The House of the Dead 1
Arcade/PC FAQ/Mini-Walkthrough
Version 1.0

First-person shooting.  Light gun, optional (but recommended)
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FAQ History:

First release (yeah, a little late)

1. What's the point of this FAQ?
2. What the heck is "House of the Dead?"
3. Do I need to purchase a light gun?
4. Can you give me some tips/secrets?  I can't get through the game easily!
     4a. Known bugs
5. Is there any difference between the Arcade version and the PC version?
     5a. What are these new modes?
     5b. How can I unlock more options?
     5c. What are some items from PC Mode?
     5d. Training mode FAQ
     5e. Boss mode FAQ
6. Is there any part of the game you want to cover? (mini-walkthrough)
7. My best times
8. Closing notes/Thanks/Contact Information

1. What's the point of this FAQ?
After I did my HOTD2 FAQ, I started playing HOTD1 a lot I figured,
why not?

This isn't a thorough walkthrough.  It only quickly covers some of the main
things to note in the game.  For more detailed walkthroughs, go to or another site that has full, detailed walkthroughs.

2. What the heck is "House of the Dead?"
The House of the Dead is a gun shooting game, whose game rules are similar to
that of Area 51 (or Maximum Force).  You shoot off the screen to reload and if
you shoot the wrong person, you lose a life.  Each life is indicated by a

Defaults for both the arcade dipswitches and home are three lives, medium
difficulty.  Maximum of five lives.  Every once in a while, when you save a
hostage, they'll give you a life bonus.  If you save enough people in a
level, you'll get another life bonus after you defeat the level.  Depending
on what stage, you'll have to save different amounts of people (See section
7).  Unfortunately, unlike the first one, you can't get anymore than 1 life
bonus at the end of the level.

One of the unique factors of this game was that depending on what you did (i.e.
save certain hostages, shoot off locks), you'll go through a different route,
fighting different zombies, even fighting the boss differently, making the
game have a great replay value.

HOTD 1 takes place in December 18 1998 at, I believe, a man named Dr. Curien's
mansion or lab.  Bascially, to make a long story short, Curien created a race
of zombies and other undead creatures.  You basically have to go into "The
House of the Dead" to save the scientists trapped inside and take out Curien
and his secret weapon, the Magician (oops, I guess it's not so secret anymore
^_^).  The two main characters involved are agents from the AMS, G and Rogan.

This game is in 3D polygons, I don't know what technology this game was
built on.

Oh, and if you're wondering what the name of the bosses are about (Hanged Man,
Magician, Judgment, Tower, Emperor, etc.) they're based on the faces of Tarot

5. Do I need to purchase a light gun for the PC version?
Like I said, without the gun, it's a pain to get used to, since you'll have to
struggle with accuracy with the crosshair: you may overshoot your target for
example.  Plus, if you have two or three enemies on opposite sides of the
screen, you may lose a life because you can't get your crosshair to move fast
enough to the other side of the screen, unless you're using a mouse.

There are ways to purchase a gun for you PC, I'm not sure how though.
6. Can you give me some tips/secrets?  I can't get through the game easily!
Rapid fire and reload (PC):
Just hit both the fire and the reload buttons at the same time!

To always display your score:
At the FIRST title screen (where the camera pans the houses), press left, left,
right, right, right, left, right, then start.  Your score will display when
you play either arcade or original mode.
In the arcade, after you insert coin(s), you press the triggers 
(left and right triggers) left, left, right, right, right, left, right).

How many civilians are there?
1st stage=6  2nd=5  3rd=3  4th=0
This number may differ depending on which route you go.  This is assuming all
hostages are saved and the normal straight route is taken.

There are several endings to the game.
The only ones I've confirmed is if you beat the game without continuing
and if you beat the game with continues.

Whenever you try shooting a zombie in the background, you'll usually need a
couple shots.  But whether you kill them or not makes no real difference in
the story.  Just extra points.  Same with the lights.

Head shots are key in shooting games like this.  For the most part, they'll
kill your enemy in fewer shots than any other shot.

Don't forget: saving the hostages aren't ALWAYS helpful.  Sometimes, when you
save a hostage, you'll go through a route that is more difficult.  Experiment
around a bit, try not to save a hostage (don't shoot them though!  You'll lose
a life!), and try the different routes.

        6a. Known bugs

Only one I know in the arcade (doesn't appear in the PC version).
When fighting Chariot again in the fourth chapter, Continually shoot his
weak spot, pushing him back.  If you keep pushing him back without letting
him advance one step towards you, he'll start going through the wall.

7. Is there any difference between the Arcade version and the PC version?
Many, for one thing, the PC version actually looks worse unfortunately.
At least all the voices and sound effects are intact...
But the game played the same otherwise (but it feels different).
There are some new modes however that you obviously can't do in the arcade.

        7a. What are these new modes? (PC)

These new modes include a Boss Mode, and an PC Mode.

        7b. How can I unlock more options? (PC)

On the PC version, not that I know of.

        7c. What are some items from Original Mode? (PC)


        7d. Boss mode FAQ (PC)

Boss mode basically makes you kill all bosses in all scenarios.
The bosses, in case you don't want to read the FAQ are as follows:

Hanged Man
Fight all (In condescending order)

Read the Mini-walkthrough on how to defeat them.

8. Is there any part of the game you want to cover? (a mini walkthrough/FAQ)

All quotes without a name are either by G or Rogan or both.  Sometimes,
quotes are combined.



Scientist: "Oh no!"

First chapter: Tragedy
Scientist: "Aggh!"

Shoot the zombie that's eating the scientist.

Scientist: "Others are still inside.  Save them!"

And the scientist dies.

Continue on, you'll see a zombie with knives.  Kill him.  Then there will be two
scientists being chased by zombies on opposites ends of the screen.  Try to save
them both (it's a bit difficult).  You'll be moving left a right shooting zombies.
As you approach the fountain, you'll see Sophie.


But you get ambushed by two gargoyles that jump over the wall on your left.
Shoot them.  When you kill them, a gargoyle will stand in front of you on your right.
Shoot it too.

Sophie: "It's you!  AHHH!"
Hanged Man: "Heheheh Nobody leaves here alive!"
Rogan: "Sophie!!!"
G: "We'll get you for this!"

You'll turn to see two knife zombies on your right.  A zombie will jump from the
fountain.  After, another zombie will be carrying a scientist to throw over the 
edge.  Shoot the zombie for a Life Up!  Then you'll see some worms at the bridge 
eating a zombie.  Shoot all five.  You'll then look down the bridge to see a knife
zombie in the distance.  Shoot him.  After you cross the bridge, you'll turn right
to see four frog jumping at you.  Kill them all.  After, you'll climb up steps and
see a knife zombie waiting for you.  Kill him.

Rogan: "Let's go in!"
G: "Sure!"

As you enter, you'll see three barrels, the last one you shoot has a point bonus.
Two monkeys will jump on the chandeleer.  Depending on which one you shoot determines
which path you go.  If you shoot the one on your left, you'll go straight (which is
harder).  If you shoot the one on your right, you'll go left up the stairs.

Either way, it leads to the same place.  Eventually, you'll get to a big room, where
a scientist will be backing away from two zombies.  She'll give you something, but it
doesn't do anything different to the game.  Face up, and you'll have two zombies throwing
barrels at you.  Kill them.  Depending whether or not you went straight through or not,
you may have to kill three normal zombies.  Two monkey zombies will jump out the window.
Kill them, and you'll go through.  Right before you get to the boss, two zombies will
come running at you.

G: "Are you alright?"
Rogan: "Sophie, are you OK?"
Sophie: "I was so scared!  AHHHH!"

Chariot Type 27:
Weakspot: Chest spot, body
Kinda silly, why would a monster leave a weakspot like that?  Anyhow, keep shooting
that little red spot on his right chest before he gets too close to you and slices you
up.  After a couple shots, he'll stop, then come charging at you.  Keep shooting his
weakspot; he'll pause, break off his armor and come lumbering at you.  At this point,
just shoot any part of his body that's covered in flesh.

Rogan: "Sophie!"

Sophie: "You must stop Curien!  Or else something terrible will happen!"

Rogan: "Sophie...."
G: "Don't worry, he'll pay for this."

Second chapter: Revenge
This stage has MANY parts to it, so I can't go through it.
A couple suggestions: Try not to stray from the path.  Don't go down the
panel that the first fat zombie is standing on (you can go through it by
shooting the panel four times), since that's harder.  When you get to the
bridge, I don't suggest hitting the arrow from up to down.  Also, when you
get to the "dead end," don't hit the arrow from down to up; it's easier.

Everytime you see a bookcase, detroy it.  You may find a scientist or a

Scientist: "They're still upstairs."

Hanged man: "Hehehe this is as far as you go!  I'll finish you here!"
Scientists: "Ahhhhh!!!"

Hanged Man Type 041:
Weakspot: Body
This oversized bat is relatively easy.  For the first part, shoot the boss
like crazy, and careful of the bats he calls to come at you.  He will first
summon one bat, then two, then three, so on until five.  After that, he'll
summon five bats to attack you.  When you get him down to 60%, he'll start
flying around, and occasionally charging you.  If you hit him 5 times while
he's rushing at you, he'll pull back.  At 30%, he'll fly away, but as you're
looking for him, Hanged Man will come out and knock you off the roof.  At
this point, shoot him when you can, if you can.  He'll be in a far-off
distance, but he won't fly around as much.  He'll try to fly up and dive down
at you.  When he does, shoot him like crazy.

"We won't let you have it your way, Curien!"
"You better be ready Curien!"

Third chapter: Truth
Again, this stage has different parts to it, so I can't make a full FAQ on
this.  One thing though.  Try to save the guy that is being a attacked by
a zombie who has his back to you.  If you don't, your path will be a bit
more difficult (you'll go down a vent shaft, only to find a bunch of zombies
waiting for you, then when you go back up, three more zombies will be
attacking you).

You'll also reach a spot with two sliding doors (right after you kill the
two ball-and-chain zombies and the blue midgets).  To go through the left
door (which is easier), continually shoot the upper part of the door until
you hear a click.  You'll be faced with some fat zombies with barrels, knife
zombies, and big "macho" zombies, but that's it.

Curien: "I must compliment you.  I didn't think you could make it this far.
However, this is it! Let's see how good you really are!"

Hermit type 6803:
Weakspot: Head
Hitting the weakspot is a little more difficult.  At first, the hermit will
try to charge you, but just unload on his head.  After awhile, it'll fall back
and retreat.  When you follow, the Hermit will be ready to attack you with
it's balls of...I dunno, but shoot the balls before they hit you.  If you can,
you can shoot it's head as it's uncovering itself to rear it's end to you,
and when that happens, you can keep shooting its head until it dies.  But if
you miss, it'll do the same trick.  After awhile, Hermit will cover its head
and start crawling towards you.  When it gets really close, it'll uncover
itself and start charging at you.  You'll have about 3 seconds to shoot its
head before it hits you.

"OK Curien, now it's your turn!"
"I'll get you Curien!"

Final chapter: The House of the Dead
You start going along, and you'll see two armored men walking towards you;
kill them.  You'll then approach a control panel, with a zombie and a
ball-and-chain zombie attacking you.  When you kill them, you'll deactivate
a forcefield, which will then allow you to advance.  The next enemy you face
is Chariot.  Beat him like last time.

The next enemy is Hanged Man, but he's MUCH easier to beat, since you don't
have to be shooting him far away (he'll have nowhere to retreat and hide).

If you saved all the hostages, you'll be treated to a secret room with Life
Ups! and points.  Otherwise, you'll advance to the enemy room.  First you'll
face the big fat zombies, then you have the little midgets that throw their
claws at you.  Next are the blue knife throwing zombies.  You'll then turn
right to find two flexing zombies.  After them, when you turn around, two
big fat zombies with oil barrels.  As you're advancing, two ball-and-chainers
will block your way.  You'll then find Curien in a large room...

"There's no way out Curien!"

Curien: "I must admit, I really respect your consistancy.  But you will never,
ever defeat me!  Say hello to my masterpiece!"
Magician: "Who are you?  Nobody gives me instructions.  I shall destroy
Curien: "What happened?  Why don't you follow my instructions?"

Magician Type 0:
Weakspot: "Unknown" (well, any part that's black and pulsating)
Magician's first attack form has two parts.  First part, he'll fly somewhere
and throw two fireballs at you, he'll do this twice.  Second, he'll shoot four
fireballs at you simultaneously.  If you hit him enough, the fireballs will
dissipate, and he'll go into attack form two.  If you can't hit him fast enough,
simply shoot the fireballs to negate them.
Attack form two consists of basically charging around three times, and then
rushing you.  You can only attack him while he's rushing.  Try to estimate
where his weakspot is going to be after his third charging and shoot it
like crazy.  If you can't, you'll have a second to find it (I'd go for
the thigh, since it's the largest target).  He'll the go back to attack form one,
but if you shoot him enough, he'll go back into attack form two.  At 30% health, he'll
go into his final attack form.
Attack form three is basically charging up, then throwing a bunch of fireballs
in the air, which then land on you.  While he's charging, that's your
opportunity to unload on him.  If you can't kill by that time, shoot all the
fireballs he threw up as they come landing on you, but you have to do it
quickly.  You'll have more chances, since he'll just repeat this over and over.

Magician: "You haven't seen... anything yet!  AHHHH!!!"

"Mission acomplished.  Now on to the next mission.  Good bye, Curien...."

"Everything is over...I have nothing more to lose.  However, I must go on.
Good bye Curien, farewell Sophie..."

Ending 1:
Occurs if you've beaten the game under 60000 points with continues
or with a partner.
You go through the HOTD, and when you reach the starting point, you before
you go into your car, you turn around to look at the mansion one more time
and the screen freezes with the word "End" at the bottom right of the screen.

Ending 2:
Occurs if you've beaten the game under 60000 points solo without continues.
Everything's the same as ending 1 except instead of freezing after you've
turned around, you'll starting going towards the house.  When you open the
front doors, Sophie will be standing there, but as a zombie.  You'll hear
a gunshot, the screen will freeze, and the word "End" at the bottom right 
of the screen.

Ending 3:
Occurs if you've beaten the game over 60000 points solo without continues.
Everything's the same as ending 1 except instead of freezing after you've
turned around, you'll starting going towards the house.  When you open the
front doors, Sophie will be running towards you saying "Thank you!" and
the screen freezes with her running towards you, with the word "End" at
the bottom right of the screen.


9. My best scores/times
Here's a gist of the highest times and scores I've achieved.  With this FAQ,
other FAQs, and some skill, you should be able to well exceed my scores.

Arcade:67177 points

PC:81000 points

10. Closing notes/Thanks/Contact Information
Despite the voice acting and the civilian killing, this is actually a fun game
with a good soundtrack.  This game brings a lot of good challenges and has a
great replay value.  I've played this game many times, but STILL haven't found
several areas.

Thanks to...
Sega for making such a kick arse game
GameFAQs for the opportunity to create this.
Dan C. for getting me into HOTD in the first place... =P
CyberStation, and UIC for letting me waste countless tokens on HOTD.
And everyone who's e-mailed me about the third ending

Copyrights...(every game I mentioned thusfar, just to be safe)
House of the Dead and all characters are copyrights of the AM1
team and Sega.
Area 51 and Maximum Force are copyrights of Atari.

If you need to contact me for any reason or just leave a comment, feel free
to drop an e-mail at [email protected]

BTW-I'm not a girl, so don't think about sending love letter.  Also spam will
be ignored and taken up with your ISP or mail server (yes, there are laws
against that too).

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