DiscWorld Noir
Version 1.0
Written by Crisis
First Created:12.7.2000
Last Updated:31.7.2000
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- Note -
This Walkthrough is based on PC version of this game.

- Important Note -
In ACT 3 you must identify the names of the Scents yourself.
This faq is made for personal use only.You can post this faq
to other sites as long as it remain unchanced and proper credit
is given to me.This faq is copyright Crisis 2000.

Version 0.2  First Version of this document.

Version 0.3  added the end of ACT 1 and first part of ACT 2.

Version 0.5  added the second part of ACT 2.

Version 0.6  added the whole ACT 3.

Version 0.8  added the first part of ACT 4.

Version 1.0  finished the walkthrough.

This is a story about murder and intrigue.A story about the occult 
and relics of a forgotten era.It is set on the Discworld,a world 
which is flat and rides on the back of four giant elephants who 
stand on the shell of the enormous star turtle Great AīTuin,and 
which is bounded by a waterfall that cascades endlessly into space.
Scientists have calculated that chance of anything so patently 
absurd actually existing are millions to one.But magicians have
calculated that million-to-one crop up nine times out of ten.

Our hero,if such a word is not too strong a description,is a man
named Lewton,formerly of the Ankh-Morpork city watch.Expelled from
the watch for taking a bribe,he has only just started to pull his 
life back together afetr years lost in a drunken haze.Trying to get
his life back together,Lewton has set up a shop as Ankh-Morporkīs 
first private investigator.

All he needs now is a case...
The Walkthrough

Now that you have seen the opening cinema lets start.

Act begins by scene where woman named Carlotta gives Lewton a new

After the scene head to the Wharf talk to the fat man called Mr.
Scoplett,talk him about milkaīs passengers,about Mundy and Milka
by doing so you gain clues which are Mysterious Passengers and
the Inquisitive Stranger also you will gain a new place to the map
named Cafe Ankh...

Head to the Cafe Ankh visit the side alley and steal the crowbar
then enter the Cafe listen the annoying song and then talk to the
Nobby about Vimes and other stuff you can go talk to the Captain
Jenkins but he wont say anythink usefull to you...

Visit yours office now there should be a dwarf named Al Khali gain
clue "Al Khali".If the dwarf is not there go through the next place
and come back then...

Next head back to the Wharf and head to the place where are lots
of crates use crowbar to enter one crate and you will be inside the
ship pick up the label from the water inside the ship go to the room
with bunk in it search the bunk and gain a scrap now get out of the
room and check the movie scene...

Visit the Pseudopolis Yard and there talk to the Nobby about everything
exit and a huge,stupid troll named Malachite is waiting you.He will 
give you another case "Find Therma" and new map location Octarine 

Visit the Parrot and there talk to the Mankin about everythink then
talk to the Sapphire about Malachite and Therma,then you will gain
clue Madame Lodestone and New map location Rhodanīs workshop.

Then visit Cafe Ankh talk to the Ilsa,talk Ilsa about everythink and
gain a clue Ilsa and Two Conkers,and show Ilsa the label you found in
Milka she will translate it to you and you will gain a new place which
is Pier 5.Visit Rhodanīs workshop talk both Rhodan and Malachite there.

Visit yours office again see if there is a invitation if there is not
go to the Pier 5 and check out the Skylight there.Once you have gained
the invitation and new place von uberwalds mansion visit your friend
Nobby talk him about Madame Lodestone and gain new place called Salachi
Mausoleum visit there and look the tomb... damn no good you will only
gain clue about well the Salachi mausoleum..

Next go to the Von Uberwalds mansion show your invitation to the 
buttler and when he is gone check the painting above the doors.Then
Carlotta comes talk to her about different things but not Salachi 
Mausoleum yet you should get count von uberwald clue now talk to the
buttler about it and he will give you some more clues now go talk to
count von uberwald himself ask about every clue you have you should 
get a photo from him.Now talk Carlotta about the Salachi mausoleum
and you will go there with her and find the tomb of Madame Lodestone
and gain a clue about thermaīs location.

Visit Rhodanīs workshop and talk to the Malachite about Thermaīs
location clue.Malachite and you will go to the mausoleum and Malachite
removes the cover of the coffin and says it is not Therma.You will gain
Malachite grapling hook.Examine the rubble in the coffin and take 
trolls teeth.

Enter Pier 5 use the grapling hook to the skylight to enter the roof 
use your crowbar to the skylight and then enter the damaged skylight in 
the warehouse wait until lightning reveals the location of matchbox 
there pick it up..exit

Combine the matchbox and Scrap and it will reveal the address Whalebone
lane 9 it is the address of Octarine Parrot visit there show the 
Matchbox to Mankin and enter the upstairs you see a scene involving
Mundy..Then the Screen fades.....

You wake from the bed you are suspected for doing a murder examine the
bloody text in the wall to gain a clue Azile,Check out Mundyīs corpse &
boots and straight above the Mundys boots is Frayed robe examine it too
and get clue Frayed robe.Now open your notebook and drag the frayed 
robe clue out of it and then use it to the Mundyīs boot to get clue
Mundy was hanged upside down then use it to the Message on the wall
too get clue 3712V then go back downstairs talk Mankin about mundy
hung upside down then mundyīs cut down & Mundyīs boots to gain a Coin.
Ask Mankin also about Sapphire Lied clue and then go meet Sapphire in
the backstage talk to her about everything go out then you will gain a 
new place called Saturnalia..

Go back to the Wharf show the photo you got from the count von uberwald
to Mr.Scoplett and he will regognice the man in it and you will gain a
clue Reginīs Carriage and then go to talk to Nobby and ask him about
Reginīs Carriage he will give you a new location that is the bridge.
take the torn fabric from the railings...

Go back to the wharf and use the hook to the mooring line to get 
grapling hook go back to the bridge throw the grapling hook to the
river ankh to gain a clue about "something in the river" go to see
Malachite use the something in the river clue to him and give him
the grapling hook.Short scene comes with Malachite drawing the Reginī
s carriage up from the river.Examine Regins body look at the photo then
use it to his body to gain a Key.

Next go to the Saturnalia speak to the carlotta about Mundy hung upside 
down then did Carlotta kill Mundy then you will gain a new place temple
of small gods.Then speak with the whirl he will not tell you anything 
until you give him money so use your purse to him and then ask about
Sapphiress money you will gain clue Sapphireīs losing streak.

Go back to your Office there Al Khali is waiting for you this time
he takes you to his master Jasper Horst talk Jasper about the sword.
And gain couple clues and a new place.

Go to the Octarine Parrot meet Mankin there tell him about Sapprireīs
Losing streak and Money you will then gain a clue Secret Meeting.Go
speak to Sapphire speak to her about Losing Streak & Secret meating
and then confront her.

Next go inform count from regins murder and then go back to the
Saturnalia show key to the Whirl and gain access to the back use
the key to the lockers get two item empty envelope & reginīs charm.
Then speak to Carlotta about Milkaīs cargo to gain Order.

Make your way to the Pier 5 and show the order to the Watchman he
will take you inside and a new place called Guild of Archaelogists
appear on the map few new clues appear also.

Go visit the cafe it is suprisingly empty only Samael the pianist
is sitting there talk him about Wine Barrels and he will give you
the wine cellar key exit the cafe go to the place where you got the
crowbar use the wine cellar key to the trapdoor there and enter the
cellar.Speak to Ilsa about Archeology and other stuff then you will
gain clue about Gold plated jewel and then speak about Varberk Crates
to gain clue hiding place also show the coin to Ilsa and before exiting 
check out the book of receipts to gain the place called Patricians 

Go back to your office pick up the card from the Sapphire go to the
Rhodanīs workshop and speak Malachite about Meeting with Therma.After
long scenes you find yourself in the prison...Escape your cell by
checking the crack in the wall where the rat runs.Push the block in the
crack then speak with Leonard.Then Examine the Gaping hole in that room 
to get out from the prison.

Go to the Patricianīs Palace go to the sideway of the palace use
grapling hook on the wall climb back down use the hiding place notes
to the wall to get place for hide to two conkers tell about this
place to Ilsa & Two conkers to gain access to Guild of Archaeologists.

In the guild talk to the Ladero Cronk to gain a clue "Ladero Cronk"
well go to the Horstīs place and use the Ldero Cronk clue to him.
Go back to the guild to inform Ladero about Horst she leaves and 
another scene comes.Search the bookshelf then left click the Hinged
book and the secret door will open.On the other side examine the
Security Notice then go back to the...

Saturnalia there you see man called Warb in the same table as Whirl
Use the reagans Charm to him then talk him about Vault 51 he will
tell you about backdoor in the security go back to the guild and
then in the secret area use backpassage clue to the panel to open the
door go in to the vault..

There use the 3712V clue to the Crates and Displays to find a right
crate in there if you want some fynny comments try using crowbar to the 
Cabinet of Urns  ! but that is not the right way ! Use the trollīs
tooth which is made of Diamond and go out.You will trigger a scene.
Now change your CD 1 to CD 2 and start the....

ACT Three
You have died and turned in to a WereWolf..........

Now that you have rised from your grave examine the letter.Then
turn in to the werewolf examine and collect all of the Scentīs
here then left click the magenta with flashing dots scent to
go to the Saturnalia there pick up Mosh in the murder spot back
to the werewolf form then left click magenta with flashing dots scent
then you will be back at cementry at back of the Temple of Small gods.

Go to the Temple talk to the both cultist there after you have searched
the Stained glass window.

Now visit yourīs office and there you will find Nobby who is pretty
shocked to see you and runs away.This gives you clues of Patricianīs
Clerkīs murder,Wizards murder,Merchantīs murder and pick up the crowbar
from your desk.Turn to the werewolf take the Scents again.

Then visit Octarine Parrot talk Mankin about Merchantīs murder to gain
new place called merchant guild.Then visit Sapphires room turn in to 
the werewolf collect Scents and then back to Lewton collect the 
perfume.Go up to murder scene of Mundy turn to the wolf then collect
Scents.Also remember to check out the notice board to gain place called
New hall.

- Important Note -
To identify the Scents visit all murder locations to get them.
Then for example use the Apple Scent to the faint scent of Apple
to gain Mankin Scent.

Visit Von Uberwalds Mansion,Talk to the buttler about meeting
Carlotta after buttler is gone morph in to the werewolf identify
the scent and gain clue "Carlotta is a werewolf".Next meet count
then you will see Death ask them/him about everything then use the
moss to him to gain access to the library.There use moss to the
index cards and gain clue sewers then use the clue to the index
card to gain location of sewers.

Go in to the Sewers there go to the second room turn in to a
werewolf then follow the Magenta Scent then go to the Lair in the
Sewers seacrh the Debris and pick up the pendant.Talk to the Small
Death if you like then exit...

Then to the New Hall there you will encounter Mrs.Fomes she is
very atractive ...or not.But ask about Wizardīs murder and about
bedmaker & laundry job.Go the room with bedīs.......donīt even think
about doing the bedīs instead search the Sturdy Locker and books
in it,next the octarine board then turn in to a werewolf and see
the text in it.Use the temple of Anu-Anu clue to the board.Turn
to human then go to the room with Porter ask about Wizards murder
to gain clue Mathom poisoned.Also use the pendant to the books
in the locker.

Next strike in to the Mechants guild ask gatekeepper about Merchantīs
murder and then about Dead menīs pointy boots.I donīt know if this is
necessary but it may help....

Then visit Death ask about Merchants murder then a scene follows

Then go to the Cafe Ankh speak to the Carlotta about Mundyīs
murder then ask did Carlotta kill Mundy? Then Carlotta says
she has an alibi she was temple of small gods and other useless
stuff then you will gain Errata clue,then speak Samael about
Patricianīs Clerks murder then enter the wine cellar and use
the crowbar to enter wine barrel and next time you are in
Patricianīs Palace....

There walk around until you see a Double door then exmine it
no use turn to a werewolf and scene follows plus you gain new
clue Saipha drowned in wine.

Back to the new hall this time a new book called book of
temples has appeared in the locker.Use pendant to it and
Lewton openīs the pendant and gains the List.

Now time to trap the cultist go to the Temple of Small gods
show the list to the MoonCalf then exit temple and go to cementry
and there behind the window there you will see mooncalf and troll
turn in to the werewolf and examine the window to get clue true
belivers meeting.Talk about this with Malaclypse then he will
give access to the inner sanctum look at the lectern left click
the lectern to hide under it and then scene follow after it spread
perfume to MoonCalfīs feet so you can follow him.Scene comes.

You gain access to sactuary and clue nylonathatep then a scene
follows exit Lewtonīs Office then go to the Sanctuary examine
the fresco then the Strange symbol then you will gain two clues
strange symbol & strange symbol drawing also use counterweight
killings clue to the map of Ankh-Morpork to gain access to the
Dysk Theatre.Go there pick up flyer and exit...

Go to the Von uberwald mansion there access library there use
flyer,Strange symbol clue & Nylonathatep clue to the Index cards.
You will get clues Eight great tragedies,Elver sign,Octagram of
murders.Then again use the great tragedies to the Index cards.

Go Dysk Theatre there go very very near the stage and then turn in 
to a werewolf.After you have turned back to a Human use the Elver
Sign to the marks to wall in front of you.Then secret door opens
go down there use the Octagram of murders to the altar then go
back to the Sanctuary there again use the Octagram of murders to
Ankh-Morpork map then you will gain access to the Dragon street...

Go there use your Crowbar to boarded up shop front go through
window examine the debris then examine the bone to gain access
to the wizardīs pleasaunce then left click the bushes to hide
in there and long long scene will follow....

ACT Four
Hell breaks loose on the city of Ankh-Morpork....or not

The Scene is over seacrh the walls for Inscription to gain a
clue Inscription examine the rubble to get Golden Sword.Exit
this place and go to the Sanctuary there a scene comes after
Kondo is dead search his corpse to get an amulet.

Go back to the Von uberwaldīs mansion and find out that count
is dead use the library to find out about the Inscription and
Nylonathatep to gain new clue called Radiant Trapezohedron.Use
the clue you have just gained again to index cards.

Go to the Patricianīs Palace tell Leonard and Two-Conkers about
this Radiant Trapezohedron and gain Map.Go to Temple of Small
Gods show MoonCalf following itemīs:Golden Sword,Amulet and the List
then you should have speak option Traitors in the Cult after 
speaking about that you will gain clue Foid and see scene where
MoonCult gets electrified.

Then visit Rhodans workshop go to the place where Malachite was
pick up Plaster Entrusted Bandages.Talk to Rhodan about Foid then 
show him the Bandages and talk about Foid again.

Go to the Dragon Street go through the door on the opposite side
of abandoned shop.There show Foid Golden Sword & Amulet then ask
about Satrapīs Contact  you will get clue Gelid.

Go to the New hall Mrs.Fomes tellīs you a couple of facts about
you "You are Fired!" and you cant get inside now go visit your
"friend" Nobby at Pseudopolis Yard talk him about Gelid after
little blackmailing scene you gain Warrant.Go to the New Hall
again go through the doors until you find Bloodstains on the
floor examine them and scene will pop in.You gain new place.

Take Astrolabe near the huge telescope.Use the map you gained
from two-conkers to the mosaics then choose the the small group
of faint stars then look through the scope and find out your
next location Salachi family mausoleum.

In the Mausoleum use the Asrolabe to the sky then turn the Statues
head (Grotesque) access the hidden chamber.Use the coin to open
the coffin (Identation).Then after the scene use the golden sword
on the Zombie to force him to give you the Trapezohedron.After a
scene involving Horst you will be back at your Office there use
the Trapezohedron to find out Horst location.He is at Maudlin
Bridge go there and see the scene gain golden sword....

After scene go to the Patricianīs Palace and there climb
the wall using the Grapling hook speak to the Leonard and
Two Conkers then clean the roof by left clicking the rubbles
in the previous room then board Flapping-wing-fly-Device and
see the scene then use the Elver Sign clue to the Flapping-
wing-fly-Device then board it to complite the game.....

Now the Ending Follows then the Credits come......Once again
you have complited another game.Good Job.
The End

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