Discworld Noir (PSX) v.1.4
(L)CopyLeft - Denny NoraX ([email protected])

Feel free to distribute, BUT you confirm me first if you want to
publish it.

[] - Walk
T  - Skip the intro, dialog, cancel
o  - Examine
X  - Action
L1 - Inventory Screen
R1 - Notebook Screen
L2 - Scroll up the Inventory
R2 - Scroll down the Inventory
Select - Main Menu

Talk - Click on the face to talk
Ask  - open your notebooks

revision history

ver. 1.4
major update, add some hint at act 2 for some lamer gamer.

ver. 1.1
first publish walkthrough.


After the scene with Carlotta, go out.
- go  to  the  Wharf,  talk  to  the  Mr.Scoplett, choose the Milka's
  passenger clue (get hint: the Mysterious Passengers).
  Ask about Mundy (get hint: the Inquisitive Stranger)
  Ask about Milka (get hint: the Cafe Ankh place), go out.

- Go to the Cafe Ankh, before head inside the cafe, head to the right
  path, take the crowbar, now head inside the cafe.
  Talk to Nobby (sit behind the pianist), ask about Milka
  (get hint: Mysterious Murders).
  Talk to Captain Jenkins in the upper left room, ask about Mysterious
  Passengers, Mundy (mundy case). no luck.

- go  back out, go back to the Wharf. Head to the left path, there is
  no sailor guarding the crate anymore.
  If he still there, just come back out and in until he's gone.
- Find the lonely Crate, use the Crowbar on the Crate.
- Take  the label on the water, go out, don't jump on the River Ankh
  yet. Find the Cabin room on the upper left.
- Search the Lower bed (Bunk) to get the Scrap, go out.

- Go out from your office, then go back to your office again to meet
  Al Khali (get the Al Khali hint), go out again.
- Go to the Pseudopolis Yard, talk to Nobby, ask anything. Go out.
- After the scene with Malachite, another place is open
  (Octarine Parrot).

- Go to the Octarine Parrot, talk to Mankin. Talk to sapphire,
  Ask about Malachite (open place : Rhodan's Workshop),
  ask about Therma (get Hint : Madame LodeStone),
  Choose the Malachite and Therma conversation.

- Go back to Pseudopolis yard, ask nobby about Madam Lodestone
  (Therma Case) (Open Place : Mausoleum), Mysterious Passengers
  (contact&suspect), Go Out.

- Go to the Cafe Ankh, After the scene with Ilsa, ask about
  Mysterious Passengers (contact&suspect) to ilsa
  (get hint: Ilsa and Two-Conkers).
- Show her the Label you get on the Milka before (open Place: Pier 5).
  Go out.

- Go to the Rhodan's Workshop, talk to Rhodan, ask about Malachite,
  head upper left to meet malachite, talk to Malachite, no luck. go out.

- Go to the Pier Five, ask anything especially mundy (the mundy case)
  to Watchman, go to the left building, examine the Skylight, go out,
  go back to your office.

- Take the Note on the floor (Invitation).  Go to the Mausoleum, search
  the tombs, no luck (get Hint: Selachii Mausoleum).
  Finally go to the Von Uberwald Mansion.

- Ask about carlotta (contact&suspect) to butler, Show  the  Invitation
  to the butler, examine the Painting above the Main  Doors to trigger
  the scene with Carlotta. Talk to her about Selachi Mausoleum (therma
  case) and she'll help you.

- You'll meet with the Count, Ask about Malachite, Mundy, Carlotta to
  the Count, go out.
  After the scene (get Hint : Therma in the Mausoleum), go back to the
  Rhodan's Workshop, talk to Malachite about Therma in Mausoleum
  (therma case)

- After  the  scene  with  the  malachite  on  the  tomb
  (get item : Grapple, get hint: Sapphire lied), check the body(rubble),
  grab the Troll's Teeth, go out.

- Go  to  the  Pier Five, go behind the pier, use the Grappling
  Iron on the Skylight. Open the Skylight with Crowbar, go down.
  Search for hard-to-see Matchbook on the bottom right floor.
  Combine the Scrap with Matchbook (9 whalebone lane). go back out.

- Go to the Octarine Parrot, talk to Mankin, ask about mundy,
  show him the Matchbook, tell him LIES, Go to the right path,
  and the scene follow.


- After scene (get Hint: Mundy's Murder), Look & Examine Message in
  Blood (get hint : AZILE), Mundy's Corpse, Mundy's Boots, and Frayed
  Rope above the Message in blood (get hint: Frayed Rope).
  Open your notebooks, Use the Frayed Rope hint on the Mundy's Boots
  (get hint: Mundy Hung Upside  Down). Use the Mundy Hung Upside Down
  Hint on the Message in blood (get hint: 3712V). Go out.

- Talk to Mankin, ask about Sapphire Lied? (therma case), ask about
  Mundy Hung Upside Down, Mundy was Cut Down, Mundy's Boots
  (get item: Coin).
  Go to the upper left room, (get hint: Sapphire's Money,
  get place: Saturnalia).
  Ask her about Sapphire lied?, Sapphire's Money. go out.

- Go to the Von Uberwald Mansion, ask butler about Von Uberwald
  (get hint: missing companion), ask to meet the count.
  Ask about missiong companion to the count (get item: Iconograph).
  Go out.

- Go  to  the  Wharf,  Show the Iconograph to Mr. Scoplett (get hint:
  Regin's  Carriage).  Go  to the Pseudopolis Yard, talk to Nobby, ask
  about Regin's Carriage (open place: Maudlin Bridge).

- Go to the Maudlin Bridge, take the Torn Fabric on the Railings.
  go back to the Wharf, Use the Hook with Mooring Line. go back again
  to the Maudlin Bridge, use the Grappling Iron on the River Ankh
  (get hint: Something in the River).

- Go  to  the Rhodan's Workshop, ask Malachite about Something in the
  River, Give the Grappling Iron to Malachite.

- After  the scene (get hint: Regin's murder), look & examine regin,
  look your iconograph, there is  something  fishy here...
  Use the Iconograph on regin's body (get item: KEY).

- Go to the Saturnalia, after the scene, talk to Whirl.
  Bribe  him  first, then talk. Ask about Sapphire's Money
  (get hint: Losing Streak), Carlotta. Now talk to Warb, reveal that
  he work on Unseen Securities, ask him about Losing Streak (sapphire),
  Regin's Murder, CounterWeight Killings.

- Talk  to  Charlotta, ask about Mundy Hung Upside Down (Mundy Case),
  Choose Did carlotta kill mundy? (open place: Temple of Small Gods),
  go out.
  Go back to your office to meet with Al Khali.
  After the scene, talk to Horst about the Sword (get hint: Golden
  Sword, The Milka's Cargo, Jasper Horst). Ask him about Carlotta,
  Al Khali, Counterweight Killings, Mundy Hung Upside Down (Murders).
  Talk to him about Associates, then go out.

- Go to the Octarina Parrot, ask Mankin about Sapphire's Money
  (get hint: Secret  Meeting). Talk to Sapphire, ask about
  Losing Streak, Secret Meeting, then Confront her.

- Go back to Saturnalia, ask Charlotta about the golden sword.
  After the scene, ask about The Milka's Cargo (get item: Order),
  jasper horst.
  Meet the  count, ask him about Regin's Murder, Jasper Horst.

- Go to the Pier Five, Show the Order to the Watchman
  (get hint: Wine Barrels, The Von Uberwald Crate, The Vargerg Crates),
  (open Place: Guild of Archaeologists).
  Go  back  again to Saturnalia, show the Key to Whirl, go to the left
  path  on  the  Locker room, use the key on locker (get item: Charm &

- Go  to  the  Cafe Ankh, talk to Samael, ask about Ilsa & two conkers,
  Wine Barrels (get item: Wine Cellar Key).
  Use  the  key  on the Trapdoor outside. Talk to Ilsa about Archeology
  (get Hint: Gold plated  Jewel).  Ask  about Counterweight Killings,
  Jasper horst, Golden sword, The  Varberg  Crates  (get hint: Hiding
  Place).  Show  her  the  coin.  Before you go out, check the Book of
  Receipts on the crate (open place: Patrician's Palace).

- Go  back  to  your  office,  take  the Card on the floor (open place:
  Rooftops above salis & phedre), (get hint: Meeting with Therma).
  Go to the Rhodan's Workshop, ask malachite about Meeting with Therma.

- After you inside the jail (get hint: malachite's murder), just wait
  until the rat disappear into the right wall.
  Check the Crack, push the Block. After you talk with Leonard, go
  forward, look & examine the Gaping Hole.

- Go back to murder scene where malachite was murdered (rooftops),
  Talk to gable (the gargoyle), ask about Regin's Murder, Malachite's
  murder (get hint: Bestial Attacker).

- Go  to  the Patrician's Palace, take the right path, look the wall,
  use  the  Grappling Iron on the wall, go back down, use Hiding Place
  notes  on  the  wall.  Go  back  to  Cafe Ankh, meet Ilsa, the scene

- Talk to Laredo Cronk (Lara Croft???) (get hint: Laredo Cronk), ask
  about Jasper Horst, Golden Sword, Gold plated jewel, The varberg
  crates, al khali, ilsa & 2 conkers.
  Then talk about Vaults, show the coin & charm to her. after that,
  go to the Horst's Quarters, Ask Horst about Laredo, go back again
  to Laredo (The Guild of Archaeologists).

  Talk  to  Laredo  about Horst, after that, check the Book Case, Push
  the  Hinged  Book. Look & Examine the Vault, the panel, then Look on
  the  Security  Notice, there is some word about Unseen Securities...
  well remember something?
  Go  out, go to the temple of small gods, talk to malaclypse, ask
  about carlotta, Counterweight killing, Mundy hang upside down,
  regin murder, malachite murder, golden sword, and gold plated jewel.
  Show malaclypse the coin and the charm.

  Go to the Saturnalia, Give the Charm on Warb, talk to him about
  Vault 51 (get hint: Back Passage). Go back again to Guild of
  Archaeologist, use Back Passage hint on the Panel.
  Go inside the Vault.

- Use  the 3712V hint (mundy case) on the Crates and Displays.
  Look the Cabinet of Urns, use the Tooth on cabinet
  (get item: golden sword).
  Go out and the scene follows.


- After  some  training  for  using  the WereWolf, transform again to
  werewolf  again  (press []  on lewton). Collect scent samples first,
  then   examine   the   Magenta   with  Flashing  dot  Scent,  you'll
  automatically  go  to the saturnalia. Take the Moss near your murder
  scene.  Switch  to  wolf, match the magenta scent with your scent
  collection (press [] to open the scent library), examine again
  the magenta scent, you'll be back on the back of the temple of small gods.
  Look & Examine the window to find the silhoutte.

- Go to the Pseudopolis Yard and you'll Go back automatically to your
  office (get hint: Clerk's, Wizard's and Merchant's Murder), take the
  Crowbar  on  your desk, change to wolf, collect the samples (Teel Cloud,
  Purple Haze, Maroon Traces, Dark cyan around the door), then get

- Go to Temple of Small Gods, go to the left hall then go to upper hall to
  meet mooncalf, look & Examine the Stained Glass Window (look familiar?).
  Ask about the window to Mooncalf, carlotta, the murders (counterweight
  killings, clerks murder, etc. ask him everything about the murders).

- Go  to  the  Octarine  Parrot, head to Sapphire room, turn to wolf,
  collect  scent  sample (Bright Cyan Blob (perfume), Dark Cyan Cloud,
  Faint trace of apple), turn to lewton again, take the perfume.
  Head  to  the  Mundy's murder room, turn to wolf again, collect the
  sample.  Match  the Hint of Apple with your Apple Sample scent, turn
  to  lewton,  go  out.  Before  you go  out, check the Notice Board (open
  place: New Hall), (get hint: Bedmaker & Laundryman).

- Go to the Rooftops, change to wolf, collect samples again, match the
  Navy Blue Scent with your Navy Sample (Captain Vimes scent). Back to
  Lewton, go out.

- Go  to  the Von Uberwald Mansion, talk to butler about meeting with
  Carlotta,  after  the butler gone quickly change to wolf (get hint:
  Carlotta  is  a werewolf). Go back again to Von Mansion, ask to see
  the  Count,  you'll  meet  Death,  ask death  about  everything
  (especially all about the murders, e.x : merchant's  murder, counterweight
  killing, etc). Then Show  him  the moss, now you can access the library.
  Use  the  moss  on  the  Index Cards (get hint: The Sewers), use The
  Sewers hint on the Index Cards (open place: The Sewers).

- Go  to  the Sewers (near the Maudlin Bridge), go to the right path,
  turn  to  wolf,  examine and follow the Magenta Trail, turn again to
  wolf,  follow  the Magenta Trail again. Look & Examine the Debris to
  find  the pendant,  Take  the Pendant, just leave this place, ignore the
  little death.

- Go to the Octarine Parrot, ask mankin about Merchant's Murder
  (open Place: Merchant guild).

- Go  to  the  Patrician's Palace, go right, Turn to wolf, collect the
  Red Traces (Wine  Barrel  sample), match your serial killer scent with
  Magenta traces. Turn  back  to  lewton,  climb  the wall with
  Grappling Iron to meet Two Conkers and Leonard.
  Show them Your Pendant (get hint: Temple of Anu-Anu). go back to Von
  uberwald  Library,  Use the Temple of Anu-anu hint on the Index Cards, no
  luck. Go out.

- Go  to the New Hall, ask mrs.Fomes about Wizard's Murder (get hint:
  Dead Men's Pointy Boots), the  Bedmaker  & Laundryman Job. Go down,
  look & Examine Octarine board.
  Search the Sturdy Unlocker, examine the books, turn to wolf.
  Use the Temple of Anu-Anu hint on Octarine Board.
  Head  to  the Left room, ask Porter about the Wizard Murder (get
  hint: Mathom Poisoned), then ask about mathom poisoned.

- Head  to  the  Merchant's  Guild,  talk  to  Gatekeeper,  ask about
  Merchant's murder, then ask Dead Men's Pointy Boots, get out.

- Go  back  to  Von  uberwald mansion, talk to Death about Merchant's
  Murder (get hint: Gamin Strangled).

- Go back to the New Hall, search the Sturdy UnLockers again, Use the
  Pendant with The Book of Temples.

- Go  to  the  Cafe  Ankh, meet Carlotta, ask her all about the Murders,
  talk to carlotta about Did Carlotta kill mundy?. (get  Hint:  Errata).
  Talk to Samael about Clerk's Murder.
  Go out, go to the Wine Cellar, turn to wolf, match the Red mist with
  Wine  samples,  turn  back  to  lewton. use the Crow bar on the Wine
  Barrel.  Go out from the Kitchen, turn to wolf, examine the doors to
  hear some conversation. Go up & left to the Double doors.
  Examine  the  Double  Doors,  turn  again to wolf, examine the right
  door,  then  examine  the Double Doors, the scene follows (get Hint:
  Saipha Drowned in Wine).

- Go  to  the Temple of Small Gods, meet & talk to Mooncalf, examine
  the list in your bag, then Show the  list to mooncalf,  go  out,
  go to the cemetery, head to the back of Stained Glass  Window, turn
  to wolf, examine the window & troll to heard the conversation
  (get hint: True Believers Meeting).
  Go  back to temple, talk to Malaclypse About Errata & True Believers
  Meeting to access Inner Sanctum.
  Go forward to the altar, Look the Lecter, Examine the Lectern.
  Use  the  Perfume  on  MoonCalf's feet, the scene follows (get hint:
  Nylonathatep), (open place: sanctuary).

- Go  to  the  Sanctuary,  Look & Examine Fresca on the wall, Examine
  Strange Symbol to get the hint. go out.

- Go to the Von Uberwald Library, Search Nylonathatep & Strange Symbol
  on Index cards (get hint: Octagram of Murders & Elver Sign).

- Go back to the sanctuary, use the CounterWeight killing hint on the
  map of Ankh-Morpork, the scene follows.
  (open place: Dagon Street, The Wizard's Pleasaunce, The Dusk Theatre)

- Go  to  the  Dagon  Street, use the crowbar on the Boarded up Shop
  Front, head through the window.
  Look  & Examine the debris, look & examine the bone, Change to Wolf,
  take the sample (Dark magenta fog), then go out.

- Go  to  the  Dysk Theatre, take the Flyer.

- Go  to  the  library, use the flyer on Index cards (get hint: Eight
  Great Tragedies). Use the new hint to gain another clue.

- Go  back  to  the  Dysk  Theatre.  examine the stage to get near,
  walk near under stage, Change  to  wolf,  Check the Marks below
  the stage. Use the Elver Sign hint on the Marks.
  Use the Octagram of Murders hint on the Altar, go out.

- Go to the Wizard's Pleasaunce, Examine the bushes to hide, the scene


- After  the  scene,  Search  the  Wall  carefully!,  you'll find the
  Inscription,  read  it  (get  hint: Inscription). Look & Examine the
  Rubble to get the Golden Falchion, get out.

- Go back to Sanctuary, search the Kondo Corpse for Amulet, go out.

- Go to the Library, Search for Nylonathatep & Inscription (get hint:
  Radiant Trapezohedron), use the new hint to get another clue.

- Go  to  the  Patrician's  palace, ask the Radiant Trapezohedron hint
  to Leonard and Two Conkers (get item: Map)

- Go  to  the  Temple  of  Small Gods, Talk to Mooncalf, show him the
  Amulet,  The  list, The Falchion, and then ask about Traitors in the
  Cult (get hint: Foid).

- Go to the Rhodan's Workshop, talk to Rhodan about Foid, walk to the
  left  path  where  the malachite work. Search the floor and take the
  Show it to Rhodan, then ask him about Foid, go out.

- Go  to the Dagon Street, check the right house door. Talk to Foid,
  show him the amulet, falchion, then talk about Satrap's Contact
  (get hint: Gelid).

- Go  to the New Hall, you're fired. Go to the Pseudopolis Yard, talk
  to Nobby about Gelid (get item: Warrant).

- Go  back  to  the  New  Hall, move fast to the left door (where the
  porter was), look & examine the Blood Stains.

- Take  Astrolabe  under  the  Telescope, use the map on the Mosaics,
  choose the left one.
  Look & Examine the Telescope, go out.

- Go  to the Selachii Mausoleum, use the Astrolabe on the Sky, Look &
  Examine the Grotesque, Use the Coin on the Indentation.
  Talk to the Zombie, show him the Falchion (get item: Trapezohedron),
  go back out.

- Before  you go out from the office, examine the Trapezohedron to locate

- Go  to  the  Maudlin  Bridge, the scene follows (get item: the Gold

- Go back to Patrician's Palace, after you talk with leonard, go to
  the opening, clear the rubble, go back to leonard.
  Hop on the Flying Device, after the scene, use the Elver Sign on the
  Device, Hop again to the Device, the last scene follows.

                            -= THE END =-

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