The Journeyman Project Walkthrough

Note:Please do not post this walkthru on any web site or distribute or
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trouble anywhere in the game) Thanks. Chris Avery

Part One, Caldoria Heights
01: Walk to the table and pick up your Global Transport Card

02: Leave your apartment and walk to the elavator

03: Go to the first floor an leave the elavator and walk to the Global
Transporter, and transport to the Temperal Security Annex

04: Click on the door in the TSA and enter this code 6894895

05: Go to the command center and watch all the movies, click RTN

06: When the alarms go off go to the Ready Room

07: Click on the screen to fitted for a Biosupport Suit

08: Go to the cabnet and get the Journeyman key, Pegasus Biochip, and
the Mapping Biochip

09: Walk to the elevator, get in, go down, exit the elevator and enter

10: Click on 200 million B.C. on the left monitor and click activate

Part Two, Prehistoric Age
11: Turn around and walk all the way to the end of the canyon^

12: Click on the Journayman Symbol and wait until the panel slides away

13: Use the Journeyman Key on the vault dials

14: Get the Historic Log CD

15: Use the Pegasus Biochip to return to Pegasus

Part Three, What Happend?
16: Go back to the Command Center

17: Put the Historic Log in the right drive

18: Enter this code when promted, 0291384

19: Watch all the movies and hit RTN

20: Go back into Pegasus and click on the Mars Colony, then activate

Part Four, Morimoto Mars Colony
21: Walk down to the intersection.  A robot will pass you

22: Go left, then right and through the door marked Maintenance

23: Go in the transporter, turn around and pick up the Maintenance Key
and the Wire Cutters

24: Turn around and pull the lever

25:After a short trip get off the tram, and go through the door

26: Walk forward and click on the oxygen mask to fill it and take it

27: Turn around and walk to the right.  The robot will tell you to get
out of the way, do so

28: When it is gone go to the door marked Sheild Generator

29: Step on the platform and click "Return To Last Position" you should
glide down to the generator

30: Lower the screen and use the maintenance key on the panal

31: When it says there is a foreign click "Run Diagnostics"

32: Play Color Node Game

33: Once you have beaten all three levels take the Access Card Bomb out
and retract platform

34: Walk forward and go through the airlock

Part Five, The Mars Mine Maze
35: Follow the directions below exactly
Key  F=Forward R=Right L=Left F#=Forward that number of times

36: F2-L-F2-R-F4-R-F-L-F4-L-F8-R-F3-L-F2-L-F2-R-F2-R-F4-R-F3-L-F3

37: Turn right and walk forward until you are standing right in front of
the moving buckets

38: Step into the moving buckets until you are level with the airlock
and get out IMMEDIATLY

39: Go through the airlock

40: Walk forward and you should see the robot pass you again

41: After you hear the robot take off in the shuttle, take off in
shuttle three

Part Six, The Space Fight (Peaceful Ending)
42: Use your energy dampening beam on the other shuttle until it turns
bright red (This means that it is below ten percent)

43: Use your tractor beam on the shuttle

44: On the other ship open the door and wait until the robot falls out,
then open his head and take out all of the undamaged Biochips

45: You will automatically jump back to Pegasus

46: Click on the World Science Center and activate

Part Six, The Space Fight (Violent Ending)
42: Use your graviton cannon on the shuttle until it explodes

43: You will automatically jump back to Pegasus

44: Click on the World Science Center and activate

Part Seven, The World Science Center
47: Whern you arrive a robot will shoot you with a dart, then morph into
a human and leave

48: Your Biosupport Suit asks if you want to remove the dart, answer yes

49: Turn right a couple times and put the dart in the Molecular Analyzer

50: Now go to the Molecular Generator (The big blue wall screen) and
bulid three molecules

51: The molecule game requires you to build three base thorazine
molecules.  They are all the same

52: To build the molecule drag the part of a molecule from the right to
the base molecule, you can only drag one at a time and you must drag
them to the base molecule in the right order or you will have to start

53: Turn around and get the antidote from the Molecular Synthesizer, it
will be adminesterd automatically

54: Exit the room in to the hallway and turn on your Trace Biochip

55: Click explorate on your Biochip screen, now follow the footsteps to
the purple door, go in

Part Eight, The Assassin (Peacful Ending)
56: Use the Wire Cutters on the lock on the fire control box

57: When it open click "Test" on the door of the box

58: When the robot falls over open his head and take out all the
undamaged Biochips

59: You will automatically jump back to Pegasus

60: Click on Norad VI on the left monitor and activate

Part Eight, The Assassin (Violent Ending)
56: Grab the High Voltage Wire and touch it to the metal grate

57: After the robot explodes take the Stun Gun

58: You will automatically jump back to Pegasus

59: Click on Norad VI on the left monitor and activate

Part Nine, Norad VI
61: As soon as you can use your Oxygen Mask, then turn on your Sheild

62: Go through the door, and after the robot blasts you go down the hall
and into the door at the end of the hall

63: Walk up to the door an click on the panel next to it, then equalize
the pressure

64: Go through the door, then turn left and go through that door

65: Walk down the hall and turn left, walk up to the next door and
activate your Retnial Biochip, then click on the scanner

66: Play the missel silo game, when you have won go to the room by the
loading bay (The one with the computer in it)

Part Ten, The Loading Bay (Peacful Ending)
67: Go and look out the big window.  Wait until the robot begins to
smash the glass

68: Click on the screen and activate the loading arm in programmed mode

69: When the robot falls through the glass, open his head and take out
all the undamaged Biochips

70: You will automatically jump back to Pegasus

Part Ten, The Loading Bay (Violent Ending)
67: Look out the door window until you see the robot trying to get in

68: Raise The pressure level in the loading bay up to maximum pressure

69: You will automatically jump back to Pegasus

Part Eleven, Dr. Sinclair
70: Exit Pegasus and leave the TSA

71: Use the Global Transporter and transport to Caldoria Heights

72: Use the elevator the go to the roof

73: Use the Access Card Bomb on the access card slot

74: Use the Stun Gun on Dr. Sinclair

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