What can I do in the beginning of Chapter 6 ?
Adrienne can check for missing bottle, use fortune-telling machine and talk with Mike, the phone company man.

What can I do in Marie's room ?
One of those mirrors is active again. Adrienne should take a closer look.

What can I discover in Carno's bedroom ?
Ring is missing from bedside table and one of the cigarettes is missing from cigarette case.

What can I discover in cellar ?
One of the barrels is shimmering, kind of like it was in previous chapter. But unlike previous chapter, Adrienne is actually able to examine it.

What can I do in chapel ?
Adrienne should be able to discover another secret passageway here.

What can I do in crypt ?
Adrienne can take a peek outside from behind bars. She can also use poker on Carno's and Marie's tombs. Adrienne may inspect other tombs, if she desires.

What can I do outside of house ?
Adrienne should check barn and have a talk with Harriet and her son.

What can I do in town ?
Adrienne can trade her cameo for antique crucifix at Lou's shop (this step is optional, she doesn't have to). She should visit Malcolm, however. Picture of little Malcolm and Carno helps to gain entrance to Malcolm's house.

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