::::::     Complete Walkthrough for     ::::::
             :: REX NEBULAR and the COSMIC GENDER BENDER ::
             ::::::         by Adam Pletcher         ::::::

NOTE:  This file is one huge spoiler.  If you don't want explicit
       directions on how to finish this game, don't read it!

       All these solutions are for the HARD difficulty level.  If
       you're playing on an easier one, some puzzles may be different
       (or even missing).


Game starts, you get off yer butt and realize you're underwater.
Go into the living quarters.  Get binoculars off the poster (hubba
hubba!)  Open the fridge and get the rotten hamburger.  Walk into the
engine area.  Get the timing module off the table and get the rebreather 
off the floor.  Go into living quarters and climb the ladder, leaving
the 'Pig.


Swim east.  You'll find a dead fish lying around on one of these screens,
so grab it.  Go south then east.  Put the hamburger in the dead fish.
Throw the fish at the hole to the lower right of the cave.  The tentacle
should eat it and promptly croak.  Go in the cave.  Go in the next cave.
Walk east.


Walk north.  Get big leaves.  Walk east.  Get bamboo stick.  Go west twice.
Go in the headhunter's pad and grab the poison darts.  Leave the hut and
go west.  Walk past the tree and let yourself get mugged.  Get up and go
east three times (back to bamboo place).  Put darts in bamboo stick.
wait until the little runt pokes his head up, then hose him down with
the darts.  Grab the binoculars he stole and head back to the
screen where he jumped you.  Go west from there.  Talk to the native
babe.  When she tests you about being a real man, just say what you think  
a typical guy would say.  Probably won't be too tough for most of you.

After the little {cough} intermission, get up and grab a twinkifruit
from the sack on the wall.  Leave the village and go to the screen with
the pit (where the leaves were).  Put the leaves on the pit.  Put the
twinkifruit on the leaves.  After fatass gets stuck, go north.  Go
north again.  Get BOTH bones lying on the ground.  Climb the ladder and 
use the binoculars to look north.  Remember the numbers she types on 
the keypad.  Go north and get in the booth.  Type in those numbers and
hit the smiley.  Shazam!


Go along with things until you're in the cell.  Talk to the alien next
door.  Go along with things until you're on the gurney.  When they 
all leave to investigate the explosion, grab the scalpel that's next to
you on the tray.  When she comes back and questions you, just cooperate
and you won't die (although it's pretty fun pissing her off).
After you're back in the cell, talk to your buddy again.  Pry the grate 
open on the back wall with the scalpel.  Go inside.  Go the the cell  
furthest to the left (the security station).  Push the grate open and
look closely at the computers.  Press the red button twice and watch
the fireworks.

When it's over, walk east twice.  Get the security card from the alien
mess.  Walk east until you're in the lab again.  Get the tape player
(tape, acutally) from the stiff.  Go west until you come to an
intersection.  Go west again and jump in the gender bender machine.
Go east, then north twice.  Get the tape player.  Get the severed arm
off the floor.  Put the arm on the handprint ID thing on the far wall.
Get all your stuff from the cabinet.  Go north.  Get the credit chip
from next to the body.  Go back to the intersection and go south.

Enter the ladies' club and walk to the barstool (sit on it).  When
Helga isn't looking, swipe the repair list out of her back pocket.
Talk to the bartender.  Buy the bottle of vodka from the bartender.
Leave the bar and go south.  Put the security card in the card slot and
enter the armory.  Get the targeting module from the box.  Leave the
armory and go east.  Use the card to get in the storage room.  Get the
charge cases out of the box.  Leave storage and go into the room with
the blast under the door.  Pick up the vials of petrox, lecithin, and
formaldahyde that are on the desks.  Put the tape in the tape player
and listen to it.  Mix the ingredients just like she did, using the
vodka for alcohol.  Put the explosive formula in the charge cases.  Leave.  

Go to the teleporter booth next to the armory.  Look at the repair list.
Use the number belonging to the booth on the planet's surface.  (It
should be listed next to the code used to get to the prison complex).
Go to the hut where the {ahem!} native girl was and go north.  Talk
to the other girl.  Take the chicken off the spit.  Go back to the 
teleporter and use the prison code you used the first time.  

Go back to the intersection, go west, and make yourself macho again.
Go to one of the teleporter booths, either the one where you found the
credit chip, or the one next to the armory.  Look at the repair list.
The numbers will be different for everyone, but I'm fairly certain the
one you need is the 8th one on the list.  Type it in and off you go.
If you don't see a skeleton chillin' on a chair when you appear, you 
used the wrong code.


Walk west and get in the car.  Activate it and use the buttons to tell
it to go to the residential area on the upper level.  Go into Bruce's
pad.  Go east.  Get the compact off the dresser.  

Leave Bruce's and drive to Abdul's body shop.  Cute dog, huh?  Throw 
the bone over the fence and go in the shop.  That's some dog.  Throw 
the other bone onto the danger zone on the floor.  Press the down 
button on the wall.  Splut!  Go to the cabinet on the east wall and get 
the polycement.  Get the rearview mirror that's lying around.  Leave 

Drive to MachoProse.  Go in Machoprose and get the penlight.  Leave the
building and enter the lab on the left side of the screen.  Flip the 
lever on the laser.  Put the compact in the beam.  Leave.

Drive to Bruce's again.  Go inside and put the rearview mirror in the
beam.  Get the key out of the safe.  Leave.

Drive to the Sandbar Resaurant and go inside.  Get the padlock key out
of the cash register.  Get the fishing pole off the wall.  Leave. 
Drive to the expressway and use the padlock key to unlock the box and
lower the winch.

Drive to Buckluster Video.  See the hermit peeking outta the alley?
Go down the alley and talk to him.  Go inside Buckluster using the key
from Bruce's.  Get the phone and go back to the hermit.  Disassemble the
phone and the penlight.  Give him both sets of batteries and wait for
him to bitch about them.  Take them back to Buckluster and put one pair
in the phone again.  Put the phone back on the unit.  Charge both sets of
batteries this way (I think you might have to leave the room while it's
charging for it to work).  Take them back to the hermit and watch him
boogie.  If he still bitches about he batteries, you didn't charge them
right.  Take the fake ID and leave.

Drive to the Mall and use the fake ID on the elevator door.  Once you're
up, use the binoculars to look at the tall building in the distance.
Disassemble the fishing pole and tie one end to the metal hook on the
concrete post.  Walk east and get the real ID off the remains.  Leave.

Drive to the Sandbar again and tie the other end of the fishing line to
the boat.  Leave.  Drive to the sea wall and put the timing unit on the
charge case.  Put the timebomb on the shelf under the window.  Leave.

Drive to the mall and use the elevator.  After the city floods, jam the  
other charge case into the chicken (it's the obvious thing to do... :)
Pull on the fishing line and hop in the boat.  When the sea monster
pops up, throw the chickenbomb at him.  Sail north.  Get the bottle
that's floating there and sail north again.  Save the game here for sure.  
After you get out, fill the bottle with water (try halfway first, that
worked for me).  Go inside and put the bottle on the pedestal.  If you
croak, try a different amount of water in the bottle.  Tada!  You got
the vase!  Get in the teleporter and hit the code that was next to the  
Machopolis code... the 7th one on the list I think (it's also "in need
of adjustments").


Get out of the transporter.  Look at control panel on north wall.  Make
sure Pad 2 is on "Timer" then push the start button.  Wait for the time
to run out and the ship to land again.  Switch Pad 2 to "Remote" and
leave the panel.  Go east.  After the coconut falls, get the remote and
the shield modulator hanging from the wire.  Go east.  Get in the ship.
Look at the service panel on your right.  Put the shield modulator and
the targeting module in the slots.  Put the polycement on the crack
in the canopy.  Activate the remote.  Pull the throttle on your left.


That's it!  Hope you enjoyed it.  Comments, goofs, flames, raves of 
appreciation are all welcome.

Adam Pletcher
[email protected]

Walkthrough (C) Copyright 1992 by Adam Pletcher, all rights reserved.

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