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                      Walkthrough Version 1.0

                 written by Stijn Bolle (1-02-2000)
                 e-mail: [email protected]
                 homepage: www.games.prohosting.com

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  1 Updates
  2 Introduction
  3 Walkthrough
  4 Author
  5 Legal Notice

I Updates

  *** Version 1.0

    This is the first and probably the final version. There's only one way
    to solve the game and I wrote the solution to the entire game down here,
    so I don't think there's a need for further additions. Feel free to send
    them anyway if you think there's a need for them.

II Introduction

  Discworld has been released quite some time ago already and I really
  loved playing it since I'm a big fan of the Discworld novels. The year is
  2000 when I'm typing this and after a long time, I played the game again
  and wrote a walkthrough. This is a magnificent game if you have some
  knowledge of English to follow the dialogues and I hope you have a lot of
  fun while playing.

  Let's finish by telling this is one of the hardest adventures I've played,
  mainly because the puzzles are absurd and there isn't a logical solution.
  It's still funny, though.

  In the walkthrough, I only mention the necessary actions, there are a
  lot of hidden jokes, but you have to find them yourself. Talk as much as
  you can with all the people about all topics, it would be a shame if you
  missed all the dialogues.

  Sometimes, when you do an action, Rincewind says "I really can't do that
  now". This means you just did a correct action to advance in the game,
  but it was too early to do it. Try to solve a few other puzzles first and
  try again then.

III Walkthrough

  Act 1: Let's make a dragon detector

  Open the wardrobe and get the pouch. Inside, there are some coins, but
  don't except to buy much with it. On top of the wardrobe, luggage, your
  companion, is sleeping, but you can't wake him yet. Go down the stairs,
  to the chamber of the Arch Chancellor (it's on the first floor). Talk to
  him. Because he's too lazy, you have to find him a book on how to create
  a dragon detector, the dragon-lair-compendium. Leave his room and go down,
  to the closet. Inside, get the broom. Return to your room and use the
  broom on the luggage on top of the wardrobe to wake him. He will follow
  you now and act as your walking inventory. Inside the luggage, there
  already is a banana. Leave your room and go down the stairs to the library

  Give the banana to the monkey, he will find you a book then. Once you
  have the book, return to the room of the Arch Chancellor. Give him the
  and he'll tell you you need some things to build the dragon detector:
  an imp, a metal container, dragon's breath, a staff and a magic coil. The
  staff is easy to get. Got to the dining room of the unseen university and
  use your broom on the staff of Windlepoons, when he leaves the staff
  unguarded to grab some food. That man is so old, he even doesn't notice
  the difference. Go outside the university and walk to the back. Get the
  fertilizer and go back to the front then. Talk to the wizard apprentice
  and he will show you how to open the gate. You have to try it yourself and
  after a few misfires, you learn the trick. You should have created a frog
  while trying, it's sitting next to the pool. Pick it up and go outside.

  On the map, there are various areas, move your mouse over all areas until
  you have discovered them all. Go to the street and enter the toy shop.
  Get a toy from the basket and the rope from the counter. Go outside and
  go to the right, to the fishmonger. Get the painting from the back and
  enter the alley on the left. Read the graffiti on the toilet door and
  return to the city map. Go to the drum now.

  Look to the bottles behind the barman until you find a bottle: "Counter-
  wise wine". Talk to the barman and he'll give you some of that wine.
  Drink it. Put your glass in your inventory and take some matches along.
  Below you, there's a scared, little man. Talk to him and go outside, to
  the city map.

  Go to the palace and listen to the conversation between the two guards.
  Talk to the left guard and ask him whether his wife really is that fat.
  The guards will fight a little now and you can enter. Talk to all
  people in there and go to the bathroom in the back then. Get the mirror
  from the left. Go back outside, to the city map.

  Go to the marketplace. Get a tomato from the stand and throw it to the
  tax collector to the right. Grab a new tomato and a worm will appear. You
  drop the tomato. Get the worm from the floor and tie him to your rope.
  Talk to the Lovable Street Urchin leaning to the wall and he'll tell
  you how to steal something. Practice your thievery skills on the veterans
  to the left. You get some bloomers as loot. Enter the psychiatrickerist's
  house and leave at once. Go back inside and get the net hanging on the
  wall. Go back outside, to the city map.

  Go to the livery stable and open the sack. Get the corn and head back
  to the city map, go to the alley now. You see a little animation of
  a murderer in action. Get the mirror from the luggage and put it in your
  personal inventory (with your pouch). Go stand on the tile that launches
  you in the air. Walk to the left and get the ladder. Walk to the right and
  talk to the chimney sweep. Head to the tower in the back. After the
  conversation with Dead, you have to hang on the pole. Move to the upper
  part and use the mirror on the tip. Click a few times to adjust it until
  it starts to annoy the dragon on the other tower. The dragon breathes
  on the mirror and it falls down in the luggage. You just collected your
  second object. Go down and leave the roof through the window on the left.
  Walk to the right and enter the alchemist's house. Look at the camera and
  squeeze the red ball. Look at the imp. You need that imp but the alchemist
  doesn't let you have it. Use your corn on the cooking oil to create some
  popcorn. While the alchemist isn't looking, try to grab the imp. The
  little fellow escapes through the window. Go back outside. The imp inside
  the hole in the wall to the right. Use the worm-on-a-string on the hole to
  lure the imp outside: object number 3!

  Go back to the city map and go to the street. Enter the house of the
  hairdresser. The woman sitting in the chair (Lady Ramkins) has a curler in
  her hair. Talk to her twice to convince her curlers are totally
  old-fashioned. The hairdresser puts the curler in his pocket now. Talk to
  him and when he starts dreaming about his milkmaid, use your pickpocket
  skill on his pocket to get the curler: object number 4.

  Return to the unseen university and walk to the back. Get the net from
  the luggage and put it in your personal inventory. Go up the ladder
  against the wall and look inside the window. You see a pancake flying
  through the air. Wait until it passes by and use the net on it a few
  times until you catch it. The cook grows tired of these "strange events"
  in the unseen university and quits. Go back down the ladder and go to
  the kitchen inside the university. Get the pan and a banana, you now have
  collected all the objects you need. Go to the closet in the university
  and light a match on the shape in the dark. Get the starch and return
  to the Arch Chancellor. Give him the five ingredients and he will build
  the dragon detector. Return to the city map, we have to trace the dragon
  now. Walk to the left and down a little until the beeps from the detector
  go reality fast, a new location should be revealed to you then: the
  barn. Go inside, there's a dragon in there with a fabulous treasure.

  Act 2 : Let's steal the six golden things from the brotherhood

  Enter the barn again and get the screwdriver. Return to the unseen
  university, to the library. To the right, there's a little man with a
  banana behind his ear. Look to the banana and talk to the man about it.
  Trade all your gold for is banana. Give the golden banana to the monkey
  to the left and he opens the portal to L-Space for you, you can use it
  to travel back in time. Get outside of the university and walk to the back
  Get the garbage can and go to the kitchen. Get the cornflower and return
  to the city map.

  Go to the inn. Get the sheet from the bed and go to the right. Get the
  bubble bath and go back outside. Go to the unseen university, to the
  library and enter the portal through L-Space. You arrive at the library
  in the past. Wait a moment and you see a thief stealing a book and
  opening a hidden exit. Follow him through the exit and chase him on the
  map until he enters a house. You have to stay close to him, otherwise you
  won't be able to see which house he entered. You discover the location
  of the hidden brotherhood. Go to the front on the house. Click twice on
  the pipe until the opening points at the door. Go to the inn, get inside
  and use the sheet on yourself to scare the man inside (he's the scared man
  from the inn and he told you exactly how to steal his jewel box, so just
  follow his instructions). Click twice on the jewel box and after following
  the other instructions, you end up with a hammer because the man forgot
  to tell you what to do next. Leave the inn and go to the park.

  You see yourself lying on the bench there, becoming from your counterwise
  wine. Put the frog in the mouth of the sleeping man and you will be able
  to catch the butterfly with the butterfly net. Go to the street. Walk to
  the corner where the monk stands in the present and use the butterfly on
  the lamp, something in the present changes now, it starts to rain and
  the monk will hang his black robe in the alley near the fishmonger.
  Pick up the pot near the window and walk to the right to the alley near
  the fishmonger. Read the graffiti on the toilet door and go to the drum
  then. There's a little man sitting all on his own to the right. Look to
  the painting behind him. When the man turns around to take a look at the
  picture, turn his glass upside-down. You will start a bar fight now. Go
  outside and the troll guarding the entrance will join the fight inside.
  Use the ladder on the drum hanging above the door and get a drum stick.
  The drum has a name change to the broken drum now. Return to the city map
  and click on the hole next to the unseen university to get back in the
  library. Return to the present through L-Space.

  Go to the drum and talk to the scared man to find out what to do next in
  the past. Go to the street, to the alley near the fishmonger and get the
  black robe hanging there. Go to the toy store, there will be a new toy
  available, get it. Go to the library and return to the past through L-
  Space. Go to the thieves hide-out and hide behind the fence until the
  thief arrives. Now use the glass on the drain pipe (after turning it so
  the opening faces the entrance) and you will hear the secret password.
  You see a very long animation then and you get to know who's a member from
  the secret brotherhood: the fool, the fishmonger, the chimney sweep, the
  thief, dunnyman, the mason at the shades and the patrician. Each one of
  these persons carries a golden object you have to steal, only the
  patrician doesn't have one.

  Go to the inn and enter. Use the sheet on yourself again and click twice
  on the jewel box. After the animation, you find a gate pass. Return to the
  past through L-Space. Go to the dining room of the Unseen University. Walk
  to the very right and use the drumstick on the gong. The apprentice
  wizard near the pool outside will come to the dining room. Go outside and
  get his bag of prunes. Go to the marketplace, to the psychiatrickerist.
  Talk to the troll and wait until it's your turn. After the conversation
  with the psychiatrickerist, you receive a few ink blot pictures. Talk
  to Norma Jean and you receive a little note. Go outside and talk to
  I'm-cutting-my-own-throat-Dibbler. Buy a donut from him and walk to the
  alley in the back. Wait until dunnyman arrives and give him the donut then
  to give him a real tooth ache. Return to the marketplace and talk to
   Starfish. Go to the city map.

  Go to the street, to the hairdresser. Give him Norma Jean's note and he
  will run away. Dunnyman is sitting in the chair. Use the apparatus on
  him and you will free him of his tooth ache (and his golden tooth). You
  just collected your first golden object. Go to the city gate and open the
  crate there, you find some fireworks and gunpowder. Show the gate pass to
  the guard and you get permission to leave Ankh Morbork. Walk to the dark
  forest. During the animation, you find a feather and an egg from the
  cockatrice (thanks to your luggage). Walk to the right of the wood and
  enter Nanny Ogg's house, there's a pot with custard pie. Use your pot on
  it to get some. Leave the woods and walk to the end of the world. There,
  click twice on the coconut tree to get a coconut. Use your butterfly net
  to catch it. Use your screwdriver to open the coconut. There's a lamp in
  the holder, take it along. Return to Ankh Morbork.

  Go to the fishmonger in the street and use the rope to catch the jellyfish
  Go to the alley and put the jellyfish and the custard pie in the toilet.
  Go to the front again and swap the caviar with the prunes. Guess what
  happens next :), he needs a visit to the toilet. Walk to the alley and
  get the golden belt: golden object number 2.

  Go to the palace and use the ink blot picture on the second guard to
  get inside. Talk to the three people waiting there and you get to know the
  thief went to the shades. You have to talk to the people, otherwise you
  can't enter the shades. Use the garbage can on the fool and he will go
  take a bath in the bathroom in the back. Follow him and pour some bubble
  bath in his bath so neither he nor that annoying Chucky doll can see you.
  Get the cap with the golden bell: object number 3. Return to the unseen
  university and go to the past through L-Space.

  Go to the Shades. Walk to the right, to the house of negotiable affection.
  Ask Big Sal about her "special" (you can only ask this when you read the
  graffiti on the toilet door in the alley in the past). Give her the egg,
  the coconut and the cornflower and she will prepare you her special.
  Afterwards, you have some yellow bloomers. Return to the present through
  L-Space and go to the marketplace. Give the yellow bloomers to Starfish
  and he teaches you the secret handshake, you also get a bra.

  Go to the shades and walk to the right. Use the secret handshake (from
  your personal inventory) on the mason there and you receive his golden
  trowel, the golden object 4. Walk to the right and then down a little.
  Tie the bra to the ladder and use the ladder on the hovel then (the thief
  is sleeping there). Go inside the house, the thief is carrying a golden
  key, but whenever you try to get it, he turns away. Use the feather
  on him and you can grab his golden key, object number 5.

  Go to the alley near the alchemist's house and put the red doll in your
  personal inventory and launch yourself on the tile. Put the doll in the
  chimney of the alchemist. Go down then and enter the alchemist's house.
  Use the gunpowder on the fireplace and use tie the rope to the gun powder
  to create a fuse. Go outside. The end of the fuse leaves through the
  drain pipe. Light the fuse with a match and the house explodes together
  with the chimney sweep. Collect the golden broom from the ground, it's the
  final golden object. Go to the dragon's barn and give all the golden
  objects to the dragon.

  Return to the marketplace and ask Nanny Ogg about a carpet. Use your
  sarcasm on her (while speaking) and she will expect you to give her a
  kiss. Quickly grab her custard book and go to the past through L-Space in
  the library. When arrived, go to the right where the thief will steal the
  dragon book. Swap the dragon book with the custard book. Put the dragon
  book (with the false content) back on the shelve.

  Act 3 : Turn Rincewind into a hero

  In this act, you have to find some objects to become a hero. The Old
  Timers suggest that heroes need a posing pouch, the Amazone Warrior that
  we need a moustache and a magic sword, the wizards favour a magic talisman
  and Big Sally advised camel-flage. Now we get back to Nobby (the city gate
  guard) and solve his what-do-you-need-to-be-hero riddle by doing a little
  math. We know now that we need a talisman, a moustache, a birthmark, a
  magic spell, camel-flage and a magic sword. Go to the kitchen of the
  unseen university then and get the spatula. Go to the room of the Arch
  Chancellor, he's out for a moment. Grab his hat and go to the broken drum.
  Look at the drinks on the shelve behind the barman until you see a bottle
  labelled "Klatchian Cactus Juice". Talk to the barman twice and get the
  worm from the glass then after finishing your drink. Tie the rope to the
  worm and go to the hide-out of the brotherhood.

  Knock on the door and you receive a custard pie. Go to the shades and
  walk to the right, to the house of negotiable affection. Talk to Big Sal
  and walk to the thief's house then. Use the ladder with the bra to get to
  the other side and you find a knife inside the house. Put the ladder back
  in your inventory and walk to the left then, to the fork. Go down, to
  the place where you met the mason. Use the spatula on the black silhouette
  on the wall to get the camel-flage.

  Go to the street and pay the hairdresser a visit. Grab his scissors and
  his agenda and go back outside. Go to the marketplace and enter the
  psychiatrickerist's house. Get back outside and then inside at once. Now
  give the agenda to Norma Jean to get her signature. Wait a moment then
  until you may go upstairs. Listen to the doctor and go back outside then.
  Talk to Dibbler and buy a bag of leeches. Open it and go to the alley in
  the back. Use the knife on the rubber belt to cut it. Return to the
  marketplace and get an egg from the stand. The egg opens and a little
  snake appears. Use the fertilizer on the snake to make it grow a little.
  Next, use the starch on the snake to make it look like a hard, wooden
  staff. Talk to the Amazone and leave Ankh Morbork through the city gate.
  Go to the woods. Walk to the right and pull the crank. Fill the pot from
  your inventory with water and use your screwdriver on the crank then
  to loosen it up. Leave the woods and return to Ankh Morbork.

  Go to the palace. Use the opened bag of leeches on the guards to get
  inside. Go to the bathroom and get the brush. Walk past the throne to
  the dungeons on the right. Use the worm-on-a-string on the hole and you
  catch a rat. Click twice on the rat and you notice it's an imp in disguise
  Walk to the right and use the handle with Chuckie's rack to get the sword.
  Take a bone along and leave the palace.

  Go to the street and enter the toy store. Use the bone on the pot of glue
  and take the new toy from the basket. Go to the inn and enter. Fill your
  pot with soap and go back outside. Give the bone with glue to the dog to
  the right. Talk to Barman, you will get the pirate a drink. Talk to the
  pirate and get a closer look at his tattoo. Talk to him again and he will
  give you whistle to lure his parrot Polly. Leave the inn and go to the

  Talk to the alchemist, he will leave to get some corn. Tell him there's
  some cheap corn near the livery stable. Once he's gone, get the camera
  and put the imp inside. Go to the unseen university, to the dining room.
  Go to windlepoons and swap the staff with the stuffed snake. Leave Ankh
  Morbork and go to the edge of the world. Polly is sitting on top of the
  coconut tree. Blow the whistle to lure Polly. Next, use the fireworks and
  light it with the matches. Throw the fireworks to Polly. Use the staff
  on the butterfly net to make it a little longer. Now you can catch Polly
  with the butterfly net. In the meantime, your whistle has fallen down over
  the edge of the world, so you have to get it back.

  Take a closer look at the hat of the Arch Chancellor in your inventory and
  use it on the fork near the edge of the world. A string of hankies appear,
  use them to climb down. There's a little blinking spot on the back of A'
  Tuin, move your mouse over that spot to get the whistle back. Climb back
  up and return to Ankh Morbork, to the inn. Walk to the right and give
  Polly and the whistle to the pirate. Go to the livery stable. Use you
  brush on the frothy water. Clean the bumper of the car and take a
  closer look at it then. Look to the number plate and the logo, the house
  of Lady Ramkins appears on the map.

  Go to the alley and put the knife from the luggage into your personal
  inventory. Stand on the tile and let it launch you to the roof. Use the
  knife on the ladder between the two houses and go back down through the
  window. Talk to the murderer. Go to the marketplace, a donkey has arrived.
  Use the scissors to cut the donkey's tail and you've got yourself a
  moustache. Walk to Lady Ramkins' house and knock on the door. She tells
  you to come around the back. Go to the back and look to the melted mess
  on the ground. Talk to Lady Ramkins. Go back to the front and knock on the
  door. Wait until she opens the door and quickly run to the back then.
  Take the rosette, the nail and the leach. Go back to the front and walk
  to the city gate. Talk to the middle guards and ask him about swords. He
  will tell you about the dwarven mines and that new location will appear
  on the world map.

  Leave Ankh Morbork through the city gate and go to the dark woods. Walk
  to the house of Nanny Ogg and enter. Click twice on the wool to find out
  where it comes from. Crouch through the gate and give the rosette to the
  sheep. Use the camera to take a picture of it. Combine the picture of the
  octopus and the picture of the sheep. Get back through the gate and take
  a closer look at the drinks inside. Talk to Nanny about the drinks and
  ask if you can borrow one. Use the custard tart on yourself and drink the
  truth serum. Leave the woods and go to the mines. Show the sword to the
  blacksmith, he wants some Eldenberry wine. Return to the woods.

  Give the agenda (with Norma Jean's signature) to the hairdresser and he
  will return to Ankh Morbork. Return to Ankh Morbork and pay the
  hairdresser a visit. Talk to him about tattoos and he tells you Starfish
  can help you further. Go to the marketplace then. Talk to Starfish about
  the tattoo. Go to the alley near the alchemist's house and put the blue
  belt in your pockets. Step on the tile to launch yourself to the roof. Go
  to the top of the tower and use the belt on the tip of the pole. Use the
  belt then and you will bungee jump to the market place to get the
  birthmark tattoo. Get back down and go to the broken drum. Walk to the
  left of the drum and use the nail on the wooden bar above Mr. Show Off.
  Use the picture of the sheep/octopus on the nail and talk to the man then.
  Wait until the barman brings the tankards of beer and use the truth serum
  on them. Give the beer to the man and then ask him where you can find the
  temple of Offler. He will tell you the location now and it will appear on
  the map (outside Ankh Morbork). Talk to the barman and ask him for some
  Elberry wine.

  Go to the inn and talk to the Boogeyman. Use the screwdriver on the door.
  Talk to the boogeyman again and use the angry sign on him while talking,
  he will go scare the foxes down the cellar in the broken drum. Go to the
  drum and walk to the left. Enter through the entrance through the floor to
  go down to the wine cellar. Look for the Elberry Wine and fill a tankard
  with it. Put it in your personal inventory and not in the luggage, or the
  luggage will drink it. Go to the mines outside Ankh Morbork. Give the
  wine and the sword to the blacksmith. Go to the temple of Offler and a
  monk will throw you from the bridge. Return to the monk and pull the
  carpet to throw him off the bridge. Enter the temple and get the blindfold
  Use the leash on Luggage and then the blindfold on rincewind. Go to the
  altar and fill your pouch with sand. Use the pouch to get the eye.

  Return to Ankh Morbork and go to the Unseen University. Go to the dining
  room and talk with the wizard of recent runes about the runes. Ask him
  about the heroes and go to the library then. Look for the book you need,
  it somewhere between the entrance to L-Space and the spot where the
  man with the banana behind his ear stood. Now, you have become a hero
  and you can advance to Act 4.

  Act 4 : Let's kick the dragon's butt

  Go to the market place and look to Lady Ramkins until you see the key
  on her. Get the key and go to her house. Walk to the back and use the
  key on the lock on the door to open it (I also got a bug once where I
  don't needed the key to open the lock, I just could walk in the cage, but
  this only happened once). Walk to the right and pick up the dragon Mambo.
  Return to the marketplace and use Mambo on the big dragon (this doesn't
  really gives the desired effect). Light another fireworks stick with the
  matches and feed it to Mambo. Now use Mambo on the dragon again.

  Go to the palace, to the dungeon. Use Mambo on the hot coals and go to the
  mines. Walk to the left and use mambo on the coals there. Next, go to
  Nanny Ogg's house and use Mambo on her cooking pot. Mambo now finally
  is ready to threat the dragon. Use Mambo on the dragon and then throw the
  custard pie at him. This final action concludes this magnificent

IV Author

Just in case you think you already saw my name somewhere else (what an
excuse to do some shameless self promotion)

Author: Stijn Bolle
E-Mail: [email protected]
Homepage: Gaming Addiction (http://www.games.prohosting.com)
Guides written:

  * Aliens vs. Predator (walkthrough\guide)
  * Baldur's Gate (secrets)
  * Discworld (walkthrough)
  * Half Life (multiplayer guide)
  * Half Life: opposing force (guide\walkthrough)
  * Lands of Lore 3 (guide\walkthrough)
  * Monkey Island III (walkthrough)

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