walkthrough by Mengele

Special keys:
PgUp - pick up / drop
PgDn - talk
Enter - action
CTRL - run
Alt - bend down
TAB - inventory
Begin in school. Ask double lady about your quest. Go out, talk to oldie. 
Go to the pier. On your way pick up the brush from under the stairs.
At the pier pick up the metal bar from the crates on the left. Run the
pier to the lighthouse. Throw metal bar into control panel. After the
light goes down, go and hide behind the barrels. When the watchman enters
the lighthouse, run back to his boat. Unlock door and enter. Switch on
the light. Open cashier and put a brush there. Take money from the safe. Exit.

Back in school. Ask witches about your second quest. Take bag from the shelf.
Go out. Enter kitchen (door to the right). Talk to slut. Exchange bag for
wine. Go out. Give wine to crapman. Turn the knob to lower the basket. Take
some shit and the handle. Go upstairs and enter the hut. Search the room and
pick up the key. Go out and down. Open door next to a kennel. Enter and walk
downstairs. Talk to guard. Go right along the water. Talk to man fixing the
car. Pick up the tool when he's not staring. Unscrew the bell from the
wall. Return to the guard. Use bell on guard, use bell on stairs. Go
upstairs and enter the door. Take small safe from the table and put it onto
spare plate of a balance. Take the diamond from the safe. Go out.

Pick up the wood. Find the handles on the wall. Pull down left one, block
with wood and pull down right one. Take the key from the shelf. Take the
key from the floor. Look through periscope. Open door and go outside. Take
the lighter from behind the post. Follow the traps and find a place to cross
the wall by climbing crates. Take scissors from table. Take candle from the
ground next to the wall. Put the candle under the rope. Light the candle.

Go to man painting the boat. Pick up brush. Take some paint with the brush.
Go upstairs. Take empty can from a window. Go and talk to Chinese. Take
spray from the ground. Go downstairs and follow the street. Go to the pier.
Use painted brush on guard. Go to fisherman. Talk to him, give empty can.
Go to other pier and take stick. Talk to boatman. Go to third pier and talk
to man. Push the glass with a stick. Turn the handle and play music. Use
spray on man. Take watch. Go to Chinese. Pull a screw on his stand's left.
Take map. Go to boatman, give a map and a watch.

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