Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (PC) Walkthrough Final Version
Copyright (C) 2001-2003 by OutRider

This game was formerly known as Circle of Blood.

This is the final version of this walkthrough. Please do not email me about any errors or omissions 
(unless they’re major ones) that I might have made because I won’t be fixing them.

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People have tried to use this guide with the GBA version of the game, and while I haven’t noticed 
any major differences between the PC and GBA versions, I’ve noticed that you may need to talk to 
other people first before talking to the person mentioned in the guide (for example, you’ll have to 
talk to the bar patrons first before being able to talk to Maguire about Peagram in the GBA version). 
If you do have the GBA version, I would recommend using a guide written for that version, rather 
than trying to sort your way through using this walkthrough, which was done while playing the PC 

WARNING: This walkthrough does contain spoilers that will ruin the game for
anyone who may be playing this game for the first time. Do not read ahead
unless you fully understand the risks involved.

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This walkthrough is based on the guide written by Mike Groels (a.k.a. Eastpolar). 

DISC 1: Paris, France – The Green Candle Café:

After the opening sequence, you’ll find yourself covered in the umbrella cover (I suppose). After 
George gets up, pick up the newspaper lying on the light post. Head north to enter the road works 
and you’ll see a man working here. Not too long after you arrive that two officers named Rosso and 
Moue will show up. They’ll take you back to the café for interrogation and answer Rosso’s questions 
however you choose. Afterwards, Rosso will give you his card and you’ll be free to go. Leave the 
café and talk to the female reporter taking pictures. Her name is Nicole Collard, so ask her about the 
clown, then ask her about Plantard (the guy with the glasses that was killed in the explosion), and 
then ask about the clown again. Before she leaves, she’ll give you her phone number so that you 
can call her in case you learn anything new. Head to the road works again and talk to Flobbage the 
worker and give him the newspaper (go up into your inventory and click on the newspaper when the 
conversation choices come up). He’ll leave his post for now, so click on the box inside the tent to 
find a T-shaped tool. Go back to the café, and rather than going inside, go to your right and go into 
the alleyway that you see in the distance. Use the T-shaped tool on the manhole and head down 

Once down, get the red object (a clown’s nose) that you see on the ground not too far from the 
ladder, and then follow the path. You’ll see a couple items here, so pick them both up and head up 
the ladder. A man will stop you because he thinks you’re the killer. Answer his first question and 
then show him Rosso’s card. Show him the green material and then ask him four times about the 
jacket. He’ll give you a phone number for someone named Todryk, and when you’re finished talking, 
exit out of the conversation and the man will escort you out.

Use the phone just outside the tent and call Nicole. You’ll learn her address, so exit off to the right to 
see the city map. Click on the Rue Jarry (Jarry Street) button.

Rue Jarry:

Rather than calling it Rue Jarry all of the time, I’ll call it Nicole’s apartment from now on. When you 
arrive, talk to the elderly woman that you can easily see in the front of your screen. Ask her about 
Nicole and then go open up the door in the middle that’s behind her. Inside Nicole’s apartment, show 
her the clown nose and she’ll discover the name of the shop that it was purchased from. Show her 
the green cloth and George will receive a picture of a man. Leave her apartment and go back to the 
map. Go to La Risée du Monde.

La Risée du Monde:

Talk to the proprietor and show him the picture that you got earlier from Nicole. Show him the tissue 
and then show the picture again and he’ll tell you about a man named Khan. Leave the shop and 
either go to the police station, Nicole’s apartment, or the road works. Use the phone at the location 
of your choice and call Todryk. Ask him about the picture of Khan and he’ll tell you that he is staying 
at the Hotel Ubu. Leave the place you’re at and go to the hotel.

Hotel Ubu:

First thing you’ll notice here is the two seedy-looking characters standing outside. Ignore them for 
now and head inside the hotel. Walk to the left until you reach the counter. Do you see that key rack 
on the wall? Try taking the key, but the concierge will stop you. Ask him about the picture to learn 
that Khan is in fact, one of the hotel guests.

Go over and talk to Lady Piermont, the English pianist. Ask her about the key until the topic is gone 
and then show her the picture. You’ll learn that Khan has an alias: Thomas Moerlin. Ask her about 
Moerlin until she decides to help you get the key. When the concierge has gone into the backroom, 
swipe the key off of the rack before he comes back.

Head upstairs and use the key on the first door to your right. This isn’t Khan’s room, but it’ll come in 
handy shortly. Open up the window and head outside. Shimmy on over to the next window and head 
inside. This IS Khan’s room. Search the room if you want, but you won’t turn up anything, so attempt 
to leave the room through the door to discover that Khan is coming!! Don’t worry, George will 
automatically hide in the closet, where he is nearly discovered.

When Khan leaves, search his pants to find a business card and a matchbook. Leave his room and 
head downstairs into the main lobby. Talk to the concierge and ask him about the safe and then 
show him Moerlin’s card. He won’t help you this time either, so again you must rely on Lady 
Piermont to help you out. Talk to her and show her the business card and she’ll help you get the 
documents that Khan left in the safe.

After that, you have two choices: Head outside and end the game prematurely, or head upstairs and 
continue on with the game. If you’re like me, you’ll want to continue on, but if you’re feeling curious, 
go on and poke your head out the door. Anyway, head upstairs and go into the first door to the right. 
Climb out the window, and use the manuscript on the ground below and George will drop it.

Head back inside and leave the hotel. The two seedy-looking characters you saw hanging outside 
when you first arrived, Flap and Guido, will frisk George. If you have the manuscript on you, then 
you’ll arrive at the pearly gates, but if you don’t have it, then you’ll be sent on your merry way. Go 
into the alley to the left of the hotel and pick up the manuscript. After he does, he’ll automatically go 
to Nico’s apartment.

Nico’s Apartment:

George will catch up Nico on everything he’s learned so far and they’ll take a look at the manuscript. 
Watch the movie (unless you’ve played the game already, then feel free to skip it) so that you can 
learn some information. Talk to Nico about the documents and then talk to her about the four things 
that you saw on the manuscript. After you’re done, leave the apartment and go to the Crune 

Musée Crune:

Head inside the museum and take a look at the tripod to confirm that it is the one that you saw in the 
manuscript. Leave here and go back to Nico’s apartment.

Nicole’s Apartment:

Talk to Nico and you’ll learn about a professor named Peagram who is working in a small Irish 
village called Lochmarne. When you’re done listening to her, just leave without asking anything and 
go to the airport. You’ll be leaving for Lochmarne, Ireland and you’ll be asked to insert Disc 2.

DISC 2 – Lochmarne, Ireland:

When you arrive in Lochmarne, talk to the kid that’s standing outside the pub to learn that his name 
is Liam Maguire. Ask him about Peagram, then about the dig three times. Go into the pub and speak 
with Fitzgerald, the man sitting at the table closest to the door. He seems awfully nervous about 
something, but anyway, ask him about the dig.

Go over to the bar and speak with the man sitting at the bar that’s dressed in light clothing. His 
name is Patrick Doyle. Speak to him about Peagram and then about the dig twice. When you try to 
ask him about Fitzgerald, he mentions that his brain needs some ‘lubrication’. Offer to buy him a 
beer and then ask him about Fitzgerald again. Go over and talk to Fitzgerald again and ask him 
about the dig. Leave the pub and ask Maguire about the dig and Fitzgerald.

Go back inside and speak with Fitzgerald about the dig, Peagram, the gem, the package twice, and 
finally, Jacques Marquet. Fitzgerald will become very agitated and run outside. You’ll hear a car 
speed by followed by a thump. Go outside and listen to Maguire to find out what happened.

Flip the switch on the panel near the entrance to the pub, only to have it break off. Go back into the 
pub and ask the bartender for a beer. You’ll learn that the glass washer and the beer pump are both 
broken. Show the man Moerlin’s card and he’ll ask you to repair them. Go over to the corner and talk 
to the old man, but don’t ask him about anything. Stand a little distance away from him (the front 
corner of the bar is good enough) and he’ll bring out a piece of wire and set it on the table. Wait until 
he starts sneezing and then take the wire from him.

Use the wire on the outlet near the vibrating washer and then talk to the bartender. He’ll let you go 
down into the cellars to fix the beer pumps. Head downstairs and pull the lever on the opposite side 
of the screen. Go outside of the pub and open up the trap door and you’ll end up running into Khan 
himself, but don’t worry; he won’t do anything to you. Head back down into the cellar and you’ll find 
the gem that Fitzgerald dropped and a flashlight. Go upstairs and when Doyle takes his arm off of 
the green towel, take it.

Go outside and take the upper right path to find a man sitting in a huge haystack, reading. Talk to 
him about the car twice, and then ask him about Fitzgerald until he finally decides to leave. After he 
has left, climb up the haystack. At the top, use the T-shaped tool on the crack near George’s left 
hand. After that is in place, climb the rest of the way up. On the other side, you’ll meet a nasty goat. 
Try climbing down the ladder and the goat will head-butt George in the stomach. As soon as the 
cursor comes back, click the icon on the plow axle behind the goat and George should run over and 
move it. After the goat gets tangled up, go down the ladder.

Below, stick your fingers in the bag on the table to learn that it is a bag of plaster of Paris. Try 
moving the statue near the steps to have it overbalance and tip over. Pick it up and notice the 
impressions the statue made. Use the plaster of Paris on that spot and go back to the pub.

Go down into the cellar and turn the water on in the sink. Use the towel on it and hurry back to the 
underground area near the goat. Skip anything George might say because it wastes time and the 
towel won’t stay wet forever. As soon as you’re back in the room, use the wet towel on the plaster of 
Paris. If it’s dry, just go back to the pub cellar and get it wet again and keep trying until you can 
sprinkle some water on the plaster. Anyway, after the plaster hardens, take the cast and use it on the 
impressions on the left side of the door to have the door open up. Go down the new set of stairs and 
watch the sequences, and when you next see George, he’ll be back at Nico’s apartment in Paris.

DISC 1: Paris – Nicole’s Apartment:

After George catches Nicole up on his recent findings, leave the conversation and go to the Police 
Station (Poste de Police).

Police Station:

Inside the station, talk to Sergeant Moue about Jacques Marquet until the option disappears. Leave 
the station and go to the Hospital.


Go inside the hospital and speak with the receptionist. If Benoir (the guy with glasses) happens to 
get in your way, just wait until he moves again and then speak with her. When you do speak with 
her, first show her Moerlin’s card. Ask her about Nurse Grendel three times and then walk down the 
left hallway. Here, you’ll see a floor sweeper. Go over to the other side of the hallway and unplug his 
sweeper. When you regain control, open the door and George will take the doctor’s uniform and put 
it on.

Go back to the lobby. Talk to the elderly doctor, he is Felix Hagenmeyer and the guy  in the glasses 
you saw wandering around when you first arrived is his nephew, Benoir or “Bunny”. Go back down 
the hall with Bunny in tow and you’ll find yourself in Ward J-2.

Nurse Grendel will tell you to check on the man in bed two, who claims to have a chronic case of 
losing consciousness. His true problem is that he doesn’t know about the concept of blinking (Insert 
laugh here). Don’t talk to him about anything, and go talk to Grendel. She’ll tell you to check on the 
man in bed three. His name is Eric Sopmarsh. Don’t talk to him about anything either. Talk to Bunny 
and give him the pressure gauge.

Try heading off to the right, and Sopmarsh will call you back because you haven’t taken his blood 
pressure yet. Talk to Bunny again and have him use the gauge on Sopmarsh. While he is doing that, 
exit off to the right and enter the room near the guard. You’ll have an interesting conversation with 
Marquet himself, and after a while, another doctor will enter. You’ll leave and eventually, Marquet 
dies and you’ll soon find yourself back at Nico’s apartment.

Nicole’s Apartment:

After the conversation is finished, leave her apartment and go to the Crune Museum.

Musée Crune:

Enter the museum and when the guard isn’t looking, go over to the display cases near where 
Lobineau is standing and flip the switch to open the window. When the guard goes over to close it, 
hurry up and hide inside the sarcophagus. If you fail, you can always try again until you succeed. 
When you succeed, the guard and Lobineau will leave and later that night, you’ll emerge from the 
sarcophagus to witness Flap and Guido attempting to steal the tripod. Knock over the totem pole, 
only to end up knocking George out. After everyone’s out for the count, a cat burglar will enter and 
swipe the tripod. You’ll now find yourself back with Nicole. Watch the sequence to learn that she 
was the cat burglar. Leave her apartment and go back to the Crune Museum.

Talk to Lobineau about Montfauçon twice and then leave the museum to go to Montfauçon.


Ask the jongleur about himself twice and George will take a stab at juggling. Ask the gendarme (the 
man at the table) and ask him about the clown nose. Talk to the jongleur again and George will start 
juggling again. The crowd will be pleased this time and the jongleur will take his balls home in a fit of 
rage. The gendarme will leave as well, and notice the jongleur left one of his balls behind. Use the T-
shaped tool on the manhole and head on down into the sewers.

Walk to the right and take a look at the first panel from the right. Use the T-shaped tool on that panel 
to find out that it’s hollow and George will break it open. Click on the inside of the panel and it’ll 
move a bit. Walk over onto the boat and turn the wheel to lower the chain. Pick up the chain and use 
it on the gears and then turn the wheel again and the panel will come crashing down.

Go through the entryway to find a huge cave. Look through the hole in the wall near the steps to 
eavesdrop on a meeting of the Knights Templar! After they’re done talking, look through the hole 
again to see them leave and then head down the stairs. Use the tripod on the stone and the gem on 
the tripod and it’ll spell out MARIB. Soon, you’ll be back at Nico’s apartment.

Nicole’s Apartment:

After you’ve got Nicole caught up, leave and go to the airport. It’s time to head to Syria. Insert Disc 2 
when prompted and we’ll continue.

DISC 2 – Marib, Syria:

When you arrive, go all of the way to the right and head up the stairs. Talk to the man and show him 
the book of matches and he’ll let you go up the stairs hidden behind the carpet. When you enter the 
club, you’ll be introduced to a man named Ultar. Try opening the door on the right side to find out 
it’s locked. Try reading the sign to learn that it is written in Arabic. Ask Ultar about the sign to learn 
that the owner’s toilet brush was stolen. Leave the bar and go back down into the marketplace.

At the bottom, do you see that guy with the British flag apron on? Move your mouse cursor 
underneath his stand and right click to learn something about the toilet brush. Walk all the way to 
the left and talk to the boy. His name is Nejo. Ask him about the red ball and then go talk to the 
kebab seller. You won’t be able to get much out of him, so leave and go talk to Nejo again.

Ask about the kebab guy twice and then give him the ball by clicking on the thumbs up button when 
it comes up. Quit talking to Nejo and go talk to the kebab seller again. Tell him the phrase that Nejo 
told you about and he’ll come after you with a knife. Go back down the stairs (don’t worry, the kebab 
guy won’t bug you again) and talk to Nejo to find out that George was used as a diversionary tactic. 
He’ll give you the brush and you can go give it to the bar owner.

After you’ve given it to him, he’ll give you the bathroom keys. Use the keys on the door and you’ll 
enter the bathroom. Open up the towel dispenser near the door and then take the towel. Go into the 
bathroom stall and take the chain. Leave the bathroom and talk to Ultar about Khan’s picture, and 
then ask him about Bull’s Head Hill until you get a choice to answer yes or no. Answer yes and you’ll 
learn that you’ll need $50. Since you don’t have $50 right now, we’ll have to figure out some way to 
get it. Leave the bar and go back to Nejo’s stand.

Look at the cat and it’ll jump onto a shelf. As soon as you can, ring the bell and a man will come out. 
The cat will run away, but not before it tips over a statue. Pick up the statue and then go into your 
inventory and use the tissue on the statue to make it appear to be stone. When you first arrived, you 
probably noticed a fat guy wandering around. Find him and talk to him. Show him the statue and 
he’ll offer you $50 for it. Accept his offer and go back to the bar.

Talk to Ultar about Bull’s Head Hill and choose yes. You’ll find yourself in the marketplace again. 
Talk to Ultar about the truck to learn that the fan belt broke. Give him the towel, and voila! The truck 
is working again. You’ll now head off to Bull’s Head Hill.

Bull’s Head Hill:

When you regain control, walk over to the tree that you see and snap the twig off of it. Use the twig 
on the towel to create a makeshift grappling hook. Use your newly made contraption on the funnel-
like hole near the right side and George will climb down.

Near the upper left, you’ll notice a small hole on one side of a rock face. Inspect it to find a large 
metal ring. Pull the ring to reveal a doorway. Head inside and walk to the left to find Klausner’s 
remains! Search him (ugh!) and George will find a lens. Walk over to the left some more and take a 
look at the stone map inscription and then go over and look at the three-headed statue. Look at the 
map again and soon, Khan will appear!! You’ll be taken outside and he’ll hold you at gunpoint. When 
he asks where Klausner is, be honest with him (Angel). When he asks if he had anything, lie to him 
(Devil). Be honest with his next question, and when he asks if George wants to die like a man, 
choose the George icon. Before it’s too late, use the electric buzzer on Khan to shock him. Before he 
recovers, jump off the cliff and George will land safely in Ultar’s truck. You’ll soon arrive back in 
Paris. Insert Disc 1 and I’ll continue with the guide.

DISC 1 – Nicole’s Apartment:

After the conversation, leave and go to Musée Crune.

Musée Crune:

Talk to André about the manuscript and then ask him about Nicole twice. When you’re finished, go 
back to Nico’s apartment.

Nicole’s Apartment:

When you arrive, you’ll proceed with the normal greetings and then Nico will mention that André 
visited her not too long ago. Leave here and go back to Musée Crune.

Musée Crune:

Ask André about the manuscript four times and then go to Villa de Vasconcellos via the Airport. 
Don’t forget to insert Disc 2 before proceeding.

DISC 2 – Villa de Vasconcellos:

Walk as far left as you can and then use the pressure gauge on the part of the hose that starts 
coming out of the window. The gardener’s hose will shut off and he’ll think that you had something 
to do with it (hehe). He’ll head inside, so follow him in. Walk towards the gate, which gets the dogs 
barking. Hurry up and hide behind the suit of armor before the gardener catches you! He’ll soon 
leave and when he does, head upstairs.

Here, you’ll get to meet the Countess. Ask her about the Templars, and then ask her about the chess 
pieces. After a bit of conversation, you’ll be taken to a Templar mausoleum that’s dedicated to the 
Vasconcellos Templars. When you have control, take the Bible off of the lectern and look at the 
design that George uncovered. Ask the Countess about what you can and she’ll have Lopez (the 
gardener) retrieve the chess pieces.

When he arrives, George will take the set from him and place them on the board. Rearrange the 
middle row so that the king is on the second spot from the bottom, the knight is on the spot above 
him, and place the bishop at the top. When you’ve solved the puzzle, a sequence will ensue where 
George ends up unlocking a niche containing the Vasconcellos’ Communion chalice and soon you’ll 
get to see Nico’s face once again.

DISC 1 – Nicole’s Apartment:

Well, you should know what happens by now, and when they’re done, leave and go to Montfauçon.


Go as far right as you can and go up the stairs. You’ll find yourself in a church. Go over and show 
the priest the chalice. When he asks if he can polish it, tell him yes. Do you see that knight statue? 
Right click on it and put the lens in the scroll. You’ll get to see a stained glass panel of a Templar 
Knight being burned at the stake and holding a date (the fruit). Talk to the priest to get the chalice 
back and notice how shiny it is now. Go over to the tomb in the far corner (on the other side of the 
pews) and look at it. When you’re finished, leave Montfauçon and go visit Nico.

Nicole’s Apartment:

She’ll tell you she managed to sell a story, but nothing really important. Leave here and go to Musée 

Musée Crune:

Talk to André about the three-headed statue that you saw in the cave back in Syria and he’ll tell you 
that it’s a statue of Baphomet. He’ll also mention a new location, Baphomet’s Site. Leave Musée 
Crune and go there.

Baphomet’s Site:

When you arrive, head through the gate and down the stairs. Open up the right door to find out that 
it’s locked. Talk to the guard and ask him for the keys to the washroom. Use the keys on the door 
and head inside. Take a look at the sink and then take the soap, and then use the keys on the bar of 
soap to make an impression. Use the plaster on the soap and then run it under some water. Look at 
the boiler to the right and then leave.

Look at the thermostat that’s on the left side of the room, just above the radiator. Talk to the guard 
about it and then use it and George will turn off the heat. After about a minute, the guard will put 
some gloves on. After he does, give him the keys. Head upstairs, and next to the painter is his paint 
can. Try using your fake key on it, but the painter will stop you. Head back downstairs and use the 
phone. George will call Nicole, whom will assist you in distracting the painter.

Head back upstairs and tell the painter that he has a phone call. After he leaves, stick your ‘key’ into 
the paint and then head back downstairs again. After the painter leaves, ask the guard for the toilet 
keys and then enter the washroom. Inside, use your key on the real keys and George will do the ol’ 
switcheroo. Give the keys back to the guard and then use the phone again. This time, George will 
have Nicole call back in a minute so that the guard will leave.

Watch the sequence, and when you find yourself back downstairs, use the key on the left door to 
discover what the guard was guarding. Do you see that part of the floor down below? Use the 
chalice on it and you’ll end up discovering something. You’ll find yourself back at Nico’s.

Nicole’s Apartment:

It’s the same ol’ boring conversation thing again. Leave here and go back to Villa de Vasconcellos.

DISC 2 – Villa de Vasconcellos:

As soon as you get there, George will automatically talk to Lopez. He apologizes for having acting 
rude when you first visited, but after you made the Countess happy again, he trusts you. After you’re 
done, head inside the villa. Do you see where the hose is connected? There’s a small mirror hanging 
just next to it. Take it and then head upstairs to talk to the Countess.

Ask the Countess about herself and then the chalice. Head outside and go to the mausoleum. To get 
to it, there’s a small path that’s hard to see because of Lopez’s watering, but it’s behind his spray. 
Once you find it, follow it to get to the mausoleum. Take the pole you find inside and use it to close 
the window. Use the tissue on the pole and then use it on the candle to light it on fire. Use the lit 
tissue to light the candle on the chandelier. Watch the sequence and you’ll end up getting a strange 

Take the Bible and then go back and talk to the Countess. Ask her about the Bible and then go 
outside and talk to Lopez and ask him about the well and then about the gap twice. He’ll tell you to 
get a divining rod to help you locate where the well used to be.

Go all of the way to the left and do you see that tree near the window? Click on it and you’ll have 
yourself a divining rod. Go back to Lopez and tell him about it. After hours of searching, all you 
managed to find is a tin can with some water in it. Lopez will throw and listen to it as it drops down. 
At the end, you’ll hear a bang. There’s the well.

Next time you’ll see George is when he’s at the bottom of the well. Take a look at the lion’s head and 
then click on it to have George pull on the tooth. You’ll hear some stone grinding. Now, before the 
falling lion’s head squishes George, hurry up and click on the rope to have George get out of harm’s 

Use the mirror on the well wall to have George shine some light into the darkened passageway. 
You’ll find a keyhole, so use the strange key on it.  Go through the doorway and you’ll eventually go 
to see the Countess and then you’ll be back in Paris.

DISC 1 – Nicole’s Apartment:

Here, you’ll see André sitting on the couch. After some conversation, you and Nicole will leave by 
train to go to Bannockburn, Scotland.

Aboard the Train:

Talk to Nicole and ask her about herself twice. Try to leave and a conductor will come in to check 
your tickets. George has his suspicions about the conductor and the old lady, whom you’ll learn 
their true identities later. Leave the compartment and walk to the left until you run into Guido. When 
you go back to your compartment, both the old lady and Nicole are gone!!!

Go to the compartment next to yours, you know, the one with the striped shirt guy in it. Talk to him 
about Nicole and then open up the window and climb on up. Unless you want to fry George, walk to 
the right and when you come to a ladder, climb down. It is in this car that you’ll witness the deaths of 
Khan (the old lady) and Flap. As soon as you can, pull the emergency brake on the wall next to the 
left door. Some crates will fall over and knock (if not crush) Eklund (the conductor) unconscious.

Talk to Khan about Bull’s Head if you want, but when he’s done, he’ll try telling George one last 
thing, but he’ll succumb to death before finishing. Try leaving through the right door, and Nicole will 
get mad. Don’t worry, George will untie her automatically and watch as the sparks fly! Leave through 
the door and you’ll arrive in Bannockburn.

DISC 2 – Bannockburn, Scotland:

You’ll arrive at some ruins that were once used as an arms dump. Head inside and search the rubble 
near the window four times to find an object each time. Use the gear you find on the demon statue 
and George will place it in one of his eyes. Near the statues are a set of gears and a handle. Try 
turning the handle to have it come off, and then take the gears out of that same contraption you took 
the handle off of.

Use the gear on the demon to have George put it in its other socket and then use the handle on the 
demon statue to open up the door. Head on through, and then go through the other doorway to 
witness another Templar meeting. Watch the sequences and you’ll eventually find yourself back in 
the previous area with Guido blocking the way out. Grab the nearby torch and George will throw it 
onto the powder. Nicole, having caught on with what George had in mind, takes her handbag full of 
C4 and throws it onto the flame.

The Grand Master thinks that the powder won??t explode since it’s so old. Guido thinks otherwise, 
and tries to blow out the fire. KABOOM! George and Nicole escape in time, and you’ll get to watch 
the ending!

Watch the credits if you want, but anyway, you’ve beaten Broken Sword 1: The Shadow of the 
Templars!  If you want to continue the adventures, get Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror and 
sometime in the near future, Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon!

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