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I got a little stuck in this at times and seeing as there was no walkthrough around, I decided to put one together.  Remember that if you stand still in a room for a while you will get hints (you will talk to yourself or to Pam).  FOLLOW THE HINTS -- they actually contain a lot of information.

The game is pretty logical, and each step has been placed on a new line so if you want help just scroll down line by line.

TIP: Only use the energy packs sparingly, you only get a couple of them.


I  SOL -- 4k's down

Shoot glass observation dome.
[click gun in inventory, use {home} to fire]
Jump down vent.

Pick up suit recharge crystal.
Recharge suit.
Go E twice and pick up torch on ground.
Go W twice, light torch on lava flow and hold the torch.
Go W twice and get the rope, half mask and hook.
Go E four times.
Go W twice, E twice, W twice, E twice.
Basically: keep walking until the stalagmite talks to you.
Use the hook with the rope.
[click and hold down the left mouse button on the hook, move mouse and release the mouse button on the rope]
Use the rope on the stalagmite.

Save game.
Walk the tightrope.
Go in the other entrance on the right of the screen.
Get the energy pack.
Go back out and get the crystal half.
Return to chasm room.
Get the rock.
Wind and pitch the rock back.
Walk the tightrope.
Get the rock.

Go W twice, light the torch and hold it.
Go W twice and drop the rock on the pressure pad.
Go to W doorway and then beat up bird.
Hit the bird 5 times and try to keep the fight in the "horizontal" i.e. from left to right rather than up and down.
Go W and get the other half of the crystal.
Use the two crystal halves together.
Go E and use the crystal on the hole in the table.

Get four small crystals.
Go W and use the small crystals.
Get the six statue parts.
Go E, N and assemble the statues.
[the cat's whiskers light as you put the right pieces down]
Get the golden eye.
Go E twice and then S.


II  SOL -- Lava Channels (section from memory)

Go down lift.
Beat up green reptile.
Use gem with red X.
Use lift to get staff.

Go E.
Hold staff.
Use boat.
Beat up green reptile.

Go E.
Anchor boat.
Get panpipes.

Go N.
Use panpipes.
Anchor boat.
Check holes.
Should get key and energy pack?

Go S twice.
Get onto island.
Charge staff (use it on island).

Go N, E and zap reptile.
Anchor boat and get urn.

Go N.
Zap menhirs.
Get metal rod.

Go S twice, anchor boat.
Go S.
Use metal rod to clear mouth.
Use key in small hole on counter.
Get gold from opening.
Use gold with urn.
Use urn with lava.
Use urn with mould.
Pull level to cool off gold.
Get two halves of golden eye and put them together.
Get half of mask and put it together with other half in possession.
Go N, get in boat.

Go N, E and use eyes.
Anchor boat.
Go N.


III  SOL -- Firon quarters (section from memory)

Save game.
Free other dude, and GET OUT OF HIS WAY IMMEDIATELY (to left of screen).

Go N, and get access key.
Go to top of room and get rope and key code from storage containers.

Save game.
Go W, beat up firon.  
Use computer to get last message.
Mix potion using key code as guide.
Get potion (don't try to use).

Save game.
Go S, and beat up firons
Get light device on table.
Use access key on red dot on table.
Get laser device.

Go N,E and cut the grate away.
Toss light device into hole.
Use rope with hole.
Climb down.

Go N.

-----}  Eat popcorn ;)

Use cloak.
Go N, W.
Get rock.

Go E.
Use rock and get enlarger device.
Get rock.

Go W.
Use rock and enlarge it.
Get opener device.

Go E,S.
Use opener device on panel.
Get disrupter device.

Go N,E.
Use opener device on wall.
Use disrupter device.

Save game.
Go through door.
Beat up Firon {VERY difficult, but possible -- keep on trying}

Get transporter.
Use transporter.

Go W,W.
Use bomb on generator.
Go E and, avoiding the guards shots, go N.

Can get the metal sample from the container on the right.
Enter coffin on left.


IV  EARTH -- Mayan Temple

After getting out of the coffin, pick up the mace lying on the ground.
Arm yourself with it (use it).  
Pick up all the statue pieces on the three adjacent screens.  
Ignore the scroll for now.  
Assemble the two statues on the pedestals.  
The crocodile goes on the left and the other on the right.  
The temple door will open.
Pick up the sphere.
Enter the temple.
Push the stone hand on the left screen for a goblet.
Push the stone hand on the right screen for a rose bush.
Talk to tree.
Go to crocodile statue and use goblet on it to get quasi-water.
Give water to tree.
Use gem with hole by bird statue.
Go talk to tree.
Get gold branch and give to bird.
Get feather and use with other statue.
Go to other statue.
Use scroll near tree to become a Lilliputian.
Walk to tree to get goblet and walk away to resize.
Get rainbow juice from the statue.
Give juice to the statue in the temple.
Get the staff.
Go to the door and make sure you are holding the mace.
Use the sphere with the circular hole in the door.
Fight the guardians.
Walk off to the left or right to fight them one-at-a-time.
Use staff with hole in ground.


V  EARTH -- Inside Mayan Temple

  The throne in the center room, when completed will allow the rooms to be rotated.  A single rotation will give access to another four rooms.  In each room make sure you extinguish all flames, to gather all objects.  Note that some rooms have fourth walls which cannot be seen until the room is rotated.  Rooms are referred to according to initial layout as N,E,S,W.

Go N, get raised piece on mural.
Get blue key exposed.
Go S, and then E.  
Get two exposed puzzle pieces.
Get sword.
Use blue key with SE statue.
Get stone heart by clicking on the statues stomach.
Go W, use three pieces with the throne.
Go N and while standing in front of the statue, use the stone heart and the sword.
Get the control stick.
Go S.  Notice the fires in the corners of the room are out.
Collect the silver gauntlet, skulls and stone.
Go W, and use the silver gauntlet with the THREE fires (one on S side too).
You should get a control stick, snuffer and red key.
Go N, and use the snuffer on the fires.
You should get skulls and another stone.
Go S, and use the two control sticks on the throne.

Sit on the throne and use the left arrow to rotate the rooms.
You now have four new rooms.
Go E, and use the snuffer.
You should get a yellow key and another stone.
Go S, and use the snuffer.
You should get a energy pack and another stone.
Go W, and use the snuffer.
You should get a green key and another stone.
Go N, and use the snuffer.
You should get a goblet and another stone.

Sit on the throne and use the right arrow to rotate the rooms.
Go E, and use the three keys you have to unlock the other statues (check colors)
You should get a funny square, a dragons egg and another five stones.

Sit on the throne and use the left arrow to rotate the rooms.
Go to N room and then S,E four times to fill the bowls with venom.  
Green:SW, Blue:SE, Yellow:NE, Red:NW -- no particular order necessary.
Get circular idol.
Go S from throne.
Save game.
Use dragon's egg with center of room.
Kill "dragons".
Get two stone wings and two stone fires.
Go N,W.
Use the funny square with the square depressions on the ground.
Get the circular idols.

Sit on the throne and use the right arrow to rotate the rooms FIVE times.
Go "N".
Use the circular idols with the holes in the wall murals.
Use a stone wing and fire with each dragon.

Go "N"
Use golden face mask with skeleton.


Stormswift :)
[email protected]

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