Off To See Merlin

 1) Talk to Lancelot, then go to the Banquette Hall
 2) Take the CANDLE from the candelabra
 3) Light the CANDLE in the fireplace
 4) Goto the Thrown Room, get the LANTERN form the table
 5) Put the CANDLE in the LANTERN
 6) Goto the stable, talk to Wilf
 7) Take the SPOON and the BUCKET
 8) Goto the Blacksmiths and take the HORSESHOE, then talk to the Blacksmith
 9) Goto Merlin’s Tower, go inside then go up the stairs to the first landing
 10) Look at the Bas-Relief, look at the eye of the seahorse
 11) Take out your SWORD
 12) Poke the eye of the seahorse with the SWORD
 13) Go through the door, then climb the ladder up to Merlin’s Room
 14) Look at the book on Merlin’s table, then look at it again
 15) Merlin will come out, talk to him
 16) He will give you an INDICTMENT to give to Morgana 

Merlins Task

 1) Go down to the bottom floor of Merlin’s tower
 2) Pull the torch that has no flame, the gate will rise
 3) Take your LANTERN and use it on the dark passage
 4) At the bottom of the passage go through the door
 5) This will bring you into a cavern
 6) Look into the pool of water
 7) Take out the SKULL WITH RED EYES
 8) Use the SPOON on the SKULL to get the RUBIES
 9) Walk over and get the MUSHROOMS
 10) Go into the next room
 11) Take the KNIFE and the GOLD CUP off of the table
 12) Go up the stairs to the Chapel
 13) Goto the Round Table room
 14) Take the TANKARD out from under the table
 15) Go up to Morgana’s Chambers
 16) Talk to the Porter
 17) Goto to the Blacksmiths, purchase the HELMUT with the RUBIES
 18) Then fill the TANKARD with BEER
 19) Now go back to the Porter 
 20) Give him the TANKARD WITH BEER, he will now let you in to see Morgana
 21) Go through the door
 22) You will see Arthur, this is but an Illusion, walk past it
 23) At the doorway you will see a dragon in the doorway, this is also an 
 24) Put on the HELMUT and walk through the illusion
 25) Talk to Morgana
 26) Give her the INDICTMENT
 27) She will be brought before the King, the King banishes her, but not before 
she can kill a few guards 

Section 2 - To Kill Morgana

 Merlin and the King have given you the task of killing Morgana. But to do it 
you must have some protection from her magic. Merlin has decided to make you a 
Ring of Protection, but first you must collect some items for him. The first is 
water from Guinevere’s Well 

First Item – Water

 1) Talk to all of the people
 2) Talk to the Porter, he will give you the empty TANKARD
 3) Go into Morgana’s chambers
 4) Take the GOLD CONTAINER with dragons blood
 5) Goto the Well
 6) Use the GOLD CONTAINER on the door
 7) Go inside, walk around to the well entrance
 8) Fight the skeleton - Right, Up, Right, Up, Right
 9) After killing the skeleton fill the TANKARD with the WATER
 10) Leave the Well 
 11) Go back to Merlin
 12) Give him the TANKARD WITH THE WATER. He will now tell you that you need to 
get the eggshell of a dragon. 

Second Item - Dragon Eggshell

 1) Talk to all of the people
 2) Goto Guinevere’s Well get the HORN
 3) Goto the dragon cave entrance
 4) Use the HORN to call the dragon out
 5) Pick up the STONE at the front entrance of the cave
 6) Go into the cave
 7) Pick up the dead DRAGONS EGG
 8) Walk further back into the cave
 9) Take the STICK from the dragons nest
 10) At this point there are two different ways that you can go
 a) Fill the HELMUT with HOT SAND and then pour it on the dragon egg. The egg 
will hatch and you can pick up the EGGSHELL.
 b) You can goto the Water Falls and fill the HELMUT with the COLD WATER, then 
return to the cave and pour the COLD WATER on the dragons egg(killing the baby). 
Then poke the egg with the STICK and pickup the EGGSHELL.
 11) Now go back to Merlin and give him the EGGSHELL. He will now tell you that 
you need to get a faerie gold nugget. 

Third Item - Gold Nugget

 1) Talk to everyone
 2) Goto the faerie ring in the forest
 3) Pick up the RED TOADSTOOL
 4) Use the RED TOADSTOOL in the center of the faerie ring
 5) The faeries will appear, talk to them
 6) They will want the GOLD CUP, give it to them
 7) They will give you the GOLD NUGGET
 8) Go back to Merlin and give him the GOLD NUGGET. Merlin will now create the 
Ring of Protection and give it to you. You then be given a loaf of BREAD by 
Wilf. Then you an Helie will ride off to Morgana’s castle. Halfway there Helie 
will fall sick and you will go look for help. You will come across a witch in an 
old Hermitage. 

The Witch

 1) Talk to the witch
 2) She agrees to help you only if you will get her grinding bowl from Merlin.
 3) You leave Helie with her and leave
 4) Goto Camelot
 5) Talk to all
 6) Talk to Guinevere
 7) She will give you the GRINDING BOWL
 8) Return to the Hermitage and give the GRINDING BOWL to the witch. She will 
tell you that she needs a potion to heal Helie and that you must get the 
ingredients, the first being poppy seeds. 

First Ingredient - Poppy Seeds & Honey Comb

 1) Use the KNIFE on the BREAD to get the POPPY SEEDS.
 2) Then give the POPPY SEEDS to the witch.
 3) She will then tell you that she needs a honey comb.
 4) Goto Tintagel
 5) Talk to the Monk
 6) He will tell you that Brother Anthony is the bee keeper.
 7) Go into the last stable and take the STRAW
 8) Go into the Chapel
 9) Take the BELLOWS
 10) Go down to the dock, then go into the seacave
 11) Take the ROPE, then go back the dock and take the CRACKED JAR
 12) Give the CRAKED JAR to the monk, he will give the FLAGON OF MEAD
 13) Put the STRAW in the well.
 14) Goto the bee keeper
 15) Talk to the bee keeper
 16) Use the LANTERN to light the STRAW on fire
 17) Use the STRAW on the beehive and you will get the HONEY COMB
 18) Go back to the Hermitage and give the witch the HONEY COMB
 19) The witch will heal Helie and you two will go onto Tintagel
 20) Talk to the monk, Morgana will then appear and kill Helie 

To Reach Lyonesse Hire a Boat

 1) Go down to the seacave and talk to the boatman
 2) He will only take you over to Lyonesse for some mead
 3) Give him the FLASK OF MEAD
 4) He will then take you over and leave you on the beach. 

On Lyonesse - Time to find Morgana’s Castle

 1) Pick up the SHELL on the beach
 2) Walk down the beach
 3) You will come to a giant snake
 4) Use your SWORD to kill the snake
 5) Use the snakes body to climb to the top of the cliff
 6) Once at the top use your SWORD to cut off the snakes RATTLE
 7) Then walk into the forest
 8) When you come upon the faerie ring pick up the TOADSTOOL and then use it in 
the faerie ring.
 9) The faeries will appear, talk to them
 10) Ask them where Morgana’s Castle is, they will want you to kill the snake 
 11) Give them the RATTLE as proof that you have killed it.
 12) Then they will want the RING OF PROTECTION give it to them
 13) Follow the silver trail you will find a HARD STONE next to a tree take it.
 14) The path will lead you to a road lined with skulls on poles
 15) Take the POLE that does not have a skull on it.
 16) Then follow the path up to the bridge
 17) Use the HORN to dig out the rotten bridge pole
 18) Then replace it with your POLE
 19) Walk over the bridge to the gate use the STONE on the lock
 20) It will crumble to dusk, then use the HARD STONE on the lock
 21) The lock will break apart
 22) The gate will then open
 23) Take the CHAIN off of the gate 
 24) Go inside the castle 

Inside Mogana’s Castle

 1) You will meet up with Ragnar (the vampire), Morgana’s personal guard
 2) Fight him - Up, Up, Left, Up, Up, Left
 3) You won’t kill him unfortunately, because you will be knocked out by one of 
the skeleton guards
 4) You will end up in the dungeons and being questioned by Ragnar
 5) Be as nice as you can to him, seriously, he will then take you to Morgana, 
otherwise he will kill you.
 6) Once you get to Morgana no matter how you talk to her she will have you 
thrown in the pit. 

In the Pit

 1) Once you are thrown in the pit you will land on a ledge
 2) Go into the cave and follow the path
 3) Along the path you will find a RUSTY KEY, take it
 4) You will the reach a door
 5) Next to the door is a candle that is dripping TALLOW
 6) Put the RUSTY KEY in the TALLOW
 7) You will now be able to unlock the door and open it
 8) Go up the steps 

The Faeries 

 1) You will land in the Main Hall
 2) The Faeries will be there
 3) You will not be able to pick up your sword, which is on the ground
 4) The faeries will only give it back to you if you help them to get Morgana’s 
 5) You agree, then talk to them 

Morgana’s Soul

 1) Go into the tree room
 2) Use the HARD STONE on the tree on the upper right hand side
 3) This will give you a STONE STICK
 4) Go into the Urn room
 5) Use the STONE STICK on the bone urn
 6) You will get the JADE URN containing Morgana’s soul
 7) Go back to the faeries and give it to them
 8) The faeries will tell you that they need one of Morgana’s hairs to trap her 
 9) Goto the old stables there in a cob web you will find her HAIR
 10) Go back to the faeries and give it to them
 11) They will give you back your SWORD, but must still get some of Morganas’ 
nail clippings if you are to destroy her
 12) Go to Morganas’ private room behind the thrown
 13) Get the HAIR BRUSH off of the table
 14) Head toward the dungeon
 15) Ah look there is Ragnar
 16) Well might as well fight him - Up, Left, Up, Left, Up, Left
 17) After killing Ragnar, search his body
 18) You will find a LOCKET
 19) Use the KNIFE on the LOCKET and you will see Morgana’s NAIL CLIPPINGS in it
 20) Give the faeries the LOCKET WITH NAIL CLIPPINGS
 21) The faeries will now tell you that Ragnar is not dead that you must find 
the one weapon that will kill him for good and use it on him before he recovers
 22) They tell you that it is in the dungeon
 23) Go to the dungeon
 24) Goto to the hanging cage with the skeleton in it
 25) Look in the cage, you will find a bottle of HOLY WATER
 26) Go back to Ragnar
 27) Pour the HOLY WATER on him
 28) He will then die for good. 

Unfortunately you will not be able to kill Morggana but she is now under 
thecontrol of the faeries. You however get to return to Camelot a hero and you 
get your armor. 

The End ? 

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