Animated Adventure by PSYGNOSIS

Solution by Lu Richardson

General tips:

This game is a "spot the vital item" job "even though it is 
cunningly hidden from view".  Also a "try everything on everything 
else and on everyone" job.  AND you are in for long conversations 
which don't make a lot of sense and are not terribly funny, either.  
Still.  What can you do.

Start by finding out what is it exactly you have to do, then follow 
up by visiting all the sites in each scenario, seeing what there 
is to pick up, talking to the characters, and so on.  Next, put it 
all together.

For instance, you have very clear instructions at the beginning of 
the game.  You have to assemble some items to enable an incantation.

Remember you must go to the edge of each screen, sometimes there 
isn't a pointing hand icon to indicate you can go on in that 
direction.  It is an excellent idea to bring up the hand icon and 
click on the right button to find out where that exit leads.  
Sometimes a hand icon pointing to the right and bottom edges of the 
screen doesn't necessarily lead to the same place, even if it some 
times it does.

By the way, it doesn't very much matter in which order you visit the 
locations or do things, though of course, certain things cannot be 
done unless you've done something else before.  

OK, here we go.

ACT I:  The rite stuff

Start by going to the High Energy Facility.  Here, talk to everyone 
and collect the test tube, magnet and bellows.

Go out and visit the garden.  Go first to the left and talk to the 
beekeeper (note the flowers), then go right, talk to the Bursar, 
continue right and talk to the other players.  Go on right and 
observe the rooster in the maze.  Move on to the right, observe the 
compost heap, talk to the imp.  Use the magnet on the imp and 
collect the boots.  Leave the garden and go into the town itself.

Go to the cemetery, get the pick, talk to the Suffrajester, move on 
to the right and enter the crypt.  Observe the slab and the coffin.  
Leave and go into town.

Go into the shop and pick up the flamingo, the stuffed fish and the 
insence stick, ask the old woman about the candles.  Out.

Go to the Plaza, talk to Dibbler, get some popcorn and a brochure.  
Talk to the milkmaid.

Leave and go to the Fool's Guild.  Pick up the honker, talk to the 
ghost and go down.  In the sewers, stand under the grate and use the 
bellows.  Collect the glitter.  Move on and go up to see the ice.  
You won't need it just yet.  Go down and leave the sewer.

Go to the Shades.  Start by going to Gimlet.  Talk to him, read the 
menu, call him and ask for a mouseburger.  You get a live mouse.  
Pick up the chili on the table.  Leave.  

Go left and talk to the beggars.  Look at the can on the fire.  Pick 
up the pot and the saw by the Duckman.  Use the boots on the Smell.  

Go right and enter the Troll's Head.  Talk to Casanunda about his 
ladder.  Talk to the troll and get some ale.  Move left and pick up 
the matches.  Move left again and talk to the Vampire.  Leave the 
pub and go left.  

Talk to the Dead collector and then go through the door.  Go down 
and look at Granny Weatherwax; get the knife by the slops.  Up.  Go 
left and enter the next door.  

Talk to Mrs. Cake; it's important to make a note of the questions 
you are asking by clicking on all the icons left to right.  Go left, 
open closet and get the ironing board.  Get the scissors.  Get the 
slip from the dummy.  Look at the dummy.  The arms hold your 
interest.  Use the saw on the dummy to get a wooden arm.  Go right 
and click on the genie bottle.  Turn to Mrs. Cake and talk to her.  
Here, the trick is to ask the question to which you've just had an 
answer.  The order will probably be different each time you play, so 
you just have to remember which of your questions elicits which 
answer, and ask them in the correct order.  If successful, Mrs. Cake 
says she will let you have the bottle if you bring her some 
ectoplasm.  Leave.

Click on the door up the stairs to the left, by the arch.  You have 
a conversation with the people inside.  Leave and head right for the 
Troll's Head.  Talk to Casanunda and mention Granny Weatherwax.  You 
get the ladder.  

Go to the Fool's Guild, pick up the brick on the floor to the left, 
use the brick on the ghost.  

Go to the Docks.  Use the stuffed fish on the wading bird.  Get the 
bird.  Use the knife on the net and get the hammerhead shark.

Go to the cemetery, go to the crypt and use the ladder on the 
slab.  Out.

Go to the Unseen University.  Go to the High Energy Facility and use 
the brick on the Accelerator.  You get some ectoplasm.  

Go to the garden and to the beekeeper.  Talk to him and then show 
him the cloth and the insence stick.  Use the chili on the flowers.  
Go to the bursar and exchange the hammerhead for his mallet.  Move 
right and exchange the Dean's mallet for the flamingo.  Go to the 
Librarian and exchange the wading bird for his mallet.  Go to the 
rooster.  Use the ale on the popcorn and the popcorn on the 
rooster.  You get the rooster.  Go back to the beekeeper, give him 
the brochure - he clears off.  Use the cloth on Rincewind, use the 
matches on the insence stick and use the stick on the hives.  Get 
the dribbly wax.  Use the pot on the hives to get some honey.  Leave 
the garden and go to the shop.

Give the old woman the wax and get the candle.  Go to Mrs. Cake and 
give her the ectoplasm.  She gives you the genie bottle.  Go to the 
beggars and use the rooster on the can on the fire.  Use the boots 
on the genie bottle and the genie bottle on the Smell.  Go to the 
Troll's Head and use the sober rooster on the Vampire.  

Now go to the cemetery and into the crypt.  Go to the coffin and 
get the teeth from the glass.  Use the teeth on the mouse.  Ugh.  
Use the teeth on the test tube.  I believe we've got everything now, 
so go to the UU, and into the Dinning Hall.  Give everything to the 
Archchancellor and watch the next sequence.

Right, now you've got to track down Death.

Act II:  Come die with me

First, go to the Facility and talk to the guys.  Some ants are 
needed.  Go to the garden and collect the hoops.  Visit the compost 
heap screen and talk to the Suffrajest.  Go into town.  

Go to the Docks and talk to the Captain.  Now enter the Shades and 
talk to the Dead Collector.  Next, enter the Mortuary and talk to 
the Mortician.  OK, go to the Fool's Guild, down into the sewers, up 
into the place with the ice.  Use the pick on the ice to get some.

Go to the Mortuary, get the mirror and use it on the Bunsen burner.  
Lay on the Slab, use the wooden arm on Rincewind, use the ice on 
Rincewind, then click on the Mortician.  You get a Death Certificate.

Go to the door you could not enter before, by the Archway, and use 
the certificate on it.  You are admitted to the circle.  Talk to 
everyone, and don't omit to open the Closet.  Talk to the Black Sheep
inside.  Leave.

Go to the Dead collector and use the Death Certificate on him.  
Watch.  This is a longish sequence.

When you are in control again, go to Djelibeybi.  Ignore the camels 
for now and go right into town.  Enter shop, pick up the plan on the 
wall and talk to the Architect.  Leave and go left.  Talk to 
everybody.  Talk to Uri and give him the hoops to straighten them 
up.  Go left and get the stake.

Go back to the camels and hire one from the Salesman.  Go to the 
camel and travel to the Pyramid.  Enter it, get the glue pot and use 
the scissors on the bandage.  Use the bandage on the wooden arm you 
are carrying.  Leave.  

Go to the Cartwheel and talk to the nutter.  He writes you a jingle 
but you have to do something for it.

Go to the Hill.  Talk to Bone Idle and then use the knife on him.  
You've got a band.

Go to the Oasis and swap the bandaged wooden arm for the rotten 
arm.  Get the ring.  

Now get on the boat and go left, out of the screen.  You land on 
XXXX.  Talk to Dibbjla and you get a boomerang.  Buy a basket.  Keep 
going right till you see the ants.  Click on the ship and go to 

Go to the UU and enter the Dining Hall.  Use the basket on the 
food.  Go to the Dock and get the ship.  Travel to XXXX.  Go and use 
the picnic basket on the ant hill.  Click on the ship and go back to 
Ankh.  Go to UU and the Facility.  Use the basket on HEX.  No good.  
Use the honey on HEX.  The ants get in.  Talk to Skazz.  Next, use 
the plan on the wires and then use the resulting pyramid on HEX.  
You get the answer.  Take it to the nutter on the Cartwheel and you 
get the jingle.  

Take the ship to Holywood.  Enter the "Castle" and talk to the 
dwarf.  Ask for the horse suit and swap it for the ring.  Out, 
right.  Take the 1 ton weight and get the label from the maibox.  
Use the label on the weight to get a 10 ton weight.  Go into the 
room behind the mailbox.  Watch.  You are asked to get a photo of 
the Elven Queen.  Go right.  Talk to the Trainer.  Pick up the 
camera.  Click on the imps and talk to the Trainer again.  He offers 
you an imp, but it paints itself and disappears into the set.  Use 
the paint on the boomerang and use the boomerang on the imp inside 
the set.  You get the imp.  Put it in the camera.

Go right and talk to the troll.  Try to open the door.  Go up and 
talk to Dribbler.  You can give him the band and the jingle.  OK, 
get back to Ankh.  Go and visit the Mortuary.  Talk to Casanunda and 
then talk to Granny Weatherwax.  Ask her about the Queen.  Click on 
the Luggage, use the glue on the honker and the honker on the horse 
suit.  Leave.  

Go to the Docks and use the weight on the hook.  Get the novelty.

While you are here, you might as well go to the UU, into the 
Garden.  Use the stake on the compost heap and get the Suffrajester.

Go to the Dining Hall and talk to the Librarian.  He comes with you.

Leave Ankh and go to the Forest.  You have to be careful here, 
since the luggage can't follow you through the Stones.  Make sure 
that Rincewind is carrying the camera.  Pick up the unicorn suit 
and, carrying it outside the Luggage, go to the Stones.  Click on 
them.  When you are through, click the unicorn suit on Rincewind.  
Watch.  When you have the opportunity, use the camera on the Queen.  

Go to Djelibeybi and go to the place from which you took the stake.  
Use the stake with the Suffrajester on the hole.  Watch.  You get 
the candy rock.  Take the rope.

Go to Holywood.  Take the photos to the Makeup girl.  Watch.  Go 
right and give the rock to the Troll.  He eats it.  Ask him to give 
you the key.  When you get it, use it on door of the trailer to open 
it.  Use the rope on the Troll.  You get his tooth.  Go through the 
door and talk to the Milkmaid.  Give her the tooth.  You take her 
with you.

Go to Dibbler and give him the novelty and the babe.  Watch.

Now you have to find a stunt skeleton.  Go to Ankh, and into the 
undead club.  Talk to the Black Sheep in the closet about being a 
stunt skeleton.  You've got another job.

Go to XXXX, use the saw on the ironing board and the resulting 
surfboard on the surf.  No good.  Use the glue on the ironing 
board.  Use the board on the surf.  You wind up at a cave.  Use the 
camera on the paintings on the wall.  Leave.  Take the pictures to 
the Black Sheep.  Watch the long sequence.  When you are in control 
again, take the reel from the projector, use it on the device, use 
the photos of the Elven Queen on the device to splice them in.  Take 
the reel and use it on the projector.  Watch another long sequence.

ACT III:  The Grim Rincewind

You start at the Stable.  Have a look around.  Take the rope.  Try 
using the saddle.  Leave the Stable and go to the House.  Use the 
mat and get the key.  Look at the chimney.  

Enter the house.  Get the scythe from the umbrella stand.  Pick up 
the curtains which can be picked.  Enter the kitchen.  Talk to 
Albert - now you know what's required.  Pick up the oily rag and 
open the stove.  Note the bells.  Note the bowl of sugar.

Enter the door opposite and look around.  Pick up the book which can 
be picked.  Use the key on the alcove and go in.  Dark, innit?  

Go up the stairs and left into the bedroom.  Pick up the bunny from 
the bed and look inside it.  Pick up the ball of string amongst the 

Out and down into Death's Study (don't go down the stairs).  Again, 
look around.  Here you want the ink.  Pull the cordon and dash to 
the kitchen to pick up the bowl of sugar.

OK.  Leave the house and go through the gate and keep going right 
till you spot the corn.  Go to the Stable and give the sugar to 
Binky.  You are now good friends.  Leave and go right towards the 

At the hives, light the oily rag with the matches, wear the pyjamas 
and smoke the hives with the burning rag.  Get some wax and use the 
empty pot on the hives to get some honey.  Moving on to the right, 
get the fishing rod off the gnome, put the ink in the pond and put 
the curtains in the pond.  You get back a really black cloak.

Move on to the right.  Click on the toy cart and then talk to 
Susan.  At her request, give her the book you are carrying.  That 
didn't quite come off and you need something else to get the cart.  
To save on shoe leather, move right, use the pot of honey on the 
fishing rod, look at the pit and use the rod and pot on the Dots.  
You collect a lot of ant souls.

Go back to the house, to the Alcove.  Before you enter (and since 
the Luggage won't be able to follow), use the wax on the string to 
get a candle, then light the candle.  Holding it, enter the Alcove.  
Look around till you get a tablet (to the right).  Take it to Susan 
and she will give you the toy cart.

Now to put the whole thing together.  First go outside the House.  
use the rope on the boomerang and that on the chimney.  When you 
finally succeed in roping it, click on the chimney to climb up to 
it.  Click on it again to "do the voice".  Climb down and go to the 
Kitchen.  Show Albert the scythe and the cloak.  Now go to the 
Stable, use the glue pot on the saddle, use the saddle.  Watch.  

Back to the Kitchen and talk to Albert.  He sets you one final 
task.  Go to the corn, use the scythe on the toy cart and that on 
the corn.  Go back to Albert.  He wants something else and you 
leave the kitchen.  Watch.  Go back in and hand him the pot full of 
ant souls.  Watch some more.

ACT IV:  Till Death Do Us Part

When you are in control, pick up the cork off the hat.  Leave.  Go 
to Djelibeybi and head for Uri.  Someone arrives on a camel.  Go 
back to this camel and double click on the saddle bags to get a 
canteen.  Go and talk to Uri, ask him about the Fountain of Youth.  
He tells you about the Prospector.  Leave the town and you'll see 
the Prospector disappearing behind some mountains.  Go back into the 
town and head left.  In a while, the Prospector comes back.  Go to 
his camel and put the rotting arm in his saddle bags.  When he comes 
back and leaves with his camel, you follow him automatically.  

Somehow, the pursuit of the Prospector by the vultures reveals the 
Fountain of Youth.  Go to it and examine the fountain.  Use the cork 
on it.  Use the hourglass on the sand.  Watch.

EPILOGUE:  Queen Kong

Talk to Dibbler and get the bladders.  Use the canteen on them.  
Click on the broomstick and then talk to Granny.  She won't let you 
have it.  Go and look at the Tower and then look at the Raven.  Go 
back to Granny and talk to her about the Raven.  Watch.  Get the 
broomstick.  Make sure Rincewind is carrying the bladders, then use 
the broomstick on the Tower or on Rincewind.  I am past caring.

Watch the finale.  Thank goodness, I thought this game would never 


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