LEGACY OF TIME:  The Journeyman Project

Interactive Adventure by RED ORB

Solution by Lu Richardson

General tips:

1.  Every time you take a step, look all about you, above and below, 
    specially below.  Examine everything, particularly the pictures 
    on the walls.

2.  Capture everyone's image before you even talk to them; do this 
    automatically whenever you see anyone.

3.  Talk to everyone, in every guise you have.  On talking, use 
    every line available.

4.  It's not a bad idea, when you get to a new location, to save 
    your game and explore around.  It saves no end of time if you 
    know where everything is.

OK, this game can be played in many directions and in any order you 
like.  What follows is ONE way of completing the game; for the sake 
of brevity, I will only mention what you MUST do, please feel free 
to experiment and try other things.  Call on Arthur whenever you 
need help.


Since the manual guides you through the first bit, I will go 
straight to the next quest in the Andes.  You are in a well.  Look 
down till you spot a stone lever and pull it.  You go up.  Climb out 
and advance in any direction you can, but turn around to look at the 
well and get the winch handle.  Leave the well and keep going; when 
you can, turn left.  Advance to the ruined building and get the 
basket on the left.  Go back the way you came, but turn left and 
advance through the arch.  Head for the balloon on the left.  
Advance as far as you can, look down to your left and use the winch 
handle on the peg.  Click on the winch to bring down the balloon.  
Use the basket on the ropes and you automatically get in and go up.  
Look about you.  On board, suspended in front of you, there is a 
knob which, when you click on it, brings up a rope with a hook.  You 
automatically hook the other balloon and get close enough to spot 
inside the next Timecode.  When the talking is over, go to the 

Go down to the right, get the wheel and the staff.  Go inside the 
ruined building.  Look to your right and use the wheel on the empty 
peg, then turn the wheel.  Turn to your left and go down amongst the 
debris to the edge of the bridge, then climb down.  Head for the 
building, use the staff on one of the windows and go inside.  Find 
the statue and climb up it; the Timecode is on the snow.

That's it.  Watch what happens and at the end of it all, the game 
proper begins.


You land on the Windmill.  Looking down, walk around till you find 
the trap door.  Open it and go down.  Looking down, turn to your 
left and pick up the cogs.  Turn to the right of the ladder and 
advance till you come to a lever.  Look down and put the cogs in the 
proper space.  Now pull the lever several times.  Walk around to the 
other side of the lever, step outside, turn around, pull lever and 
you will be on the top of a wall.  Walk to the end, turn left, look 
down, get on the sail stay and advance until you reach the mast.  Go 
down to the ground.

Advance, turn right, then left, forward, turn left; capture the 
beggar's image.  Talk to him.  Say "Yes" when asked.  Turn around, 
go forward, right, forward, left, get on the boat.  Find a scarf and 
a gaff.  Change to the Beggar, go to the prow, turn to your left and 
capture the Captain's image.  Talk to him.  He hands over his life 
savings.  He also appears to be expecting someone else.  Leave the 
boat and change to the Captain.  Go forward and turn left, go down 
the stairs.  Turn to the right, capture the Ferryman's image and go 
talk to him.  Ask to be taken to the Windmill.

The Ferryman is a mine of information and every time you travel 
you'll learn more.  At the Windmill, go up the stairs, enter the 
room and examine everything, particularly the chest.  Change to the 
Beggar and enter the mill.  Talk to the Windmill Keeper for an 
interesting reaction.  Leave this room and change to the Captain, 
then talk to the Keeper again; say "Yes" when asked.  

Leave, find the Ferryman and go to the dock.  Change to Beggar and 
visit the Captain; talk to him and mention "Nasty Weather".  Now go 
to the Beggar in the guise of the Captain, talk to him and say "May 
rain".  You hear the plan.  Once you've got all the info available, 
take the ferry to the Windmill.  As the Captain, talk to the Keeper 
and mention "Long Winter".  Get all the info.  Leave.

Go to the ferry and get taken to the Temple.  As you come out of the 
boat, turn right and go all the way along then turn around.  Talk to 
the Guard.  Find out about the medallion and about the people 
allowed in.

Take the ferry to the Potter's.  Once there, turn right and advance 
till you can turn left, then move forward, turn left again, change 
to the Guard and walk in.  Talk to the Potter.  At the end, turn 
right, use the vessel, look down to your right and pick up the plug 
of clay.  Leave.

Outside, change to the Captain and walk around and to the left to 
get to the Olive Oil Vendor.  Talk to the Vendor and get all the 
info.  At the end, turn right around, examine the vases and use the 
plug of clay on the one vase you can look at closely.  Leave the 
shop, change to the Vendor and visit the Potter.  Talk to him and 
offer to watch the pots.  He leaves.

First turn to the left and examine the table; you get a bowl and a 
pitcher.  Face the oven door, click on the top bar on the screen and 
travel to the Andes.

Once there, turn left, advance, go through the arch and enter the
balloon.  On the other side, climb up the stairs into the Temple.  
Capture the image of the guy at the wall, look down on your left, 
click on the basket and get a gold leaf.  Go back to Atlantis.

Open the oven door, go in, look down, place the plug of clay on the 
round turntable, place the gold leaf on it.  Exit the oven, close 
the door, turn the wheel to the right of the door, open it again, 
enter, get the medallion.  You can now leave and head for the Olive 
Oil shop.  As you come to the olives, look down on your right by the 
door and use the bowl on the vessel to get some oil.  Still in the 
image of the Vendor, go to the ferry and get taken to the Temple.  
Talk to the guard, show him the medallion and he will let you 
through - you'll have to get back into the ferry for that.

At the temple, go forward till you come up against a big bowl.  Look 
up, pull the lever and use the pitcher to collect the healing water 
in the bowl.  Walk around to the right till you are close to the 
top of the well.  Look down and use the gaff to close the sluice 
gate.  Go back to the ferry and to the Windmill.

Go inside and advance till you can turn the wheel when you look down 
to your right.  If you now examine the machine you will see that the 
central pole has turned and a small handle can be seen on it.  Turn 
right, get the end of the rope from the floor, turn left and attach 
it to this handle.  Turn the wheel again - the trap door opens.  Go 
down it and you'll come up at the bottom of the well.  Find the 
steps up, on your right.  Upstairs, change to the Beggar, turn left 
and keep going till you find Soros.  Talk to him.  At the end, he 
gives you a cogwheel.  Facing the clock, place the cogwheel on the 
small peg to the right and then turn the wheel to the right of it.  
Now turn around and go past the well all the way up the stairs.  
Get to the top of the well, open the sluice gate with the gaff and 
turn left - the first artifact will appear on the water stream.  Get 

WATCH.  At the end, travel to...


You will materialize in the Temple.  Examine all the walls.  Go back 
to the balloon and get across.  Go straight on till you get to the 
well.  In your Andean image, find the sleeping boy on the grass and 
talk to him.  Turn around and walk till you can turn left.  Advance 
to the building, go around it to talk to the boy's father.  Now get 
back to the balloon and go across.  Only, this time, instead of 
going all the way up into the Temple (though you could do this and 
talk to the guy inside in your new guises), turn to your right and 
follow the path till you come to a strange pool.  Have a good look.  
Go back to the Temple entrance.  Walk past the way to the balloon, 
and around, ignore the first opening to your left and keep going 
till a Guard stops you.  At the end, turn right and walk around the 
broken wall to get behind the Guard.  Examine the rope tethering his 

Time to travel to the Himalayas.  Turn right and advance till you 
see the guy on the ground.  Capture his image.  Turn to the bridge 
and cross it.  Turn left immediately and advance past the grate 
(this can be opened by using the gaff, but don't bother just now)
and up the stairs till you get into the Greenhouse.  Turn to the 
left of the circular pool and advance till you come to some stairs, 
go up and pick up the knife and the map.  You can go back now, but's 
worth your while to walk all the way to this end of the bridge 
before you go to the Andes.

Once there, and since you have the knife, cut the rope.  Now you can 
walk past the Guard's post and up some stairs.  Before you go 
through the entrance, change to the boy.  Go in and turn right.  
Talk to the Guard and then to the Shaman.  He will ask if you have 
the talisman.  At the end of the chat, say "Bye".  If you turn right 
around and keep going you will come to a balloon which doesn't 

Go all the way to the boy behind the well, change to the Shaman and 
talk to him, asking him for the talisman.  Go back to the balloon 
which did not function.  Use the talisman on the flint to light a 
fire and get the balloon moving.  From up in the air, examine the 
ground carefully, specially the Temple and the four symbols around 
the opening.  To go back, click on the flame.

Now go to the strange pool, examine the symbol at the top of the 
stairs and put the talisman in it.  When the water disappears, go 
down the stairs.  Turn left and examine the wall.  Click on the 5th 
symbol.  Turn right and advance along the same wall.  Zoom in and 
the next bit and click on the 5th symbol.  Now turn to the right and 
examine the first lot of symbols on the other wall.  Click on the 
3rd.  Go along this wall and examine the last lot of symbols.  Click 
on the 1st.  The stairs will open and you can go through - but there 
is a lot of fire, so climb up the stairs, use the talisman and the 
water will pour in and put out the fire.  Go down and in, advance, 
look down, click and get the next artifact.

WATCH.  At the end, go to...


You should materialize at the end of the bridge.  Examine the 
symbols on the wall and the writing.  Go to your right and examine 
the statue; click on the pedestal to read the inscription (you must 
do this will all the statues you will find).  Now go to the 

In there, talk to the monk by the door.  Walk around looking at the 
floor till you find a trapdoor.  Go down, turn to your left, use the 
healing water on the roots, go back up, walk to the steps you used 
to get the knife and the map, go up them and take the fruit.  Go 
down and walk around the circular pool to the statue.  Use the fruit 
on the bowl and the statue will open its hand and you get a stone.  
Go back down the trapdoor and this time follow the tunnel till you 
come to a steamy room.

Now, the tunnels are a veritable pain in the neck, so brace 
yourselves.  At the steamy room, ignore the first opening on your 
right (it leads to the grate, and outside), and head for the next 
one.  A good time to look at the map.  Drag it from your inventory 
onto the screen.  It can be moved up and down if you place the hand 
icon on the center of it.  Basically, you are trying to get to the 
central building along the top of the map.

Guiding yourself with the map, get to that building.  You might need 
to open or shut tunnels by pulling the lever and moving the covers 
from one entrance to the other.  Every time you arrive at at 
junction with a lever and a cover, look at the ceiling to get a 
reference; note that some covers can only be moved from one side.

When you enter the building, go and look at the statue and then 
advance to the Lama to capture his image.  No need to talk to him 
yet.  Leave this building by the door.  Turn left and go down the 
stairs, turn left again and note the statue.  Change to the Lama and 
enter the tent.  Talk to Genghis.  Leave the tent and go to your 
left again, enter the Temple.  Before you enter the next door, look 
to your right to examine the statue.  Turn right around and examine 
the prayer wheels.  Use the oil on the fourth along the top.  Now 
click on these:  3rd along the bottom, 2nd along the top, 1st along 
the top, 4th along the top, 1st along the bottom and 3rd along the 
top.  Turn right around and get the stone from the statue.  Face the 
door and go through.  Turn to your right and advance to the wall.  
Examine the painting carefully.  You can go down the stairs, if you 
like and look inside the shrine, where you'll see another statue.  
OK, you can leave now and go to the Lama.

Turn to Ghengis and talk to the Lama.  Particularly, you must speak 
about the "Realms", ask about the "Animal" realm, answer 
"Ignorance".  You will get a book.  When you've done talking, go to 
the statue in this building and face it.

Time to go to Atlantis.  You'll find yourself at the top of the 
well.  Use the gaff to shut off the water, go down the stairs and to 
the steps leading to the bottom of the well and the hole through 
which you originally came in.  Follow it and you'll come up into the 
Windmill.  Go alongside the machine all the way to the wall and walk 
around it.  This shuts the trapdoor.  Go out and find the ferry, 
travel to the dock.  Go to where the Beggar was and you will find 
his bowl.  Pick it up and go back to Shangri-La.

Place the bowl on the hand of the statue and you will get another 
stone.  Go out of the building and advance towards the bridge.  
Stand on the edge and click on the bell.  Cross the bridge, enter 
the gatehouse, turn to your left, through the door, down the stairs 
and cross the other bridge.  Turn right to the statue, look at it, 
use the book on the hole at the base and get the stone.

Go back the way you came and, inside the gatehouse, change to the 
Lama, turn to your left and go up the stairs.  Talk to the Guard and 
ask to cross the bridge.  Do as he says and go and stand on the edge 
of the bridge - it will open and you can cross it.  Go into the 
building in front, find the trapdoor and go through to enter the 

Look at the map.  You need to get to the end of the last tunnel at 
the top right hand corner of the map.  Ignore the direct way, you'll 
never get through, go the long way around.  When you come out of 
this particular tunnel you'll find yourself in Genghis' tent.  Pick 
up his sword and get down there again.  

Now, this is important.  To get the black stone, do the following.  
From these steps, advance until you get through to the first lever.  
Turn around and pull it to close the passage you just came through 
(look at the map; the junction with the hat symbol has the left 
tunnel closed).  Turn right around and proceed till you come to the 
next lever (balloon symbol); change the cover over and go along the 
new passage.  At the junction with the lozenges symbol, close the 
left passage.  Go to the junction marked with the circles and walk 
around to the balloon juntion and change the cover back.  Retrace 
your steps and go all the way to the junction with the three balls 
symbol.  Move the cover to close the left passage (look at the map).

[Basically, what you are trying to do here is to channel the heat 
from the two steam rooms along the bottom of the map (marked with 
flames) to the room marked on the map with a sitting skeleton, and 
for that you need to open certain tunnels, as above.]

Once you've done all that and moved the last cover, you can go into 
the room (marked as a sitting skeleton) where a statue will have 
melted and get the black stone from the bowl left on the remains.  
To get out, move the cover to the other passage and work your way 
around to the central building, which should be quite easy.

Leave the building and go to the statue by Genghis' tent, use the 
sword on it and you will get the last stone.  Now go along to the 
temple and down the stairs to the central shrine.  Use the white 
ball on the statue and some stairs will appear.  Go up them, turn to 
your right and use the right colour ball on this statue.  Keep doing 
this till you get all the way up.  Click on the giant lotus leaves, 
go in, examine the wall and get the lotus floating in the centre.  

Now you have go all down the stairs and all the way to the pilgrim 
laying on the ground by the bridge.  Change to the Chameleon suit 
and give the lotus to the pilgrim.  You've got your last artifact.

WATCH.  At the end of all the palaver, you will have to solve a 
puzzle.  Since it is impossible to describe properly, I'm going to 
leave you to solve it with the help of Arthur.  Just remember that 
the pyramids can be turned and spun.  Turn each one until you get 
the most bits on their front face then spin them till you get the 
combination right.  Actually, it's not as difficult as it seems, you 
just need a bit of patience.

Once you've got it right, you can watch the finale.  That's it.


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