3” light up. Pull the
right black switch to the right of the card slot and watch as Oscar's feet are

Head back down to the assembly lines and this time go along the right side of
the lines to find the feet and take them with you. Go back to Oscar and give
him his feet. He'll eventually leave to conduct a train, and the train station
just so happens to be our next destination.

Go back to the fountain and follow the top-right path. Once you reach the train
itself, you'll have to go back near the caboose because you'll need to cross
over to the other side of the platform to wind up the train. Follow the screen
south and you'll see a machine on the right side. Turn the wheel and then pull
the lever to wind up the train and then turn the wheel a second time to move
the mechanism out of your way.

Get back on the train and this time go inside the car. Talk to Oscar about
Kate's mission and he'll tell you that you need a train ticket and an
authorized train release. Leave the train and go back to the left side of the
platform. Go over to the ticket office to see that Oscar isn't just a
conductor, but also serves as the ticket vendor. Talk to him about Kate's
mission again to get the paperwork you need and now you'll have to go all the
way back to the notary's house to get the train release approved.

Once you're there, look at Alfoter's desk to find a mechanized stamp. Lift the
hat up on the stamp and pour the ink into it. Put the release on the flat panel
and push the button to get the release approved.

Go back to the train and this time when you try to enter, you'll get a phone
call from Dan. He doesn't sound too happy that you're not going to be back when
Kate was originally supposed to be, but there's not much Kate could have done
about it.

Go into the next room of the car to find a couple of shelves and a pedestal in
the middle of the room. Put the toy on the pedestal and then put the mammoth
doll on the small platform in the lower right of your screen. Get a close-up
view of the left shelf and put the cylinders in it.

After you're finished, give the train release and ticket to Oscar and you'll be
on your way to Barrockstadt.


The train has stopped at Barrockstadt University and if you ask Oscar why that
is, he won't have an explanation for you. Check out the left side of the train
and head down a few screens until Kate finds a winding machine similar to the
one in Valadilene. Go back to the train to see Oscar standing outside. He'll
tell you that he has something important to tell you, so go inside the train to
find out what it is. Kate has been summoned by the rectors of the university,
so we'll need to find out what they want.

Get off on the right side of the train this time and head north. Get across the
bridge and then go down the stairs to Kate's right. Follow the screen until you
reach a beach of sorts and talk to the man standing there. You'll learn that he
is the station master, so be sure to talk to him about everything. Pick up the
hook nearby and then head back to the bridge.

Go over the next bridge and head right. Go through the door and head down the
stairs to see a couple of people standing in a barge. Ask them for help and
after some stiff negotiations, they'll agree to help Kate move the train if she
pays them $100.

Head back to the bridge again and this time leave the station through the door
directly across from the bridge. Cross the open area and head up to the
university. You can talk to the kid standing near the steps, but he's just a
pervert so all you can do is ignore him.

Once you're inside the university, walk down the hall and then follow it off to
the left. Enter the first door to find the library and before you walk down the
stairs, follow the upper deck around to the right and climb the ladder you find
there. Take the book from the right side of the book case and read it. Climb
back down the ladder and this time walk down the stairs into the reading area.
Take the book off the table near the opposite set of stairs and read that one
as well.

Leave the library and continue on down the hall. Go through the next door and
you'll get to meet the rectors who summoned Kate. Talking to them will reveal
that their problem is that the train came in on is still sitting in the station
when it should have left as soon as it stopped. The other thing is that if you
want the money to get the train moved, you'll need to fix the bandstand in the
main plaza because then the rectors will give you $100 for your services. Note
their reaction when you ask them about the Forest Sauvignon. Sounds like
there's more to the story than what they're letting on, eh?

Leave the university and as soon as you do, Kate will get yet another angry
phone call, but it's from her boss this time. I kinda wish he'd just piss off
and let Kate do her work. Go back to the station and find the station master.
Ask him about the forest and he won't tell you much about it either. He'll run
off, but he'll just have gone to the bridge. Follow him and you'll find him on
the bridge leading out of the station. Ask him about the forest again and he'll
tell you to talk to the paleontologist, Professor Pons.

Go back into the university and this time follow the hall to the right to find
the professor standing in front of a mammoth skeleton, taking some notes. Talk
to him about everything to learn that he knew Hans because they were close
friends. When asked about the forest, he'll tell you to talk to the station
master, but once Kate lets him know that he sent her to Pons, he'll also
suggest talking to the rectors.

Go and talk to the rectors again about Sauvignon and they'll end up telling you
what they know. They have a hidden garden that the station master takes care of
and they use Pons' laboratory to make the berries into wine and then the
rectors have a little fun by drinking the wine. They'll want Kate to keep it a
secret and she'll agree to do just that.

Go talk to the station master again and he'll decide to unlock the gate to the
garden. Follow him across both bridges and head all the way down the path
across from you. Go through the gate and down the next path and pick some
berries from the bush. Leave here and go back to the train.

Go into the middle of the car and take the mammoth doll with you. Go back to
the university and on the way there the station master will give Kate a bottle
of wine. Continue to the university and meet with Pons. Give him the mammoth
doll and he'll be so moved that he can hardly speak. He'll take with him into
his lab, so follow him inside.

Examine the cabinet nearby and take the cylinder that's on the bottom shelf.
Head towards the front of the room and on the bottom right table is a test tube
holder. Take it with you along with the bottle of yangola cola powder.

Go back to the train, but rather going inside, do you see those birds pecking
around by the ladder? Give them the berries and they'll move out of the way,
allowing Kate to climb the ladder. At the top, check out the bird's nest and
take the red cuckoo's egg using the test tube holder and then climb back down.

Go back to the university, but you won't need to go inside this time. There's
the bandstand that we need to fix, and it's in the courtyard outside the
university. Cross the small bridge and follow the bandstand around to the left.
You'll see a scale on one of the doors, so get a close-up view of it and place
the cuckoo's egg on the right end of the scale. Turn the wheel and the door
will open.

Climb down the ladder and pull the lever and you'll be rewarded with a sequence
that shows the bandstand starting up and playing a song. You'll hear this song
in most areas of Barrockstadt now that the bandstand's working again. Go talk
to the rectors about money and they'll pay you for having fixed the bandstand.

Pay the people on the barge, but you're not done yet. The locks need to be
opened, and the person who usually does it won't be around for a while, so it's
up to Kate to do it if she wants to get out of here as soon as possible. The
guy will toss you a key, so be sure to pick it up before leaving.

Head back towards the bridge and Kate will get another phone call from her mom.
Continue on past the entrance to find a control panel on the right side. You
will be using this to open and close the locks, but since we don't know the
codes, you'll have to find someone who does. Look at the side of the machine to
find a phone number and call it. You'll get the codes you need, so with those
in hand, use the key to unlock the panel and punch in the code #42* to lower
the water level.

Go back to the barge and talk to the folks about the locks and they'll move
their boat. Go back to the panel and punch in the code #41* to raise the water
level and the boat will be waiting for you by the train. Cross the bridge and
go down the stairs to the north. Walk until you see the couple and talk to them
and the guy will toss a chain over for you to hook onto the train. It's a bit
hard to see, but it's near the lighted spots on the ground. Use the hook you
found earlier on the chain and Kate will attach the chain to the train and the
barge will pull the train over to the winding machine.

As you go over to the train, Kate will get a call from Pons telling her that
he's about to start his lecture, but we have a couple things to do before we
can check it out. Wind up the train and then Dan will call again. Things
between Kate and Dan will become a bit heated, but I would be irritated too if
you had people calling you up bugging the living crap out of you.

Go into the middle of the train car and put the voice cylinder in the pedestal
the toy's sitting on and watch the sequence. Leave the tran and go back to the
university. The lecture hall's straight ahead once you enter, so head up the
stairs by the skeleton and then up the next set of stairs to the left of that.

The lecture bored me, so I skipped it using the B button. Once you've had some
rest, Pons will tell Kate that she can stop by the lab to pick up the doll as
well as some notes, so do just that. They're both sitting on Pons' desk.

You're done in Barrockstadt for the most part, so go back to the train and hop
on. Put the mammoth doll back where you found it and then talk to Oscar about
Kate's mission to start riding the rails again. You'll stop again shortly, so
leave the train to find out why.

You're now parked in front of a huge wall with a gate blocking your way. Go
over to the small shack to find Oscar standing behind the counter. He'll tell
you that you need an exit visa to go beyond the wall, and in order to get one,
you need to follow the path up and around the ticket office and go through the

Go upstairs and Kate will get another call from her friend Olivia. Travel
across the bridge and enter the door there. The guy in charge of issuing visas
is standing next to the telescope, but he may be a bit hard to see due to his
coat. Talk to him to learn that he isn't issuing visas because it's too
dangerous to go beyond the wall. Apparently, there's an enemy spy watching
everything that's going on and he tells Kate to check for herself. Look through
the telescope and push the right red button a few times to bring the view into
focus. What was thought of an enemy spy is actually a dead tree and thus
drawing the conclusion that the captain needs glasses.

Go over to the captain's desk and you'll spot a couple of wine glasses. Pour
some wine into them and spike one of the glasses with some of the yangola cola
powder. Leaving the view will result in Kate convincing the captain to have a
drink and then she convinces him to look through the telescope. Once the
captain realizes the mistake he's been making for so long, he'll be so ashamed
that he'll decide to issue Kate the exit visa she needs.

Go back down to the ticket office and give Oscar the exit visa. He'll give you
a ticket, which you'll need to give to him once you're back inside the train
and we're on our way to the next locale.


Leave the train and run to the giant robot north of you. Once there, climb up
the ladder and into the control booth. On the shelf above the bed you will find
three objects; a voice cylinder, a blueprint of the robot you're in now, and a

Zoom in on the machine next to you and put the handle back into it. Push the
handle up twice to move the robot closer to the train and then push the red
button to wind up the train. Move the robot back and then climb down. Head back
to the train and on your way there you will see a man run out from the train.
Kate tries to get his attention, but he isn't listening. I wonder what he was
up to?

Get into the train and into the passenger area to find Oscar tied up. Pick up
the shears on the floor nearby and then untie him. He'll tell you he was
attacked and now he's missing his hands.

Before leaving the train, listen to the voice cylinder you found and then go
back to the robot. Move it forward once and then climb out. Kate will jump over
to the roof of a nearby building. You'll notice there's a hole in the wall, so
use the shears on it to make it big enough for Kate to climb through.

Once inside, go to the far end of the room and take the spark plug off the
shelf to your left and then leave. Move the robot back so that Kate can climb
back down to the ground and then go past the train to the other side of the
city. Here you will find an elevator shaft. Push the button to call the
elevator and then ride it down to enter a mine. As soon as you reach the
bottom, you'll get a call from Dan, but there's too much static.

There's a small generator near the elevator, so get a close-up view of it and
put the spark plug into it. Slide the small lever just underneath it to turn on
the lights. Follow the corridor to the other side to find another elevator.
Ride this one up and you'll find yourself in a building. You can open the door
by flipping the switch to the left of it.

Let's check out what's behind you and go up the stairs. Check out the unique
automaton pianist and take the screwdriver sitting nearby. Head back downstairs
and go to the other side of the room. You should eventually see a ladder with a
panel bolted onto it. Unscrew the bolts from the panel and it'll drop to the
floor. Climb up the ladder and enter the door to find the guy who stole Oscar's
hands. Talking to him will reveal that he is Serguei Borodine, the director of
the complex. He “borrowed' Oscar's hands so he could use them with his pianist.
He has a plan to bring Helena Romanski, a renowned opera singer, back to
Komkolzgrad so he can hear her sing again, but the only problem is that he
doesn't know where she's at now. Serguei will lower a room to the ground,
allowing Kate to check it out.

Go down and inspect the room. Take the scrapbook and letters out of the drawer
to your left and then use the cellphone to call Kate's mom. Her mom's lover,
Franck, will tell you where to find Helena, which is in a place called Aralbad.
Go back to Serguei and tell him about your recent discovery.

Serguei will allow you to ride his monorail, so leave the control room and
enter the monorail, which is near the door. When you arrive at your
destination, follow the path to a wide open area. Cross over to the other side
and head up the stairs to find a capsule. You'll find a guard inside the
capsule, but as you can probably tell, he's drunk. Take the bottle of vodka
sitting on the floor behind him and he'll end up leaving.

Go back inside the capsule after the sequence is over and take a peek inside
the guard's medicine cabinet (the guard was sitting in front of it). You'll
find a key and a memo talking about the cancellation of the space program and
so take them both with you.

Outside the capsule, you will now need to sober up the guard. In order to do
that, go down the stairs and around to where the guard is currently located.
Turn the wheel you find there and then go back up the stairs. Walk over to the
control panel and put the key in its keyhole. Move him left and then up and use
the middle lever to drench him in cold water.

We need to talk to the guy, but first, go past him into the hangar. Run around
to the right to find an airship and if you attempt to open the door, you'll
realize that you need a key. Go back and talk to the guard about the airship
and he'll give you the key. Go back to the airship and go inside. Pull the
lever near the automaton and then leave.

Go around the hangar to the other side and walk up the stairs to the control
room. Operate the control panel and you'll notice another Voralberg key. Use it
on the oddly-shaped keyhole and then flick the switch near the screen. Open the
panel near the bottom right and connect the wires. Take the blood testing
apparatus out of its socket and then go back to the guard, who should now be in
the hangar.

Give the apparatus to the guard to get a blood sample and then go back into the
control room. Put the apparatus into the socket and then push the first three
buttons. You'll learn that the guard's blood alcohol level is too high. Grab
the top of the apparatus to have Kate put in a sample of her own blood and then
push all the buttons to launch the Colonel into space.

Go out to the front of the hangar and pick up the handle you find on the
ground. Head back past the capsule to a rocket and climb up the stairs around
the left side of it. Hitch a left turn to find a large cage with an air raid
siren nearby. Stick the handle into the siren and watch as an eagle flies out
of the cage and attacks the red cuckoos.

Hop into the airship, pull the handle, and away we go!

Once Kate steps out of her ride, head into the inn. Talk to the innkeeper and
he'll be awfully rude towards Kate. If you wanna exact a little payback, go to
the other side of the room and open the closet next to the gate. Take the
bottle of detergent with you and go outside. Pour the detergent into the
fountain and then go back into the inn. Open the curtain and talk to the
innkeeper again.

He'll see the mess you've made and then head outside with a mop to clean it up.
While he's away, head behind his desk and get a close-up view of it. Take the
brochure with you and then push the button.

Go through the gate and take a left to find the dining room. Follow the
corridor until you see a door off to your right. The code for the door is 0968,
so enter that into the panel nearby. Put on the gas mask before heading out and
then follow the pier all the way down to a gazebo to meet Helena Romanski. Talk
to her and then when you're finished, the innkeeper will run out and threaten
to toss Kate out on her butt, but Helena's there to make the save.

Near the gazebo you may have spotted a small post with a bell on it. Take the
bell with you and then go back to the beginning of the pier. You'll find
another post similar to the other one, so put the bell on it and ring it. Go
inside and put the gas mask away. Go into the dining room and head up to the
bar. Talk to automaton, whose name is James and he'll run out to get Helena.

During that time, you'll get a phone call from Kate's mom. After you're done,
it'll be just about the right time for James to come back in with Helena. Talk
to her about everything and she'll say that her voice isn't as great as it used
to be, but there was a drink a barman made at another hotel that brought it
back in an instant when she lost it a long time ago.

Check out the brochure you picked up earlier and notice that number in red?
Call it and you'll get the recipe for a Blue Helena. In order to make it, first
check under the bar to find some honey and a lemon that you'll need to take
with you.

You'll need to melt the honey, and to do so, go out to the pool area that's on
the other side of the dining room and follow the walkway around until you find
a hot tub. Go behind the hot tub and turn the wheel to get it heated up. Put
the honey in the hot tub and you'll have some liquid honey.

Go back towards the dining room, but instead of going back in, follow the
hallway north. You'll see a serving cart at the end, so take a crystal dish off
of it. Go back to the bar and when you have the view of the entire bar, place
the crystal dish on the right corner.

Operate the drink maker and put the honey in the far right slot, the vodka to
the left of that, and the lemon in the far left slot. Press the far left button
to turn on the machine and then press the second piano key. Flip the little
lever to the right and then press the third piano key. Push the blue ice
button, followed by the yellow lemon button and then the honeycomb button next
to it. Push the far right button and the drink will be made and Kate will give
it to Helena.

Watch the sequence and if everything went according to plan, Helena's voice
will come back and she'll end up shattering the crystal dish. You can then
leave Aralbad by going to the airship.


Back in Komkolzgrad, you'll get to see a sequence of Helena singing for
Serguei. During the sequence, Serguei will trap Helena within a cage. When you
gain control of Kate, go up and snap the lock off using the shears and then go
in and use the screwdriver on the pianist's hands to get them back.

Head back downstairs and over to the large door. Kate will open the door,
allowing Helena to leave, but then a gate pops up, preventing Kate from
leaving. Take the elevator down into the mine and as you head down to the
opposite end, a bomb will go off, collapsing the shaft. Call the other elevator
and you'll see a bomb was placed on this one. It'll explode, collapsing that
shaft as well, but it'll also have blown the grate off of the ventilation duct.

Use the duct to escape and when you're outside, inspect the crates near the
elevator to find yet another bomb. Take this one with you and go talk to Oscar.
Go inside the train and you'll get a phone call and you'll notice that the
large robot has moved forward. Leave the train and head down to the robot. Use
the dynamite on its leg and book it back to the train. The dynamite will
explode and destroy the robot as the train makes its escape.


Leave the train on the right side and go use the winding machine. Once the
train has been wound up, talk to Oscar for a while, more specifically about
Kate's mission. The innkeeper will come out and let Kate know that she has a
package waiting for her inside. Go into the inn and examine the package on the
far end of the counter to find a mammoth doll inside. Take it with you and then
you'll find out that Helena wants to talk to you.

Meet her in the dining room and afterwards, go out the door nearby and talk to
the man sitting on the bench. This is Hans Voralberg, the man Kate has been
looking for since the beginning of the game. Watch the sequence and the game
you know as Syberia will come to an end.

Be sure to play Syberia II to find out what happens next!!

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