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Marseille Quaramonte Jungle Captain Ketch's landing British Museum
Captain Ketch's Museum

Zombie Island's Beach

Subway Station

Zombie Island


Zombie Island

Indian Village



Oubier's House

As the game starts you find George and Nico entering Professor's Oubier House. The butler kidnaps Nico and ties you on a chair. A poisonous spider and a fire are threatening your life. Examine the bookcase. Use the loose wood and the bookcase will fall down smashing the spider. Use the metal bracket on the wall to cut your ropes. Move to the Writing bureau. Examine the photograph above it. Open the bureau. Drink the tequila bottle and a worm will fall on the floor. Pick up the worm. Open the drawer. A pot is added to your inventory. Examine the pot and you'll find a key. Move a little to the left and just under the right window curtain you'll see Nico's bag. Pick up the bag and a lipstick, a note and a pair of laced panties will be added to your inventory. Move again to the left until you reach the fire. On the cabinet there is a syphon. Use it but you'll find out that it's out of gas. Try to open the cabinet. It's locked. On the carpet there is a dart. Pick it up. Use the dart on the locked cabinet and the
cabinet will blow open. Pick up the cylinder. It's hot and you can't hold it. Use the laced panties on it to pick it up. Use the cylinder on the syphon and use the extinguisher you just made on the flames. Open the door.

The main hallway

You are in the main hallway. The two doors are locked. Pick up the news cutting from the table by the phone and examine it. You'll also find a note from Oubier on the clipping. Use the phone. Use the key on the front door.


Talk to the man sitting next to your table. Ask him about every topic available. When you ask him about the note he'll tell you about the handwriting. Talk to the waiter two times since the first time he'll ignore you. The second time he'll bring you a cup of coffee. Ask the waiter about everything and especially about the movie star Carol two times. Laubinau will arrive at that time. When you're done asking him about everything available Laubinau will leave and you'll see a meanwhile video about Nico's state. Drink your coffee. Ask the waiter about it. Try to pick up the flask from the Inspector's table. Ask the waiter about it. Talk to the man. When he is upset and looking down on the table pick up the flask. Talk to the man again (don't ask him about himself) and ask him about Carol. Go to the exit and a two sites map will appear. Choose Glease Gallery.

Glease Gallery

Talk to the girls. Look at the display case. Talk to the fat man. Ask about Professor Oubier and what he drinks, twice. Then ask him about your pot, the other pots and then again yours. He'll take it to examine it and break it! Look at the packing case. If , you try to examine it Glease will not allow you to. Talk to Glease. Ask him about the coyote stone, Oubier, Oubier's wife twice, relics Oubier, indian, pots, drink news cutting. You need a diversion to check the packing case. While the man is not looking put absinthe in his drink. He likes it. Put some more. When Glease is not paying attention examine the packing case. You find a label. Pick it up.



Look at the fence in front of you. Try  to climb over it. Twenty, the guard dog, will appear and won't let you in. Look at the window. Try to pick up the spikes. Use the steps next to the hut. Pick up the hook and use it on the bottle. Click on the window and the guard will start talking to you. Ask about the time, the dog (3), Condor Transglobal (4), Nico (2), the panties, Oubier, cooking, beans (2), the bottle, the cone, the dart and the  letter. Use the bottle on the chimney twice. The first time it will cool it off and the second time you will use it to block the pipe. The hut will be filled with smoke and the guard will jump out of it. Go down the steps again and enter the hut through the trapdoor. Pick up the dog biscuits. Pick up a piece of coal from the bucket. Leave the hut the same way you entered it. Use the window again. Talk to the man. Go down the stairs again. Use the hook on the platform to lower it. Give a biscuit to the dog. Use the hook again on the platform to lift it back up. Use the biscuits on the platform. Twenty will step on the platform. Use the hook on the platform to make the dog fall into the water. Go back to the fence and climb it.

Examine the signs one by one. Go left all the way and use the ladder to go up. Use the window near the fan. You'll take a look inside. While  you are looking inside the warehouse, use the hook on the fan. Use the ladder to climb down again and go knock on the door until the indian gets out ( If you choose to talk about pizza you'll have to knock the door 3 times). Quickly this time, use the ladder to climb up before the indian exits the warehouse. Use the barrel twice. The indian will fall in the water. Climb down and get inside the warehouse. Examine the notice board and use the filling cabinet. It's locked (but you don't really care). Open the drawer of the desk and get the key. Look at the boxes. When the man (Titipoco) appears talk to him. Ask him about Nico, the cone, the dart. Show Titipoco the key. He will be released and he'll disappear. Use the elevator button.

Upper Floor

Use the small crate. Use the large crate to the right to block the photo electric cell of the elevator. Use the switch switch by the elevator. You'll turn on the lights. Examine the scratch marks. A secret door. Use the door. There is a secret room. Go inside and  you'll find Nico tied inside. Pick up the fetish. Talk to Nico. Use the rope to untie her. Talk to Nico. When she asks you if you remember inspector Moue answer yes. Pick up the tape from the floor before you exit the room. Use the tape on the photoelectric cell to block it. Use the crate that blocked the door. Use the small crate to move it. Use the large crate on the left. Use the rope on the statue. Use the pallet carrier to lift the statue cause the rope is too short. Use the rope that's around the statue's neck on the pulley. Try to push the statue. It's too heavy. Ask Nico to help you. Once you are outside use the handcuffs on the cable to slide down.



Talk to the guard about the ship (2) and the music. Look at the hut. Talk to the man near the hut about Condor Transglobal and the statue. Talk to the man with the fishes near the band about the fish and the statue. Talk to the band members about Miguel, music, the accident, the biscuits, the stone, the statue, the worm, Condor (2), the news cutting. Talk to Pearl about Duane (3), Pearl, stone, dart, statue, worm, news cutting. Talk to Duane about him, Karzac, music, Miguel, pearl, driving, truck, biscuits, coal, Condor, panties. Talk to the man without legs about accident, stone, statue, Condor twice, news cutting, panties. Talk to the General about everything possible. Talk to Renaldo. Talk to Nico. Talk to General about the map of Quaramonte. Go outside. Talk to Nico about map, General. Talk to Pearl about the  General. Talk to band about the General. Talk to Oubier about everything. When you ask about his wife choose the icon of the woman. Talk to Duane. Climb up the stairs to the Mining company. Talk to Conchita about everything. Did you notice what happened when you asked her about the coal. Talk to the secretary. Leave this place. Talk to Duane. Lie about the detonator. Go to the Mine Co. Talk to Conchita again. Get out again and talk to Nico. Talk to the General (Nico will distract him). Use the chart. Talk to Renaldo (he's a tourist guide). Get out and talk to Pearl. Use the chart again. Go to back where the jail is. Talk to Miguel. Go to the  Mine Co. Talk to Conchita. Open the cabinet to get the detonator. Take the detonator and go to Duane to give it to him. Go back to the jail. Talk to Miguel about the escape plans.

Playing Nico

Look at the lava lamp, the swordfish on the wall , the tiger skin and the TV. Talk to General . After a while his mother will come in.

Playing George

Talk to Miguel about the rope. Tie the rope to the window and give it to Duane


Tree house

Pick up the vine  near the washing machine. No one answers to your calls. Maybe you should make them come out. Put the news cutting on the leaves Use the statue on the water mill. You managed to light a fire! When father Hubert climbs down talk to him. He will show you the way to the indian village only if you straighten his collar. Use the vine to connect the two stones. Now you have a press. Put the collar in the press. Pick up the cross and use it to operate the press. Now give the collar to father Hubert and talk to him. He will lead you to the village.


Talk to the guard. Give him the box of biscuits. The Shaman seemed to like them. Put the coyote stone in the box and give it to the guard (Just for fun try putting the panties first and give the box to the guard). Talk to the Shaman. Ask him to give you the root to save Nico's life. You will find what he needs for exchange.

Saving Nico's Life

Climb up the tree house and talk to Hubert . Go downstairs and put the root in the press. You need a container. Put the cone under the press. Operate the press using the cross. Pick up the antidote and give it to Nico.

Captain Ketch's landing

Getting rid of the Ketch sisters

Talk to Bronson. Look at his plans and try to examine them. He won't let you. Talk to Rio. Go to the House and examine the cat. Talk to the ladies. Go back to the beach and talk to Rio again. Talk to the ladies. They will leave.

Getting the ball from the cat

Talk to Rio. You need a fish, so give him the worm. He will fish a bicycle. Take the inner tube. He'll give you the fish. Go to the house and use the ladder. Climb up and use the inner tube on the flag pole. Climb down. Use the fish on the inner tube. The cat will leave the ball. Pick up the red ball.
Taking a closer look at the plans

Climb up the ladder. Take the inner tube and use it on the tree. Use the red ball on the inner tube. Pick up the shining thing. Bronson will come and when he climbs up use the ladder. Go to the beach. Take the theodolite. Take the plans. Show the plans to the Ketch sisters

British Museum

Examine your purse. You will find a hair clip. Examine all the display cases. Talk to the attendant. When you ask him about the he will tell you to ask an expert. Talk to Professor Oubier. After a while the phone rings and Professor Oubier leaves. The attendant will show you now the stone. But the stone is missing. Pick up key from the display case. Show the key to the attendant. Professor Oubier must be the one who took the stone. Use the key on the display case next to the phone. Open the case and pick up the dagger. You need to know where Oubier is heading. Talk to the attendant. Now that you know, draw the curtain and open the door by using the dagger on the exit.

Captain Ketch's Museum

Read the ship's log. Pick up the lantern and place it on the ink well. Pick up the map and put it on the desk. They both fit perfectly. Get the quill from the desk. Look at the portrait on the wall. It's captain Ketch. Open the chest. Someone was hiding in it. It's Emily. Talk to her. She has a cross like the one in the portrait. She needs something in exchange. Talk to Rio. He will give yo a gift for Emily if you give him a new bait to catch a  tiger fish. Go to the house and give the quill to the cat. Pick up the feather shreds and give them to Rio. He will give you a shell. Go back to the museum and give the shell to Emily. Now place the cross on the pen holder. The place of the hidden treasure is revealed. The Zombie island. Ask Rio to take you there with his boat.
 Zombie Island's Beach

Examine the boat. There is a fishing net. Talk to Rio and he will give it to you. Use the net on the rock outcrop and you will be able to climb up.

Subway Station

Examine the coin slot of the vending machine. There is a coin inside. Use the hair clip to push it and then pick it up from the reject slot. Try to open the cupboard with your dagger. You made a small crack. Put the coin in the weighting machine. The machine will give you a card. Use the card on the crack to open the cupboard and press the button. The signal becomes red and the train stops.

Zombie Island

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
Image 6

Image 7

Once you climbed up the cliff you'll find yourself in Image 1. Choose the exit no1. You'll find a swamp (Image 2). Pick up the reed. Go to the exit no 6. You are in Image no 3. Examine the lair. Use the reed on the lair. Exit the scene the same way you entered it (exit no1). Do the same thing with the swamp scene ( Image 2 - exit 1). You are now in Image 1.Choose exit no 2. Go a little forward. Use the dart on the weed and use what you just made on the creature blocking your way. Go straight to exit no 2. Pick up the vine. Use the net on the vine. Use the target on the vine. Pick up the vine-net-target and use it on the rock and pull the string to put it right on top. Now it should be visible for miles. Exit this scene (Image 7) from exit no 2. You're back on the swamp site (Image 2). Choose exit no 6 to go to the lair site again ( Image 3)  and exit this site from  exit no 3. You should find yourself in a flower site (Image 4). Go straight to the flower site (use exit no 1) and you'll find yourself at the swamp site (Image 2) but this time you are in the right side of the screen. Exit this site from  exit no 5 and you are back to the lair site ( Image 3) only this time you are at the top of the screen. To your right there are  exits no 4,5,6. Choose exit no 5. You are back at the flower site ( Image 4) and go straight (choose exit no 5) to find yourself up the camel mountain. Examine the initials. Put the theodolite on the holes and keep moving to the right examining every screen until you notice the marker at the bottom of one of the screens. Click on the marker and then examine the pillar straight above the marker. Exit the theodolite. Exit the mountain choosing the exit no 2.


At this point you should save your game because if you are not fast enough you will get killed. When the guard isn't watching, hurry to the next crate. Then climb up the ladder. As soon as the guard gets pass the ladder, quickly open the cupboard and climb up again. The guard will see the open door and go in to check it out. Quickly  close the cupboard and secure it with the mop. Examine the porthole. It's Karzac with Oubier. Karzac kills Oubier but doesn't take the stone. When Karzac leaves, you get in the room. You check if Oubier is alive and when you make sure he is dead, you take the stone. Karzac comes in and tries to strangle you. You have to stab him with the dagger to run away.

Zombie Island

Movie set

Talk to Hawks. You will learn about the movie he makes. Talk to the cameraman, Sharon, Haiku and the man at the table. From the table get the bun, a pancake and the syrup. Put some syrup on the pancake. Talk to Hawks. The shooting begins. When it's  over, examine the left bush. There are some angry hornets. Talk to Bert and offer him your pancake. He will gladly accept it and eat it. Now it's time to make these hornets really angry. Throw your bun at the bush. Pick up another bun from the table and throw it too. The hornets go after Bert, he makes the stunt and Hawks shoots a perfect scene.


Try to get in the tent. Hawks doesn't let you. Talk to him. He needs a stuntman and the camera is broken so he can't shoot the scene. Examine the handheld camera. Talk to the cameraman and then Hawks. You get the job and eventually you find the missing stone.

Indian Village

Talk to Titipoco. George gave the stone to him. The other stone is near the barrel. Try to pick it up. It's very hot. You need to cool it down. You try to push the barrel but it's too heavy. Ask Titipoco to help you. Pick up the stone and head for the Pyramid.


Outside Pyramid

Some guards are blocking the way to the top of the pyramid. Talk to the Capitan and tell him that you came to see the General. You will not be allowed to go up, but he won't bother you wile you think another way to go up. Pick up the rope and give it to Titipoco. After he gets down, put the rope in the engine. Now you need some fuel. Cut the fuel line of the generator by using your dagger. Get the cylinder near the fuel line and use it to get some fuel. Put the cylinder in in the fuel cup of the engine. Now the elevator is ready to work. Push the button and pull the lever to bring the elevator down. Ask Titipoco to help you. Get inside the elevator and talk to him.

Once you reach the top of the pyramid you see George tied on a sacrificial slab. You need a diversion. Get the ammunition belt which is near the boxes, and go down. Pick up the torch and ask Titipoco to light it. Then throw it to the fuel and "add" the ammunition belt. Perfect. Go up and talk to the General. He thinks you carry a gun and throws away his. Talk to George and free him using the dagger. Use both levers. You can't move them. Ask George to help you.

Playing Nico

Image 8
Image 9

In this Pyramid area you have two screens. The one has two circles on the wall. The second one has two sets of tiles. The first time you enter this room the wheels are turned in such a way that if you press tile no 2 it should be pushed in. If you messed with the wheels before doing so don't worry. What you have to do is to manage and push in all tiles A-D. Each one of these tiles is consisted of 2 different tiles from 1-10.
The right tiles that compose the tile (e.g. A) must be pressed in. To press a tile from 1-10  in you must turn the wheel in such a way that the two pictures at the sides of the X mark in image 8 should compose the tile you want to activate. The right combinations for tiles A-D are
A= 2+5
When all the tiles A-D are pushed in a secret door will open. Enter the door.

Playing George

Pick up the torch from the wall and ask Titipoco to light it for you. Then pull the lever. You end up in another room. Pull the lever at the center of the wall. The door will close. Exit the room from the other wall. Pull the right lever and get out of the room. Now you are in a corridor. For once more, pull the lever on the right and get in the room. A secret door has opened. Pick up your dying torch and use it to light the new one on the wall. Exit the room. Pull the lever for the last time. A hidden staircase is revealed. Walt to certain death and watch the end of the game.


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