The MissionHow Do I Get A Mission
- You find the first steps in the character description of Rodrigo in handbook.
- Just live a typical day in Rodrigo's life.- Have you visited Luis already ?
- You could also visit Sancho's Bar.- You should have a talk with him.
- The monk in the monastery knows a lot.- If he is busy, come back later.
- You should discuss all the news from Sancho and Ranama with your friend Luis.
- Now it's time for your mission.
- Go to the place where your customers expect you.
- Go into your office and look at your desk.
- After talking with Ramil, he'll give you a fat purse.
- After Ramil leaves, get the purse out of the desk and take it with you.
- Don't worry about the purse - we'll get that back later !
How Do I Enter Endavin- Maybe you should not look like a hero.
- Have a look at the guard. This will tell you what you need.How Do I Get A Cape
- Been to Sancho's Bar already ?
- There is a stranger at the upper tables at Sancho's.
- Is he a little bit taciturn ? Keep on talking to him.
- You should have grabbed it from the stranger.How Do I Get An Earring
- Maybe you can borrow one.- You should find someone who wears an earring.
- There is one person with an earring who is not a pirate.
- Have you been in the monastery yet ?
- Meet Ranama in the monastery in Smashville.
- Talk to him about his earring until you are able to distract him.
- Then simply take his earring !
How Do I Convince The Workman To Let Me In The Sewerage
- It seems that he won't let you in.
- If you could convince him to leave his station, you could follow your purse.
- He won't go until his shift is over.
- Sancho told you something about how he fills his pub.
- Go to Sancho and ask him to lend you his trumpet.
- You have to use the trumpet.
- But in a place where the workman cannot see you, but can hear you.
- Use the trumpet in front of your office.
- Above the workman, and he will disappear.How Do I Get The Purse Back
- Follow the purse in the sewerage.
- If the purse falls into the water, it may be a long way down the sewerage.
- You have to search for it.
- From the place you entered, take the right passageway.
- Then the left passageway.
- The purse lies in the water in the middle of the chamber.
- Use the winch to open the lattice.- The rope snaps ... !
Where Do I Find A New Rope For The Lattice
- You have to search for a person who has a rope.
- In the woods, there is a girl skipping.
- She is on the clearing north of the landing clearing.
- She would not give a toy away without something in return.
- For example, another toy.
- Rodrigo also played in this forest when he was a child.
- Search in the underbrush for left toys.
- You will find a teddy bear in the bush south of the landing clearing.
- Trade the teddy for the rope.What Do I Do At The Lattice
- Use the skipping rope on the winch.- Open the lattice.
- A friendly dragon ? He needs some help ...
- Have a look at the beasts giving him so much trouble.
- They need to be removed ... once and for all !- Poison is a good idea.
Where Do I Find Some Poison
- Some of the plants in the forest seem to be poisonous.
- Especially the red toadstool northeast of the landing clearing.
- Don't forget the bush northwest of the landing clearing.
- Use the toadstool on the bush and pick the poisonous leaves.
Where Do I Put The Poison- You can only poison something left to eat.
- Like the dragon's brain in the skull.
- Use the poison on the brain in the skull.How Do I Get Into The Skull
- Try all the openings of the skull.- Some of them may be hidden.
- Search for the ear openings.
- One is behind the bush. You have to examine the bush multiple times.
How Do I Get The Carrion Eaters To Eat The Poison- They want to eat it.
- They can't reach it.- You have to let them into the skull.
- Open the mouth of the skull.- Just leave the skull through the mouth.
- The carrion eaters will enter and eat the dragon's brain.
How Do I Get A Hat And A Cyber-Hand
- After you have helped the dragon, try to talk to him.
- Hey, a pirate jumps out behind a rock ...
- Your new friend, the dragon, will grill him.
- All that is left from the pirate is his hat and his cyber-hand.
- All you need for now is there. Look for the purse later in the game.
How Do I Find Jasmin- The pirates have kidnapped her.
- They should know where she is.- Talk to the pirates in the pub.
- They would betray the hiding-place only to another pirate.
- Drink with the pirates to prove you are one.
- Now that you are in the jail, ask everyone around.
- Talk to the girl and you will find Jasmin.How Do I Rescue Jasmin
- First of all, you should examine everything around.
- Have you checked the window ?
- You should listen to the pirates in front of the window carefully.
- They give you important information.
- After you have listened to the pirates, double-check everything in the jail.
- Talk to the girl a second time.
- Then you may get further information if you don't have it already.
- Examine the straw a second time and you will find a way out.
How Do I Bring Jasmin Back To Ramil- Jasmin knows the way.
- Just go somewhere and if Jasmin takes a different way follow her.
- You will enter Esragoth. Someone there could know something about Ramil.
- Keep on talking with everyone around until Ramil appears.The Pirates
How Do I Defeat The Pirates
- I'm sure somebody will help you if only you show determination.
- Try to leave Esragoth to go to Smashville.- Follow Tharain into the library.
- You will get a lot of information out of the book of Soromann.
- Rumours say he is a nephew of Saruman.
- The force of the Gloomstones seems to be a better chance ...
- ... To beat the pirates than your single sword !
- You need to use the six stones to break the power of the pirates.
- Search the secret cave of the Gloomstones.How Do I Find The Secret Cave
- You should not expect it in an existing tunnel.- You will have to dig for it.
- You are a hero, not a dwarf.- Use a machine.There Is A Digging Machine ...
- You will find the digging machine if you follow the rail.
- In the middle tunnel after entering the cave.
How Do I Activate The Digging Machine- You need some kind of energy.
- The typical sources of energy in Tol Andar are Gloomstones.
- Use the Gloomstone with the machine and pull the lever to start the machine.
Where Is A Gloomstone
- You will find a heat Gloomstone at the dwarfs' resting-place.
- To go to the dwarfs' resting-place.
- Follow the rails to the left after entering the cave.
- In the next cave, take the branch to the right.
- Search the wall multiple times to find the Gloomstone.
- Use the pick you find at the resting-place to get the Gloomstone.
The Stone Is Too Hot To Take
- If it is too hot for a hero's hand, use something else.
- Something more heat resistant.- Like metal.
- There is a shovel in the first cave.How Do I Reach Both Dead Ends
- You cannot use the digging machine without rails.
- Try it on both dead ends of the tunnel the dwarfs built.
- Throw the switch to reach both dead ends.
- Use the shovel with the switch to throw it.
- First drive the machine to the dead end to the right.
- You have to drill twice.- Don't forget the box of matches in the rubble.
- It's hard to find, on the left.
- Now throw the switch and start the machine again.
- It will drive to the dead end to the left.How Do I Get The Missing Gloomstones
- Jasmin has them.- Follow her !- She is in the forest.
- From the center of the forest, go one clearing to the right.
- Examine the tree on the right side multiple times.
- Maybe you could climb the tree.- Or you could force her to come down.
- You do not have many items. It should be obvious.- Use the straw.
- You have to light it.How Do I Light The Straw
- Did you use the drill in the right-hand dead end in the tunnels ?
- In the rubble, you'll find a box of matches.- Use them to ignite the straw.
In Which Sequence Do I Have To Use The Gloomstones
- If you have no idea, ask one who knows more about this cave.
- Ask Tharain in the library.
- Hmm. He is not here. Maybe you should come back later.
- Or something else in the library tells you about the coloured stones.
- Like the library floor.- Every time you enter the library ...
- ... The stones on the floor show you the position of another colour.
- The next hint shows you the colour sequence to use in the secret cave.
- Use the stones in sequence : red, light blue, blue, yellow, purple and green.
The DarknessWhat Has Happened- Ask the figures in the game. They should know it.
- The story of Soromann and the Gloomstones is very old.
- Maybe Cynthia is not old enough to know everything.
- The dragon is old enough. Talk to him.How Do I Defeat The Evil
- Do you wish to help?- Sometimes wishing helps.- But not the wishes of heroes.
- What about wishing wells ?
- There is a wishing well in front of Cynthia's cabin.
- You need something to throw into the wishing well.
- Didn't you lose a purse earlier in the game ?
- In the meantime, the purse came out of the sewerage.
- Use it with the wishing well.
- This should have told you what to do to defeat the evil.
How Do I Find Megophias- The wishing well told you the way.
- Your bike is broken. You need something else to fly.- Or someone else to fly.
- Ask the dragon to bring you to Megophias' island.
- I would expect him in his cabin.- Isn't it strange.
- The outside of the cabin looks much longer then the room inside !
- You should check the cabin for secret doors.
- Check the windows and the floor of the room in the cabin multiple times.
- You will find a second secret room with Megophias.Where Is The Cyber-Helmet
- Megophias told you to look for it at the beach on the north of the island.
- You have to go through the small forest to reach it.- Here it should be ...
- But haven't you seen the helmet earlier in the game ?
- In Endavin ! You should talk to Megophias about this.
How Do I Go To The Pirate Captain
- Because he is on the pirates' flagship, you have to go to the harbour.
- Again, you need help.- Search for someone else who is not defeated yet.
- You'll find help behind the barrels at the harbour.
- The little boat does not look like a pirate boat.- You have to disguise it.
- It should look like a pirate boat.
- Haven't you seen something that belonged to a pirate recently ?
- At the beach on Megophias island is a pirate flag.
- Use it to disguise your boat.- Now you can row to the pirate ship.
- The captain could be behind any door.
- Move the chest to reach the door to the captain's cabin.
- Be a good hero and let your helper do the work with the captain.
- Just get the cyber-helmet and bring it to Megophias.
How Do I Use The Cyber-Helmet- Plug it into the machines in Megophias' cabin.
- You have all the information to defeat the other magician.
- The wishing well gave you the information.
- Think about all your friends in sequence of their age.
- Leaving out liars and fools, of course.
- The next hint shows you the sequence of the persons to use.
- The correct sequence is: Child, Stranger, Cynthia, Luis, Sancho and Dragon.

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