Secrets of the Luxor: Game Guide

Written by Aaron DeSoto

Most walkthroughs give solutions but rarely explain how they were determined. Everyone can use a little help now and then but it's more rewarding to figure it out yourself. In this guide I have tried to include both the answers to your possible questions and how I came to know them.

Hotel Room

Pick up backpack (used for inventory items), hat, shoes, journal, portable VCR, toothbrush, and letter under the door. Move your cursor beneath the viewer screen in order to access inventory. Look at the videos by selecting the VCR, read the journal and exit the room. A cut scene ensues and you are then at the pyramid.


Use the keycard in the keypad then enter the access code which is found on the letter (2411#). Read the sign next to the elevator, enter then close the door. When the explosion begins, push the middle button on the panel which then allows you to push the bottom left toggle switch (manual controls as explained on the sign). Exit the elevator and find VR goggles in the open crate. Enter the King's room.

King's Room

By using the VR Goggles, the 4 secret doors you need to open will be illuminated. The goggles come in handy throughout the game to help uncover hints on how to proceed. Read all the files in the desktop computer to which you gain access by inputting, you guessed it, the code you used earlier (2411). In the center of the room is the Egg Puzzle.

Egg Puzzle

You must find clues to determine 1) which buttons to push, 2) the position of the handprint and 3) which tiles of the concentric lines must be flipped. The answer to 1 is in the journal. The answer to 2 is in the Reflector room which can be entered after you push the protruding brick stone on one of the blank walls. The answer to 3 is revealed by climbing down a stone ladder at the left side (when facing the Egg Puzzle) of the bridge . When near the bottom you can see the floor pattern. It's hard to see the whole thing but at the Egg Puzzle, flip every 4th tile beginning at the 2 o'clock position. Solving this puzzle allows water to flow in the Water Room so go back down the stone ladder and find the Water Room.

Water Room

The control panel flippers must stop the sliding buttons at points corresponding to the diagram on the last page of the journal. It's confusing so I've included the picture below. Solving this puzzle unlocks all the previously locked doors in the King's Room. Proceed to the wall with the triangle.

Triangle Room

Inside is a device with 7 buttons you can push. The device controls weights connected to a door in the alcove behind you. A pattern on that door gives you a hint on how to activate the device. If you have problems solving the puzzle, beginning at the left, push the first, second, fifth and sixth buttons in that order. The yellow squares revealed indicate the 2 safe openings in the room with the spikes. Go to the Sun Room.

Sun Room

On the way you come across a room with close-ups of 4 constellations and later a console to input these in sequence. This isn't necessary for game completion as you can walk straight to the Sun Room but if you do, all openings are now accessible back at the spike room. Try them later just to experience various way to die. On the wall past the sarcophagus is part of the solution to the Sun Wheel Puzzle: outer ring at 10 o'clock, middle ring at 2 o'clock and inner ring at 6 o'clock. Look below the sarcophagus and point the dial towards the Sun. This makes it possible to open the door in the Reflector Room.

Reflector Room

Turn the mirrors so they face the rear wall. Click the crystal in the center so the point is up. A door will open. Enter, listen to the Guardian of Time then turn around and pick up the ankh (it looks like a cross with a loop at the top and is the Egyptian symbol of life). Exit to the King's Room and click the wall with the ram's head on it. These passages lead to the Sun Wheel Room.

Sun Wheel Room

The goal here is to find see the 3 symbols on the Queen's head in order to open the sun wheel. Look left at the first tee, go forward 2 clicks and look left again. Forward 2 more clicks and go down the stairs to the Queen's head. Now remember the 3 symbols and go back up the stairs. Look left, go forward 4 times, look right, go forward once more and look left again. You're at the top of the stairs leading to the Sun Wheel Room. In the room you must rotate the rings on the wheel to get the symbols from the Queen's head into the positions from the Sun Room wall. Once done, enter and descend all the way to the bottom and pull the lever. The spool that the chain is wrapped around should move clockwise and then you hear the sound of grinding rock. Now the huge rock slab in the room near the Water Room can't crush you. Go to it now via the stone ladder in the King's Room.

Rock-Crushing Room

Use the ankh in the lion's head on the far wall to get the white crystal. Go back to the King's Room and click the wall with the sun on it. This is the way to the Cavern.


Look right at the tee then forward and you will eventually enter the cavern. Put the white crystal in the organ stone holder as this activates the wheel which operates the stone bridge. Behind the wheel are 3 other crystals. Pick them up and retrieve the white one and cross the bridge. Put all four crystals in the receptacles and a door opens. You only need to note the symbols on the chair and exit via a passage to the right. Now on to the Chamber of Wise Ones.

Chamber of Wise Ones

Pass your cursor hand over the symbols using the sequence found on the chair. Go up the stairs which just appeared and when presented with 3 hallways, choose the one on the right to enter the Teleportation Power Room.

Teleportation Power Room

Turn on all of the 6 small control panels on the walls. Click and hold down your cursor on the right side of each panel and slide the light from bottom to top. The main power panel can now be activated by pushing the center button. The corridor overhead lights are now on and the various doors will open. Exit and then take the left hallway of the 3 (the one without the obelisk).

Hexagon Puzzle Room

This room has a hexagon on the floor surrounded by 4 statues. The hexagon has 4 squares connected by lines which corresponds to the clockwise sequence to click each statue base triangle. When done correctly, the hexagon rises and you must click and drag the 3 slider lights to receive your body scan. Now you can pass through the teleportation doors. Return to the Teleportation Power Room and enter the door opposite the main power panel. The door with the ankh leads to the Embalming Room.

Embalming Room

Lots of stuff to see here but all you need to do is activate the inner door latch of the vault by moving it quickly until you hear a click. It opens the vault-looking teleporter door which shares the same corridor as the Embalming Room door. Once through the door, go left to enter Link Room.

Link Room

There is a generator at the top of the stairs (pictured below). Begin by clicking the 3 small white bulbs on the right side and see the right strip on the floor light up pointing towards Anubis (patron of embalming and guide of the dead). This statue (man with a jackal head) is like the one off the Hexagon Puzzle Room. Before returning there, explore the vault on the lower level of this room just for fun. Return now to the corridor off the Hexagon Puzzle Room and push the purple snail button near Anubis. Walk up the stairs and enter the Hologram Room.

Hologram Room

The only thing to note here is the hologram with the symbols. There are 3 different symbols which flash in a certain order. Once you write these down return to the Link Room, click the 3 small white bulbs on the left side and see the left strip on the floor light up pointing towards the statue with the sphere in its hands. This statue matches the two off the Hexagon Puzzle Room. Return there as the door will now open.

Mummy Room

Hit the buttons in the order you saw in the hologram room. They will flash and then stay a constant purple when the sequence is correct. The corkscrew staircase (near the Link Room) will now ascend from it's circular platform. Proceed there and at the top of the stairs are 2 doors which each lead to a puzzle. On the left is a room with 6 obelisks and the goal here is to have them all shine blue. If you have trouble, one solution (starting as you just enter the room) is to click the closest right, closest left then middle right. The door at the farthest end of the room is now accessible so enter and push the large round screen to the right. Return to the corkscrew staircase upper landing and go through the other door. As in the Embalming Room, you must activate the inner door latch of a vault by moving it quickly until you hear a click Your next destination is all the way back to where you first entered the Chamber of Wise Ones. A new long staircase is now present and further on, a vault-like portal near the scarab beetle is open. More to see but nothing that determines game outcome until you make your way to the Grid Puzzle Room.

Grid Puzzle Room

The solution is in the journal on page 63. Make sure the x numbers are counted horizontally and the y numbers vertically. A long video section follows as the Guardian of Time lets you through the Portal of Time to stop Osiris. You are then asked to insert Disk 2 and once loaded, you find yourself near the atrium elevator.

Disk 2


You are at "Start" pictured below in the Outer Ring. You can only walk in the lighter green areas. The primary goal is to reach the elevator on the Outer Ring marked "End". You must rotate the 3 rings at each tower in sequence (Tower 1, Tower 2 then Tower 3) in order to align the rings correctly. The uppermost ring is the Outer Ring descending to Ring 1, Ring 2 and lastly Ring 3. To get to the control panel below, all I did was go down the atrium elevator to Ring 1, walk the corridor and go up the other elevator. A tram vehicle then takes you up to T1 (Tower 1) marked below with a red dot. While you're ring-hopping, explore all the hallways and rooms throughout this entire building; my favorite is the jail. If you still need help to finish this section, read on.

From T1: 2 rotations clockwise (2RCW), descend to Ring 3 (D3), walk to the other elevator (WE), ascend to Ring 1 (A1), walk to the other elevator (WE) and ascend to Tower 2 (AT2).

From T2: 2RCCW, D1, WE, D2, WE and AT3.

From T3: 3RCW, D2, WE, D3, WE and up to "End".

In Osiris' office, take the travel pod on the right. It takes you to the center of the Rings with an incomplete obelisk at the center.


There are 4 forcefield beams preventing access to the obelisk. You must turn off each one by pulling down 4 levers in 4 perimeter rooms. Use the catwalk rotation control panel to align the bridge to access each room. A tunnel leads to an elevator where you will find the lever. One elevator takes you to the atrium but the others are inoperable. Now simply return the top of the obelisk and use the catwalk rotation control panel to position the large blue electrical anomaly over Osiris. Sit back and enjoy the end.