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Unlike the first two Discworld games, where you play as a wizard named Rincewind, Discworld Noir 
puts you in the shoes of a private investigator named Lewton. He is asked by a mysterious woman 
named Carlotta to find out what happened to her lover, Mundy. Along the way, he meets a troll 
named Malachite, who’s looking for another troll named Therma. If you can understand Terry 
Pratchett’s sense of humor that he puts into each of the Discworld books and games, then you’ll 
love playing Discworld Noir.

With the introductions aside, let’s move on to the walkthrough.


Watch the opening sequences. There isn’t much to do in Lewton’s office right now (and he does 
have a case to get to work on), so leave and you’ll find yourself looking at the map of the city of 
Ankh-Morpork. Getting around the city can be a bit hard, but if you noticed, places that Lewton can 
go to are conveniently lit up. If you move your cursor onto a lit location, it’ll give you the name of 
that place.

If you move your cursor to the south end of the map towards the docks, you’ll learn that it’s called 
the Wharf. Go there, and when you arrive, talk to Mr. Scoplett, the first mate of the ship, who is 
standing at the top of the gangplank.

With Discworld Noir’s new conversation system, you’ll notice an icon that looks like Lewton’s 
mouth. This icon is for general conversation. Next to it, you’ll see an icon that looks like a hand. This 
is to tell the person you’re talking to goodbye. There’s also a couple of icons next to those in a 
section all their own.  The icon that looks like a notebook is there so you can ask someone about 
one of the clues you have written down in it. The handbag icon is there in case you want to offer 
something in your inventory to the person you’re talking to. The large area below the icons is for 
topics that are available to talk about.

Ask Mr. Scoplett about ‘Passengers’ and then go into your notebook and ask him about the 
‘Mysterious Passengers’ and about the ‘Milka’. Note that you may have to flip between pages to find 
those clues to talk about. He’ll tell Lewton that no one can get on the ship without Captain Jenkins’ 
permission. He should mention that Captain Jenkins usually hangs out at Café Ankh (mentioning it 
will put it on the map for Lewton to visit). Once the new location becomes active, leave the Wharf 
and go to Café Ankh. Once there, there’s a side alley off to the right of the door. Go there and notice 
that there’s a golem going back and forth, loading the cart. Ignore him and take the crowbar off the 
back of the cart.

Go inside the Café, and talk to the man sitting at the table near the pianist. His name is Corporal 
Nobbs, or Nobby, as Lewton likes to call him. Chat with him using general conversation, and then 
talk to him about Vimes. Go into your notebook and ask him about the Milka. This should mark 
Pseudopolis Yard on the map (you’ll know if a new location becomes available when you see the 
map pop up in the upper left corner). You can try talking to Captain Jenkins, who’s sitting in the 
back, to the far left, but he won’t let you go check out the ship, so if you want to investigate it, you’ll 
have to find another way. 

Head back to the Wharf, and exit off to the left to bring a closer view of the area where the crates sit. 
The sailor that was standing here before should be gone now, so if he is, click on Lewton and then 
the handbag icon to access the inventory. Use the crowbar on the crates and watch as Lewton is 
hoisted up and over into the ship’s cargo hold. There’s a label floating around in the water near 
Lewton, so pick it up and examine it. Leave the hold and go through the left door on the other end to 
find yourself in a cabin. Check the lower bunk and you’ll find a scrap of cardboard. Examine it if you 
want, but leave the cabins and try leaving the ship. Watch as Lewton dives into the water so he’ll 
avoid being caught by Mr. Scoplett.

Go to Pseudopolis Yard and talk to Nobby about the mysterious passengers. Leave the Yard, and 
Lewton will come face to face with a troll named Malachite. He’ll tell you to find Therma, but he won’t 
give you too many other clues, except for the fact that she used to sing at the Octarine Parrot. Go to 
the Octarine Parrot, and talk to the bartender using general conversation, and talk to him about 
everything. When the troll singer isn’t singing, go talk to her and ask her about Malachite and 

Leave the Octarine Parrot and go back to the Yard. Ask Nobby about Madame Lodestone. He’ll tell 
you what Sapphire has already mentioned back at the Parrot: She’s dead, and she’s buried in the 
Selachii Mausoleum. Go to the Mausoleum and try clicking on the tombs. Lewton will try finding 
Therma’s tomb, but to no avail. Leave here and go talk to Nobby at the Yard about Mysterious 
Passengers, and he should tell you that he managed to interview someone and that she’s at the Café 

Go inside the Café Ankh and watch the sequence where Lewton apparently catches up with an old 
flame named Ilsa. Talk to her using general conversation, and then go into your notebook and ask 
about Mysterious Passengers. Lewton will write down another clue in his book ‘Ilsa and Two 
Conkers’. Use the label as a dialogue choice and Ilsa will translate the label as saying ‘Pier Five’. 
Leave the Café Ankh and go to Lewton’s office. Here, you should meet a dwarf named Al Khali (if he 
doesn’t show up, sometimes it helps to exit and then re-enter). Listen to him and then leave and go 
to Pier Five. Talk to the guard and exit off to the left to find yourself looking at the side of the 
warehouse. Move your cursor up towards the roof until you find the skylight and click on it. Lewton 
will say that he’ll need help to get up there. Leave Pier Five and go to Lewton’s office.

Near Lewton’s feet, you should see a note. Pick it up to learn it’s from Carlotta, and she’s inviting 
you to come to the Von Uberwald mansion, her home. Leave the office and go over there. Listen to 
the butler, and when you can, go into your inventory and show him the invitation. He’ll leave so 
while he’s gone, take a look at the painting over the door and Carlotta will soon arrive. If you talk to 
her about the Selachii Mausoleum, she’ll agree to help you find Therma’s tomb. While she heads 
back upstairs to go change, the butler will inform you that the master of the house would like to see 
you. Lewton will automatically go visit the Count. Listen to what he has to say and then go to the 
Selachii Mausoleum.

Eventually, Carlotta will find Therma’s tomb. Leave here and go back to the mansion. Ask the butler 
about the Count and he’ll accidentally let the fact that the Count’s missing a companion slip out. Exit 
off to the lower left and you’ll find the room where the Count is located. Ask the Count about his 
missing companion and he’ll give you a picture of Regin the dwarf. Exit the mansion and go to 
Rhodan’s workshop, it’s time to tell Malachite the bad news.

Inside, you’ll see that Rhodan is currently working on a statue. Ignore him for now and go into the 
back to find Malachite. Tell him about Therma and you’ll wind up back at the mausoleum. Malachite 
will eventually open up the tomb, but you’ll find out that the body in the tomb isn’t Therma’s. 
Malachite will give you a grappling iron before he leaves, so after that, check out the rubble in the 
tomb and take one of the teeth you find in there. Go to the side of Pier Five and use the grappling 
hook (or iron, whichever you prefer) on the skylight and Lewton will climb up. At the top, use the 
crowbar on the skylight and then climb on down through it. Off to the right, you’ll find a matchbook 
on the floor with a piece of it ripped off.

Go into your inventory and use the scrap you found back at the Milka and combine it with the 
matchbook. Climb back out of the building and then leave Pier Five. Go to the Octarine Parrot and 
talk to Mankin. Ask him about Mundy first, and then show him the matchbook. He’ll tell you that he 
doesn’t know about either thing. A new topic will show up, called ‘Lies’. Click on it and Mankin will 
eventually tell you where to find Mundy. Exit off to the right, and watch as Act 1 comes to an end.


After Nobby and Vimes leave, look at the frayed rope on the ceiling. Use the clue that Lewton writes 
down about the rope on Mundy’s boots and then take a look at his boots. Lewton will notice that 
something is missing. Take a look at the message in blood and then use the Mundy Hung Upside 
Down and Killed clue on it to learn that ‘Azile’ is actually ‘3712A’.

Leave the room and go talk to Mankin. Talk to him about the ‘Mundy Hung Upside Down and Killed’ 
clue, and then talk to him about the topics that show up. He’ll give you a coin and after that, ask him 
about the ‘Sapphire Lied?’ clue. He’ll tell you that Sapphire is currently in her dressing room, so exit 
through the doorway near the stage to find her. When you enter, you’ll notice that Sapphire has a lot 
of money. She’ll tell you about the Saturnalia Casino, which will then be activated on the map. 
Before you leave, talk to Mankin about Sapphire’s money.

Go to the Wharf and show the picture of Regin to Mr. Scoplett. He’ll tell you that he came by on a 
carriage and picked up some cargo when the Milka first docked. Go to Pseudopolis Yard and ask 
Nobby about Regin’s Carriage. He’ll tell you that Sergeant Colon was almost hit by a speeding 
carriage three days ago near Maudlin Bridge.

Go back to the Wharf to notice that Milka has already departed. Use the grappling hook and combine 
it with the mooring line and then leave to go to Maudlin Bridge. Once there, take a look at the skid 
marks. There’s also a piece of torn fabric on the railings, so take it. Use the grappling hook on the 
River Ankh and Lewton will comment that something is down there, but he’s not strong enough to 
pull it up.

Leave the bridge and go to the Saturnalia Casino. Head inside and watch the sequence where an 
assassin named Remora Selachii tries killing Ilsa, but not before Lewton steps in between them to 
stop the hit. After the sequence, talk to Whirl, the right-most croupier. Bribe Whirl using Lewton’s 
purse and he’ll tell you about Sapphire’s losing streak. Leave the casino and go to Lewton’s office to 
find an uninvited guest, Al Khali. He’ll take you to his leader, a troll named Jasper Horst. Listen to 
him and he’ll tell you to bring him the Golden Sword. Talk to him about everything that comes up 
and then leave. Go visit Sapphire at the Octarine Parrot and ask her about her losing streak and 
secret meeting, and then confront her. She’ll tell you how she actually got all that money.

Go back to the Saturnalia and talk to Carlotta about the Golden Sword. You’ll wind up at her place, 
so talk to her about the Milka’s cargo and you’ll get a shipping order. Leave the mansion and go to 
Pier Five. Give the watchman the shipping order and he’ll let you see the cargo. Go to Rhodan’s 
workshop and talk to Malachite about the thing in the river and he’ll agree to help you, but you have 
to give him the grappling hook first. Do so and you’ll find yourself at the Maudlin Bridge. Malachite 
will throw the hook down and lift a carriage out. Lewton will search the inside of the carriage and 
he’ll find a small box. Before he has a chance to look at it, Malachite swipes the box and walks off 
with it. Examine Regin’s body and then use the picture on it to compare them. You’ll notice that in 
the picture, Regin is bald, but in the flesh, he has hair.

Lewton will take the toupee off of Regin’s head, only to discover a key hidden inside. Go to the 
Saturnalia and talk to the croupier about the key. He’ll say that it fits inside the lockers at the casino, 
so exit off to the left and use the key on the lockers. Lewton will eventually find the right one and 
open it and he’ll find a charm bracelet and an envelope inside.

Go to the mansion and tell the butler that you’d like to talk with the Count. Tell the Count about 
Regin’s murder and then ask him about the charm bracelet. Leave the mansion and go to the Café 
Ankh. Go over to where Ilsa used to sit and you’ll find Samael, the pianist. Ask him about the wine 
barrels and Samael will end up giving the key to the cellar. Leave the Café Ankh and go into the side 
alley. Use the key on the trapdoor and you’ll find Ilsa and Two Conkers. Ask Ilsa about the Varberg 
crates to learn that they’re hers. She’ll ask you to hide Two Conkers and in return, she’ll get you into 
the Archaeologist’s Guild. Before you leave, look at the box of receipts behind Lewton to find that 
the most recent delivery was to the Patrician, Lord Vetinari. Now leave and go to the office.

Pick up the card by Lewton’s feet to learn that Sapphire has scheduled a meeting with Therma for 
you on the rooftops of Salis and Phedre. Go tell Malachite the good news, and you’ll go with him to 
the meeting. Lewton will soon be knocked out and he’ll learn that Malachite was killed (poor guy). 
When Lewton comes to, you’ll find yourself being interrogated by the Watch. Answer whatever you 
want, because you’ll wind up in a cell anyway.

Stand around in your cell until you see a rat run across the room and disappear into a rat hole. 
Search the crack in the wall on the right side to find out that the block is loose. Move the block and 
you’ll end up in Leonard de Quirm’s cell. Talk to him and then go up to the wall and look out the 
hole. As soon as you’re done, Lewton will hear someone opening up his cell door and he’ll go 
running back before it’s noticed that he’s gone.

Nobby will come by to set you free because they found a witness to Malachite’s murder, which 
means you’re cleared for now. You’ll get all of your inventory back, except for your crowbar, which 
was kept for evidence. Go back to the Patrician’s Palace and exit off to the right to take a look at the 
side of it. Take a look at the wall and then use the Hiding Place clue on it. To test to be sure that 
Lewton can get back in; use the grappling hook on the wall. Go back to where Ilsa is hiding and tell 
her the good news.

Watch the sequences and you’ll eventually find yourself at the Archaeologist’s Guild. Talk to Laredo 
Cronk (who looks like she could be Lara Croft’s twin sister), who’s standing by the fireplace, and 
then go to Jasper Horst’s hideout. Talk to him about Laredo Cronk and then go back to the Guild. 
Tell Laredo about Horst and she’ll leave. While she’s gone, examine the bookcase and then pull on 
the hinged book to watch the fireplace open.

Follow the path to Vault 51 and try to turn off the security system, without any luck. Go to Saturnalia 
and talk to the wizard standing next to Whirl about anything that pops up, and he’ll eventually say 
that he works for Unseen Securities, a place that makes magical security systems. Talk to him about 
Vault 51 and he’ll tell you the Back Passage of turning off the system.

Go back to the vault and use the Back Passage clue on the panel and Lewton will deactivate it. Enter 
the door and then use the 3712V clue on the crates and displays. Lewton will eventually find the 
exhibit, and when he does, use the diamond troll tooth on the urns and Lewton will cut through the 
glass cabinet. He’ll smash the urn and get the golden sword. Leave the Guild and watch as Lewton 
meets an untimely demise….or so it seems…insert Disc 2 and we’ll continue


You’ll learn that Lewton isn’t dead after all; he was just merely turned into a werewolf. After he rises 
out of his grave, you’ll notice a dog named Gaspode standing nearby. He’ll explain the whole 
werewolf thing to Lewton and when you can, pick up the letter to learn it’s a love letter from Ilsa. 
Turn into a wolf and then check out the magenta smell to trace it to Saturnalia. Lewton will 
automatically change back into a human, so when he does, pick up the moss near the chalk outline 
and then go to your office to catch Nobby in the middle of stealing your stuff. When he leaves, take 
the crowbar that’s on the desk and then turn into a wolf. Check out the purple smell and Lewton will 
remember it.

Turn back into a human and then go to the mansion. Ask the butler to see Carlotta and while he’s 
gone, turn into a wolf to learn that Carlotta herself is a werewolf. Now, ask the butler to see the 
Count to learn that he is on his last legs. Death will soon show, and when you can, ask the Count 
about the moss to gain access to his Libraris Apocrypha.

Inside, use the moss on the index cards and Lewton will find a book to learn more about the moss. 
When he’s finished, use the Sewers clue that you just wrote down on the index cards and Lewton 
will go find some old city plans. Leave the mansion and go to the sewers. Once there, go through the 
only other exit and then turn into a wolf. Follow the magenta smell, and when Lewton turns into a 
human again, turn back into a wolf and follow the smell again. Examine the debris and pick up the 
pendant you find. The Grim Squeaker will appear after that, so talk to him if you want. Otherwise, 
make your way out of the sewers and go visit Two Conkers.

Show him the pendant and he’ll tell you about the Temple of Anu-anu. Leave the palace and go to 
the Octarine Parrot. Check out the notice board to learn that Unseen University is looking for help. 
Talk to Mankin about the Merchant’s murder and the Merchant’s Guild will be activated on the map. 
Go into Sapphire’s dressing room and turn into a wolf. Check out all the smells and put them with 
the rest of the smells. Look at the left most bottle to find out it’s a bottle of perfume. Turn back into a 
human and take the perfume.

Go to the New Hall and talk to Ms. Fomes about the job, the wizard’s murder and the Dead Men’s 
Pointy Shoes. Head down into the next screen and turn into a wolf. Look at the octarine board, and 
then turn back into a human. Search the sturdy unlocker to find some books. Look at the books and 
you’ll find a book on temples. Use the Anu Anu Temple clue on the octarine board and Lewton will 
mess up the lesson plans. Go through the door nearby and talk to the porter (Bledlow) about the 
wizard’s murder and you’ll learn that he was actually poisoned.

Go to the Palace and go over to the next screen. Transform into a wolf and sniff the smells you see. 
Use the serial killer’s smell on the traces of magenta to learn that the killer hid in a barrel. Go to the 
wine cellar at Café Ankh and check out the box of receipts to learn that the wine barrels will be 
picked up soon. Use the crowbar on the barrels and Lewton will hide in one of them and when he 
comes out, you’ll find him inside the Patrician’s Palace.

Leave the room and go around the corner. Turn into a wolf and listen to hear what’s going on the 
other side of the double doors. After Vimes and the Patrician are done talking, Lewton will run and 
attack a guard. You’ll next find him in his office, with Remora waiting for him. After the sequence, go 
to the Merchant’s Guild and talk to the gatekeeper about the Dead Men’s Pointy Shoes and then go 
see the Count at the mansion. Ask Death about the merchant’s murder twice and he’ll slip and reveal 
how the merchant was actually killed.

Go to the Unseen University’s New Hall and use the beetle pendant on the book about temples and 
Lewton will get the beetle opened, revealing a list of names. Leave here and go to Café Ankh. You’ll 
see that Carlotta is here. Tell her about Mundy’s death and ask if she killed him. Ask her about 
Regin’s and Malachite’s deaths and she’ll eventually mention that she worships the god Errata. Go 
to the Temple of Small Gods, and exit off to the left. Talk to man in the corner, Mooncalf, about the 
list and then leave the temple. Go to the cemetery next to it and go to the next screen. Turn into a 
wolf and listen in on Mooncalf’s and the troll’s conversation. After that, go back into the temple.

Talk to Malaclypse, the priest near the door, and ask him about Errata and the True Believers’ 
meeting. He’ll say something about the Inner Sanctum of the temple, and he’ll get you inside. Search 
the lectern and Lewton will find a cavity near the base big enough for a person to fit inside. 
Malaclypse will inform Lewton that people are coming and Lewton will hide in the cavity. Listen to 
the sermon, and when you regain control, use the troll perfume on Mooncalf’s feet. After the service 
is over, Lewton will automatically turn into a wolf and follow Mooncalf to his hiding place. Lewton 
will listen in on the secret meeting, and when someone hears something outside, Lewton will run 

Go to the Sanctuary and look at the fresco, and then look at the strange symbol and Lewton will 
make a sketch of it in his notebook. Go to the Count’s library and use the Nylonathatep clue on the 
index cards and Lewton will go look for some information. Do the same thing with the strange 
symbol and then go back to the Sanctuary. Use the Counterweight Killings, Regin’s Murder, 
Malachite’s Murder, and the Mundy’s murder clues on the Ankh-Morpork map and Lewton will figure 
out where the killer will strike next. Leave the Sanctuary and go to the newly-activated Dysk Theatre. 
All you need to do here right now is pick up the flyer off of the chair and then go back to the Library.

Use the flyer on the index cards, and Lewton will find something on Hwel’s Eight Great Tragedies. 
Now, go back to the Dysk Theatre. Walk up close to the stage and turn into a wolf. Lewton will notice 
his killer’s smell, but what’s odd is that it seems to disappear right into the stage. Turn back into a 
human and look at the strange marks on the stage base.  Use the sign of the Eel on it and you’ll have 
unlocked a hidden passageway. Lewton will follow it, only to discover a hidden temple! Use the 
Eight Great Tragedies clue on the altar and then leave the Sanctuary and go to Dagon Street.

Use the crowbar on the boarded up window nearby and enter. Search the debris and you’ll find a 
human femur, indicating that the killer has already been here. Leave Dagon Street and go to the 
Wizard’s Pleasaunce and hide in the bushes. Watch the sequences and Act III will end.


Look at the writing on the wall near Lewton and then search the debris near Warb’s body to recover 
the golden falchion. Leave the temple and go to the Von Uberwald Mansion to learn from the butler 
that the Count has died. The Count is still allowing you access to the library, however, so take this 
opportunity to do some more research on Nylonathatep, and you’ll learn about a jewel called the 
radiant trapezohedron. Leave the mansion and go check on Leonard and Two Conkers.

Talk to Leonard about the radiant trapezohedron, and even though he can’t give you too much info 
on it, Two Conkers is of more help because that was what he was looking for in the first place. He’ll 
give you a star map, and after that, leave and go to the Sanctuary. You’ll learn you’re not alone. 
You’ll find a man named Kondo and he and Lewton will get into a fight. Lewton will eventually turn 
into a wolf and kill him.

Search his body and you’ll find an amulet. Go to the Temple of Small Gods and talk to Mooncalf. Ask 
him about the amulet and then watch the sequences as Mooncalf jumps out the stained glass 
window and then proceeds to scale the side of the temple to the roof. At the top, he is electrocuted 
by lightning and he’ll fall backwards through the skylight and into a pool, where he is found dead.

Before he died, Mooncalf mentioned something about Foid (the troll you saw earlier with Mooncalf). 
Since you don’t know where he’s at, try asking Rhodan at his workshop to see if he knows anything. 
Go to where Malachite used to be and pick up the plastered bandages nearby. Talk to Rhodan and 
ask him about them and get him to tell you where Foid is. He’ll tell you that he’s at the place across 
from the abandoned shop on Dagon Street (well, he doesn’t say that, but you’ll be able to figure it 
out anyway). Go there and open up the door to the house across from the shop. Talk to Foid about 
the amulet and the falchion, and he’ll tell you about Satrap’s contact, Gelid.

Go to the New Hall of Unseen University, and Mrs. Fomes will fire Lewton for being the worst bed 
maker. Go to Pseudopolis Yard and talk to Nobby about getting a search warrant. He won’t give one 
to you, but Lewton will devise a way to blackmail him. You’ll get the warrant you need, so return to 
the New Hall. Mrs. Fomes will disappear to verify the warrant, so while she’s gone, go to where the 
porter usually is to find a pool of blood in his place. Lewton will turn into a wolf and follow the trail 
over to the observatory, where you’ll find Satrap.

Watch the sequences, and with Satrap now dead, there’s a few things left to do. Pick up the 
astrolabe off of the floor near the telescope and use the map on the mosaics on the floor. Pick out 
the Small Group of Boring Stars and Lewton will tell the golem to move the telescope in the direction 
of that constellation. Look through the telescope to have Lewton deduce that the jewel is hidden in 
the Selachii Mausoleum, which is our next stop.

Use the astrolabe on the sky and Lewton will figure out where to go. Examine the grotesque statue 
and Lewton will unlock the door to the crypt. Use Mundy’s coin on the indentation and the 
sarcophagus will be unlocked. Watch as a zombie pops out…to get the jewel from him, talk to the 
zombie about the falchion and you’ll get the radiant trapezohedron. Try leaving the crypt to find 
Jasper Horst blocking your way with Ilsa as his hostage. Lewton will give up the falchion, but all is 
not lost. You’ll wind up at Lewton’s office, so before you do anything, take a look at the radiant 
trapezohedron to learn where Horst is hiding, which is at the Maudlin Bridge, our next stop.

Watch the sequences as Horst is killed and Carlotta is arrested by the Watch. Go to Leonard’s cell 
and clear the debris off of the roof. Talk to Leonard and Lewton will volunteer to fly his machine. Ilsa 
will drop out of nowhere to warn Lewton about needing protection. To protect yourself, use the sign 
of the Eel on the machine and then try flying it again. You’ll be rewarded with the ending sequences.

That’s all she wrote, folks! You’ve just completed Discworld Noir!


Quattro – not only did he help me out when I got stuck in the game, but he allowed me to use his 
guide as the basis for mine. This guy rules!

Infogrames and GT Interactive – these guys put out a cool adventure/fantasy game. Although I 
thought the humor was a bit odd in some parts, I still enjoyed playing the game.

Chris McMullen – where Quattro’s guide was unable to help me, his guide usually did. Thanks Chris!

To all the FAQ sites that display my guides – thanks for putting my guides out there to increase my 
exposure out there to the gaming world. I appreciate you guys doing this for me.

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