Solution to 'Lure of the Temptress' by CONFUCIUS of IQ200 - 31 january 1993


Get torch. Stand next to the door and when the Skorl comes in, get out.
Close and lock door. Go through the other door. Get knife (on the barrel).
Get bottle (next to the sack). Use knife on sack. Look sack, you will find
a coin. Look barrel, you will see a tap. Use bottle on tap. Go to the
next room. Use knife on leather cord (on the rack). Go back to the outer
cell. Give bottle to prisoner. Tell Ratpouch to pull bricks. Follow him
through the opening.


When walking around the village, talk to everyone you meet so you get to know
their names. Don't be afraid of the Skorl, they are too stupid to recognize
you. When you meet the blacksmith, follow him to his workshop and talk to
him. When you meet a guy called Mallin, he will give you a metal bar. Bring
this bar to Ewan the shopkeeper and he will give you some money and a jewel.
Bring the jewel to Nellie (in the Magpie Tavern) and she will give you a
flask with some kind of strong liquor. Bribe Morkus (also in the Magpie
Tavern) to get some information on the disappearance of the girl. Talk to
Luthern and then to Grub (he is the beggar next to the Magpie Tavern), you
will get a lockpick. Talk to Edwina (in the Severed Arms) and you will get a
diary. Wait at the Severed Arms till Luthern comes in and give him the flask,
he will empty it for you. Go to the blacksmith's workshop and get the 
thinderbox (next to the barrel on the floor). Give the lockpick to Ratpouch
and tell him to go to the Marketplace and use the lockpick on the lock.
This will unlock the door to the magician's house. Open it. Look apparatus.
Use thinderbox on oil burner. Use flask on tap. Go to the Middle Street and
drink flask. You will undergo a metamorphosis. Open door. Talk to a Skorl.
The girl is now free. Go out and wait till you turn back to normal. Wait for
a while and the find Mallin. He will give you a book. Instead of bringing the
book to Morkus, bring it to the monks (you can open the door now, look at the
poster). Give the book to one of the monks. Talk to the monk called Toby.
Go to Goewin's shop and talk to her. Ask for houndstooth, cowbane and
elecampane. Go to the blacksmith's workshop. Ask Catriona for cowbane. Go 
out and get the cowbane (between the flowers). Talk to Ultar (in the Severed
Arms). Bring the cowbane to Goewin. Wait till the spell is ready and take it.
Talk to Ultar again. Go to the Weregate and talk to one of the statues. Now
go to Goewin and ask her to come along. When you arrive at the Weregate,
talk to Goewin. Go through the gate, Goewin will follow you.
Pull right skull. Go to the next cave. Go back and tell Goewin to go to the
Green Cave. Go with her. Tell Goewin to go to the Entrance Cave and then pull
left skull and then pull right skull and then go to the Green Cave. This
will cause the next door to open. Go through it before it closes again.
Pull left skull. Tell Goewin to go to the Green Cave and then pull right
skull. Save your game now! Walk through the Red Cave and you will meet a
beast. Defeat him. Walk on and you will arrive at the dragon. Use potion on
dragon. Talk to dragon, you will get the Eye of Gethryn. Walk back through
the caves. Just open the doors by pulling or pushing skulls (not difficult).
When back in the village, find Mallin and talk to him. Go to Ewan's shop and
look through the window. Wait till a Skorl comes in and listen to their
conversation. When the Skorl has left, go in and talk to Ewan.


Go to the next room. Look carcass. Get fat. Get tongs (next to the table).
Talk to the boy and tell him to go get his master. Go back to the room where
you came in. Look at the cask in the front at the left wall. Use tongs on
bung. Hide and wait till the Skorl comes in. Now walk away. You will
get to a junction with two openings. Go through the right one. Walk through
the Dining Room filled with drunken Skorl. You will get at the Gate Room.
Use fat on lever. Go find Minnow and tell him to go to the Gate Room. In the
Gate Room, tell Minnow to pull lever. Operate winch. Go back to the junction
and go through the left opening. Save your game now! Walking ahead you will
come at the bridge. You don't have any time to enjoy the beautiful scenery
because you are caught in a fight with another Skorl. When you have defeated
him, go ahead and enjoy the final animation.

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