Here's a walkthrough for anyone stuck in Discworld Noir,
Perfect / Teeny Weeny's Pratchett-related film noir tribute game.
This is in text format - it's probably best to view this using a Word Processing 
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 In this walkthrough, all actions except look, eg, search, use, open, are 
usually performed by double clicking on the object in question, but beware, this 
walkthrough does feature a lot of plot-spoiling info.

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'To the Operating Theatre!' - Everyone, Let The Blood Run Free


After Carlotta leaves, go down the Wharf and speak to Mr Scoplett, the First 
Mate, at the top of the gang plank. Make general chit-chat with him then ask him 
about The Milka's Passengers (to learn about the Mysterious Passengers), The 
Milka (to learn the location of Cafe Ankh) and Mundy (to learn about the 
Enquisitive Stranger).

 Go to the Cafe Ankh, enter the side alley where the golem is loading barrels, 
and take the crowbar from the cart. Then, go into the cafe
and speak to Nobby, the watchman sitting at the table in the middle of the room. 
Make general chit-chat with him then ask him about Vimes (to learn the location 
of Pseudopolis Yard).

 Next, go back to Lewton's Office, to meet Al Khali, the Dwarf, and after a 
short encounter, you'll get the Al Khali topic. Go back to the Wharf and speak 
to the First Mate about Al Khali to identify him as the mysterious stranger who 
was asking questions. Then go left to the side of the Wharf and use the crowbar 
on the crates to be taken inside the ship. Once you're in the hold, pick up the 
label floating in the water, and head out of the hold onto the deck. On the 
deck, enter the cabin, and use the bed - the resultant search reveals a small 
scrap of paper with a number on it. Leave the cabin and Lewton will make a hasty 
departure from the ship, so when you dry out, leave your office and head over to 
Pseudopolis Yard and speak to Nobby about the Mysterious
Passengers (to learn where one of them can be found).

 Leave the Yard, to be confronted by Malachite the Troll who will ask you to 
find someone named Therma. This conversation yields one new topic (Therma) and 
one new location (The Octarine Parrot). Go to the Octarine Parrot, wait for the 
troll singer, Sapphire, to stop singing, then speak to her about Malachite (to 
learn the location of Rhodan's workshop location where Malachite is hiding out) 
and Therma (to learn that Therma was known as Madame Lodestone).

Go back to Pseudopolis Yard and speak to Nobby about Madame Lodestone (to learn 
the location of the Selaachi museum, where she's buried). Go to the Selaachi 
mausoleum, and go down into the tombs (to learn that you'll need assistance to 
find Madame Lodestone). Then leave the tombs and go the Cafe Ankh. There you'll 
meet Ilsa, so speak to her about the Mysterious Passengers (to learn that Ilsa 
and Two Conkers were on the ship) and the label (to learn about the location of 
Pier 5).

 Go to Pier 5, and go down the side of the warehouse to see you'll need 
assistance to get in. Then, go back to your office and pick up the invitation 
from Carlotta you find next to the door (learning the location of Carlotta's 
mansion and finding out that she's a

Von Uberwald). Go to the mansion, and give Carlotta's invitation to the butler. 
When the butler leaves, look at the painting about the fireplace. Carlotta will 
put in an appearance, so talk to her about the Selaachi Mausoleum and she'll 
agree to help you find Madame Lodestone's tomb.
But before you can leave, the Count will ask to see you. You don't need to say 
anything to him right now, so leave, and Carlotta will take you to the Selaachi 
Mausoleum, and lead you to Madame Lodestone's tomb. Carlotta will depart (now 
you've learnt that Therma is in the Mausoleum), leaving you alone.

 Go to Rhodan's workshop, and speak to Malachite, telling him that Therma is in 
the Mausoleum. You'll both go to the Mausoleum, he'll tell you that the body 
isn't Therma, hand you a grapnel and rope and wander off
- you've also now learned that Sapphire may have been lying. Search the rubble 
that was formerly a troll, then take one of the diamond teeth you find for later 
use. Then go back to Pier 5, go round the side of the warehouse, and use the 
grapnel and rope on the skylight. On the roof, use the crowbar on the skylight 
and go into the warehouse. Pick up the torn matchbook you find there and leave 
by the skylight. Go back to the Octarine Parrot and in your inventory, use the 
scrap of paper with the matchbook to make it whole, revealing that it says '9 
Whalebone Lane', the address of the Octarine Parrot. Talk to Mankin, the bar-elf 
about the matchbook, which proves Mundy has been to the Parrot, adding the topic 
'Lies' to Mankin's conversation box. Talk to him about Lies, and he'll tell you 
where Mundy is - upstairs. So, go to the exit at the right of the room to find 
Mundy - and to find yourself on the recieving end of a rather nasty surprise, 
ending the act.


Now, aside from an aching head, you have two new tops - Mundy's murder and the 
Counterweight Killings. You've also lost your rope. Look at the message in blood 
on the
wall, and look at the frayed rope above the body, and at Mundy's boots. Search 
the boots then leave the room and go into the bar. Speak to Mankin about 
Sapphire lying.
He'll tell you where Sapphire is so go into the dressing room at the back left 
of the bar and speak to her. She'll tell you about the money (learning about the 
Saphire's money topic) and the casino (learning the location of Saturnalia). 
Speak to Mankin again about Sapphire's money (to learn about Sapphire's secret 
meeting). Go to Saturnalia and enter the casino - after the rucus with Ilsa and 
Two Conkers, speak to Carlotta about Mundy's murder and then ask her if she 
killed Mundy (to learn about the Temple of Small Gods).

 Then leave the Casino and go to the Temple of Small Gods. Speak to Macalyclpse, 
the conspiracy theorist in green, about the frayed rope (to learn that Mundy was 
hung upside down). Go back to the Octarine Parrot and speak to Mankin about 
Mundy being hung upside down, then about Mundy being cut down and then Mundy's 
boots. Makin will become co- operative (giving you the coin Mundy had in his 
boots). Go back to your office to meet Al Khali again and be taken to see Horst. 
Make general chit chat (to learn about the golden sword), then leave (learning 
the location of Horts's quarters for when you need to come back).

 Go to Saturnalia and speak to Carlotta about the Golden Sword. When she's 
finished with you, you'll have learnt about Regin so speak to the Count about 
him who gives you an iconograph of Regin and asks you to find him. Go to the 
Wharf and show the iconograph to the First Mate - you'll learn about Regin's 
carriage.Then, go to Pseudopolis and ask Nobby about the carriage to find out 
that it was seen heading to the Maudlin Bridge.. so visit the bridge and take 
the bit of red cloth off the railings. Go to the Count and show it to him to 
identify it as part of the carriage. Go to the now empty wharf and use the 
grapnel on the mooring line to get the rope. Go back to Maudlin bridge and use 
the grapnel and rope on the river to dredge it and learn there's something in 
the river. Go to Rhodan's workshop and speak to malachite about this something 
in the river, then give him the rope and grapnel and he'll pull it out for you, 
finding out about Regin's murder.

 When Malachite leaves, look at Regin's body and use the iconograph to to find 
the key. Speak to the Count about Regin's murder, if you want, and then go to 
Saturnalia and speak to Whirl about your purse, bribing him. Then ask him about 
Sapphire's money - learning that Sapphire has had a losing streak, and the key, 
learning that it's a key for a safety deposit box here. Head to the left of the 
casino, to the deposit boxes, and use the key on the boxes to open Regin's 
locker, getting an empty envelope and a charm bracelet. Go to the Temple of 
Small Gods and ask Macalypse about the bracelet. Then go to the Octarine Parrot 
and Speak to Sapphire about her money, her secret meeting, her losing streak, 
and then confront her. She'll agree to set up a meeting with Therma for you.

 Go to the temple of Small Gods and ask Malaclypse about the bracelet, and then 
go to the Count and ask him about the bracelet to. Go back to your office and 
pick up the note telling you about the meeting with Therma. Leave your office 
and go to the meeting at salis and Phedre on the rooftops near Saturnalia. Go to 
Rhodan's workshop at tell Malachite about this meeting and you'll both go there. 
Events will take an unexpected twist and you'll be caught and questioned by the 
watch - say anything you like to them, till you get the 'give up' topic. Use 
this and you'll be put in a cell at the Patrician's palace. In the cell, stand 
still till a Rat appears and wait till it goes through the wall, revealing a 
crack. Use the crack to reveal a loose block, then use the block to get into the 
cell next door - Leonard Da Quirm's cell - look at the gaping hole to learn how 
you can get back into the cell later, and then you'll be called back to your 
cell and released.

 Go to Salis and Phedre and speak to the gargoyle about Malachite's murder (to 
learn about the strange beast that attacked the troll). Go to Carlotta and ask 
her about the Milka's Cargo to get the shipping order then go to the Pier 
Warehouse and give the order to the watchman. He'll show you the ledger and 
you'll learn about the Guild of Archeologists and the Varberg Crate. Go to the 
Cafe Ankh and speak to Samael about the Milka's Cargo and then the wine barrels. 
He'll give you the key to the wine cellar so go outside to the wine cellar and 
use it on the trapdoor - inside you'll meet Ilsa and Two-conkers. Speak to Ilsa 
about the Varberg crates - you'll need to find a hiding place for Two Conkers 
for her to help you get into the Archaologist's guild. So, go to the Patrician's 
palace and click on the 'Hiding Place' topic in your book and then use it on the 
wall of the Palace - now you know where to hide Two Conkers so go back to the 
Wine Cellar.

 Now Two Conkers will go and hide with Leonard Da Quirm and Ilsa will let you 
into the Archaologist's guild. Speak to Laredo Cronk there about Jasper Horst, 
then visit Horst and speak to him about Laredo to arrange a meeting between 
them. Go back to Laredo and tell her about Horst and she'll go away. Look at the 
bookcase and use the hinged book that sticks out. Behind the fireplace, look at 
the security notice next to the security system then go back to Saturnalia and 
give the lucky bracelet to Warb and ask him about Vault 51. He'll tell you how 
to get past the security system. Go back to the vault and use the 'back passage' 
clue on the sign. Go inside and use the Mundy was hung upside down clue on the 
Azile clue to find out what he really meant to write - a number. Use the number 
on the crates to find the display with the urns in it, and use the diamond on 
the display to get the sword. Then leave the Archeaologists guild and get ready 
for a big surprise, ending the act.


After waking up in a somewhat altered state, try turning into a wolf again, and 
use the magenta sparkled trail to follow it to outside the casino. Pick up the 
moss next to the chalk outline, and turn into a wolf again. Use the magenta 
trail to follow it further, ending up in the graveyard behind the temple of 
Small Gods. Look at the stained glass window and the silouhette to see Mooncalf 
there. Go back to your office to greet Nobby, and take the crowbar he leaves 
behind. He'll also tell you about some of the other murders that went on. You 
need to find out more details about each of these three additional murders.

 So, first off, go to the Patrician's Palace, go behind the palace and turn into 
a wolf. Compare the scent of the serial killer with the scent on one of the 
empty wine barrels to find out that the killer got inside in a barrel. Then 
visit the
Cafe Ankh wine cellar and use the box of receipts to find out that the 
Patrician's Palace gets wine delivered and is ordering some soon. Then, use the 
crowbar on the wine barrels to hide in one and be taken to the Palace. }From the 
storeroom where you end up, go out into the corridors, and continue till you 
reach the double doors. Turn into a werewolf and use the doors to listen to 
what's going on inside, and to find out how the Patrician's clerk was killed. 
After a brief distraction you'll end up back in your office so after your 
visitor leaves, go to the Octarine Parrot and use the notice board to find out 
about the job at Unseen University's New Hall. Go backstage to Sapphire's 
dressing room and turn into a wolf, look at the cyan stench, then become human 
again and take the bottle of perfume.

 Go to the Von Uberwald mansion, and speak to the Count, or rather to Death, who 
happens to be standing next to him. Mention the Moss and the count will pipe up 
about it, and give you access to the Von Uberwald library. Go to the library and 
look up (by using the appropriate clue or item on the index cards) the moss, 
then the sewers, learning about the entrance to the sewers. Leave the library 
and speak to the Butler, asking to speak to Carlotta. Turn into a werewolf to 
learn that Carlotta was the one who turned you, and then go to the Cafe Ankh to 
meet her. When you've finished talking, visit the sewers. Walk through the first 
sewer entrance, turn into a wolf, and follow the trail twice till you find the 
strange nest - search the debris, and take the gold pendant and after a brief 
but non-essential-to-the-plot chat, leave the sewers. Go the Patrician's palace, 
scale the wall with the grapple and speak to Leonard and Two Conkers about the 
pendant to learn it's from the Temple of Anu Anu at
Al Khali.
Return to the Von Uberwald library and look up the Temple of Anu Anu to learn 
the copy of the book there has a page missing.

 Go to the New Hall at Unseen University and speak to Mrs Fomes about the 
Bedmaker job, accepting it. Go into the dorms, and turn into a wolf to find out 
what's on the blackboard. Open the sturdy locker, and use the books to see what 
subjects are there. Then, use the 'Temple of Anu-Anu' clue on the board to write 
it in octarine chalk, making it one of the required subjects for studying. Leave 
the Hall, then return to find a book about temples featuring the pendant in the 
locker. Use the pendant with the book on temples to open it and get a list of 
members of the Cult of Anu Anu. Then, go through the door at the left, into the 
hall outside the library. Speak to the bledlow about the wizard's murder to get 
some more details about the murder. Then, go and speak to Mrs Fomes about the 
murder of the wizard to find out about the 'dead mens pointy boots' clue. Speak 
to Nobby at Pseduopolis Yard about the merchant's murder, to learn the location 
of the Merchants guild. Go to the Merchants guild and speak to the doorman about 
'deadm mens pointy boots' and he'll spill the beans on the Merchant's murder. So 
go back to the Count, and speak to Death about the murder, and he'll fill in the 
final details - now you know how he was killed. Before you leave the mansion, 
speak to Carlotta Regin's murder, then Malachite's murder, then her alibi
and she'll tell you she worships Errata.
So go and look up Errata in the library to find out a little more.

 Then go to the temple of Small Gods and tell Mooncalf, the person you saw 
through the stained glass window, about the list to unsettle him. Go back to the 
graveyard, stand just below the stained glass window and turn into a werewolf. 
Look at the stained glass window and use the window to listen to Mooncalf's 
conversation, and learn about the true believers meeting. Go back inside the 
temple and speak to Macaclypse about the true believers meeting, then Errata, 
then the Inner Sanctum and he'll get you into the sanctum. Look at the lectern, 
use it, so that you end up beneath the lecturn while the sermon's going on. 
Then, use the perfume on Mooncalf's foot and you'll follow him to the sanctuary. 
After you leave there and end up in your office, go back to the sanctuary, and 
look at fresco, then the strange symbol on the fresco, then use the strange 
symbol and Lewton will make a note of it. Go back to the Von Uberwald libary and 
look up the symbol, to find out it's the Elver Symbol, and also Nylonathep, to 
find out about the octagram of murders.

 Use the wizard, clerk, and merchant murders clues and the Counterweight murders 
clue on the map to produce an octogram of murders, and also show you the 
location of the Dysk theatre, in the middle of all of it.
Then, use the octogram of murders clue on the map to work out which murders are 
missing. Go to the Dysk theatre, and get the flyer, then take it back to the Von 
Uberwald library and look it up to find references to the various murders in the 
plays, then look up the eight great tragedies in the library to find out 
specific details. Go to Dagon Street, use the crowbar on the shop front on the 
left, look at the debris, and look at the bone (you'll work this one later). Go 
back to the Dysk theatre, walk close to the base of the stage and turn into a 
wolf. This will show up the marks on the stage base, so use the Elver Sign clue 
on the marks to open a hidden passage. Go down into the passage and use the 
eight great tragedies on the circle sea map to find out where the last murder 
will take place. So, go to the Wizard's Pleasaunce and use the bushes to hide, 
eventually ending the act in a none too pleasant way.


Use the inscription on the wall to make a note of it and search the rubble near 
the now deceased Warb to get the Golden Falchion. Leave, and head over to the 
Sanctuary. Head over to the Sanctuary and you'll meet Kondo there, and when he's 
dead, search his body to get the amulet. Go to the Von Uberwald mansion and look 
up Nylonathep in the library to find out about a magical item called the 
'Radiant Trapezhedron'. Then go back to Leonard's cell in the palace and ask him 
and Two Conkers about the Radiant Trapezhedron. Go to the Temple of Small Gods, 
speak to Mooncalf about the Amulet, then about Kondo, then speak to him about 
Foid, at which point he'll come to a rather nasty end. After Mooncalf's end - go 
to Rhodan's workshop, look where Malachite was, and pick up the plaster 
encrusted bandages and speak to Rhodan about them, and about Foid, to find out 
where Foid is hiding out.
Visit Foid in Dagon street, in the room opposite the Fishbar where you found the 
femur, and ask him about the Amulet to learn about Gelid. Go to the New Hall at 
Unseen University to be fired by Mrs Fomes, then speak to Nobby at Pseudopolis 
Yard about Gelid to get a Search Warrant. Go back to the New Hall, using the 
Search Warrant to get past Mrs Fomes. Go to the concourse and turn into a wolf, 
and track Gelid's trail of blood into the UU observatory. Inside you meet 
Satrap, so speak to him about Horst, Gelid, and the Radiant Trapezohedron, and 
taunt him using the 'Taunt Satrap' topic to send him to meet his maker.

In the Observatory, use the Star Map Two Conkers gave you with the mosaics to 
learn which star groups are which, then use the star map on the Small Group of 
Boring Stars, and then use the telescope to find out where the Trapezohedron is. 
Take the Astrolabe then go to the Mausoleum. At the Mausoleum, use the Astrolabe 
on the sky to find out which crypt holds the Trapezohedron, go to the crypt and 
use the Grotesque on top of the Crypt to open it. Go inside the crypt and use 
Mundy's coin on the indent to open the Sarcophagus, then talk to the zombie and 
threaten him with the sword to get the Jewel - the Radiant Trapezohedron itself. 
When you leave, you'll be confronted by Horst who will take the Golden Sword off 
you. Look at the jewel and go to Maudlin bridge to take care of Horst, Carlotta, 
and get the Golden Sword back into the bargain. Go to the Patrician's palace and 
go into Leonard's cell, go through the Even Larger Hole onto the roof, use the 
rubble, clearing it away, then go back to Leonard's cell where the Flying Wing 
Device will be taken out onto the roof, try to fly it, and when Ilsa warns you 
you need proection, use the Sign of the Eel topic on the Flying Wing Device, and 
use the device to finish the game.

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