This chapter starts with our heroine, somewhat shocked sitting on bed and trying to regain her composure.

What can I do at the beginning of Chapter 3 ?
Adrienne could go to the Carno's bedroom. There seems to be something suspicious on bedside table. She should take closer look and pick up necklace from table. Adrienne shall meet Harriet downstairs and she can talk with her to great lengths. After conversation Harriet scurries off to kitchen and if Adrienne follows her, she can have her future read. If Adrienne did give tarot cards to Harriet while in the barn then it's sufficient to just walk into kitchen. If not then it's about time to do so. Adrienne can try to talk with Harriet after clairvoyant session, but it Harriet isn't in talkative mood.

What about Cyrus ?
Cyrus is fooling around at back door. Adrienne should seek him out and have a closer look at his activity. She can now have a little walk and when she returns, she finds Cyrus hard at work. Adrienne of course doesn't have patience to wait until he finishes so she strikes up a conversation with him. Cyrus runs off and Adrienne should try to keep up until she finds herself at washed-out path.

What can I do at little island ?
As Adrienne boldly goes where she hasn't gone before, she discovers something shiny at her path what turns out to be tarnished lens piece. And soon she discovers telescope without that particular lens piece. Telescope is soon repaired by screwing lens in place and she can take a look at her house. There are other things to do here, like getting into greenhouse and examining Hortensia's favorite tool on floor and flower pot on shelf.

What can I do back at house ?
Adrienne can take a look at strange car, go inside (house) and talk with a phone company man. She should head for a tower room. Just before tower room is very dubious looking wall. She should explore it closely and force her way in with hammer, if necessary.

What can I do in the secret room ?
There are pictures and mirror that could be looked at, strange machine that warrants closer inspection and there is that big old trunk. Trunk is apparently unlockable and in the trunk cameo, locket and diary can be found.

How do I end chapter 4 ?
Adrienne decides to take a look at phone installer. This move effectively ends current chapter.

What more can I do in chapter 4?
Adrienne can check on bottle and painting or descend into cellar and disturb some mice.

(C) 1995 Veikko Danilas

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