"Chronicles Of The Sword" walkthrough by Darksheer
Notes: this game is one of the worst adventures I
have played in my life (sorry Psygnosis but its true).
Keep difficulty on easy setting or you may dislike
this game even more than me.
Take a note that some of hotspots are so easily missed
on the screen so please if you cant find a spot I have
described dont give up.

Talk to Lancelot. Wander through all rooms in castle to
get acquainted with surroundings and locations. Sometimes
an item can be seen from more than one location - if you cant
interact with it from one - you may be able from another
(for instance a well in Tintagel).
While you do you must find a candle from candlestick in the
dining room with fireplace. Light the candle using it on fire
in fireplace. Also pick up a lantern from throne room and use
it on your candle to make up a lit lantern. At Wilf's stables
(Wilf is a man who sits on the barrel) take a scoop and a bucket.
At smith's pick up a horseshoe. Go into tower's door (the one
with ivy growing to the right of it). There click on the torch
- this opens grate. Use lantern on darkness and then enter cave.
Pick up mushroom. There is a hotspot in the water (to the left of
the board above water) - click on it to get a skull. Use scoop on
skull to get rubies from it. Go further into cave. Get a dagger 
and a cup from altar and then return to the place where you pulled
torch. Ascend stairs and use sword on seahorse's eye (precisely).
A wall will slide so you can proceed to Merlin's room. Try taking
his items and he will appear. Talk with him. He will give you a 
scroll. Go to the guarded door to Morgana's rooms (from smith its
left and upstairs). Talk to guard. Then go back to castle and go
right - there is a tankard under table. Go to smith's and fill it
with ale from one of barrels. Also give rubies to smith and then 
you will be able to get a helmet from the table (if there is no
helmet on the table do it later when you will need it). Return to 
guard and give him tankard. Enter door. Talk to King Arthur. Give 
him scroll. Return to Merlin, talk with him, go to King Arthur and
talk with him too. Now go back to the place where you gave a scroll
to King Arthur (pick up a helmet by the way as I mentioned above).
Pick up scroll. Use helmet on door. Enter door. Talk with Morgana.
Give her a scroll. After cutscenes and talking to Merlin return to 
Morgana's room and get a vial of dragon's blood from table. Now go
and talk with Wilf, Lancelot and King Arthur (one of this talks 
triggers events so you can leave Camelot after it). Return to the
guard which you gave a tankard of ale and talk with him - he will
return tankard. Go to the place where the guard of the Camelot gates
was, exit. Go up. Go left. Use helmet on water. Back to the right.
Go up. Use dragon's blood on door. Enter door. Right. Go to water.
Use tankard on water. After combat (SET DIFFICULTY TO EASY) return
to Merlin and give him tankard. Go back to Guinevere's well but go
left instead of right. Here take a horn. Go back to crossroads and
go right to dragon's cave. Pick up a rock on the walkway. Use horn
on cave entrance. Enter cave. Take an egg (this one isnt a correct
one). Go right. Take a branch (not egg) from the nest. Use helmet
on the path above lava (near middle of the screen) - you fill it
with sand. Use helmet on egg and then take eggshell from floor.
Return to Merlin and give him eggshell. Go to faerie ring outside
of the castle, pick up a red toadstool and use it on ring - you
now can talk to faerie leader. Give him a cup. Return with his
nugget to Merlin. After cutscene talk with Demidtke the witch.
She wants a mortar and pestle from you. Head back to Camelot -
there is a way to left from campfire which leads to the screen
with faerie ring. But by the way pick up poppies (red flowers)
from the screen to the north of faerie ring. At Camelot go to
Guinevere and talk with her. She will give you mortar and 
pestle. Return them to Demidtke. She wants poppy seeds - try
giving her poppies (wrong guess!) and use dagger on bread in
inventory. You will get poppy seeds - return it to her. Return
to campfire. Go down and then left. Talk with Brother Anthony
about honey. Left. Walk inside monastery. Talk with monk near
well. Find a spot on the door to stables on the right of the
screen and click there - you take straw. Soak straw in well 
(you need to walk to another screen to do it - walk down). Use
straw on lantern and then go to Brother Anthony and use straw
to smoke bees and get honey. Return it to Demidtke. Exit her 
house. After talking go downstairs. Pick up amphorae. Go left.
Enter cave. Take rope. Go right. Talk with smuggler. Return to
monk near well and talk with him. Give him amphorae. He will 
give you mead and you bring it to smuggler and he will help you.
Pick up shell. Go right. Use sword on snake. Climb up. Use sword
on rattles. Go into the forest. Go right to faerie ring (anther
one). Pick up red toadstool and use it on ring. Talk to faerie
leader. Give him your ring. Exit. Go down some times to find
a screen with a road - you need to find a hard rock which is 
lying near the tree in the middle of the screen just near the 
road. Go back to the screen, previous to faeries. Go up. Take
a pole (the one in the right column, the one with no skull on 
it - almost the center of the screen). Go forward twice. Use
horn on the left pole, then use your pole on that pole. Cross
the bridge. Go to gates. Use hard rock on padlock. Pick up 
chain from right gate. Enter castle. Go left. After combat &
talks go up. Go down. Find a hotspot on the walkway - its a
key lying on it - pick it up (if its not in this screen try
neighbor screens). Go further into cave. Use key on lamp to
the left of the door, then use key on doors. Exit. Exit. Talk
with faeries. Exit room to the left. Click on web to get a hair.
Go right. Exit to the right of the faerie leader. Use hard rock
on the 2nd petrified tree from the right. Pick up a twig. Go up.
Enter door. Use twig on urn. You get a vial. Return it to faerie
leader. Give him Morgana's hair. Pick up sword. Go to the room
with urn. Go down. Go left. Kill Ragnar with sword. Click on him
to get a locket. Open it with dagger. Return opened locket to 
faeries. After talking return to Ragnar, go further, descend 
stairs. Go to the cage with skeleton - there is a hotspot just 
under the 'skeleton' one - very hard to spot but try and you will
succeed. You will pick up a vial of holy water. Return to Ragnar
and pour it on him. See final movie - what a lame!


Thanks to Mark Ogier and Ari Jarvinen for help.

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