By Prograph Research

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     November, 2002

Gameplay:    You have a choice of minimum (300 Kbs) or full install (150 Mbs). In full install, the game runs faster. The main menu shows New game, Load game, Options, Credits and Exit. In Options, there are 3 file folders or screens, which can be accessed by clicking on the upper left tab. The first blue folder has a spanner icon. The top bar gives a choice of how long you want the text to appear and the lower bar, the choice of speed Tony moves. The bottom left screen frame gives a choice of where you want the inventory bar to be located, at top or bottom. The middle screen gives a choice of whether the inventory bar is seen or hidden. The left screen is a choice of scroll or pop up when the 'hidden' inventory bar is selected. The clock is the length of time the text appears. Clicking can skip the text. The next pink folder with a brush icon on the top left tab is for subtitles (book), lower left Tony is for object translucency, top right Tony is for anti-aliasing of the shape of the characters, bottom right is for the text on the action interface (examine, talk, etc.) and the center screen is to change the screen of gameplay from color to sepia. The last yellow folder gives a choice for the character's voice, music and sound effects volume. During gameplay, pressing ESC or clicking at the very top left corner will show a menu that shows: The skull and bones icon at bottom left is to exit the game, the 2 arrows on a diskette is for load and save game and the right bottom X brings you back to a previous screen. The first slot in the Load game screen is the autosave (done when Tony changes screen). There are 95 save slots and can be scrolled using the side arrows. Press enter after typing the label of the save game. You are given a choice of Easy (Baby Tony) or hard (Adult Tony) gameplay. The game is simple point and click. Point and click and Tony will go there. Once an item or character is left clicked or selected (label seen), right click-hold-choose will give the options of examine (Tony's eyeglasses), use (Tony's gun), take (Pantagruel's hands) and talk (Pantagruel's mouth). A flying duck shows exits to another screen. By right clicking, the items in inventory can be examined, used or talk to. Try doing the improper action on an item just to hear funny quips from Tony.

Check everything using the examine, take and use actions. Select all the dialogues in order to enjoy the funny dialogues. Only the actions that are significant are stated below.

This walkthrough is written for hard mode with comments on the easy mode in parentheses.

30 years ago on Halloween night, a bully who hit him with a slingshot preys upon a young Tony. In the end - the bully got what he deserved - a pumpkin on his head. See him angry with the moon as backdrop on... Halloween night.

Wallen and Wallen Investigations Building

October 31st:     Tony introduces himself and Pantagruel, his 'dog' who is actually a tapir. He will show the world (with your help, of course) that his speculations of alien plot to conquer the planet by stealing candies from children is not just ravings of a paranoid PI. He was given the critical case of a swollen headed maniac who goes around stealing candy from the children years ago.

Tony's office:    Examine and talk to Pantagruel. Pantagruel wants to go to the fun fair. Tony sends Pantagruel in search of a wig at the upper floors while he searches in the basement. A good wig is the first step to the road to success. Take the bag of candy from the desk. Use door to exit and a flying duck shows an exit to a next screen.

Hall outside Tony's Office:    Take the waste paper on the floor. Try examining the door... oh well, open the door and enter.

Storage room:    Close the door. Take the flowered smock.  Read the torn brochure on the wall. Click the waste paper taken outside on the torn brochure to make a complete brochure. Read about illiterate shepherd girl costume kit made up of cheery country style outfit, fake flowers and a typical folk scarf. That's a thought in case you need a costume. Open the cabinet and oops... you fall down the floor.

Sewer:    You hear Pantagruel scream. You need to get back to him. Take the blond wig. So this is the cleaning lady that was lost in the maze. Check the sign (bologna and shoes!!). Read the Latin inscription - Vitam Egit Nitidam. Check the sewage. Enter the blue tunnel and out the grate by the hall outside Tony's office.

Upper hall:    Look at the trophy, back end of a cow and then use-pull the tail. See Old Betsy release the flowers. Go back down to the office and pick up the flowers. Go back up. Try pulling the tail again. Now talk to Dudley and Butch, the 2 inspectors. After the insults, you find out about the Halloween party at the Dudley mansion. Read the plaque under the 'head of the founding father'. Take the scarf of Pantagruel's and the letter from the floor by the door. Read the insulting letter in inventory. Pantagruel is kidnapped! Tony has to go to Halloween Park tonight, signed by Jack o'L.

Halloween Park

Roam the Park for clues:

Entrance:    Try taking the bush. Enter the park on the left side of the booth and will be stopped by the old lady. Talk to old lady in the booth and if you have the time ask her about everything. Admission to the park is in the form of glucose, like suckers or candy. Gossiping is the justification of my existence........

To get in the park - Be sure that you've read the complete brochure in the storage room at the W & W building. In inventory, combine smock with flower to make part of a costume. Then add the scarf to the partial costume to get costume. Use costume. Tony will go to the bush, change and come out like an illiterate shepherd girl complete with a blond wig. Give the bag of candy to the old lady. Go to the exit left of the booth.

Inside the park by entrance:    Tony removes his costume. Listen to the convict talk to the young cowboy. The gates to the park slam shut. Hear a voice that says to welcome the Guest of Honor, Tony Tough.  Now, everybody is locked in.

Tony will start a map in his notebook that can be accessed in inventory. You can use the map to jump from one place that is already visited to another in case you don't want to walk around anymore. I highly recommend that you walk around first and to get Tony to map the place.

Note:     Do not chase the mouse you see roaming around the park until you are ready later in the game.

Bearded Lady tent:    Enter and talk to the sleeping man. Take carrot by chair in the audience area, tomato by curtain on stage and onion on stage floor. Open stage door.

Bearded Lady's dressing room:    Talk to weeping bearded lady and find out that she's sad because of her loss of feminine grace.        Let's make the bearded lady feel feminine - Give her the flowers. She perks up. She still has her mother's smile, that is.. her mother's false teeth. She gives the false teeth to Tony. (easy mode - no false teeth is given). Exit the tent.

Big Head and Hole on Circus tent:    Take the left exit (Lorenz and Pirates arrows) beside the bearded lady's tent. Use the trashcan by the arrow at left path - if only it has wheels! See a boy peeping through a hole in the tent. After the boy runs away, take Hole in the tent and now there's an opening to the tent. Look at the big head and the slot machine that takes a dollar. (easy mode - no hole in the tent) Exit to the left.

Crossroad:        Check the door of the shed, the keyhole and the crack at the bottom of the door. The key is still in the keyhole. Take the stick leaning on the signpost. Take the left exit.

Pirates:    Check the swordfish. Examine the hole in the barrel by the stairs and then take the fishsticks that cats love. Talk to Captain Cornelius Woodward IV of The Wimpy Whale. Find about how he lost his leg. harr! Take right exit up the stairs.

Moustache Walrus Inn:   

Polly the Parrot - Talk to Polly, the parrot. Try opening the door with a C on it. Polly snitched on you with the captain. We have to find a way to get in the captain's cabin.

Anchorman - Enter the Inn. Talk to the anchorman. He cannot leave until the employee of the month arrives and then he can go home. We have to find an employee of the month. Look at the picture of the employee of the month.

Sad Pirate - Talk to the sad pirate with red bandana. He cannot shed real tears.

Make the sad pirate feel emotion - Give him the onion and it didn't work. Go back down to the swordfish by the Captain. Use onion on swordfish to get chopped onion. Go back to sad pirate and give him the chopped onion. It worked - he's now weeping! The weeping pirate buys you rum.

Biff, the guard - Try taking the keys from Biff, who wants his chicken dinner. We have to find a way to get those keys.

Exit the Inn and take the right exit by the Captain.

13 Pumpkins Game:    Talk to the genius. Whoever gets to the 13th pumpkin first wins. Each player takes turns. You can place one or 2 pumpkin in order during your turn. There is no way to lose in this game - just press the top left pumpkin for your turn and then click the bottom pumpkin for the opponents turn until the 13th pumpkin is lit by top left pumpkin. Get a stuffed purple tapir as prize. (easy mode - no prize) Go to the castle.

Bridge by castle:    Try talking to the fisherman. Take an earthworm from the bait can beside him. (easy mode - no earthworm bait) Note the shadow cast on the moon. Go north.

Castle:    Talk to the gatekeeper. He won't let you pass and if you don't go away, Fluppy will tear you in shreds. Look at the hole in the tree trunk and the tuft of grass around the tree. Go to the left exit to the Panoramic Wheel. Look at notice about lost cat to be returned alive or embalmed to old lady at room 207. We have to keep an eye out for a cat.

Ferris Wheel:    Enter the blue booth and use the lever for a ride in the Ferris wheel. It works! Leave the door open. There's a bowl here. Place the fishsticks on the bowl and see Speedy Gonzales of a cat zoom in and gone before you can catch him. You can entice the cat on any bowl seen throughout the park but to catch him is another matter. Go back to the 13 Pumpkins area (use notebook map) and go to the central-main square.

Rocket from Outer Space:    Enter the open door of the elevator to go up to the rocket office. Wait when Randall covers his face with the Frederickhs of Hollywood catalogue and then take the  skateboard by the aliens. Talk to Randall and then exit. Go to bottom path.

Rufus:    Talk to the snowman about Pantagruel and learn about Pantagruel being seen at the hotdog man's place. Then talk to devil and learn from snowman about how he got his fragile ego. Talk to Rufus. We have to teach him a lesson in humility. Go back to the park entrance via map or take the left path and then take the right path.

Convict and Timothy:    Read the sign behind the convict. Use the organ reassembler and it shakes and throws you out. Whew that really shook Tony up! The convict refuses to talk to you. Talk to Timothy, young cowboy about everything especially about Pantagruel. Timothy saw Pantagruel tied up and muzzled when they were by the beast. Take right exit to the beast.

The Beast:    Take the chewing gum stuck to the beast's cage. Talk to the beast and learn his history. He wants to be free. He saw Pantagruel and a cursing man headed for the main square. The beast's name is Wel, short for welcome. Mortimer is his friend. We have to set him free. See another handbill about a lost cat with reward offered.

Sewer pipe:    Take right exit to Romantic Corner. There's a mouse that ran away. (easy mode - no mouse is seen) Take the path going down. See a sewer pipe coming out of the side of the cliff. Take the sharp stone and find out it is a plaster cast. Look at plaster cast in inventory. Use to open and examine the plaster cast again - still don't know what it is. Leave it open.

Shmiley the clown:    Go back up and turn right at arrow. Watch the clown and his audience runs away. Talk to the clown and he hits Tony with a hammer. Try talking to the vendor. See the mouse here again. Check it and it goes to the right exit. Use the trashcan and Tony will push it towards the clown. Examine and then use the trashcan again. It goes back to the hotdog vendor stand. (easy mode - no meeting with Schmiley the clown)

Get the clown an appreciative audience - Note that the trash can has a smiling mouth. Use the hole in the tent on trashcan and then use the false teeth on it. Use the trashcan again to move it close to the clown. Mortimer has a captive audience now. Take the hammer.

Mortimer's Bazaar:    Go north to Mortimer's bazaar. There's another notice about the lost cat. Take the chicken hanging left of the door. Enter the bazaar. See Mortimer and Antelope, the crow on his head. Take the rope by the door. Look around (it's the truth!). There's a trap door that is locked from below. Exit and go north.

Phot-o-matic and small fountain:    Note the fountain in front of the photomatic and that the photomatic takes only coins. Go north to the WC.

WC:    Talk to Wally, whose father runs a cucumber plantation and needs to use the WC bad. He saw a monster carrying a warthog over his back at the Witch's fountain and then head northwest from the central square. Open the creaking gate and an alligator jumps out from the WC. Look at the red mat and enter the enclosed area from an opening on the fence.

Let us help Wally get relief - Enter the enclosed site through the opening on the fence. Place the skateboard on the red mat. Go out through the opening on the fence. Open the creaking gate from outside and watch the alligator go into orbit. See Wally's discomfort released through the sewer pipe.

Da Carminuccio a Zuzzuso!    Go back to the clown and then take the right exit. Try talking to Carminuccio. Check the mouse by the table and it goes into the pizza parlor. Look at trashcan and take a crust of bread from it. (easy mode - crust of bread is on the ground in front of the trashcan) Enter the pizzeria. Check the mouse and it goes to the mouse hole. Take hot pepper from the table. Exit the pizzeria.

Witch's Fountain:    Take the down exit right by the trashcan. There's bowl, water and cauldron.

To get the cauldron - Use the stick on the cauldron. It just tilted the cauldron. (easy mode - cauldron falls off) Use the notebook map and go to square by Photo-o-matic. Use the purple tapir won from the 13 pumpkins game on small fountain. See that the water flow of the witch's fountain is increased. Go back to Witch's fountain. Again, use the stick on the cauldron. Take cauldron that falls off the witch's hands.

Tunnel of Love:    Go back to the Pizzeria and take the exit above Carminuccio. Talk to Isabella. Find out that only couples can ride the swan.

Putting the puzzles together:

Hot Dog Stand:    Go to the hot dog stand by taking the middle bottom exit from the main square (rocket and pizzeria area). Enter the stand using the entry on the right side. Use the freezer to open it and then place the earthworm inside. Take frozen earthworm. Open the oven and place the chicken inside to cook it. Take cooked chicken. (easy mode -earthworm is already in freezer) Go to Rufus.

Teaching Rufus humility:    Take the master hammer beside Rufus. Rufus does not like that. Then answer Rufus about wondering if there could be anyone stronger that I am in the world.... The challenge is done and bet is set (even without money). Use your own hammer (from clown). Watch how Tony won the contest and get a dollar. Go to Big Head.

Big Head and Lorenz:    Click the dollar on the slot machine. Big Head's eyes  and mouth open and a red carpet is rolled out. Enter and have a talk with Lorenz, the wizard. After a long discussion, you are given a formula for a potion to make finding Pantagruel easier for Lorenz. Make the potion by mixing thoroughly in a cauldron - milk, coffee, fruit juice, gall bladder, pepper and cherry. Try taking the top hat with a rabbit in it. Go to the shed at the crossroad.

Shed:    Place the formula on the crack of the door. Place the frozen earthworm on keyhole and get a key. Tony releases the earthworm. Use key on keyhole.

Inside shed:    Take the bottle by the door. Look at knot... How do we get it untied? Use bottle on marble bust. Then use broken bottle on knot of rope holding a ham over a piranha. Take the bone of the eaten ham spat out by the piranha. Use lever... c:..> oops! See that the other metal bar doesn't have a lever. Use bone on other metal bar. Use bone lever. Door opens. Enter this mysterious place in another dimension?

Upper floor of the shed:    Take the milk white paint. Go up the stairs.

Room 206:    Enter the room. Take doll from chair. Open the drawer and take the sleeping draught. Exit the room.

Room 207:    Use the door and talk to the old lady. Go back down and exit to the right of the hallway.

Wharf:   Get another fishstick from the hole in the barrel. Go up to Polly the parrot.

To get in Captain's cabin -  In inventory combine chewing gum with crust of bread to get bread with chewing gum. Give bread with chewing gum to Polly. Enter the Captain's room (with the C on the door).

Captain's cabin  -  Take journal from bed. Read in inventory about how the Captain lost his money and his leg to Admiral Wallen. Take a piece of wallpaper from under the window.  Look at the wallpaper in inventory and realized its a map. Look at treasure map again, Tony extrapolates and places where the treasure (X) should be in the map - to the left of the Ferris wheel area. Look at treasure map for the third time and Tony says the X that marks the spot is er... weird.

Dump:    Use the notebook-map and click on dump. See a clock that is set at 6:30, a lever and a fridge. If you pull the lever - the clock moves, if you pull the lever a second time - the clock stops. Look close at treasure map-wallpaper and see that the X is really XI. Move and stop the clock to 11 o'clock. Open the fridge and take the deck of cards. Go back to the Captain. (easy mode - the fridge is already open and the deck of cards is seen).

Captain - Show the cards to the Captain and he got so scared he gives a gemstone to keep you quiet about the challenge. Go up to the Inn.

Get the keys from Biff the guard - Biff with the keys is still waiting for his dinner. Use the sleeping draught on the still hot cooked chicken. Give the drugged chicken to Biff. 2 Chickens!!! Take the keys from drugged Biff.

Set the Beast free:    Use the keys taken from Biff on the door of Beast's cage. The Beast is free!! Examine the bowl inside the cage. Now is the time and the place. Place the fishsticks on the bowl. Cat comes in. Use-close the door. Tony closes the door, the cat slams on the door and gets knocks out. Tony takes the speedy now zonked cat. You can see and talk to the Beast at Romantic Corner by the sewer area.

Cat, Shed and Room 207:    Give the old lady the cat. About your cat.. and get nickels as reward. Use notebook-map and go to the Phot-o-matic at square.

Phot-o-matic:    Place nickels on slot machine. Tachycardia time! Tony takes the photograph from the photo delivery slot.

Anchorman's Employee of the Month at the Inn:    Place Tony's photograph on the signboard to be the Employee of the Month. Talk to anchorman. He gives Tony a bag the prize for being the employee of the month. Look inside the bag in inventory to get a plaque.

Collecting the rest of the ingredients for Lorenz' potion:

Coffee - Go to sewer area. Look at nasty liquid sewage and then take some in a drinking glass. Go back up and then turn right following the red arrow.

Fruit Juice - Go to Isabella at Tunnel of Love. Show Isabella the doll. The family entertainment park would not allow nakedness. In inventory, use smock on naked doll to get a dressed doll. Now, show the dressed doll to Isabella and to make the trip down the tunnel of love sweeter, she gives you a lollipop. Tony and the inflatable doll go for a ride in the swan. Place the lollipop in the rum to make a fruit juice.

Kamaro gall bladder - Go to Mortimer's Bazaar. Talk to Mortimer and ask for kamaro's gall bladder. <that's the truth> Tony will do anything for it and will do something for Mortimer. He wants the Captain to pay for the leg the Captain took from Mortimer, as a matter of principle of course. Then, give the gemstone to Mortimer and pick up the kamaro gall bladder.

Mixing the ingredients - Go to Organ Reassembler at the Entrance. Now that we have all the ingredients, it's time to make the potion. Place kamaro gall bladder, paint (milk), lollipop in rum (fruit juice), sewage in drinking glass (coffee), hot pepper from pizzeria and tomato (cherry) from bearded lady's tent in cauldron from witch's fountain. Now to mix it - use organ reassembler and come out with a cocktail.

Big Head and Lorenz the wizard:    Enter big head and give the cocktail to Lorenz. I see... I see a tapir... between the moon and the sugar... tons... your friend.. castle in park... tons of sugar... Lorenz bubbling green in the mouth disappears. Use carrot on top hat to get rabbit.

Chase the mouse (to get to the bonus level): ......Thanks, Yapette! ......  The mouse can be seen all around the park. Now is the time to chase-herd him. You can find him either by Romantic Corner, hotdog stand or by the pizzeria. If by pizzeria, do not herd him inside the store. If you do get him in the mouse hole, just roam around and he will eventually come out. Click on the mouse for it to go to - Beast cage area - by bearded lady tent - Big Head Area - Shed area. At Shed area, place Tony to block the path to Rufus and Test of Strength area. Then click on mouse to herd him to the pirate area and then to the 13 Pumpkin area. Do not go near the mouse at 13Pumpkin Area. Use the map to go to the main square and take the path to the left to the 13 Pumpkin area. Click on mouse standing by the path to the fisherman and castle. Herd the mouse over the bridge and right smack on to the Fluppy the dog held by the guard. Yummm! Pick up the spider that the ravenous dog spits out. This will not work if Fluppy is loose already.

To get into the Castle:

Pizzeria:   In inventory, use the plaster cast to open it. Place the brass plaque in oven. The brass melts after Tony pushes it in the oven with the shovel. Take the melted brass. In inventory, place melted brass on opened plaster cast. In inventory, use the plaster cast to open it to get a whistle. If the brass solidifies, redo the oven process.

Castle - Ferris wheel - Tree:    Go to castle area via the Ferris wheel location in the notebook-map. Be sure that the door to the blue stand is open.

Go to the tree between Ferris wheel and castle.

Place noose taken from Mortimer's bazaar on the tuft of grass.

Place the rabbit in the hole on the tree.

Go back to Ferris wheel area and see that the other end of the noose is there. Use the end of the rope and Tony will tie it on the Ferris wheel.

Go back by the tree. Use-blow the whistle.

Fluppy hears it, runs to the rabbit in the hole and gatekeeper stands on noose.

Go back to the blue stand at far left of the Ferris wheel, open the door if you haven't yet and use the lever inside the stand.

Watch as the gatekeeper takes an unorthodox trip on the Ferris wheel. Harr... fishing's good. Now the way inside the castle is clear.

Castle Proper

Castle ground entrance:    Enter the castle grounds and see that Fluppy is back on sentry duty. No way out that way. Note a catapult and a machine that is attached to a colossal vegetable with a hatch. Go North.

Clock:    See a clock that reads 5 minutes three.  The clock's hands are tied with rope. Go to the right exit.    

Lean-to:    Go right and take watering can and jerry can from the lean-to. (easy mode - no watering can is seen) See a blackthorn tree loaded with fruits on the right. Use the hammer on the tree and take plum. Go up the path.   

Barn:    Look at antenna on roof sending signal to the structure by the machine close to the castle gate. Enter and talk to the sheep. I think that is magnificent! Bravo! Take the green pipe found above the sheep. Exit the barn and look at the haystack. Go right.

Statue and Simulacrum:    Talk to statue and find out that they are Ham and Actor. They get off at 3:30 but the clock is stuck. Talk to Ham. Chuck will give the knife he's holding to Tony after his shift. We should untie the clock then. Go right.

Castle:    Open the door to the castle.

Foyer:      Talk to the housekeeper and say you're a Parapsychologist-scientist, Professor. The park boss was on top of the pumpkin patch when she was at the control room at the top of the colossal vegetation. The machine attached to the colossal vegetation uses facial recognition to gain entry. Tony would need her to help in an experiment concerning eyes in the back of the head. Ask her to turn around and try to see what he is doing. Take the blue washing-up liquid on the detergent cart. Behind the housekeeper is a closed door with an ornamental dog's head. Look at the vampire mirror explained by the playbill. Open the wardrobe doors and take the bellows.

Cake:     Go to next room. Look at the programmer's version of Boticelli's Aphrodite Rising From the Sea (also called The Birth of Venus). Take the only white candle on the cake that is moving.

Kitchen:    Go to exit above. Look at cabinet that is perfect for storing stuffed animals and a few sets of eggcups. Take loudspeaker by cabinet. Look at loudspeaker in inventory and see that it has no batteries. Go to left side of room. The pigeons fly away from the fountain. Use watering can on water to get water-filled watering can. (easy mode - no watering can) Take pastry tube. Exit and go to room on the left of the cake.

Gwendel:    Open the cabinet doors and see a rubber zombie that roared once. Talk to Gwendel, the jester that is dunking his head on a tub of water twice. He was given the task of setting up the grand finale for the morning show. He is practicing holding his breath for the illusionist act.

Room with a box:    Go to next room on the left and see a box on the floor. There is a mouse hole by the doorway. Look at window.

Gear room:    Climb up and see a key on the shelf on the right. Using the stick doesn't work. (easy mode - no key is seen)

Gargoyles:    Climb and examine the gargoyles. The gargoyle on bottom right has an unstable merlon holding it up.

Gwendel:    Go back to Gwendel and use the blue washing-up liquid on the tub. Gwendel's eyes get soap and he goes out screaming. Use the tub to move it away and open the trap door. Go down.

Dragon's Den:   

Dragon - Read the note above the red pushbutton. Press the pushbutton and see smoke come out of the dragon's mouth. Immediately click the bellows on the smoke to get smoked filled bellows. (easy mode - no smoke is seen) Check the mechanical dragon and note a panel by his left rear leg. Open the door and look in hole. It must lead to the dragon's tank. Place green pipe on hole. Place jerry can on green pipe to get jerry can filled with gasoline.

Wishing well - Talk to the well and see that an old man is at the bottom collecting all the goods dropped in the well. There are candles lighting his prosperous endeavor. Use jerry can on the well. Flames shoot up - get the candle from inventory and light it on the flame getting a lit candle.

Haystack:    Go out of castle and on the way out the housekeeper asks about Gwendel. Go left to the haystack. Use lit candle on haystack. A metal door is revealed. Pick up the needle  in front of the door. Use-open door.

Castle again:    Storage Room:    Use the weights from the floor. Tony feels as strong and as bold since he was seven (traumatic time, Freud!).

Cake - Go to cake room inside the castle. Use needle on cake. Talk to the girl in the cake. The birthday boy is named Jack. Ask her about batteries (only if you have looked at loudspeaker and see that it doesn't have batteries) and she gives you battery from her Walkman. Place the battery on the loudspeaker.

Zombie - Go to left room, open cabinet and give the loudspeaker with batteries to zombie. Wait until the door closes and open the door of the cabinet again. This time when the zombie growls, it is loud enough to move the key from the shelf (easy mode - no key) and shake a foot off the boar.

Kitchen - Go to the kitchen and take the boar's foot.

Gear room - (easy mode - not done) Go to room left of zombie and up the stairs to gear room. Use stick on key. It falls off, down the stairs and into the mouse hole.

Gargoyles - Go up the stairs to the gargoyles. Use-push the bottom right gargoyle. Tony didn't make it but the alligator from the WC finally falls from the sky dropping on the gargoyle from the roof. On the way down, the gargoyle removes the rope stopping the clock. The 2 statues-actors go off shift. Did I do that!

Box room - Go down to the mouse hole. Use the smoke-filled bellows on the mouse hole. If this doesn't work, go back up and see if the key miraculously return on the shelf. Dislodge it again. The mouse spits the key out of the hole and out the window on top of the kitchen roof. (easy mode - not done) Use the boar's foot on the box and get boulder. See the rope with the gargoyle attached hanging from the window.

Statues' pedestal:    Go out of the castle and turn left. Take the knife left by the actors. See a hollow in a shape of a spider on the pedestal.

Bonus level: ......Thanks, Yapette! ......    Place the spider (taken after herding the mouse) on the hollow of the pedestal. A cavern opens on the left with a rolled out red carpet. Enter and see a wall filled with pictures. Read the plates of quotes of the brains who did this wonderful game. Love has reason but reason does not love - Valerio Massari. Check the bearskin also. Go to the left screen and see a guard and giant monitor that you will see later on in the game. Go out to the castle courtyard.

Gwendel and dog:    Go back to the right and see Gwendel sitting with a dog on the castle ground. Try to take his dog and see Gwendel for what he really is. Tony asks us to give Gwendel a lesson. Look up at the clock. Hmm... Go to the room with the mouse hole and box. Use the knife on rope holding the gargoyle seen hanging on the window. 'Illusions of Omnipotence'. Go back to Gwendel and take the dog. Go to path at bottom of screen.

How to get the Hole on the roof and Key:    See the kitchen roof just in line with the catapult. Place the boulder on the catapult. Use knife on catapult. See the boulder go down the kitchen and drops the key-latch from the hole (easy mode - no key) in the roof.

How to get a facial impression:   

Kitchen  - Go to kitchen and pick up the key-latch. (easy mode - no key) Open the cabinet and look inside - hear what Tony say again - perfect for storing stuffed animals. Place the dog in the cabinet and then use-close the door. The leash hangs out of the cabinet. Place the plum in the water by the fountain. The pigeons fly in and one of them eats the plum. Drive the pigeons  away by going near them. When they come back and sit on the rafters by the hole in the roof and does the usual prune ingestion effect - immediately use the leash. Tony will string it out and hide by the boar. The housekeeper comes in, trips over the leash and makes a facial impression on the floor. Now how do we get that impression?

Barn - Use knife on sheep to get wool. Pour water from the watering can on the shivering shorn sheep. (easy mode - water not done) The sheep coughs up phlegm. Take phlegm using the pastry tube to get a dripping pastry tube.

Kitchen - Go back to the kitchen and the impression on the floor. Place the dripping pastry tube with phlegm on the hole on the floor. Hear Tony's explanation (so that's the rationale). Then use the bellows on phlegm. Take mold.

Colossal Vegetation:   

Machine - Go to the machine by the catapult. Use the mold on machine - The power of phlegm!

Going up - Go up on the Jack and the pumpkin stalk high up in the sky, see a giant pumpkin at the other end of the vegetation. Go up.

Pantagruel - Go forward until you see Pantagruel muzzled and hanging on a rope. See a video surveillance camera above Pantagruel, a lever by door and a lock (easy mode - no lock) on the bottom right of the wall. Examine the video camera, see a guard watching the giant monitor looking at Pantagruel's head.

Use wool on Pantagruel. Use-push Pantagruel to hypnotize the guard watching the monitor. Then pull lever to release Pantagruel. Pantagruel warns of a trap but Tony does not understand. Tony tells Pantagruel to wait for him down there. Use key on lock (easy mode - not done) and exit right. See Jack o'Lantern working on a rope.

Watch the end sequence.       

POW!!!         I'm free!  Free! The pumpkin's gone!        Well, not for long.        Uh Oh! Tony is in orbit!

Smile my friends, if for no other reason because it is not happening to you!

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