As we join our heroine, she is just finished with a morning coffee and is thinking about exploring her new fancy house.

What can I do in the kitchen ?
Adrienne can sit behind table, although it doesn't help much. Interesting things include a cupboard next to table. Adrienne should open it's topmost drawer and extract a box of matches. She can also grab quick snack from the fridge and have a nice cold glass of water afterwards.

What can I do in the pantry ?
It's kind of dark here so the best thing would be to probe for a light switch (or something). Sometimes entrances to the cellars can be found in pantries. Adrienne should move a carpet and discover the secret below. She can try to lift a trap door with her bare hands but, alas this won't be successful attempt. If she has a poker already (obtainable from
dining room, she can try it on the trap door. Sadly our heroine refuses do descend into the darkness but luckily she is carrying a box of matches from kitchen. Adrienne strikes a match and steps down the basement stairs.

What can I do in the basement ?
Someone has left an old hammer lying around which could come in handy later. Adrienne should slip it into her oh so roomy pocket. Interesting things to do include poking around old barrels and stirring up some dust. She can also taste a wine and explore little room with decorative chains mounted on the wall. She could take a closer look at these.

What can I do in dining room ?
There is a fireplace below a painting. Adrienne would be thrilled to explore that painting. Also she should take a good look at fireplace and remove a fireplace poker for future use. Looking into fire could be infinitely relaxing and there is quite an intriguing mirror to examine. One could discover that portrait above fireplace looks different when seen thru mirror reflection.

What can I do in the reception hall ?
Adrienne can use fortune-teller to get a dark message about things to come. There is a BIG locked door and another locked door down the hallway. Adrienne could shake those and there is a bar at the side of piano. A bottle of Absinthe is of great interest. Although Adrienne never learned to play piano, this piano doesn't need too much skill to get a music out of it. There is one corner she hasn't visited yet. It's the fireplace corner. Adrienne can admire a portrait of the previous estate owner and check the fireplace for secret passages and stuff. Granted, she doesn't find any, but what's the harm in trying? There is a newspaper left lying on the floor that could be of some interest to our heroine and last but not least she shouldn't leave without petting her cat. Later on after acquiring a certain
key she might be able to get into library next to the fireplace.

What can I do in lady's bedroom (second floor) ?
Adrienne can enjoy the sight of the room's previous occupant by looking at painting and surely she should test a bed for it's going to be hers for quite a long time. A deck of tarot cards can be acquired from table and there are interesting items at nightstand, like Marie's letter to her lover and tabletop mirror.

What can I do in gramophone room (second floor) ?
Adrienne can try to work the gramophone or sit on the electric chair. She can also take a peek at mirror on the wall.

What can I do in the darkroom (second floor) ?
Adrienne can try to drown Don by turning water on. She can also risk her life by pulling at lamp string and bore Don do death with her questions. She can leave and come back later to examine drain once more and to tease Don. Later yet it's possible to inflict some serious damage on Don (makes one wonder, why Adrienne hates her husband so much [GRIN]). After that Adrienne loses her active interest in Don.

What can I do in gentleman's bedroom (second floor) ?
Adrienne can sit for a while on the sofa or try out a stool and she could take a peek at painting of Carno. At nighstand there is a box with lovely ring inside. She can also open a dresser drawer and look into cigarette case which contains three cigarettes. Also she should test Don's bed and make sure it's comfortable (this is a good one).

What can I do in third floor hallway ?
Adrienne can check the attic door but sadly it's locked.

What can I do in nursery (third floor) ?
Adrienne will discover that little bear's head has been cut off (you shall find out implications afterwards). Although cursor doesn't light up you can click four times on baby picture to get chilling effect. Also Adrienne can examine floating plasma above radiator.

What can I do in bathroom (third floor) ?
Adrienne can relieve herself on toilet, although game player doesn't get clear picture of this process. She can turn various faucets, comb her hair, wash her hands, look at mirror, powder her nose and take care of her hands.

What can I do in third floor bedroom ?
Adrienne can try to watch TV without a success. She should get a five dollar bill from drawer. She can also have a chat with Don, if he should happen to rest here.

What can I do in a third floor big room ?
It's possible to examine a big picture and a little one which is made by Leonora. Adrienne can also show her interest in clothing items with monogram on it and examine strange, "dragon" machine.

What can I do in the garden ?
Nothing really interesting as yet. Adrienne just walks around and gets to know her domain better. She could head for a gate and try to walk towards town but car would surely be better solution.

What can I do in Nipawomsett Town ?
Adrienne should head to the little house just outside the town and learn from mailbox that somebody called Malcolm lives here. She can wander around village and pet a dog if she finds one. Everything round here seems to be closed so Adrienne should head for a real estate office and talk with a charming fellow there until the subject of keys comes up. She is now able to for a
keys in the files. Other options include sitting on a sofa, reading magazine and drinking some water.

What can I do in library ?
Adrienne can examine books on the shelf and read a little about Carno's Phantasmagoria show. Fireplace in this room could turn out to be of special interest. Also there is a smaller table which holds a little black figurine. This could come in handy later. She can search drawers for business letters and such. To get into secret room behind fireplace Adrienne can try to use wide array of instruments starting from bare hands and including fireplace poker and hammer.
This is actually almost only real puzzle in the game so are you absolutely sure that you want it spoiled for you? Yes, I'm positive that I can't do it by myself

What can I do in chapel ?
Adrienne discovers a biiig book and quickly explores it's contents. This book can be re-read if needed. This leaves a sinister box on the altar that needs to be explored. After that world as she knows it can never be the same again.

(C) 1995 Veikko Danilas

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