As this chapter unfolds we find Adrienne sitting with her man at bridge having a break. However, it will be a short one. Adrienne catches sight of movement from big tree.

What can I do in the beginning of Chapter 3 ?
Adrienne can explore beforementioned movement or she can walk directly to the barn. In either case he shall meet Cyrus.

How I do in rescue Harriet ?
Adrienne should talk to Harriet and his son to get more information about current situation. She should then climb up to loft and try to pick old lady out of the floor. She can try to use pulley (OOPS). After some excitement she should grab a pitchfork and try another pull at Harriet. Pulley can be adjusted with pitchfork and used for final rescue attempt. Harriet will complain about nail.

What about nail ?
Our heroine has to take a closer look at hole and she shall discover something. She can try to pull at it with bare hands, but in situations like this, good old hammer can come in handy.

What more can I do in barn ?
Adrienne could have a pleasant chat with Harriet and her son. She can also offer tarot cards to Harriet.

What can I do in the house ?
Adrienne can do all the usual things, take a look at fortune-teller an check out unfinished painting at third floor. She can also check the current state of the Absinthe bottle. At some point Adrienne may hear baby crying and if she hears it, she should enter nursery. It's also possible to knock on darkroom's door. Adrienne should descend into cellar and look for a source of distressed sounds to discover some ghosts and mice. In third floor bedroom she finds her computer activated and reads cryptic message from it's screen.

How can I get into attic ?
Attic door is located at third floor (locked door). Adrienne should examine it closely and make remark about key. She can open door in classic way - slide paper underneath door, poke key out of it's hole with nail and retrieve paper OR she can use nail on key and catch it with fireplace poker afterwards. Now it's as simple as using key in the lock.

What can I do in the tower room ?
Adrienne can sit on bed and enjoy look from window. Main thing here, however is a book. She should get it and explore it.

What should I do at Malcolm's ?
This book may be of some interest to Malcolm so Adrienne should drive to Malcolm's house. She should show vampire book to Ethel to gain audience with Malcolm. He doesn't say much but she gets a look at him at last.

What more can I do in Nipawomsett ?
Adrienne should visit real estate office and talk with Bob. She should also visit Lou's antique shop. Lou will offer her mother's newspaper cuts. Those will stay on counter so that Adrienne might peruse them as she wishes. Newspaper cuts might be read now. Adrienne can enter car to trigger end of the Chapter 3

(C) 1995 Veikko Danilas

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