Syberia #1 In 217 Steps (Complete Reference)
			By Koumen Productions
			     Ver. 2.1.0

* Note: "Turn to your right" means "turn to the heroine's right", while "turn
to the right (of the screen)" means "turn to the right, as you see the screen".

			Valadilene (103 steps)
1. Pick up the Voralberg key from the reception counter of the inn.
2. Place the key in the back of the automaton bell.
3. Press the automaton bell button.
4. Introduce yourself to the innkeeper.
5. Inspect the case, on the table.
6. Ask the innkeeper for help.
7. Pick up the fax #1 from the bedside table.
8. Call your boss by using your cell phone.
9. Talk to the innkeeper about the mission.
10. Pick up the tourist brochure from the board.
11. Pick up the two gear wheels from the floor, near Momo's table.
12. Pick up the two gear wheels on Momo's table.
13. Pick up the "Valadilene Gazette" newspaper from the bench, near the end of
the main street.
14. Turn to the entrance of the house, near the bench (from which you took the
15. Pull the lever on the body of the automaton.
16. Deploy the fax #2 on the automaton's hand.
17. Pull the lever (automaton's left arm).
18. Enter the notary's office and sit on the chair.
19. Talk about the mission with the notary.
20. Take the telescopic key from the umbrella stand, in the waiting room.
21. Turn to the top of the screen, up to the end of the street and as soon as
you have entered the cemetery, turn to the right.
22. Go to the end of this side of the church and go up the stairs.
23. Pull the cross on the wall, in the sacristy.
24. Take the key from the bureau in the sacristy.
25. Use this key to open the bureau lock (upper right of the screen).
26. Open the drawers #1, #2, #4, and #5 and take the punch card out of each
27. Open the drawer #3.
28. Pull the lever at the side of the sacristy bureau.
29. Take the priest's confession and the Voralberg key out of drawer.
30. Leave the room and go to the elevator.
31. Use the four gear wheels on the four nails in the case, near the elevator
of the church.
32. Pull the lever of the case.
33. Put the funeral punch card (the purple one) in the slot of the barrel-organ
34. Go down by using the elevator and then go to the left of the cemetery.
35. Put the Voralberg key in the hat of the tomb automaton and enter the room.
36. Pull the plate in Hans Voralberg's tomb.
37. Open Hans's coffin.
38. Take the Valadilene voice cylinder and the newspaper cutting out of the
39. Leave the cemetery and go to the Voralberg factory's gate, after the
hotel's entrance.
40. Use the telescopic key on the gate.
41. Wind up the automaton at the bottom of the gate.
42. Pull the lever on the gate.
43. Follow the second path.
44. Pull the lever on the pole.
45. Turn back and follow the first path.
46. Enter the building.
47. Turn to the left of the screen and again to the left.
48. Go towards the cable car and activate it.
49. Open the door at the top of the screen.
50. Go behind the workbench and bring the automaton (Oscar) down.
51. Talk to Oscar about the production.
52. Turn back to the entrance of the building, turn to the right of the screen,
walk up to the end and open the door.
53. Pull the handle hanging down.
54. Pull the lever on the left.
55. Turn back at the entrance of the building and go up the stairs at the left
side of the screen. Go them up to the end.
56. Use Oscar's punch card on the assembly line console.
57. Select the right wood using the brochure (the one that you have taken from
the inn) on the assembly line console.
58. Select the table #3 on the assembly line.
59. Activate the production with the lever on the right of the assembly line.
60. Leave the console end open the door. The door is before the stairs that
lead down to the entrance.
61. Pull out the last but one book from the cupboard in Anna's office.
62. Place the Valadilene voice cylinder in the music box.
63. Take the Hans-Anna automaton (the two figures).
64. Leave the office, go down the stairs and take the automaton legs from the
table on the production line.
65. Give the automaton legs to Oscar.
66. Leave the building. Follow the fourth path.
67. Before the stairs, turn to the right and walk until you reach the stairs -
68. Turn to the right.
69. Enter the labyrinth.
70. Take the key from the fountain.
71. Leave the labyrinth and use the key on the stairs - automaton.
72. Climb up the ladder.
73. Turn to the right and then to the top of the screen.
74. Switch on the light.
75. Talk to Momo.
76. Return to the room, where you switched on the light and use the pencil and
the piece of paper on the mammoth picture on the beam.
77. Give the mammoth tracing to Momo.
78. Take Anna's diary and the inkwell out of the desk.
79. Follow Momo.
80. As soon as Momo sits on a rock, go up the stairs and try to push the lever.
81. Ask Momo for help.
82. Take the broken lever near the dam.
83. Turn back and use the broken lever on the boat oar.
84. Ask Momo for help.
85. Ask Momo for help.
86. Beside the rock, where Momo was sitting, there is a path. This path leads
to a cave, from where you should take a mammoth doll.
87. Go back to the factory and follow the third path.
88. Enter the train and ask Oscar about the mission.
89. Ask Oscar about the mission at the ticket office.
90. Click on the hat of the automaton-stamping machine at the notary's house,
on the office at the waiting room.
91. Use the ink on the head of the automaton-stamping machine.
92. Place the train release permit on the base of the automaton - stamping
93. Press the automaton - stamping machine button.
94. Go back to the station and go up the stairs (that lead to the train), then
go down the stairs (those at the opposite side).
95. Turn the train winder valve.
96. Pull the train winder lever.
97. Turn the train winder valve again.
98. Enter the train.
99. Place the mammoth doll on the shelf in the inventory carriage of the train.
100. Place the Hans - Anna automaton on the pedestal in the inventory carriage.
101. Place the Valadilene voice cylinder in the cupboard of the inventory
102. Give the train release permit to Oscar.
103. Give to Oscar the train ticket.

			Barrockstadt (48 steps)
104. Meet Oscar in the train.
105. Leave the train, go down the stairs at the left side of the screen and
follow the path to the right. Stop as soon as Kate says something (If you walk
up to the end, you will see the train winder).
106. Go to the train and meet Oscar.
107. Leave the train, from the left side of the screen, turn to the left, go up
the stairs that lead to the right, leave the train station and go towards the
opposite building. Enter the building, walk straight ahead, go left and left
108. Enter the room and talk to the rectors about the train.
109. Go to the train station and after the entrance turn to the right of the
110. Ask the barge people for help.
111. Go to the University and ask the rectors about money.
112. Go to the opposite side and ask the paleontologist about Hans.
113. Go back to the train, take the mammoth doll out of the inventory carriage,
go back to the University and give it to the paleontologist.
114. Enter the room and take the Barrockstadt voice cylinder from the cupboard.
115. Take the test - tube holder from the bench.
116. Leave the laboratory and go towards the rectrors' room. Open the door, at
the far end of the screen (one "screen" before the rectors' room).
117. Turn to the right of the screen, climb up the scaling - ladder and take
the book about the mushrooms.
118. Go down the stairs that lead to the desks in the study room and take the
small book, which is on one of the desks.
119. Return to the station, go up the stairs and go down the stairs that lead
to the left of the screen. Walk until you meet the stationmaster.
120. Ask him about Sauvignon.
121. Take the hook, near the river.
122. Ask the stationmaster about Sauvignon at the stairs that lead to the exit
of the station.
123. Go to the University and ask The Paleontologist about Sauvignon.
124. Ask the rectors about Sauvignon.
125. Return to the station and ask the stationmaster about Sauvignon, at the
126. Go to the direction, where the stationmaster went and choose the stairs
against you. Follow the path.
127. Go towards the open door, enter the garden, walk for a while and take a
handful of grapes.
128. Leave the garden and follow the path. Turn to the far end of the screen
and give the grapes to the cuckoos in front of the ladder.
129. Climb up the ladder and use the test-tube holder on the cuckoo's egg.
130. Go to the University's yard, go and use the cuckoo's egg on the kiosk
131. Turn the wheel, enter the kiosk, go down the stairs and pull the kiosk
132. Enter the University and ask the rectors about money.
133. Go to the station and give the $100 to the barge people.
134. Pick up the key and use it on the lock console, at the opposite side of
the station.
135. Drain water out of the lock (press "42*" - you can also learn the code -
numbers by dialing (use your cell phone) the number, written on the tablet - ).
136. Ask the barge people about the lock.
137. Raise the water level of the lock (press "41*").
138. Go up the stairs, go down the stairs that lead to the train, walk until
you see the barge people and ask them for help.
139. Use the hook on the chain and walk straight ahead, until you see the train.
140. Go to the University, walk straight ahead, go up the stairs and go to the
141. Go to the laboratory, take the notes and the mammoth doll from the
paleontologist's office and take the Yangala - cola powder from the workbench.
142. Go to the station, towards the train, go up the stairs that lead to the
train and go down the stairs, at the opposite side, turn the train winder valve
and pull the train winder lever.
143. Enter the train; place the Barrockstadt voice cylinder in the inventory
carriage and the mammoth doll in the inventory wagon.
144. Talk to Oscar about the mission.
145. Leave the train. Go down the stairs at the right side of the screen and
talk to Oscar at the customs post.
146. Walk behind the kiosk, open the small door, near the main entrance and go
up the stairs.
147. Walk further, enter the room and talk to Captain Malatesta.
148. Adjust the telescope.
149. Pour the wine into the glasses, on the table, slip the Yangala - cola
powder into the glasses and press the button at the bottom - right.
150. Leave the building and give the Exit Visa to Oscar.
151. Enter the train and give the train ticket to Oscar.

			Komkolzgrad (32 steps)
				Part #1
152. Leave the train and head for the automaton giant (walk for three
"screens") and climb up the ladder.
153. Pick the voice cylinder, the map and the handle from the shelf.
154. Install the handle in the console and push it twice (no double click).
Then, press the train winder button (red button) and return the automaton to
its starting position, by pulling the handle twice.
155. Climb down the ladder, return to the train and untie Oscar. Pick up the
shears from the floor.
156. Place the cylinder on the pedestal, in the middle of the room with the
157. Return to the automaton giant and push once the handle.
158. Climb down up to the middle of the ladder, jump down onto the metal plates
and use the shears on the metal sheeting.
159. Enter the room and take the sparking plug from the shelves on the left.
Leave the room.
160. Return the automaton giant to its starting position, by pulling the handle
once and climb down the ladder.
161. Go to the elevator, at the very end of the setting (at the opposite side
of the giant automaton), and step inside, after pulling the lever.
162. In the mine, install the spark plug in the dynamo, at the entrance and
activate the dynamo, by clicking on the handle.
163. Cross the mine and enter the elevator. Move to the right of the screen, go
up the stairs and go over to the keyboard of the organs. Take the screwdriver
and go down from the stage.
164. Head towards the other side of the factory. You have just entered in a
room with balustrade at the centre. Cross it. At the next room, look at the
iron board on the piping, on your left and use the screwdriver on the screws.
165. Go up the stairs, open the door and talk to the director of the factory
about the mission.
166. Leave his office and go down the stairs. Go to the room devoted to Helena
(the one that the director had activated). Take the scrapbook and letters from
the small table.
167. Call your mother, return to the director's office and talk to him about
Aralbad and about the mission.
168. Leave the office and head up to the monorail (at the same level as the
office). Head toward the stairs at the very end of the screen and go up them.
169. Turn to the right of the screen, turn the wheel at the bottom side of the
platform, go one "screen" back, go up onto the platform and enter the capsule
(the cosmonaut's house).
170. Pick up the vodka bottle from the floor.
171. Enter the capsule again and pick up the crane key and the official letter
from the cupboard near the table.
172. Leave the capsule and head for the crane console. Place the key in the
ignition. Click (once) the middle handle to the left. Click (once) up the
handle to the far left. Click (once) up the handle to the right of the previous
173. Leave the launch pad, pass the cosmonaut and go to the cosmodrome. Turn to
the right, turn back and ask the cosmonaut about the Airship.
174. Go to the cosmodrome, go over to the right and go up the tower's stairs.
Use the key and enter the airship. Attempt to activate the airship.
175. Come down from the tower and go to the other side of the cosmodrome. Talk
to the cosmonaut.
176. Go up the stairs and enter the control center. Take the Voralberg key from
the console and place it into the hole.
177. Remove the small metal plate and connect the two electric wires. Activate
the I/O handle.
178. Take the blood testing apparatus from the console (the square with the
cube with the hole in the middle).
179. Return and click on the cosmonaut with the blood tester.
180. Go to the control centre, place the apparatus in its place and press the
syringe button. Click on the blood testing apparatus needle (Not at the blood
testing apparatus. Only at the needle!) and press again the syringe button.
181. Press the "up - down" button and the "spin" button. Press the button
marked with a triangle and leave the control center.
182. Pick up the siren handle near the entry of the cosmodrome. Go up the
stairs to the tower, at the back side of the capsule (the stairs are not at the
level of the platform) and adjust the handle on the siren.
183. Return to the airship and pull the lever.

			   Part #1 (20 steps)
184. Leave the airship and enter the hotel.
185. Go over to the cupboard near the iron gate, open it and take out the
bottle of detergent. Leave the hotel and use the detergent on the fountain.
186. Return to the hotel and open the curtains. Ring for the receptionist.
187. Go behind the counter and look at the clients' book. Memorize Helena's
client code, take the hotel brochure and unlock the gate door leading to the
baths, by pressing the red button.
188. Open the iron gate and turn to the left. Go through alongside the bar. Go
to the console near the door and attempt to enter Helena's code ("1270", in
case you do not remember it).
189. Keep walking, enter the room on your left and take the crystal glass from
the tray.
190. Leave the room, enter the room at the right side of the screen and take
the guest code from the floor.
191. Return to the console and enter the guest code ("0968"). Enter the room,
take the salt protection mask and go out.
192. Go to the end of the pier and talk to Helena.
193. Take the bell (which is hooked at a post, at one of the edges of the
polygon, where you are), return to the start of the pier, install the bell at a
similar post and ring it.
194. Return to the hotel, hang your mask where you found it, go to the bar and
talk to the automaton nurse (James).
195. Ask Helena about Hans.
196. Call the hotel Meuritz ("46433643" - the telephone number is on the hotel
brochure), to learn the cocktail recipe.
197. Open the refrigerator (it is at the bar) and take out the honey and the
198. Head to the hot water bath, at the opposite side of the bar, where two men
are playing chess and turn the wheel. Place the honey in the hot water bath.
199. Return to the bar and click on the piano.
200. Place the honey in the right tube. Place the bottle of vodka near the
honey. Place the lemon in the left tube. Activate the piano bar, by pressing
once the button on the far left.
201. Click once on the second note (D) while the small metal handle on the
right is in the "up" position. Click on it in the "down" position. Click once
on the third note (E). Click on the honey button, on the ice button, on the
lemon button and on the automaton button. All the above must be executed in
this order (the above are written confusingly on the piece of paper, scrolled
among the tubes).
202. {Helena will drink the cocktail and she will test her voice.} Place the
glass on the counter and talk to Helena.
203. Leave the hotel and return to the airship.

			     Part #2 (8 steps)
204. Head over to the stage and cut the cage lock with the shears.
205. Take the hands of the organist, by using the screwdriver.
206. Go one "screen" back.
207. Move straight ahead, until the end of the room. Then, pull the handle, at
the right side.
208. Exit through the air - shaft, two "screens" further.
209. Take the dynamite from the box, near the elevator.
210. Talk to Oscar, get on the train and then get of it.
211. Place the dynamite near the leg of the giant automaton.

			   Part #2 (6 steps)
212. Leave the train and activate the train winder.
213. Ask Oscar about the mission.
214. Return to the hotel, ring the bell, ask about the mission and get the
mammoth doll from its box, next to the TV set.
215. Talk to Helena near the bar.
216. Go out onto the pier, up to the end.
217. Meet Hans near the entrance of the pier, at a bench.

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