What can I do in the beginning of Chapter 5 ?
Adrienne can examine her computer to read another cryptic message (GET OUT - DO NOT TRUST).

What can I do in dark room ?
Nothing. Don won't let her in.

What can I do in gramophone room ?
Adrienne should look into mirror.

What can I do in big hall ?
Cyrus comes up and asks Adrienne to follow him. She should do just that but if she desires, she can check on bottle and fortune-teller first.

What can I do outside of the house ?
Adrienne should look into barn for starters and then take a quick peek at fishpond just outside dinner room.

What can I do in dining room ?
Dining room's mirror seems to have changed somewhat. Adrienne should look into it (notice picture above fireplace).

What can I do in cellar ?
Notice, how one of the barrels shimmers ? Adrienne can't do anything here right now, she has to wait until next chapter.

What should I do if music starts suddenly in big hall ?
Upon hearing music and gay voices Adrienne should take a stroll towards gazebo and pick up red rose from there.

What can I do in fourth floor secret room ?
Mirror here behaves erratically. She should look into mirror.

What can I do in third floor big room (conservatory) ?
Adrienne can examine large painting and should lay her hands on strange machine. She should discover secret passage system while exploring wall around dragon.

What can be found in secret passages ?
1. Cigarette butt
2. Secret panel to Marie's bedroom
3. Secret peephole to Marie's bedroom
3. Big chasm in floor
4. Peephole to chapel
5. Secret panel to chapel
6. Secret panel to performance room

What can I do in performance room ?
Door leads to the little make-up room where Adrienne can take a look in mirror, examine poster and grab picture from closet.
Adrienne could also have a flashback by touching performer's chair. She can now exit through doors and that triggers end of chapter 5.

(C) 1995 Veikko Danilas

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