Syberia Faq/Walkthrough
Version- 1.0
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   1. Updates                           |       SC112      |
   2. Introduction                      |       SC120      |
   3. Walkthrough                       |       WC111      |
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+++UPDATES+++ SC112
Version 1.0- My first and most likely final version. It features just 
the walkthrough to make you finish the game.
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Hello everyone! My name is Alex Pourosseini and I have just made my 
first walkthrough for a Windows/PC game. It's Syberia. Why did I choose 
this game? Well it was such a dramatic game with one of the best 
By the way let me tell you the purpose of this Guide/Walkthrough. It's 
just to let you finish the storyline perfectly. Nothing more to it. To 
be honest I was disappointed with some other guides so I tried to make 
mine as specific as possible.
Valadilene, French Alps
The game opens with Kate Walker, a lawyer watching a Funeral procession 
led by an automaton drummer, a cortege pulled by a horse has a wreath 
with Anna written on the ribbon and mourners pass by. They enter the 
gate of the church. Kate proceeds to the Hotel and was greeted by an 
automaton before entering the lobby.
Learn about the Kate's mission:
Hotel:      Lobby - Pick up the advertising brochure that describes the 
town of Valadilene and the Voralberg Manufacturing from the bulletin 
board by the coat stand. The Voralberg Manufacturing is world renown 
for their automatons. The workings of the motor of the automaton, the 
history of the company and the Voralbergs that managed the automaton 
factory are described. Try to pick up the luggage and Kate will say she 
is too tired to do so. (Help dialogue added - see top right inset). Go 
to the left screen and talk to Momo who is drawing. 
           Registration desk - Go to the registration desk and pick up 
the reception bell key. Take bell key from inventory (see left bottom 
inset), insert the bell key on the automaton and then press the red 
button. Talk to the receptionist. Click on Kate in the Dialogue 
notebook. Kate's room is #6, next floor up. Click on help on the 
dialogue to get him to carry the luggage. The receptionist talks about 
the possibility of Kate's company buying the factory and Anna 
Voralberg's funeral. Momo interrupts and talks about not buying factory 
but of Anna's house and Hans not dead but far away. He was scolded and 
he runs away dropping something on his way out. . Kate is surprised 
about learning of Anna's death. 
          Room #6 - Kate and the receptionist enter her room and the 
receptionist expresses his hopes that Kate's company will revitalize 
the town. Pick up the Fax 1 from the nightstand by the bed from Edward 
Marson. Use the cell phone, dial 12 458 902 taken from the letterhead 
of fax 1 and press send. Marson will fax the address of the notary 
since they made provision about Anna's death and her having no heirs. 
          Lobby - Talk to the receptionist about mission and he will 
give the Fax 2 for the notary, Maitre Alfolter. Talk to the 
receptionist again about everything.  In the next room, pick up the 
medium and large cogwheels Momo dropped on the floor and the tiny and 
small cogwheels on the table. Study the pattern on the table. Go 
 Town:      Go to right screen and talk to the man sitting on the 
bench. Not much information there. Go to the left screen. Talk to the 
baker by the Patisserie. 
Go left 2 screens down and pick up the gazette from April 17, 2002 left 
on the left bench. Read about Anna and the Editorial.
Notary:      Go up the stairs and see an automaton. Take fax 2 from 
documents, place fax 2 on the hand, pull the chest lever and then pull 
the arm lever. See the notary look at the fax with his telescope. The 
door opens and Kate walks in the reception room. 
          Office - Take a sit on left chair. Ask the notary about the 
mission and he says that there is an heir told by Anna on a letter 2 
days before she died.  Hans is still alive; the charade of a funeral 
dreamt by their father is due to Hans wanting to leave Valadilene and 
the family business. He is in Siberia. Read the letter from Anna given 
by the notary, Hans is the one with innovative ideas about automatons. 
The notary is finished with this business and instructs that you can 
check the Voralberg archives for more information. The key is at the 
reception room.
          Reception room - Pick up the telescopic key from the coat 
stand by the exit door. Exit the building and go right. {Dan, Kate's 
fiance calls and he is not happy that Kate has to extend her stay 
abroad. He was worried about his multimillion contract that might hinge 
on a reception in New York}. 
Church:      Go to the right end of the street, pass the bridge and up 
the hill. Enter the gates. {An irate Mr. Marson calls and gets informed 
about the heir. Kate is not to go back until the factory is bought no 
matter the problems are}. The church is locked. 
          Sacristy - Go to the doorway at the back of the church. Enter 
the door into the sacristy. Try to open the other door to the church 
proper. Look close at the crucifix on the wall behind the altar. Pick 
up the key in the crank when the crucifix is moved. Look at the drawer 
on the left of the altar. The turn crank of the drawer is jammed. 
Insert the key on the keyhole at top right of the drawer. Open the 
drawers and pick up the red punch card on top drawer, purple punch card 
on second drawer, green punch card on fourth drawer and blue punch card 
at bottom drawer. Look close at the middle drawer and see something 
peeking in the back. Turn the crank on the side of the drawer. Pick up 
the Voralberg key and the letter of confession by the former parish 
priest. He states in his letter about being fooled by Rudolf Voralberg 
in believing Hans was dead and found about it when Anna revealed the 
deception under the seal of confession. 
   Belfry - Go back to the other door and the side entry is also 
locked. Look close at the alcove by the side door. Arrange the gears 
that Momo left in the hotel in the alcove similar to the drawing on the 
table. Pull the lever and Kate enters the door, which turned out to be 
an elevator. The elevator rises to the belfry. Look close at the 
automaton bell ringer and see that it needs something for his back. 
Insert the purple punch card on his back (red - silent night, blue - 
wedding march and green punch card - call to prayer). The ringing of 
the requiem caused the automaton on top of the Mausoleum to take his 
hat off.
Go to the left side of the church. Check the cemetery. Take the other 
path to the left of the cemetery and see the Mausoleum.
          Mausoleum -  Look close inside the automaton's hat and see a 
lock that matches the key taken from the middle drawer in the sacristy. 
Use the Voralberg key in hat. The mausoleum bars go down. Enter and 
look at Hans' crypt. Pull it open and pick up the press cut and the 
Valadilene voice cylinder.
Go back to the street in town. Go to the gate of the factory compound 
at the right side of the street on the wall in front of the hotel. 
Learn the history of Hans and Anna:
Compound:      Gate - Place the telescopic key on the automaton at the 
top of the gate. Click the big key on automaton at the bottom of the 
gate and then pull down the lever. 
           Fountain - There are several paths that lead out from the 
fountain - S to go to the street, SW to go to the factory, NW to go to 
a shed with a big metal canister and lever, NE to go to the train depot 
and SE to go to the Voralberg mansion.
Voralberg Mansion:      Take the SE path. The front door is locked, go 
around to the back and realize that the back door is also locked. There 
is a retracting ladder beside it but it needs a key. Go to the path on 
the right towards the maze. 
          Garden - Talk to the gardener who moans about her automaton 
being broken. Go forward through the left gated path and then turn to 
the first right. Look at the dry wall fountain and get the Voralberg 
           Mansion Attic- Use the Voralberg key on the retracting 
ladder. Climb the ladder and enter the Mansion's attic. Go to the left 
screen and look close at the desk. Pick up the ink and Anna's diary. 
Read the diary.
It starts in May, 1930 and tells about a cave where Hans meets an 
accident. He fell and was in a coma for 7 days. One month after, Hans 
said one word to Anna - 'mammoth'. Hans was diagnosed as a 'retard'. A 
year after, their father brought Hans to Paris and the French Doctors 
confirmed the diagnosis. At one time, their father brought Hans to the 
factory to make him work. Hans made a mammoth for Anna and more 
intricate mammoths for Gertrude and their father. Hans redesigned the 
assembly line and has an office in the factory where he works on his 
plans. Their father was happy about the situation. Anna even with 
trepidation in leaving Hans went to the University to study. On a 
vacation back home, Hans gave Anna a ballerina automaton. Anna was 
happy that their relationship is still the same. Anna finished her 
schooling in 1937 and is back home. Hans redesigned the kitchen for 
Gertrude. Anna started to help in the factory with the paper work. In 
January 5, 1938, Hans told Anna, he wants to leave Valadilene and 
travel. Their father locked Hans up in the factory and only Gertrude 
sees him when she brings his food. Hans started to communicate with 
Anna through small cylinders with holes. One day, Hans was gone. Their 
father faked a funeral for Hans and got his friend, Dr. Schmol to sign 
a death certificate.
            Alcove in Attic - Go to the right of the room to an alcove 
behind a big armoire. Turn on the light bulb and Momo arrives. Momo 
wants Anna to draw a mammoth like Hans. He gives a paper and pencil. 
Talk to Momo about everything specifically about mission and help. Momo 
will tell a secret if you draw a mammoth. Go back to the alcove. Look 
close on the beam by the wall, close to the light bulb and see a 
mammoth carved by Hans in 1932. Use paper and pencil on mammoth carving 
to get pencil tracing of mammoth. Give the tracing to Momo. He says to 
follow him to see the secret. 
Learn Momo's Secret:
Mountain:      Follow Momo to the street, turn left pass the bakery and 
the notary to the gate at the end of the street, cross bridge, steps, 
forward, right, cross another bridge, pass a boat with oars and then 
see Momo sitting by a stone wall. Talk to Momo about the mission and 
help again. Momo talks about the mammoth doll in a cave. 
          Stream - Walk to the path on the left and see that water 
blocks the way across to the other side. See the cave to the north of 
the path at the other side of the stream. Climb the steps on the right 
by Momo and turn the turnstile to open the dam to the side canal. Kate 
needs help. Ask Momo using help dialogue. Momo breaks the lever of the 
turnstile. Pick up the lever. Go to the boat that you passed by. Try to 
get the oar of the boat, then use the broken lever to pull the oar 
closer. The oar is dirty and wet and Kate does not want to pick it up. 
Ask Momo for help again. Momo picks up the oar. Ask him for help again 
and he will place the oar on the turnstile and pushes the oar to raise 
the dam. Momo very strong! Water flows to the side canal. 
            Cave - Walk to the left path again, cross to the other side 
towards the cave to the north and enter the cave. See the mammoth 
paintings on the wall. Pick up the mammoth toy doll.
Go back to town. {Kate gets a phone call from Olivia, a girlfriend at 
the office and she tells Kate about the top brass being upset about the 
problems connecting to the sale of the company}. Go back to the factory 
Investigate the Factory:
Shed:      Take the NW path to the shed and see a lever and a metal 
canister. Pull lever. A claw comes out of the factory, picks up the 
metal canister and brings it inside the factory.
 Factory:      Take the SW path, note a water wheel on the left and 
enter the Voralberg factory. Look at the assembly line. Climb up the 
metal stairs on the left and enter the door on the left.
          Anna's Office - Go to the right and look at the desk. Pick up 
and read Anna's letter to Hans dated March 6, 2002. It talks about the 
new design for a modern locomotive car and Oscar, a complicated 
automaton that is being produced by the factory. Hans wants a 'cursed' 
prehistoric doll from a cave last seen 60 yrs. ago. Look at the new 
plans for the locomotive car. Pick up and read all the invoices from 
the spindle. They are past due invoices from La Colombe, Fontenay 
Carpentry, and the Passeri Bank. Anna must have been in a bad way 
financially in the last 2 years. 
           Music box - Go to the bookcase by the wall. Pull the second 
book from the right on the top shelf. A music box with a male and 
female figure on top comes out from the wall. After the music stops 
playing, a music cylinder is in inventory. Place the Valadilene voice 
cylinder in the music box. Watch how Hans met his accident that caused 
him to be mentally and physically stunted. He got Anna to swear to keep 
the secret of the cave. Hans tried to pick the mammoth toy doll from 
the top ledge and falls down injured. Pick up the Hans and Anna 
mechanical toy. Go out and go down the metal stairs. 
Look for Oscar, the automaton in production: 
        Hans' workroom - Turn to the left of the metal steps to the 
very end room - delivery room. {Kate gets a phone call from her name-
dropping mother.} Enter the door at the top of the screen and behind 
the forklift. See Oscar hanging on a metal bracket. Go to the back of 
the setup and turn the lever to lower Oscar. Talk to Oscar. Oscar is 
model XZ2000 made to be a train engineer and drive a special locomotive 
that is at the station. Ask specifically about the train, automatons 
have additional soul auxiliary as oppose to robots. He needs parts 
XZ2003 and XZ2005-B for feet because XZ2005-A showed functional 
idiosyncrasies in design. for his hands. Use the assembly to construct 
them by using the punch card that has the record of Oscar's body 
design. Note the color of wood Oscar is made up of. Go out to the next 
         Delivery Area - Look at the metal canister taken from the shed 
outside and realize that it is heavy for Kate to carry. Turn the wheel 
of the automaton forklift. Watch it take the canister and bring it to 
the big round container at the center of the assembly line. 
          Assembly line - The assembly line must be turned on. Go to 
the right corner of the factory. Enter the door, go to the machine by 
the window and pull the metal chain on the machine. A hamster comes out 
and turns the wheel cage around, this in turn turns the big water wheel 
outside the factory. Pull the lever to bring power to the factory.
         Control panel - Climb metal stairs to the left of Anna's 
office. See control panel of the production line. Insert Oscar's punch 
card in the slot at bottom center of the panel. Pull down the lever for 
assembly line 3 (only one that works) at bottom right and the light 
will turn on. The lever on the left of the punch card selects the skin 
tone of Oscar - flip the lever to select tan color (selections are tan, 
white, brown and mottled brown). Go down and pick up the finished 
wooden legs from the end of assembly line 3. If correct, the complete 
production steps from picking up the wood, cutting, drilling and 
finished product is seen. If incorrect choice of color is done, only 
the drilling and delivery of finished feet is shown. Select a new color 
on the console then.
          Hans' workroom - Give Oscar his feet. Oscar attaches his 
feet, gives his thumbs up and leaves to look for his train. Go out to 
the compound.
Train Depot:      Take the NE path and enter the Valadilene station 
          Train - Go in the train by the ramp across the station ticket 
booth. Talk to Oscar about the mission and he says that you need a 
ticket to take the train. The ticket office is now open, go there 
          Ticket office - Exit the train, go left to the ticket office 
and {surprise} talk to Oscar, the ticket seller. Ask about the mission 
and get a ticket for the mechanical railway - destination unknown. You 
also get a document from the Notary about needing a stamped approval by 
the recognized permitting authority access to the mechanical train, 
which includes the coaches, accessories and driver. Oscar says to not 
lose it and that it is needed for further inspection later.
To get to the other side of the train station, 2 ways are available - 
the overhead ramp or through the train itself. Enter the train and see 
Oscar. Talk to him about everything. Exit the train and go to the other 
side of the station. On the other side is a janitor sweeping the 
pavement and a device that has a lever and a wheel. Exit the train 
Getting the train moving:
Exit the station and compound. Go to the Notary to get the train permit 
Notary:      Try the office door and remember that the notary is 
resting and cannot be bothered. Look at the reception desk at the 
approval stamp. Place the train transit permit on the pad. Open the hat 
of the automaton stamp and pour ink in the open hat. Press red button. 
Take the now approved train permit. 
Train Depot:      Enter the coach and talk to Oscar. Give him the 
approved train release permit and then the train ticket. He will not 
accept the ticket because the departure requirements are not completed. 
If any of the valuable items on the display case in the next room is 
not properly placed, the train will not be able to depart. Place the 
Hans and Anna mechanical toy at the center round stand. Place the 
mammoth toy doll on the rectangular base at table. Place the music 
cylinder and Valadilene voice cylinder in the display cabinet. Once the 
mechanical toy is on the center stand, the cylinders can be inserted in 
the slot at the base of the stand and replayed. Give Oscar the ticket 
again. Oscar cannot completely fulfill his function of running the 
train because he was not programmed to know how to wind up the train. 
            Train winder - Go out of the coach and exit to the right of 
the train to the other side of the depot. Go down to the bottom of the 
screen. Turn the wheel to show a pole with a telescopic key. Pull lever 
beside the machine to open the cover on the train covering a keyhole. 
The train is automatically wound up. Turn the wheel again to pull the 
telescopic key in. 
Enter the coach. {Dan calls}. Give Oscar the train ticket again. Watch 
the wonderfully created train ride.
Talk to Oscar and find out that the train needs to be wound up again. 
He will stay inside because the humidity affects his working. Oscar, 
see you later alligator. In a while, Kate Walker. Exit the coach on the 
left of screen.
Find a Train Winder:
Train Station-Aviary:     Go to the left of the screen, climb up and 
over the ramp and left to the end. 
            Stationmaster - Talk to the Stationmaster standing by the 
riverbank, specifically about the mission and bird. He says that there 
is something by the wall that might help wind up the train. He is proud 
of the variety of birds in the ornithological collection but has 
problems with the Cuckoo birds from Amerzone. The lay eggs on other 
species' nest and pushes the other eggs out. The mechanical eagle that 
collects the cuckoo eggs from other nests is up a ramp on a rail. He 
cannot climb the ramp anymore due to vertigo and a fall from the ramp. 
Pick up the hook from the sandbar. Go back. 
            Ramp - Take the overhead ramp to the other side of the 
train, take the path to the left side and see the aviary and further on 
crates by a closed door. Go back, turn right and see birds on the floor 
beside the ramp. The birds stop Kate from climbing the ramp. 
            Wall - Cross to the other side via the coach. Go to the 
right screen and walk forward until the end of the path, pass the 
destroyed buildings. Note the river to the left of the depot.  Kate 
will look at the contraption by the platform on the left and say that 
it is similar to the winding machine in Valadilene. Has to find a way 
to get the train there. 
Find a way to bring the train to the wall:
Go back and Oscar yells that he has something to say to you. Enter the 
coach and Oscar will say that there is a message for you. The rectors 
of the university want to talk to the one in charge of the train. Exit 
the train, left, left and walk over to the stairs. Take the stairs on 
the right of the screen. Turn left on the depot foyer. See a Lock 
control panel that needs a key and a broken phone for help at the side. 
Go back and walk to the opposite end of the foyer. Go down the stairs 
and see a barge.
       Barge - Talk to the couple specifically about help. They agree 
to tow the train to the wall for 100 dollars, if the lock is opened so 
that the barge can pass through.
Go back and turn right to go outside. Climb the steps on the right to 
enter the University.
University:    Courtyard - Mammoth statues plank the university 
courtyard and prehistoric Siberian tigers plank the steps to the 
building. Look at the mechanical bandstand at the center of the 
courtyard. There is a gold egg missing on a balance on one of the 
doors. Talk to the student leaning by the tiger statue. 
           Rectors - Enter the building and look at the mammoth 
skeleton. Walk to the left passageway and enter the door at the end of 
the hall. Talk to the 3 'distinguished' rectors of the university 
specifically about Hans and money. Hans was a student there 50 yrs. 
ago. He studied Paleontology especially about Mammoths. He made the 
bandstand and a lot of other renovations in the university. Alexander 
Valembois brought a lot of birds for the collection from Amerzone. They 
will pay Kate if she can fix the bandstand in the courtyard Hans made. 
It is rusted and maintenance instructions are missing. Exit the room 
and enter the other door in the left hallway to the library.
Find a way to enter the bandstand or the case of the sauvignon grapes:
          Library - Go to the table at the foreground with a student 
studying by it and pick up the book on Amerzone. Read about the red 
Amerzone cuckoo and its partiality to Sauvignon grapes, gorging itself 
to drunkenness. Take the stairs on the left, go to the bottom of the 
screen and climb the ladder. Take the inverted book on the right side 
of the shelf. Read the Illustrated Dictionary of Plants and Mushrooms. 
Learn that the Yangala-Cola mushroom enhances eyesight acuteness. Exit 
the library and go to the right hallway from the giant mammoth 
         Professor Cornelius Pons - Talk to the Professor studying a 
mammoth skeleton. He is a professor of Paleozoology. Ask him about Hans 
and about the Sauvignon grapes. He and Hans bonded on their passion on 
mammoths during his schooldays. Hans told him about the mahout mounted 
mammoth doll. It picked his interest because only one tribe, the 
Youkols from the  farthest reaches of Siberia believe in its 
supernatural abilities. As for the Sauvignon grapes, he thinks it is a 
tropical shrub and to ask the stationmaster for the location of the 
shrub here at the University. Go back out of the building. {Marson 
calls on the phone}. Go to the stationmaster.
 Train Station:      Stationmaster - Ask him about the sauvignon grapes 
and he hedges about it and leaves. 
           Train coach - Take the mammoth toy doll off the table. Go 
back to the professor at the University hallway. On the way, confront 
the Stationmaster standing by the bridge again about the grapes. He 
still evades about knowing the grapes and refers you to the 
University:     Professor Cornelius Pons -  Ask him again about the 
grapes and he refers you to the rectors. Give him the mammoth doll. He 
got very excited and will study it in his laboratory. Follow him to his 
           Laboratory - Look close at the cabinet to the left of the 
door. Pick up the Barrockstadt voice cylinder from the second to the 
bottom shelf. Go towards the professor. Pick up the Yangala-Cola powder 
and test tube holder from the lab bench at bottom right. 
          Rectors - Enter the room at the end of the left hallway and 
ask the rectors about sauvignon grapes. They babbled about it for a 
while and Kate summarized the talk that there is a sauvignon shrub 
being cultivated by the stationmaster in the garden, the harvest is 
made into wine in the paleontologist's lab and the rectors enjoy the 
fruits of the labor once a year. That fact is to be kept secret for 
fear of being fined by the authorities. Go back to the stationmaster.
Train Station:      Stationmaster -  Talk to the stationmaster, still 
standing by the bridge about the sauvignon grapes. He will open the 
door to the garden. Follow him to the garden by crossing the overhead 
pass and go forward until the door to the garden. The stationmaster 
tries to justify himself. 
          Garden - Enter the garden and go forward until a shrub with 
red fruits. Pick up some sauvignon grapes. Exit and go to the train 
            Train coach - Insert the Barrockstadt voice cylinder in the 
base of the central stand with the Hans and Anna dolls on top (if the 
dolls are not on top, the cylinder player will not function). Listen to 
Anna giving Hans the news about their father's death, the war, her work 
and the wish for him to come back. Exit the coach on the right screen.
            Ramp - Give the sauvignon grapes to the Amerzone cuckoos 
that block the ramp. The birds move away from the ramp. Climb the ramp. 
Look at the nest on the mechanical eagle and take the cuckoo's egg 
using the test tube holder. 
Go back to the University courtyard. On the way, the stationmaster 
gives as an apology a bottle of Barrockstadt Sauvignon wine. 
University:      Bandstand - Place the cuckoo egg on the scale on the 
door opposite the entry ramp. Turn the wheel and enter. Go down the 
ladder and pull the lever to start the automaton violin players. Listen 
to that haunting music. Go to the rectors.
            Rectors - Talk to the rectors about the money. They give 
the money.
Bring the train to the wall:
Train Station:      Barge - Give the couple the money. They want the 
lock open now. It is too complicated for them to do since there is no 
manual. The man throws the lock key. Go to the left side of the train 
depot foyer.
              Lock control panel -  {Mom calls}. Use the key in the 
control panel. The instructions are in a language unknown to Kate. Look 
at the sign on the right above the broken phone. Go out of zoom mode 
and use the cell phone. Dial the emergency number from the sign - 2766 
6742, then press 'send'. Listen to the automated message: A. Press #. 
B. Press 4 for Barrockstadt lock. C. To raise water, level press 1 and 
to lower water level, press 2. D. Press star to confirm procedure. The 
message states that the technician is on holiday and is not available 
to help. Ok, let's do it manually.
Look at the control panel - Press 4, 2 and then star. This lowers the 
water level and opens the lock. Go to the barge couple and Kate will 
tell them that the lock is now open. Watch the barge move. Go back to 
the control panel and see the barge in low water level in front of you. 
Now raise the water level - Press  4, 1 and then star.  Lock closes, 
water level rises bringing the barge up and the other lock opens. The 
barge moves parallel to the train. 
Cross to the side by the train and talk to the barge couple about help. 
They say to attach chain to train and the barge will pull the train. 
The man throws the chain. Attach hook on chain. Watch the chain gets 
hooked on the train and the train pulled close to the wall. Go to the 
wall and on the way Professor Pons calls to say that the lecture on 
Youkols is to start at the main hall.
University:      University lecture hall - Enter the building and take 
the stairs to the left of the central mammoth skeleton. Listen to the 
lecture. Go to the laboratory.
            Laboratory - Pick up and read about the Legend of the Ivory 
Ark from the desk. The legend centers on an ark made from mammoth tusks 
that brought a tribe of Youkols and a herd of mammoths to an island 
they call Syberia. Every 50 yrs., the ark comes back with mammoth 
carcass encased in ice that fed the other Youkol tribes. A hundred 
years ago, the ark returned with no carcass on board and speculations 
about the meaning of this arose. Pick up the mammoth toy doll from the 
desk. Talk to the Professor about the mission. He thinks Hans left in 
search of the Youkols.
Wall:      Go to the coach close to the wall and exit to the other 
side. Go to the winding machine, turn the wheel and pull the lever.  
{Dan calls and an argument ensues}. Enter the coach and place the 
mammoth doll back on the display table or Oscar will not move the 
train. Talk to Oscar again about the mission to get him going.
To get pass the wall:
             Ticket office - The train moves closer to the wall and 
then stops. Exit to the right side of the coach. Go talk to the ticket 
man - Oscar at the building. He needs a visa to go any further and 
usually an authority is nearby to give such authorization for passage. 
Go to the back of the building and try a lock door behind the building. 
             Wall entryway - Go to the door on the wall seen on the 
left side of the building. Enter and climb the metal steps. {Olivia 
from the office calls about Dan}. Take the ramp at the bottom of the 
screen to the other side of the giant door. Enter the observation room 
of the border patrol.
             Border patrol office - Talk to Captain Malatesta, a Hitler 
like version of the border patrol. Ask about mission. He will not 
release any visa because of an enemy spying on him. He has been 
observing this spy for years. Ask about Hans and find out that the gate 
is one of Hans work before he left the university town. Look in the 
telescope and see a dead tree - the Cossack spy. Look at the desk and 
see a broken pair of eyeglasses and 2 wineglasses. Place the Yangala-
Cola powder in one of the wine glass (green residue at bottom) and then 
add wine to both glasses. Kate gets the Captain to dink the wine with 
the eye acuteness drug. He looks on the telescope and realizes his 
wasted years. After Kate's attempt to raise his spirits, he gives the 
exit visa. 
            Ticket office - Give the exit visa to Oscar and get another 
ticket departing from Barrockstadt for place unknown. 
            Train coach - Give the ticket to Oscar. The train travels 
to land unknown.  Watch another well-done graphics display - the sway 
of the weeds when the train passes.
Exit the coach at the right screen. Go to the front of the train and 
Oscar will call Kate over. As usual, Oscar will give excuses why he 
cannot help Kate look for a winding machine. Go to the left screen to 
the end.
Industrial Complex:
           Worker Automaton - Climb the leg of the giant worker 
automaton. Pick up the Komkolzgrad voice cylinder, Hans' plan for the 
worker automaton and the handle from the locker above the bed. Turn 
right to the control panel of the automaton. Insert the handle in the 
slot at the center of the panel. Click on the top part of the slot 
twice to move the automaton towards the train. Push the red button to 
wind the train up. Click twice below the handle to return the automaton 
to original position. Exit the automaton.
Find the Hand Bandit:
          Hand Bandit - A man comes out of the train coach and runs to 
the building. Enter the building and see that the door is locked. Go to 
the coach, into the bedroom and see a tied up Oscar. Oscar was attacked 
and his hands were stolen. Pick up the metal shears on the floor left 
behind by the hand bandit. Go to the display area and play the 
Komkolzgrad music cylinder. Listen and learn that Hans worked for the 
Russians and made contribution by replacing the workers with 
          Worker Automaton - Exit the coach and go back up the 
automaton. Move the automaton forward once. Go out and jump over to the 
         Building - Look inside the building through a hole on the 
wall. Use the metal  shears on the hole and Kate cuts through. Enter 
and go forward. Look close at the metal shelving on the left and pick 
up a spark plug. Look through the 2 windows. The door is locked. Go 
back out to the automaton and return it to the original position. 
Exit and go to the other end of the ramp, pass the train. Pull lever at 
the end of the ramp to raise the mine elevator. Enter to go to the 
mine. {Dan calls but the reception is not good.}
       Mine - Look at the generator to the left. Insert the spark plug 
between the metal plates and then pull the lever at the left. Light 
comes on.  Enter the mine and note a ventilation duct on the right. 
Move forward until the other elevator. Turn to the right passageway and 
climb the metal steps. Look close at the automaton sitting in front of 
an organ setup. Pick up the screwdriver. Go back out and try the metal 
door by the overhead monitor.
        Monitor room - Go to the left of the screen and look close at a 
metal sign by the ladder. It is a picture of a head. Use the 
screwdriver to remove the plate. Climb the ladder. Enter the door to 
the left and see the hand bandit watching the monitors. He is Serguei 
Borodine, director of this complex. He raves about converting the 
workings of the complex into one giant organ and needed the hands for 
his organist. He built the whole complex for Helena Romanski, a singer. 
He has a room dedicated just for her (room was lowered to be accessed). 
They reached a compromise, for Kate to bring the singer there and he 
will give the hands back. Exit and see a monorail on the right. 
Finding Helena:
         Helena's room - Enter the lowered room and then go forward. 
Look in the drawer. Look at the scrapbook of Helena. She sang with 
Frank Malkovitch, the tenor that Kate's mom is dating. Get the cell 
phone, press the up arrow until Mom's number comes up and then press 
send. Kate asks her mom about Helena and Frank said that she was ill 
and went to rest in a spa called Aralbad.
         Monitor room - {Dan calls}. Enter the room and talk to 
Borodine about everything. Kate might get a vehicle from the drunken 
fool at the space compound on the plateau. The monorail will lead to 
the cosmodrome. Go out the room and enter the monorail on the right of 
the screen.
Go the metal ramp at bottom of the screen. {Get a phone call from 
Olivia and learn that she and Dan are now dating}. Go forward and climb 
the metal stairs. There are 2 ways to go, one up the stairs on the left 
to a foghorn that does not work yet and to the right. Go right.
          Boris' quarters - Climb the steps and enter the quarters. See 
the former cosmonaut drunk. Talking to him is useless. Pick up the 
vodka bottle on the floor. He goes out for air and watch him fall off 
the railing. Guess we have to get him conscious enough to talk. Go back 
inside the quarters and look at the open cabinet above his chair. Take 
the key and letter about The closure of the Voralberg Spring Loaded 
Launch Pad Project and the laying off of all the test pilots. Poor 
Go outside and look at the control panel. Insert the key at right 
silver lock. Go down and around towards Boris and see a wheel by the 
railings. Turn the wheel to open the water line. Go back to the control 
panel. Click above the inside vertical lever. Watch where the water 
flows. Move Boris to that area by clicking to the left of the 
horizontal lever and then click above the outer vertical lever. Now, 
revive Colonel Boris Charov by clicking above the inner vertical lever. 
Talk to Boris about everything, especially about Hans and bird. Hans 
help build the Russian space program but stopped when he realized it 
was for dropping bombs. Soyouz, the last mechanical eagle takes care of 
the birds around the overhead rails. 
          Space Compound - Turn to the right and enter the space 
compound. Look at the space ship Hans build. Go to the right and 
forward. See all the birds around the airship. Climb the metal steps to 
the airship. Go back and talk to Boris about the airship.  He gives the 
airship key. Go back and enter the airship using the key. Pull the 
lever and realize that it does not work. Go down and go to the left 
side of the space compound. 
           Spaceship controls - Talk to Boris and he makes a deal with 
you about the airship. He wants to get up to the stars to live his 
dream and he will tell you about the airship. Climb the metal stairs to 
the control room. Take Voralberg key and insert it on the cross shaped 
lock - switches on the control panel. Open the rectangular plate on the 
right of the panel. Attach the 2 lines together. Push the round knobbed 
lever up.  Take the blood testing apparatus on the right. Go down and 
get blood from the pilot - Boris by clicking the blood testing 
apparatus on him. Go back to the control panel and insert the blood 
testing apparatus in its square slot. Click the syringe icon button and 
Boris' blood was rejected because of too much alcohol. Guess we have to 
use Kate's blood by clicking on the blood testing apparatus. That 
accepted it since the light turned yellow. Click the left most button 
to raise the container that carries the pilot to the spaceship. Light 
is yellow on that also. Click the button of the 2 arrows to take the 
pilot to the ramp. See Boris walk up to the ship and when he says that 
he is ready, press the triangle button. What is the secret of the 
airship? Boris throws a crank on the floor of the compound. Thumbs up!! 
There he goes and Boris' dream is fulfilled.
          Foghorn - Go down and pick up the red crank handle by the 
entrance to the space compound. Go to the ladder to the left of Boris' 
quarters and the big round cage tower. Climb up and go to the back ramp 
to the foghorn. Use crank handle on red hole on the foghorn stand. That 
releases Soyouz, the mechanical eagle from his cage and scares away all 
the birds from the airship.
           Airship - Go to the airship and pull the lever and enjoy the 
Exit the spaceship and go forward until the hotel. {Get a call from the 
obnoxious Mr. Marson}. See a railway area on the north, winder-ready 
for Oscar's train. Look at the fountain. Enter the hotel.
To get to enter the Spa:
          Hotel reception area - Talk to Felix Smetana about 
everything. Try to get to see Helena. He goes back watching the game on 
TV. Go to the left screen and then bottom screen.
See a gate to the spa area and a door to the utility room. Enter the 
utility room and get the detergent form the cabinet. Exit to the 
fountain outside. Pour the detergent in the fountain. Go back inside 
and open the curtains facing the reception desk. Try to talk to Felix 
but he is busy watching TV. Ring the bell on the desk. He sees the 
Enter the reception desk area and look at the Register book. Look at 
5/6/1981, Helena Romanski, resident and her code is 1270. Pick up the 
brochure of the Edenor Hotels, look inside and see that a phone number 
for their hotel in Paris, The Meurizt is written - 46433643. Press the 
red button on the counter to open the door to the Spa area. 
           Spa - Enter and go to the right and around to the opposite 
end, passing a raised thermal pool, a chessboard and a close door. 
Enter the alcove at the opposite end of the entrance and get a crystal 
           Lounge - Go forward and talk to the automaton with a wheel 
chair. Talk to James, the automaton nurse of Helena. Talk to him about 
everything and find out that an admirer of Helena made him. He looks 
exactly like Oscar and that Helena is doing her daily constitutional by 
the sea at the end of the pier. He knows Hans but Helena had a 
disagreement with Hans and was forbidden to talk about him.
To get to the pier:
          Pier door - Go to the right screen and see a console by the 
door to the pier. Try entering Helena's code - 1270 and pull the lever, 
but that does not open the pier door. Go to bottom of the screen and 
enter the baths again. See that the closed door is open now. Enter the 
locker room and pick up the access card with a temporary code of 0968 
off the floor. Go back to the pier door console and enter 0968. That 
opens the door. Go in and pick up a gas mask from the wall.
         Pier - Exit and by the door, see a stand at the bottom of the 
screen.  Walk down to the end of the pier to the gazebo and talk to 
Helena. She wants you to call her valet, James and they will talk 
inside. Try to go down the gazebo but Felix arrives very angry. Helena 
stops him from forcibly taking Kate out of the hotel. Go down the 
gazebo and look close at the bell stand on the left side. Pull the 
chain several times and then go in to talk to James. Place the gas mask 
back on the hook.  He will not come out because he did not hear the 
bell. Go back and take the bell from the stand and bring it to the 
stand close to the pier door. Hang the bell on the stand and pull the 
chain ( clicking at 2 different places on the chain produces different 
bell sounds).
            Lounge -  Talk to James again. {Mom calls}. James wheels 
Helena inside. Talk to Helena about everything. Learn that George the 
barman at The Meurizt in Paris has concocted a miracle cocktail that 
gave Helena her voice back one time when she lost it before a 
performance of Tatiana. She calls Hans her sweetheart. 
To make the Blue Helena:
            Lounge - Use the cell phone and dial the number for The 
Meurizt taken from the brochure on the reception counter - 46433643, 
press send. Get connected to the bar and ask for George. He is gone but 
the new barman reads a list of the recipes he left. Blue Helena - a 
measure of vodka, a measure of Blue Curacao, a measure of honey, dash 
of lime and ice cubes. Shake together.
           Honey - Open the cabinet at the base of the bar. Take the 
cut lemon and the crystallized honey. The honey is solid and must be 
liquefied. Go to the spa area and to the raised thermal pool by the 
chessboard (which is now used by 2 men in a pool). Turn the wheel on 
the wall to raise the temperature of the pool and then place the honey 
on the now heated pool to get liquid honey. Go back to the bar.
          Bar - Look close at the bar. Place the lemon on lemon 
squeezer at the left side top row. Place liquid honey at empty 
contraption at right end of top row. Pick up the rolled paper by the 
top counter and find the list of liquor with the corresponding music 
signs. A bottle is missing from the bottle dispensers. Place vodka on 
slot beside the honey of the top row of bottles. Press the red I/O 
button to turn the machine on.
 Remember that the base clef sign on the bar is on the left and the 
treble clef is on the right. So read the list of alcohol turned to its 
side with the base clef on the left and the treble clef on the right. 
Press the second from the left piano key to get a measure of vodka 
while the switch is on the base clef sign - original position. Flip the 
switch to the right and then press the 3rd from the left piano key to 
get a measure of Blue Curacao. Press the honeycomb button to get a 
measure of honey. Press the lemon button to get a dash of lemon. Press 
the snow icon button to get ice cubes. Press the barman icon on the 
right to shake the cocktail. A cocktail comes out and Helena drinks it. 
If it is wrong, Helena will be upset. Just make a new one and check the 
switch. If successful, Helena will sing and she thinks that her voice 
is bad and that the George's cocktail did not work. Kate and James 
think otherwise. Helena has lost her confidence. 
Talk to Helena again and James remembers that she tests her voice in 
breaking a crystal glass. Place crystal glass at the end of  the bar by 
Helena. Talk to Helena again and she will sing. The crystal glass 
breaks and she gains confidence. She will go with you to Komkolzgrad 
but James will be left behind. Kate will get the airship ready. {Kate 
gets a phone call from Olivia and hears Olivia's confession about her 
new relationship with Dan, Kate's fiance}. 
Watch and listen! Helena arrives in the airship and they travel to 
Komkolzgrad. Helena sings! Applause! Magnificent! A cage drops over her 
and the insane Borodine traps Helena.
       Stage - Climb up to the stage and calm the petrified Helena. 
Look close at the padlock of the cage. Use the metal sheers on the 
padlock. Look close at the automaton organist and use the screwdriver 
on the hands to get Oscar's hands. 
Go down and go to the bottom of the screen. Kate meets Helena, opens 
the metal door and Helena walks in. A gate comes down to seal the door 
and Borodine wants Helena and the hands back. Kate gives Oscar's hands 
to Helena, bides her to go to the train and get Oscar to prepare for 
departure. Kate will try to escape.
           Mine shaft - Go to the top of the screen to the mine 
elevator. Go forward to the other end. The door behind gets blasted. 
Pull the lever to get the elevator down. The elevator comes down with 
dynamite on it and explodes sealing that end also. Now, Kate is 
trapped. Go forward and enter the ventilation duct. 
Go to Oscar at the engineer's cab. Talk to him and he said to take a 
seat at the coach and regulations will be ignored for the moment. The 
giant worker automaton moves closer to the train. 
        Train coach - Go to the train coach. {Dan calls and tells Kate 
of his day without mention of Olivia until Kate did so. Their 
relationship, Kate's change of attitude and outlook are discussed}. The 
train is still not moving. 
       Automaton - Go back out and talk to Oscar, he says that there 
are rods that came out of the giant automaton and it blocks the train. 
Go to the blasted mine elevator and see an open crate at the bottom of 
the screen. Look close and take the dynamite. Go to the giant 
automaton. Place the dynamite on the automaton's leg. Kate runs to the 
coach and tells Oscar - Let's get out of here! Watch the automaton 
explodes and falls on the industrial complex.
James takes Helena back to the hotel. Get off the train and notice snow 
on the ground. Go to the other end of the train platform. Talk to 
Oscar. Kate and Oscar are good friends now. Oscar is evolving. Crank 
the wheel of the winder and then pull the lever. 
           Hotel Lobby - Go inside the hotel, ring the bell and talk to 
Felix. Go back to Oscar and talk to him again specifically about Kate 
and mission. Felix rushes out and says that there is a package on the 
counter for Miss Walker. The package mysteriously appeared on the 
Go back to the hotel and look in the box at the end of the receptionist 
counter close to the TV. Pick up the mammoth automaton. {Get a call 
from obnoxious Marson  }. The phone rings on the counter and Felix 
informs Kate that Helena wants you at the bar. 
          Lounge - Talk to Helena. Helena expresses her feelings about 
her fame and illness. She talks about Hans and says that maybe you 
should meet the plane for New York that brings in the supplies. James 
also says that the air is clearer since the snow has removed the salt 
in the air and it is good to take a constitutional. 
          Pier -  Go out to the pier and finally meet Hans Voralberg. 
Kate talks to Hans and tells him about Anna and the factory. It was 
suppose to be Anna on the train.  He signs the contract without reading 
it because he cannot read. { Marson calls and Kate tells him the 
contract is sign. Marson already has another big case for her. He 
jokingly says not to lose the contract on the way home}. Hans says that 
he will now ride on the train and will go to Syberia. Hans asks Kate if 
she will ride the train with him. Kate stutters and Hans says maybe 
take the airplane that goes to New York then. Kate leaves and goes to 
the airplane. 
 Kate struggles to make a decision.
The End.
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Microids- For of course making this great adventure game.
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Me- For bothering to do this FAQ.
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