Written by Bert Jamin
June 2001

This walkthrough is dedicated to my dearest friend Witchen =O

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Chapter 1, Tomahna

Your adventure starts at Tomahna. When you're facing the mountains turn around to the cottage. This is the new home of Atrus and his wife Catherine. He started a new life here after his last adventures at Riven.

She welcomes you with her new born child. When she finished her story, walk one step to the door next to Catherine. Turn to Catherine and she'll talk to you again. When she finished again, walk to the door, open it and go inside.

That's the door you should enter

If you want, you can have another brief conversation with Catherine. Walk to the right of the study and exit through the other door. Walk to Catherine once more and have another conversation with her.

Go inside once more. Look at the right and open the book on the standard. If you played Riven you'll recognize the sign on the book. It's the sign for number five. It's a book for Gehn's Fifth Age. Open it and you'll see the flaming holocaust that's left after Gehn's fragile work was destroyed.

Gehn's Fifth Age

After that close the book and look at the different items on the shelves against the wall. Zoom in on every item on Atrus desk to the left of the shelves. It's not only nice to see, but you can also read a message from Atrus to Tamon.

So Atrus wants some new padlocks...

After you've seen everything on the desk, walk to the glass ball in the center of the room. On your way to the ball you can also study some paintings on the wall. When you face the glass ball, pay attention to the orange glow to the right of it. It's a D'ni ball of fire, a source of light and great energy. That ball of fire will change everything in a few moments...

It looks so peaceful...

Click on the glass ball and you'll see Atrus book about Releeshan. As far as you can see now the book is safely put away and locked.

Safely put away!?

Zoom in on the book and Atrus will come in. He welcomes you and is telling you about the Releeshan book. He walks to his desk to get the key to open the glass ball and the book. And then it happens!

Still nothing special happens

At that moment a real weird guy appears. He grabs the D'ni ball of fire and throws it into the curtains near Atrus desk. The curtains go up in flames and the glass ball breaks open. Mister weird snatches the Releeshan book.

But then...

He uses his own linking book to dematerialize and disappears. The thief's book drops on the floor, opens and you will see a foreign island inside the book. After a while you'll be transported to that island. Now you know what linking books do! So up to...

...chapter 2

J'nanin - The Learning Age

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