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The following is an outright "walk-thru" to Dracula Unleashed. The times given are approximate times to visit the places listed, unless otherwise noted with an "*". If the event has an "*", then you must arrive there no sooner than the indicated time (not too much later either :-) ) Otherwise, you do not have to arrive at the remaining places at exactly the times listed.

Remember...if you hit the 'pass time' button, 15 minutes will go by. If you don't want to wait that much time, then go into a locale, watch the video telling you that the man or woman of the house is not in (or a similar, short clip), and go back outside...5 minutes will have gone by. Repeat until the desired amount of time has elapsed.

When passing time, it's usually a good idea to do it at the location your are waiting to get into. This way you can better control the exact time of entering a locale as time spent traveling is hard to judge.

Additionally, at some places you must have a particular object in hand. If you do not, the desired action will not be achieved--and you might even die :-).

Save the game often. Also, once you conclude a begin another save game file. This way if you make a mistake and get killed, you won't have to begin from the beginning.

Enjoy!! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a note. [email protected]





Now that you've won, go back to a saved game and visit some of the places without the required object in hand. To start, try first the last scene without the cross. WATCH OUT!! This clip gets a little graphic!

Also, the above walk-thru will get the poor Holmwood's killed. There is a way to play and not kill anyone! I haven't found it, but if you do, please drop me a note and tell me how you did it!! Thanks!

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