Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon (PC & Xbox) Walkthrough Final Version
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The Congo (George Stobbart):

Watch the introduction as we see the hero, George Stobbart, flying in a plane
with Harry Gilligan as the pilot. The two see a storm and apparently, there's
no way to get around it. The plane is struck by lightning, causing it to crash.

When we next see George, he is buckled into a seat in the crashed plane, which
has since landed in a jungle. The nose of the plane is teetering off the edge
of a cliff, so we must act fast if George is to survive. Start by unbuckling
the seat belt and get out of the chair. Go walk to the left side of the plane
and pick up the beer bottle from the floor. Unbuckle the crate that's behind
George and pull it away from the wall and then push it to the far back of the
plane because by doing so, George can enter the cockpit without having the
plane tip over with him and Harry still inside.

When you enter the cockpit, you will see Harry unconscious in the pilot's seat.
Examine Harry using the magnifying glass icon and you will find a bottle
opener. Go into your inventory and open the beer bottle with the opener and
then wave the open bottle under Harry's nose and he will come to. Pick up the
fire extinguisher behind George and use it to break open the cracked
windshield. If you attempt to climb out, the plane will tip forward. Talk to
Harry about plane tilts and he'll go sit on top of the crate you put at the
back of the plane to provide some more ballast.

Try to climb out the windshield again and watch the sequence. While the plane
will fall, George and Harry will successfully escape and land on some cliff
ledges below. From your starting point, jump across the gap and climb up to
Harry. George will tell Harry that he's looking for a Professor Cholmondely,
and they'll get into a heated conversation. Afterwards, cross the platform to
the other side and stop on the cracked platform.

The platform will give way and George will fall onto another cracked platform,
but this time there's nothing underneath it to save George. To remedy this
situation, just jump across to the next ledge before the platform crumbles.
Follow the path around until you reach a waterfall. Climb down the next two
platforms that are on the left side and then jump through the waterfall to land
on a platform on the other side. Go onto the next platform and you'll see a
ledge followed by a ledge that was carved into some stone. Climb down to the
right and while George is hanging off the side, shimmy along the platform and
drop down once you reach the other side.

Sidle along the next ledge and then climb up the next, followed by a jump
across another gap. Continue climbing until you reach a cave, at which point
you'll overhear a conversation between the professor George was looking for and
a mysterious man who is being accompanied by a henchman. The professor will try
to explain everything to the mysterious man, but before he can finish he is
killed by the man's flunkie.

Paris (Nicole Collard):

After the events in the jungle, the game will take you to Paris where we will
get to find out what Nicole, or Nico, Collard has been up to since The Smoking
Mirror. She is about ready to knock on the door of an apartment when she hears
several gunshots being fired from the other side.

You can't go in through the door, so let's try to find another way in. Take the
pencil off the bulletin board near the door and then open the nearby window.
Once you're out on the balcony, pull the birdbath back once and climb over it.
Push it to the other side of the balcony and use it to reach the pipe. Shimmy
over to the other side and drop down when you reach the window.

You can't open this window, so instead climb over the railing and go down to
the next window. Climb back over the railing and use Nico's press card to open
the door and head inside.

Go through the door on the other side of the room to discover a grisly scene.
You'll see Vernon slumped against the wall, obviously dead. The body is on the
right side of the archway, so walk across the room, but do not go through the
archway at this time.

Inspect the body to find a business card and then to the right, you'll find a
shell casing on the floor. PIck it up and then attempt to walk through the
archway. Nico will cause a floorboard to squeak, which prompts the killer to
come out of hiding and attack Nico. Watch the sequence and when you have the
chance, pick up the frying pan and Nico will use it to deflect the bullet the
killer shoots at her.

 Continue watching the events unfold, but keep your fingers ready. When your
next opportunity pops up, have Nico open the refrigerator door and she'll bash
the killer in the head. The woman will get up and aim the gun at Nico's head
from point blank range, but when she tries to fire, she'll discover she's out
of ammo.

Realizing this, the attacker will run out the door, jump into a car and speed
off. If you are killed during this sequence, don't worry about it if you didn't
save beforehand. The game will take you back to the beginning of the sequence
so that you can try again until you succeed.

Now that the danger has been averted, go back into the apartment and go back
through the archway where Nico squeaked the floorboard. Move the rug and the
floorboard out of the way to discover a locked safe. You can't open it right
now, so leave it where it lies. Go into the kitchen and root around in the
trash can to find a discarded bank statement.

Walk over to the table and listen to the messages on the answering machine.
You'll hear one from Vernon's mother, one from Nico about meeting Vernon
tonight, and the last one will be from Vernon's girlfriend, Beatrice. When
you're finished, leave the apartment and climb the ladders down to the ground

On terra firma, walk to your left and pick up the newspaper you find lying
there. After that, climb over the wall to the other side and if you walk over
to the bench, you'll find a wig. Pick it up and Nico will recognize it as being
one of her many hair styles. Go into your inventory and look at the wig to find
that the label is missing and that the killer left behind a couple strands of
blonde hair.

Climb back over the wall and leave the alley. Turn left down the street and
then turn left down the next street to find a woman sweeping the sidewalk. Talk
to her about the blonde woman to learn that she escaped in a sports car. Stop
talking to her and then go back down the street until you find a skateboarder
(He'll probably show up behind Nico when you first get out into the main
street). Talk to him and he'll flirt with Nico for a bit, but you need to talk
to him about the sports car and he'll tell Nico that the car was an E-Type
Jaguar. Well, okay, now we're starting to get somewhere. Head further down the
street where you'll find a traffic warden. Talk to her about the shell casing
and the sports car to get the registration number.

After you're finished, the police will decide to show up and start asking
questions. As Nico is being interrogated, talk to the detective about the
blonde woman, the wig, the car, Vernon, and about herself. When you're done,
the detective will take Nico down to the station for further interrogation.

The Congo (George):

George will be in the entrance to a cave. Run down the path to find a crippled
Cholmondely. He'll say that the world is in danger and before dying, he
mentions the name Susarro. After Cholmondely croaks, examine his body to find
his ID. Go over to the table on the far side of the room and take the postcard
and magnifying glass.

Walk over to the crate and push it until it depresses a pressure pad. A door
will open, so go through it and take a look at the strange machine you find
inside. Turn it on and it'll sputter to life. Pull the lever on the right and
the machine will explode. You'll hear some men outside as the explosion
attracted some attention. They won't show up right away, so while you have some
time, pick up the metal rod.

Go back towards the doorway and if you take a look at the contraption on the
wall, you'll see that it's missing the lever. It so happens that we just found
a metal rod, so use it on the device and it'll fit nicely into the slot. Pull
the lever once and leave the room. Pull the crate off the pressure pad and
you'll notice that the door does not close.

Push the crate into the other room and if you look towards the far wall, you'll
notice an opening. Push the crate towards the opening and before you climb on
top of the crate, retrieve the metal rod and then feel free to climb up into
the cave. Once inside, go up and you'll see a bird's nest above you. Use the
metal rod to knock it down and take it with you.

Follow the path around until you find yourself outside. Go down the path and
you'll see that Harry has made it off the cliffside, but you'll also see a
couple of other men, one being the mysterious man that killed Cholmondely. Put
the nest on the statue and then set it on fire using the magnifying glass.
You'll scare off the henchmen, but watch as George falls off the cliff and then
the mysterious man will walk over to George.

When you have the opportunity, take off like a shot towards the jeep and hop in
before the henchmen regroup and shoot George. Instead of heading back to the
patent office in Idaho, George decides to take a trip to Glastonbury to find
Bruno, whose name was mentioned on the postcard you discovered.

Glastonbury (George):

Once you arrive in Glastonbury, walk up the street and follow it until you find
a man pacing up and down. Talk to him about everything and you'll learn that he
is Colonel Butley. Afterwards, continue down the street until you see a man
sitting on the bench on the opposite side of the road (that is, depending on
where you first meet the Colonel). Talk to him to learn that he is Eamon
O'Mara, a poet and reporter. Ask him about everything and then stop talking to
him. Head back up the street until you find a building with a sign hanging
outside the door. This is the Cosmic Faerie, so head inside. Look at the
postcards in front of you and George will see one that looks exactly like the
one he found back in the jungle.

After you're done, look at the partially hidden book sitting on the counter.
The proprietor, Tristram Hillage, will tell George that it is a poetry book.
George will also notice some silver, well, silver-plated coins and Tristram
will tell George what they signify. Read the book until George can read no more
and then talk to Tristram about everything. Attempt to go up the stairs to the
left of the counter and then leave the store. Go back down the street until you
find a building that reads Zazie's Kiosk. Go inside and speak to Madame Zazie
about everything. You'll learn that in order for her to read the postcard,
you'll need silver to cross her palms with. After you're done talking, go back
to the Cosmic Faerie.

If you have the poetry book, then you're one step ahead of me. Otherwise, go
back to Tristram and talk to him about it and he should give it to you so you
can show Eamon. Either way, take the book to Eamon and you'll learn that the
poetry in the book is not Tristram's, but rather that he's been plagiarizing
the other authors' works and calling it his own. You'll follow Eamon over to
the Faerie so he can give Tristram a piece of his mind. While they're arguing,
you'll be returned control of George. Take this opportunity to go up the stairs
into Tristram's private room.

You'll discover the noises that you heard earlier were made by Melissa Butley,
the Colonel's daughter. Talk to her about her dad and then about Tristram
twice. She'll tell you that she knows that Tristram didn't write the poetry,
but he doesn't know that she knows. After the conversation, George will go back
downstairs and tell Tristram about Melissa. Threaten to call the Colonel, and
he'll beg for mercy. George will decide to use that to his advantage to get
some info out of him, so ask him about Bruno and he'll give up a pair of boxer
shorts. Leave here and go back to Zazie's.

Before you speak to Zazie, go into your inventory and use the metal rod to pry
the silver coins out of the poetry book. Talk to Zazie about the postcard to
learn that the psychic trace is too faint to read because other people have
been handling it. Show her the shorts and this time she'll get a whole lot
better reading. She'll tell you that she sees a man's life in danger and that
he only has minutes to live. She'll pass out from the vision, and George will
leave the kiosk. As he exits, he'll notice that there is smoke coming from
behind the pub.

Run over to the pub and attempt to open the door to the left of the building.
George can't open it by himself, so ask Eamon for assistance. He'll help you
break down the door and then leave to go call the fire brigade. You'll see a
hooded figure leave the scene, but we have some more pressing issues to attend
to, such as saving the man in the burning building. Go over to the front of the
barn to find four crates. Pull the far right crate back three times so that it
is in front of the stacked crates.

Push the far left crate so that it is in between the barn and the crate you
just moved. Go over to the stacked crates and push the top crate all the way to
the barn and climb up into the barn itself. Once inside, untie Bruno and then
exit the barn and you and Bruno will barely make it out in time as the barn
explodes, sending the two men flying.

George and Bruno will now be out in the main road, where George will recognize
Bruno as Ostvald, the Nobel Prize winner and Neo-Templar seen in the Hotel Ubu
from the first game. Bruno is no longer with the Neo-Templars, but now
Susarro's men are out to kill him. Talk to Bruno about Susarro three times and
then about Dr. Cholmondely twice. After that, ask about the earth power twice
and about Glastonbury Tor to end this part of the game.

Paris (Nico):

As the scene opens, we find ourselves in Nico's apartment and we learn that she
has been caged up in a jail for two days under false pretenses. She'll get a
phone call from a co-worker at the paper she works for and then you'll be free
to do what you will.

Start by leaving the apartment and going back to Vernon's. Walk down the street
and you'll start to hear a conversation between two women and one of them still
believes Nico is the killer. If you want to hear what they say, don't move once
you hear them talking because if you walk near them, they'll stop (that's my
guess, anyway). Once you reach Vernon's alley, climb up the ladders to his
apartment. Use the newspaper on the door and Nico will slide it under the door.
Use the pencil on the door and Nico will use it to pop the key out of the lock.

Pick up the newspaper and you'll now have the key to the door. Unlock it and
head inside. Go over to the counter near the trash can and take a tissue. Go
into the bedroom to find Vernon's girlfriend Beatrice sitting on the bed crying
her eyes out. Hand her the tissue and then talk to her about everything. She
doesn't know the combination to the safe, although note that Vernon would
constantly ask for her birthdate.

Leave the bedroom and go over to the safe. Open it using Beatrice's birthdate
and then take the contents you find inside, which is a diagram and a DVD. Leave
the apartment and as you exit the alley, start hitting S (or A for you Xbox
users) as the car that you saw near the beginning of the game is back and it's
looking to mow Nico down. Keep hitting your button until Nico jumps out of the
way and watch as the car speeds around the corner and out of sight.

After that brush with disaster, go back to Nico's apartment. Put the DVD into
the player on the table to watch a recorded message from Vernon. He'll explain
the mess he's gotten himself into and that he is aware he'll be killed sooner
or later. He'll conclude by saying that he loves Beatrice.

Use the phone on the table to call an old friend, André Lobineau. Tell him
about Vernon and Nico will explain the situation to him (even after all this
time, André still doesn't like George). André will soon arrive at Nico's
apartment and they'll proceed to strip down naked and make hot monkey love
right there on the floor.

I wish (but hey, Nico is one sexy woman)..Nico will show André the DVD and
he'll tell her what he knows about certain things that were mentioned in the
video, such as the Key of Solomon and the strange phrase Vernon mentioned. Call
the newspaper and tell them to stop the presses. Actually, ask the woman on the
other line about the theatrical mask and then try to go to the theatre. Before
Nico leaves, she'll get a not-so-nice phone call from her boss and the end
result is Nico quitting her job. She'll then leave and head over to the theatre.

Once you're there, go right and follow the road down until you see an alley to
your left. Go down that way and in the distance you'll see the Jaguar that
tried to run Nico over as she left Vernon's place. Run down to the car and take
a peek inside to find the theatrical mask sitting in the back seat. Go back
down the alley until you're in a scene that offers a nice view of the
construction scaffolding. Walk over to the far right of the open scaffolding
and climb on up. Rather than typing a large paragraph, I'll sum it up by saying
make your way up to the sixth floor to where you see a billboard hanging off
the platform.

Untie the billboard, but it won't fall...yet. Head back down to the second
floor and go around until you see the ladder and a gap between two platforms.
Jump the gap and make your way up. You'll eventually come to a spot where you
have to move a crate, so pull it back three times and then use it to reach the
next platform. Continue climbing up until you find the base of the billboard.

Undo the metal fasteners and the billboard will fall to make a ramp over to the
theater. Nico will automatically walk up the ramp, and as soon as she is safely
on the other side, the billboard will fall to the ground. No worries, we won't
be going back this way again. Climb up the ladder to the roof and instead of
attempting to open the doors you see here, climb down the long ladder to the
left and go through the doors there.

Follow the hallway around until you come across the popcorn stand and Nico will
suddenly become very aware that someone is coming. She'll behind behind the
popcorn stand just as Susarro, the killer (Petra), and a henchman come through
the door. The henchman is actually Flap, who was waiting outside the Hotel Ubu
with another guy and if George tried leaving out the front door with the
manuscript, he would have been killed by Flap and the other guy.

Anyway, all is going well until Nico moves and crumples a paper cup. She'll
think that they didn't hear it until suddenly Flap reaches over the counter and
pulls Nico out from hiding with one huge hand. Nico is finding herself in an
ugly situation as her segment comes to an end.

Paris (George):

We see that George and Bruno have made their way to Paris, which is one step
closer to a big happy reunion. As George proceeds to go inside the theater,
Bruno refuses to go any further for fear of his life. Well, okay, guess we
won't need him anymore.

Run up the road and through the archway on the right. When you see a crate and
an orange bin, pull the crate a couple times and then move it to the far right.
Push it up and it should be on the right side of the large dumpster. Climb onto
the crate and close the lid. Get on top of the dumpster and open the window to
head inside.

Rather dark in here, isn't it? Go to the other side of the room and go through
the door. Run up to the door north of you and go on through there. You'll find
a bunch of crates in here (Revolution sure does love crates, don't they?). Walk
over to the opposite end of the room to find a lone crate. Pull it back twice
and push it to the right seven times. Push the other lone crate once so it
barely touches the stacked crates.

Push the first crate to the right until it meets up with the other crate and
then climb onto it. Pull the top crate to the left to uncover a light switch
and flip it to turn the lights on. Push the crate that's behind you as far back
as it can go and then climb down. Pull out the middle crate to uncover a trap door.

Lift the door open and climb down into the secret passage. Follow the passage
and climb up the long ladder to arrive in the boiler room. Climb up the next
ladder to enter the theater itself and George will stumble across what he
thinks is a dress rehearsal until Susarro stands up to deal with an intrusion.

After Susarro and Petra leave, Flap will be left behind to watch Nico. Go to
the opposite end of the seating area and follow the ramp down into the doorway
next to the stage. Climb up the ladder to the gangway area and follow it to the
right until you see a wire hanging near a lighting rig. Pull the wire and the
rig will lower a tiny bit before jamming. Shimmy across the rig to the other
side and follow the gangway around until you come across a couple of sandbags.

Knock the first bag over to get Flap's attention and then quickly knock over
the other one to take him out. George will climb down from the rigging and free
his old friend. Nico will be tagging with George for a bit, so let's continue
on. Go to the edge of the stage and jump down. Head back up the ramp and go
through the door to the left to find the popcorn stand. Go behind the stand and
pick up the paper cup.

Go back into the auditorium and head back down to the stage. This time, go to
the left side and go through the door. Follow the staircase down to find
yourself under the stage. Take the path to the right and then to the left. Go
to your right until you see a lamp hanging down from the ceiling and then go to
the right to see a crate with a box of theatrical grease paints on top of it.
Take some grease paint and then go into your inventory and put it in the cup.

Go topside onto the stage and do you see those covered stage lights? Use the
cup on one of them to melt the grease paint and then go back downstairs.
Instead of going back into the art room, continue down the path and open the
first door on your right to find a dressing room.

If you look under the desk, you can see a safe but you can't open it up right
now although I won't stop you if you want to test that theory. Leave here and
head south, go around the corner and through the door. Run downstairs and watch
as George and Nico are shot at by an unknown gunman. Don't worry about him
right now, so go back near the stairs and head north. Enter the first door on
your right to find a room with a support strut.

If you try to push on the strut, George will comment that the friction is too
great. Use the melted paint on it and ask Nico to help you push it. They'll
succeed, but the safe will come awfully close to caving in George's skull. The
safe will have broken open from the fall, so take the contents you find inside
and then leave the room.

Follow the hall south until George and Nico come across the smoking remains of
a body. Walk over to the card reader and use the security card to activate the
elevator. Ride the elevator down and follow the tunnel until the duo finds an
engraved stone. You can't take it right now, so continue on down the tunnel
until you reach the end. Cross the bridge and then reach into the energy field
and take the stone. Go back across the bridge and watch the sequence. As soon
as you regain control, follow in Nico's footsteps by running over and quickly
hanging down from the ledge.

Susarro and Petra will come out of the elevator, so once you have control,
shimmy down the bridge until you reach Nico and then climb up. Petra will
attempt to shoot at George, but apparently she has forgotten to reload the
chamber. Take this chance to book it on down the tunnel and don't stop running
until you've reached the elevator.

When you've reached the top, use the bottle opener on the doors to keep the
elevator from going back down. Go down the hall, head upstairs and go on
through the door. In this corridor, take the first intersection to the right to
find yourself directly below the stage. Ride the elevator up and climb off the
stage. Walk up the ramp and to the right to find the ladder George used to get
into the theater. Watch the sequence because as soon as George is outside, he
is knocked unconscious by a man wielding a stun gun.

When George comes to, he'll be in Nico's apartment with Bruno, Lobineau, and
Nico surrounding him. Talk to the gang about everything and then you'll wind up
back in the Congo.

The Congo (George & Nico):

Alas, we find ourselves once again at the temple. Approach the doors and have
Nico pull on the doors while George uses the metal rod on them to pop the
padlock. Go inside and as you run into the next room, you'll hear a quiet earth
tremor. Pay no attention to it now and continue on with the game.

Go over to the door in the top left corner and use the Omega stone on it. The
door will open, so go through it to find another dead guy in the room. Walk
through the room as normal, but just as George steps off the small step, two
sets of spikes shoot out and Nico saves him just before he becomes a
shish-kabob. To get past this trap, hang from the ledge on the left side and
shimmy across until you're safe on the other side.

Once you're there, go over to the gears and stick the metal rod in them. Nico
will take her sweet time as she crosses the trap to the other side, and then
George will release the gears to let the spikes retract. Go down to where you
see a couple of blocks. Pull the closest one out a bit and then push it towards
the spikes until the spikes shoot out. Leave the block there and go back and
grab the second block. Push it into the gap the spikes made and then push the
first block until it sets off the second set of spikes.

Check out the dead body to find a scarf. Go into your inventory and examine the
scarf to find a concealed plate. Return to Nico and continue on into the next
room. In here, you'll find a room with a bunch of differently styled tiles on
the floor, plus four off to the side. Walk into the room until you see a
sequence to get the full perspective of the room and then have Nico stand on
the fish tile and watch as the fish tiles light up. Whenever the tiles are lit,
those are the ones that are safe to walk on.

Follow the fish path to the end and then have Nico stand on the scorpion tile.
Stop at the first blank tile and have Nico stand on the snake tile. Check that
path out and at the end, have Nico get on the fish tile again, followed by the
bird and scorpion tiles. At the end of the scorpion path, you'll see multiple
snake paths. Have Nico get on the snake tile and follow the path that leads off
to the bottom left. Next, ask Nico to stand on the bird tile, followed by the
fish, scorpion, and snake tiles. Once you're at the end of the snake path,
climb up the ledge and go into the next room.

Here you'll see a large pit in the middle of the room with no way to get
across. Go over to the bottom left corner to find a ledge you can hang down
from. Now that I've gotten you started, work your way down to the bottom and
I'll meet you there. Go onto the next area.

Pay attention to what I'm about to tell you so that this next puzzle doesn't
seem as complicated as you may think. Start by climbing to the second level so
that there is a block below you, above you, as well as one on the level you're
currently on. Move the stone on your level until it is on top of the stone
below you. Push it west seven times and then to the north once.

Climb down to the level below you (so there will be two stones above you). Move
the stone twice to the south, nine to the west, four to the north, and twice to
the east. Climb back up one level and push the stone twice to the north. Climb
up to the top level and move the stone four to the east. Jump back down one
level and move the stone south three tiems, four to the east, and then north

Go back up to the top and move the stone east three times. Climb back down and
move the stone south three times and east twice. Go down to the bottom level
and move the stone west twice, south four times, east nine times, and then
north twice. Climb back up one level and move the stone east once and north twice.

To finally conclude the puzzle, climb back up to the top and move the stone
south once and then east three times. The stone should wind partly on the stone
bridge. Walk across the bridge and jump across the gap to leave this wretched
place. This time you'll find yourself in a large circular room with four parts
of a strange machine in four corners of the room with a ring in the middle and
a couple of trenches filled with electricity and two without.

Go to the other side of the room until you see a greenish control panel (it'll
be in the lower right of the ring). Rotate the ring to the left twice and watch
as the electricity flow changes direction. Operate the panel and watch as a
part of the machinery moves out to the center. Rotate the part to the right
once and operate the panel and watch as the part connects with the one in the
upper right corner.

Rotate the electricity so that the top left part is able to move out into the
center. Once it's in the middle, turn it to the left and send it into the
connected parts. Do the same with the remaining part and when it's all done,
the machine will fire up and let loose a beam of electricity flying into the
next room.

Follow the beam to see a bunch of crystals that can be turned. Walk up to the
first one and turn it to the right. Follow the beam to the next crystal and
turn it to the left twice. Always follow the beam when you work from crystal to
crystal. The next crystal should be turned to the right once and then skip the
next one and proceed to the crystal after that. When you turn the next crystal
to the left once, it'll move a piece of machinery. Walk up the stairs to open a
hidden doorway to Nico. The two will automatically head back down into the
crystal room.

Go back to the third crystal you turned and turn it to the left once. Follow
the beam to the next crystal and turn it left twice and the crystal after that
should be turned to the right once. Head back to the generator you put together
and operate the green panel near the front of it to reverse the flow of energy.
Head back into the previous room and the energy beam should pull the machinery
away from the wall, uncovering a second panel.

Try to operate both panels and watch as some lights light up above a door, but
then quickly disappear. Talk to Nico about the panel and she'll agree to help
George. Operate the left panel and Nico and George will hit them at the same
time, allowing the door to open. The newly opened door is on the far right side
of the room, so go through the door into the next room. Follow the path around
and you'll encounter another earth tremor. Time is of the essence, so follow
Nico into the next room. You're barred by a door and there's no apparent way to
open it. If you'll look at the wall to your left, you'll see an indentation
that should look familiar to you. Use the metal plate on it and the door will
open. Quickly use the scarf on it to prevent the plate from popping out.

Nico will hold the scarf and plate in place, so quickly get through the door
and into the next room. You'll find yourself in a room similar to the one where
you found the Omega stone, so cross the bridge and take the Alpha stone from
its containment field. Head back to Nico and you'll emerge without incident. As
you return to the cavern, you'll see that Petra is here as well. Before she can
shoot, you can feel another tremor and Petra will stumble over. Take this
opportunity to run down the path while avoiding falling rocks and quickly jump
the gap at the end. If you're not fast enough, the path ahead of you will
crumble and Petra will shoot both George and Nico. Clamber up the ledge and get
out of here to find an awaiting Harry. He'll take off with George and Nico
before Petra can catch up and you'll soon be back in Paris.

When George and Nico get back to Nico's apartment, you'll see that it has been
ransacked and you'll find André sitting in a chair as well as the detective
that arrested Nico earlier in the game. Listen to the conversation and
afterwards Beatrice will show up at the door. She'll be brought up to speed on
the recent events and after all is said and done, Nico decides to go back to
the theatre.

Paris (Nico):

Head into the auditorium and go down the stairs that are in the room to the
left of the stage. Go down the hall and head back to the room where you first
saw the safe. Climb down the hole to the floor below and leave that room. Head
north and open the first door on the right, which happens to be the same room
where George and Nico were shot at by a strange man.

Go into the next room to suddenly be snatched by Flap. As soon as you can, grab
the vase and Nico will bash it over Flap's head to knock him out. Continue into
the room and go behind the desk. Read the paper and then you'll be off to Prague:

Prague - Susarro's Castle (George & Nico):

We see that George and Nico have arrived in Prague and are now standing at the
entrance to Susarro's castle. Go up to the door and push the buzzer to the
right. The guard will come out and brush George off. Talk to Nico and have her
push the buzzer. Quickly run around the left wall and when Nico has gone over
to the car and the guard is looking in her direction, creep (using CTRL if
you're playing the PC version or the L button if you're playing the Xbox
version) around the wall and go through the door.

Climb up the wall to your left and jump down onto the other side. Walk over to
the wall near the archway and sit there until the guard and his dog are under
the gazebo. Once they're there, quickly creep out and walk up the stairs to the
left. Here, you'll see a spotlight moving back and forth. Walk south along the
wall until you find some trash cans. Open the first one to find some string,
and then open the third one (on the other side of the recycling bins) to find a
half-eaten hamburger. Open the last one to find some foil and then move along
the wall to you find an arched window.

Wait until the spotlight moves south and then continue along and get through
the archway. You'll find some crates here that you will need to move. Start by
pushing the top crate over and then pull the freed crate out and move it to the
other side so that it's between the wall and the crates. Move the top crate
again and then climb onto it to get up onto the ledge.

Drop down onto the walkway and follow it south to the wall. Climb up the wall
and follow the ledge (be careful when you get to the gazebo) around to the
other side of the building. You'll know when you're in the right area when you
can see a guard and his dog to the left of you. Drop down from the ledge into
the shadowy area and creep through the archway south of you. There will be
another archway to the right as well as a guard patrolling the area. When he
moves to the right, creep across the area to the other side and get through the

You'll find even more crates here. Start by pulling the first one south and
then climb over it and pull the next one to the east. Climb over that crate and
push the next one south and push the last one west. Climb onto the last crate
and get up onto the ledge. You'll see a guard standing with his back towards
the fence and while you might not see it, there is a dog in the fenced in area.
Drop down from the ledge and toss the burger to the dog. Creep along the fence
and go through the archway on the other side.

You'll see another guard north of you, but don't worry about him. Follow the
wall to the south and east until you find Nico standing on the other side of
the gate. You'll need a remote to open the gate, so continue following the wall
around until you find a jeep. Check out the jeep and George will find the gate
remote. Go back to Nico and use the remote to open the gate. The noise will
attract the guards, but George and Nico will automatically hide.

After you have control, go back towards the jeep, but when you find an
enclosure with a red button on the side, try to push the button only to see
that the gate closes when you let go. Have Nico push the button and then go
inside. Take the car jack handle out of the door and then pick up the lump of
coal behind you. Leave the enclosure and go back to the jeep. At the rear of
the jeep is a car jack. Use the handle on it to lower the jeep and then go near
the front and examine the jeep to release the handbrake. Go to the back of the
jeep again and operate it to have George move the jeep forward. Climb onto the
hood and up onto the ledge.

Wait for Nico to catch up and then attempt to climb up the drainpipe. While
George offers for Nico to go first, she isn't stupid. George proceeds to scale
the pipe, but it begins to break under his weight as he nears the top. George
barely makes it onto a ledge, but Nico is left stranded on the roof. Guess
she'll have to find her own way in.

Susarro's Castle (Nico):

First things first. Take the drainpipe bracket off of the ground and then climb
down where you first climbed up. From the jeep, head left until you see a black
car all by itself. Get onto the hood and use the bracket on the window to pry
it open.

Head inside and go up the stairs and through the door. Watch the sequence to
overhear a conversation between two guards about Petra. Go upstairs to the
second floor and go through the door at the end of the hall. Nico will squeak a
floorboard and unfortunately for her, the guards hear it and are now on their
way to investigate. However, she finds a potted plant to hide behind and they
eventually return to their posts.

Go back down the hallway and past the door where you first entered until you
see a door with red curtains. Follow the corridor to the end and go through the
single door. This is Petra's bedroom, so go over to her bed and open the case.
Take the hair dryer from inside and then go behind the changing screen to find
another case.

Open up this one and take the wig. Take a closer look at the case to discover
that it has a hidden compartment. Push the button that Nico discovers to find
three knives and a sharpening stone. Take the stone and then leave the room. Go
back to where Nico overheard the conversation between the guards and go through
the door on the opposite end of the hallway to enter the kitchen.

Give the grind stone to the chef and while he's sharpening his knife, go to
your left and take the bottle of industrial bleach off of the shelf. Leave here
and go back to Petra's bedroom. Go into the bathroom near the changing screen
and put the wig in the sink. Dump some bleach on it and then dry it with the
hair dryer.

Nico will put the wig and she'll look almost exactly like Petra. Leave the
room, head down the hall, and watch what happens next.

Susarro's Castle (George Stobbart):

Let's see what George has been up to, and it doesn't seem to be much as he's
currently standing on the ledge he managed to reach by climbing the drainpipe.
Head south from your present location to find a crate. Move it west five times,
south three, and west once. Clamber onto it and up to the path above you. Run
up the stairs to the door and jump over the small wall to your right.

When you get to the gargoyle, give it a good ol' shove and watch it fall to the
ground. Continue to follow the ledge around, narrowing as you go along, and at
the end drop down to the roof below. Face the window to the right and grab the
beam above you. Shimmy across to the other side and drop down when it's safe.

Climb through the open window to find a small, yet dark storeroom. Go to the
other side and up the ledge to find the ever popular crate puzzle (Someone at
Revolution must have an obsession). You can end this puzzle quickly by pushing
the top crate north once so that it'll be sitting on top of another crate.

Move the bottom left crate to the east twice and then to the north once. Pull
the stacked crate east twice and then the crate it was sitting on to the south
once. Climb over it and crawl through the hole to leave the room.

Follow the walkway north and around the corner. Go down the stairs and into the
alley ahead of you. Look at the broken drainpipe to find a tin cup. Take the
cup and head back to the storeroom. Go over to the oil lamp on the left wall
and turn it on to get some oil dripping. Use the cup on the oil drip to get
some oil and then turn the lamp off. Leave the room through the hole again and
head back down the stairs.

This time, veer off to the right, past the tree to find a grate. If you attempt
to open it, you'll learn that the grate's hinges are rusted. Use the oil on
them to loosen them a bit and then open it. Drop down through the grate to
enter Susarro's Castle.

Susarro's Castle (Nico):

Whew, that was a close one. Thank God you were wearing that wig that made you
look like Petra, otherwise you would have been shot. You can now walk freely
around the castle, so head through the front door to go outside. Run to your
right and down the stairs. There is a building north of you, so run around it
to find a guard standing in the archway.

Talk to him and he'll give you an unvalidated security card. Head back into the
castle through the front door and go to your right and through the door you
find to enter a security room. Give the unvalidated card to the woman at the
desk and she'll validate it for you.

Leave the room and go to the opposite end to find a door with the red light. If
you're playing the PC version, there may be a glitch here because if you
attempt to use the validated card on the door, Nico will spit out some nonsense
before she'll actually swipe the card to unlock the door. Xbox players won't
have this problem.

Follow the stairs down into the basement and follow the tunnel around. When you
see the fire extinguisher sitting next to a wall, continue past it and Nico
will see a shadow coming her way. She'll take the extinguisher and prepare to

Susarro's Castle Basement (George):

You'll wind up in a laundry room. Go to your left and move the old washing
machine onto the trolley. Operate the troller to have George ram it into the
door, busting it wide open. Follow the tunnel south and take the second right.
Watch the sequence as George is attacked by a fire extinguisher to the head.

Susarro's Castle Basement (George & Nico):

Well, now we know who the shadow belonged to. After George recovers, go south
to the security door and ask Nico to unlock it. Go to the locker on the
opposite end of the room and change into the guard's uniform. Leave the room
and follow the tunnel north and head west at the intersection.

As you continue to follow the tunnel, a guard will step out to say he has to
make sure George and Nico have clearance to pass. Nico will quickly put an end
to that, so go through the door and follow the stairs down. Head south through
the gate to find none other than a crate puzzle.

Push the lone crate south three times and move the left crate west once and
south three times. Move the other crate south four times and east twice. Push
the stacked crate west twice and north once. Push the middle crate north twice
and west once and push the stacked crate against the wall. Peer through the
vent to find Bruno Ostvald.

Bruno will explain what has happened to him and you can watch the rest of the
sequence on your won. After Susarro and the gang leave, use the silver coin to
undo the vent and have Nico climb through the hole to unlock the door.

Head back to the security door and go inside. Take a look at the map on the
wall to learn the location of the Armillary. Examine the desk and George will
discover a secret button. Push the button to open a door and then head on
through. Watch the sequence and you'll soon be back in Paris.

Paris (George & Nico):

André and Beatrice will still be in the apartment when you arrive. André will
explain the St. Stefan chapter of the Knights Templar. After more conversation,
George decides to go back to Montfauçon to see if he can find some answers there.

Montfauçon (George):

There sure are a lot of familiar faces and places in this game, aren't there?
Head east from the fountain to find a house under construction with a pissoir
to the left of it. Climb up the scaffolding on the right side and head all the
way up to the top. Follow it around and a lady from down below will yell at you
for being a pervert.

Back on earth, talk to the lady about the urinals until George insults her
pissoir. As she goes to clean it, quickly climb back up to the top of the
scaffolding and then climb back down to the first level once you reach the
other side. Take the rope and then climb back up. If you have time, you can
hurry up and get back to the ground without hearing from the lady again,
otherwise, she'll just yell at you again. Either way, we're done.

Go around the front of the truck to find an air compressor. Turn it off and
quickly run to the other side and swipe the sewer key from the tool bag that
belongs to another old friend, Flobbage (you may need to wait for him to go
yelling at his workmate and tinkering with the air compressor before you can
take it). Tie the rope to the sewer key and use the sewer key on the manhole.

Talk to Flobbage about himself and Alphonse twice and then leave the
conversation. Go over to Alphonse, who is sleeping in the truck and talk to
him. Watch as George scares Alphonse into thinking there's an earthquake and
he'll take off like a rocket dragging the manhole cover behind him. Climb down
the ladder to once again find yourself in the sewers of Montfauçon.

Follow the path until you find a door with a skull on it. Use the stone
cylinder on it to open the door and proceed down the stairs. Follow the hallway
around until you see the first intersection, and then turn right. As you run
along this corridor, you'll spot a pool of blood. Follow the bloody footprints
and they'll lead you into a room full of massacred Templars.

Search the body behind the door to find an old iron key. Leave the room and
follow the hallway to the end to see a guard sitting at a table. Guess we'll
have to find a way to distract him. Go back down the hall and back into the
death room. Use the microwave and as soon as you can, run out of the room and
into the room across the hall before the microwave dings.

As soon as it dings, the guard will get up to investigate. When he enters the
death room, quickly close the door and lock him in using the old iron key. Head
up the hallway and through the door on the right side to find a continuing
trail of blood. Continue to follow the trail and you'll see that it disappears
into a wine rack.

Pull the green bottle, left red bottle, right red bottle, white bottle, and
then the blue bottle to uncover a hidden passageway. Step into the passageway
and follow it to find the Templar that stunned George earlier in the game.
Looks like Susarro already got to him. The Templar tells George a couple things
before he finally croaks.

Head up the nearby stairs and go through the door to find yourself in a
changing room. There's nothing here of importance, so continue on through to
wind up in a large room with guards patrolling the area. I'll give you a hint
for getting through here: Only move when the guard you see now is walking down
the stairs, otherwise he'll spot you and kill George.

Start by creeping over to the brown podium to the right of the altar. Look at
the Bible and then when it's safe, run behind the altar and hide behind the
screen. Run to the door on the right side and proceed through.

You'll now be inside a study. Go over to  the left side of the room to find
three statues. Look at the center one and George will notice a brass plaque.
Read it and then head back to the guard infested room. This time, you'll need
to go back to the podium. As a note, if you're quick about it, you may be able
to make it all the way to the podium without having the need to stop if you run
as the guard is going down the stairs.

Once at the podium, read the Bible and George will find the verse from the
statue. Get back to the study and on the opposite end of the room you'll find a
clock. Use the Bible verse on the clock and George will change the time. At
first he'll think nothing has happened until suddenly he hears a noise.

The middle statue will have moved and uncovered another hidden hallway. George
will go up the stairs and you'll get to meet the Preceptor. Watch the sequence
and at the end, George will become the newest member of the St. Stefan Knights
Templar. He'll then return to Paris.

Paris (George):

George will bring the group up to speed on the recent events that have
transpired. After he's finished, go over and talk to Nico, who is standing in
the archway about Egypt and she'll show you a DVD full of satellite maps on the
computer. When you have the opportunity, use the Psi stone on the map, followed
by the Omega and Alpha stones to discover the exact location of the Armillary,
and that will be our next stop.

Egypt (George & Nico):

When they arrive at the site, they'll notice a couple of guards watching the
place. Nico will make a break for it, but she inadvertently tips the guards to
their presence when she accidently knocks over a stone pillar. The guards will
begin to patrol the area, leaving George to come up with another plan.

Run left until you get a bird's eye view of the area. Hide behind the nearest
wall and as the guard and his dog walk near the tent, run until you're clear of
the area. If you need to, you can hide behind the wall nearest the exit before
making a break for it.

Once you've caught up to Nico, you'll have to look closely at the stone wall as
not everything is as it appears to be. There's a part of the stone that can
open up a hidden passageway (the stone seems to be lighter than the rest of the
wall), and once you've figured it out, use the car jack handle to open the door.

Watch the sequence between Flap, Susarro, and Bruno and then when the game
returns to George and Nico, the door will have shut behind them, leaving them
in pitch black darkness. They'll stumble their way around until the lights
suddenly come on.

A statue of Anubis will suddenly appear and explain that there are two tests
that must be completed before he'll let you through. The first test is very
easy, all you have to do is put the three Greek stones into the door.

Proceed through the door and into the next room. Anubis will show up again and
explain the puzzle with a story about Horus, a murder witness, the dead man's
brother, and the killer himself. The objective for the puzzle is to have Horus
carry all three people to the other side of river in seven trips without
leaving any two people together at the end.

Operate the panel and select the killer. The killer's statue will appear in
Horus's hands, so use the panel again to have Horus carry him across. Select
the panel again to bring Horus back and the rest of the solution is Brother,
Panel, Killer, Panel, Witness, Panel, Panel, Killer, Panel.

This should successfully complete the puzzle and a doorway should have opened.
If it has done so, go through it and into the next room. You'll watch a rather
long sequence here, but don't go away just yet as you'll need to be tapping the
S (or A, depending on the version of the game you're playing) button the entire
time. The first time will result in George jumping the railing and landing on
Flap. The second time will be George laying the smackdown on Susarro's candyass
(well, almost) as he kicks the gun out of his hand. Now you can stop with the
button tapping.

Petra will soon appear and she'll level her gun at George and Nico. Just when
you think the end is near, Petra's real boss, the Grand Master will show up.
He'll give the hero and heroine a chance to run, so when you have control, head
north up the stairs and turn to your right. Follow the long path until you see
a hole in the wall. George will approach it, only to discover a bomb. Let the
button tapping again and watch as George leaps the railing just as the bomb

When you're back in control, there will be two blocks. One inside a trench and
the other is to the left of the large sphere. Start by moving the block in the
trench downwards so that it forms a bridge between the gap. Go over to the
other block and move it to Nico and Bruno's side and then go back into the
trench and push the block north until it's one push away from the end.

Leave that block alone and push the other block upwards and across the block
bridge and then push it north again until you can't push anymore. Climb onto it
and then climb onto the ledge and watch the sequence.

Nico will take one last look at the sphere before leaving and the trio will
realize that the ley lines are converging in Glastonbury. They'll return to the
previous puzzle room, where George wants to sacrifice himself in order for Nico
and Bruno to escape. Nico tries to talk him out of it, and while they're
bickering, Bruno goes up to the panel and cheats. Watch the dramatic scene as
George wants Bruno to live, but Nico urges him to leave. Anubis will appear and
as the door closes for good, Anubis comes down with his axe to decapitate Bruno
as Nico and George make their escape. You'll next arrive back in Glastonbury.

Glastonbury (George & Nico):

Harry will fly Nico and George to Glastonbury in his brand new airplane and as
he lands, you'll notice that it's pouring and that a part of the town has
flooded. Colonel Butley will appear to thank George for saving his daughter
from Tristram and then he'll take Harry to get a drink after George declines.

Talk to Nico about all topics and then run up the road and through the open
gate on your right. It's time for the last, and most complicated crate puzzles
ever, so I urge you to pay close attention as I don't want to have to repeat

You will see a bunch of crates here. Start by going over to the left side of
the area and moving the crate left of the triple stacker north once and east
twice. Go over to the small wall and move the crate to the right of it east one

Next stop, the wooden table. Move the crate on the right side south twice and
west once. Move the crate below the table east once and north once. Climb onto
the table and move the crate east once and then climb back down and move the
crate that's to the right of the table south once and west once.

Climb back onto the table and move the crate south twice and west once. Climb
down and move the crate north of the wall west once. Go back to the table and
move the crate that's at the bottom of it west twice and south once. You should
now have a double stacker, so move it west once.

Move the crates that are right of the double stacker north once and west twice.
Push the double stacker north once and west twice and move the crate to the
right of the double stacker north once, west twice, and south twice.

Move the top-right single crate west once, north once, west twice, and south
once and then move the double stacker west once and south once. Climb onto the
wall and move the crate west once and climb through the hole in the wall.

Watch the sequence as the Grand Master's plan comes into fruition, but just
then, he begins to transform into a hideous dragon. As the dragon lands on the
ground, it'll open several cracks in the earth, and George will end up falling
into one of these cracks to arrive in an underground tomb.

Head north of the tomb to find a sword in the stone. Try to pull it out, but
you won't be able to succeed. Examine the plinth in front of it and use the Key
of Solomon on it to cause the sword to glow. Go behind the sword and pull it
out and watch the sequence.

You will now have to defeat the dragon. Start by running right and standing
behind the wall. As long as you're standing in the right spot, you'll be safe
from the flames (crouch if you have to). When you have the chance, run out from
behind the wall and then get back behind it. Repeat the process until the
dragon turns blue and when he does this, run out from behind the wall and get
behind the next one that's closest to the dragon.

Continue doing this until you're close to the dragon and then slay him with the
sword. Watch the closing credits and afterwards, you'll have unlocked some
extra stuff and you will have completed Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon.


Tom Hayes - his guide was cool, though he made some omissions in it. He allowed
me to use his guide so I could make mine and while I strived for some
originality, I had to copy some of his puzzle solutions since I didn't have any
other way of explaining it.

Revolution Software - you have to love the Broken Sword series. The story is
rather deep and the voice acting seems rather flawless. These guys really know
how to make an enjoyable game and I hope they make a Broken Sword 4.

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