Sleuthing Aventure by Perfect Entertainment

A solution by Lu Richardson

General tips:

This is one of those investigative games in which you have to do a 
lot of walking about and a lot of exhaustive talking with people, 
out of which you get precious few clues.  And spend most of your 
time not knowing what's going on.  You'll have to be very, 
very patient and, above all, not get too bored when people bang on 
and on.

Examine each location and everything available in it most carefully 
and, when addressing people, talk first using the mouth option then 
ask ALL the questions available in the diary - then try to talk once 
more.  If you've picked up any items, try them on people.  Come back 
to talk to everyone time and again.

When you get any item, examine it.  Try combining items together or 
entries in the notebook, or items on entries, even items and entries 
on your surroundings.  Examine the entries, too, they might give you 
a clue.

It doesn't really matter how you explore around, but certain things 
have to be done in a certain order otherwise other things won't 
happen.  If you are at a location and you feel someone should be 
there but isn't, that's because that someone will be there later.  
This solution merely gives you an idea about what has to be done, 
but do your own thing your own way.  Make sure you are very thorough.

When I say "Watch", I mean there is nothing you can do but watch and 
listen and may be go and make yourself a cup of coffee while you 
stiffle a yawn.  When I say "Talk", use the face icon, use every 
entry on the notebook and use every item on the person you are 
talking to.


Go to the Wharf and talk to Scoplett.  Go to the left and note the 
sailor leaning on a Crate.

Go to the Cafe Ankh and talk to the captain.  Not much joy.  Talk to 
Nobby and mention the Milka.  Leave and dive to the right to get a 

Go to the Wharf and then left, use the crowbar on the Crate.  You 
get dumped in the Hold.  Take the label and examine the Lair.  
Leave upwards.  Enter cabin, examine bedpost, search bunk.  You get 
a scrap.  As you come out, you leave automatically via the River 

Go to the Office and you will meet a dwarf.  Watch.

Go to the Wharf and talk to Scoplett about Al Khali.  Leave and go 
to the Yard.  Talk to Nobby.

As you leave the Yard you will meet Malachite.

Go to the Cafe and to the bar.  You meet Ilsa.  Talk to her and show 
her the label.  She tells you about Pier 5.  Go there and talk to 
the Watchman, then walk to the left and spot the Skylight high up.  

Go to the Octarine Parrot and talk to Mankin and then to Sapphire, on 
the stage.  Go to Rhodan's Workshop, talk to Rhodan (exasperating) 
then talk at Malachine in the other room.  Note his grappling iron. 

Go to Nobby and ask about Malachite, Therma and Madame Lodstone.  
Visit the Mausoleum and examine the tombs.  Right, that's as far as 
this takes us.

Go back to the Office and you will find an invitation on the floor - 
leave and visit the Uberwald location.  Show the invite to the 
butler.  Talk to Charlotte about the Mausoleum.

While she is getting ready, you are taken to see the Count.  Talk to 
him.  As you leave, you automatically visit the Mausoleum and find 
the correct tomb.  Go get Malachite and bring him here by using the 
correct phrase on the notebook.  He opens the sarcophagus and says 
Therma is not buried here.  You ask for, and get, his grappling 
iron.  Examine the rubble inside the sarcophagus and get the Troll's 

Go to Pier 5, walk around the back and use the grappling iron on the 
skylight.  Go to it and use the crowbar on the closed skylight.  
Enter in and get the book of matches, just visible on the floor, to 
the right.  If you use the scrap on the matchbook you see the 
Octarine Parrot's address.

Go to the Uberwald mansion and talk to the butler.  He tells you 
about a missing companion.  Visit the Count and talk to him - you 
find out about Regin.

Go to the Wharf and show the iconograph to Scoplett.  Go talk to 
Nobby.  Travel to the Bridge, examine the skid marks, get the bit of 
cloth and attempt to dredge the river with the grappling iron.  
Visit the Count and show him the cloth.

Go to the Parrot and show Mankin the matchbook, then talk about 
Lies.  You get to go upstairs.  Watch.


When all the talk is over, note the message written in blood on the 
wall.  Examine Mundy and his boots and also the frayed rope.

OK, go down and talk to Mankin.  Use all new entries in the 
notebook.  Ask about Sapphire and then go to her dressing room by 
the Stage.  Talk to her.

Leave, go to the Wharf and use the grapping iron on the mooring line 
lying on the floor.  Go to Malachite, persuade him to help you and 
give him the grappling iron.  You automatically go to the bridge and 
Malachite pulls out the coach.  Search it and the dwarf.  Use the 
iconograph on the body and you get a key.  Leave.

Visit the Count and tell him about Regin.  Go and talk to Nobby.  
Next, go to the Parrot and speak to Mankin.  Visit Sapphire in the 
dressing room. 

Next, go to the Casino.  Watch.  At the end, talk to Carlotta till 
you run out of options.  After that, talk to Whirl; start by 
clicking on your bag of money to bribe him, then question him about 
everything.  Then talk to Warb.

Go to Sapphire, talk about her losing strike and confront her.  She 
agrees to arrange a meeting.

Leave and visit the Temple of Small Gods.  First talk to the man in 
green (Malaclypse) who gives you an amazing amount of useless 
information, but he will come up trumps with the "Frayed rope" bit.  
Then, move away and talk to the guy in purple (Mooncalf), who gives 
you no information at all, in spite of talking so very much.
Go to Mankin and talk to him about the rope, etc.  You get a coin.

Go to the Office and you meet Al Khali.  Watch.  When you've done 
your bit and it's over, go and visit Carlotta.  Watch.  At the end, 
see the Count.

Go to Pier 5 and use the shipping bill on the Watchman.  Watch.  You 
may visit the Guild of Archeologists (note the black dog) but it 
will do you no good.

If you go to Cafe Ankh you can talk to Samael and ask him about 
the wine barrels, he will give you a key for the Cellar.  Enter the 
cellar by using the key on the trapdoor.  Talk to Ilsa and 
afterwards inspect the box of receipts.

Go to the Patrician's Palace and talk to the guards.  Go to the 
right and note the barrels.

Go to the Temple and speak to Malaclypse, then go to the Office and 
pick up the message.  Go get Malachite and tell him about the 
meeting.  Watch.

At the questioning, tell it how it happened.  In the cell, wait 
around for the rat and watch how it enters the wall to the right.  
Examine the crack in the wall and have a go at it.  You move a block 
and enter Leonardo's world.  Go and look at the gaping hole - you 
automatically go back to the cell and are let off.

Go to the Rooftops where Malachite got his and talk to the gargoyle 
(Clerk's Gable).

Get to the Palace and walk to the right.  Use the grappling iron on 
the wall to find the perfect hiding place.  Go out through the 
gaping hole; pick up the message "Hiding place" from the diary and 
click on the wall.

Go back to the Cellar and speak to Ilsa.  Watch.

Now you get into the Archeologits's Guild.  Speak to the Tomb Raider 
(i.e., Loredo).  

At the end, go to Jasper and speak to him about Loredo.  Go to 
Loredo and fetch her to the meeting.

Back at the Archeologist's Guild, click on the Hinged Book.  Watch.  
Read the security notice and look at the panel and the vault.  For a 
bit of fun, try to enter the vault door.  Leave.

Go to the Casino and walk left.  Use the key on the safe deposit 
boxes.  You get a couple of items.  Take them to the Count, to be 
told that the bracelet is lucky.  Then go to Warb and, by mentioning 
Vault 51, swap the bracelet for some vital information.

Go to the Vault, pick up "Back passage" from the diary and click it 
on the panel.  Go in.  Pick "Azile" from the diary and use it on 
"Mundy hung upside down" to get a number.  Pick up "3712V" and use 
it on the crates.  When you find the cabinet, use the troll's tooth 
on it.  You get the sword.  Watch.

A lot more to watch.  At the end, pick up the letter to read it, 
then speak to Gaspode.  Change to the wolf morph and follow the 
magenta trail to the Casino.  There, pick up the moss near the chalk 
outline. Follow the magenta trail once more and you finish up at the 
pizza window.  Look around.  Leave.

You have to go to each location you can, turn into a werewolf and 
collect scents by double-clicking on them and pressing F4 to place 
them.  Examine the scents, sometimes you get to know whose they 
are.  Compare them also with other similar scents in other locations.

There are two new items to pick up, one is the Perfume at Sapphire's 
and the other is the bandages where Malachite used to hang out at 

Go to the Uberwald location and, when the butler goes, turn into a 
werewolf, picking up another scent.  Visit the Count and ask 
questions - you get a kind of two-sided conversation.

Go to the Office (watch).  Go to the Cafe and speak to Carlotta.  
Visit Two-Conkers to find out about the golden sword, which turns 
out to be a Falchion.  Not a Maltese one, I hope, there are enough 
hints about old films as it is.

Go to Nobby and ask about the murders.  A new location appears, and 
though you can visit it, you will have no joy.

Go and visit the Count and ask about the moss.  You are allowed to 
use the Library.  Use the moss on the Index and you will find out 
about it.  Now you can pick out items from the inventory and the 
notebook and use them on the Index.  "The Sewers", for instance.

Go visit them and turn into a werewolf to follow the magenta trail.  
You will end up at the Lair.  Search the debris and get the 
pendant.  The Death of Rats appears and you have a rather one-sided 
conversation.  Leave.  Examine the gutter pipe which leads to the 
Temple.  Leave the sewers.

Take the pendant to Two Conkers.  Then visit Mooncalf and ask about 
the Temple of Anu-anu, showing him the pendant.  You can also visit 
the Library to find out about these two items.

Go to Mankin and ask about the murders.  Afterwards, look at the 
notice board.  Travel to New Hall and offer your services by using 
the "Bedmaker" entry in the notebook.  Go south and examine the 
lockers and the octarineboard.  Turn into a wolf here.  Examine the 
octarineboard, then as a man, the lockers and the books - use the 
"Temple of Anu-anu" entry from your notebook on the octarineboard.  
Go left and talk to the porter.  You find out about the murdered 
man.  Talk to Mrs. Fomes about it - you get the "pointy boots" entry, 
and you can talk to the porter about it.

Visit Nobby and ask him about the "pointy boots".  He tells you not 
to mention it to the Merchants.  Go and do just that and you will 
find out more about the murder there.  Go to Death and speak about 
it to find out how the guy got his.

Now go to the Cellar, read the contents of the box of receipts and 
use the crowbar on a barrel.  You get inside the Palace.  Change to 
the wolf here at every location and listen at doors.  At the double 
doors you hear about another murder.  Watch.

OK, now go back to the New Hall.  You will see that the one of the 
books is now about temples in Al Khali.  Use the pendant on it and 
you learn how to open it.  Inside, a piece of paper with a list.  

Question Malaclypse about it, try it on Mooncalf, then go to the 
Cemetery and show the list to Gaspode.  Afterwards, go behind the 
window - there should be two silouettes.  Change to wolf and click 
on the window to get a close up and overhear a conversation.

Go inside the Temple and talk to Malaclypse.  You persuade him to 
smuggle you into the Inner Sanctum.  Examine the lectern and then 
click on it to hide inside.  When Mooncalf's feet appear, use 
Sapphire's perfume on them.  Watch.

At the end, go to Malaclypse and report.  Go to the Library and use 
the new entries in the notebook on the Index.  You find out about 
them.  Return to the Sanctuary and enter it.  Examine the fresco 
with the strange symbol and then the map.  Use on the map the 
entries on all the murders and you will mark them on the map.  
Finally, use the octagram in your notebook on the map.

Then visit the Dysk theatre and get the flyer.  Talk to Privetier.  
Back to the Library and click everything new on the Index.  Finally, 
go to the Dysk and ask the new questions.

When you've done, visit the two new locations.  At Dagon St., use 
the crowbar to open the boarded window.  Inside, change to wolfie.  
As a man, examine the debris and you will discover a bone.  

Go back to the Dysk and click on the Stage.  Change to the wolf, 
then back to a man and examine the wall under the stage.  Use the 
drawing of the eye symbol in your notebook on the Marks.  In, 
examine the altar and use the octagram symbol on it.  Right.  Leave 
and go to the Wizard's Pleasaunce, note the dog and use the bushes to 
hide.  Watch.


Search the rubble to get the falchion.  Examine Warb, talk to 
Anu-anu and Carlotta.  Find the Inscription on the wall.  Out.  Talk 
to Coom.  Head for the Sanctuary and watch.  Examine Kondo's corpse 
and get the amulet.  Go and visit the Count and use the Library - 
check thoroughly everything you've got.  Next, go to the Temple and 
talk to Mooncalf.  Watch.

Go to Two Conkers.  If you've done your work correctly in the 
Library, you should get a star map.

Go to Rhodan's, ask him about Foid and use the bandages on him.  Go 
to Dagon St. and go through the door opposite the old shop with the 
bone in it.  Talk to Foid.

Go to New Hall.  Go to the Yard and talk to Nobby about Gelid.  You 
get a warrant.  Take it to New Hall and go to see the porter.  Click 
on the blood to turn into a wolf.  Watch.  At the end, examine the 
telescope, pick up the astrolabe and look at the mosaics.

Use the map on the mosaics.  Click on the first on the left, get out 
of the picture and click on the telescope.  The stars should point 
at the Mausoleum (if not, try the other constellations on the 
mosaics).  Go to the Mausoleum and use the astrolabe on the sky.  
You get to a tomb and open it.  Inside, use the coin you have been 
carrying on the peg.  Watch.  Talk to the Zombie till he gives you 
the jewel.

As you leave, you meet Jasper.  Watch.  At the end, look at the 
jewel and you will see Jasper at the Maudlin Bridge.  Go there and 
watch.  When that is over, go to Leonardo - the flying machine is 
ready to use.  You need to clear the way, though, so go back to the 
entrance and click on the rubble.  Now we are ready. 

However, when you get on the machine, Ilsa arrives and tells you to 
get some protection.  Use the symbol with the eye in your notebook 
on the machine.  Now you are really ready.  Click on the machine to 

Watch all the way through to the finale.  That's it.


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